Weighted Blanket Reviews

Weighted blankets — which may weigh anywhere from five to 30 pounds — are significantly heavier than standard comforters, duvets, and quilts. These blankets help improve sleep quality because they promote the production of melatonin, a natural hormone that controls your natural sleep cycle. They also facilitate production of ‘happiness hormones’ that can have a calming effect on the nervous system.

A wide range of weighted blanket models are currently available for sale. Some weighted blankets come in multiple weights to accommodate sleepers with different preferences, while others can be folded and refolded in order to distribute different amounts of weight. Costs vary by brand and model, but most are priced between $100 and $300. Weighted blankets are sold through companies and retailers, as well as private sellers who handcraft products for sites like Etsy.

This guide will explore how weighted blankets work, some common design features, tips for shoppers, and our picks for the top-rated weighted blankets sold today.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Weighted blankets create a sensation known as ‘grounding’ that applies moderate pressure and pushes your body further onto a sleep surface. Grounding reduces the production of cortisol, a steroid hormone triggered by stressful situations. While cortisol is not necessarily bad, nighttime cortisol production can counteract the production of melatonin, which can in turn have a negative effect on sleep quality.

Natural light triggers melatonin, causing us to feel more tired at night and more wakeful the next morning. People with insomnia tend to produce less melatonin, leading to problems with sleep onset and/or sleep maintenance. For this reason, weighted blankets can be a valuable grounding tool for people with insomnia and other disorders linked to low melatonin production.

Grounding also triggers the release of ‘happiness hormones,’ such as serotonin and dopamine, that calm the nervous system and make us feel more relaxed. They also promote production of oxytocin, a hormone released during hugging. As a result, weighted blankets have other medical benefits. For instance, dentists usually give weighted blankets to patients as a way to alleviate stress before exams. Doctors have also noted that adults and children with certain disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), can alleviate high stress levels using weighted blankets.

Weighted blankets should be tailored to the individual user. Experts claim that most adults will reach peak comfort under a blanket that weighs roughly 5% to 10% of their own body weight. Children may also use weighted blankets; for most kids, a blanket weighing 10% of their body weight will yield the best results. However, weighted blankets carry health and safety risks for children under eight years of age; kids in this age group should avoid using a weighted blanket unless it has been prescribed by a physician or licensed therapist.

Additionally, people with the following conditions should speak with their doctor before using a weighted blanket:

  • Women going through menopause and experiencing hot flashes, or other issues that cause problems with temperature regulation, since weighted blankets can be somewhat warm.
  • Issues with the respiratory and/or circulatory systems; weighted blankets — especially models that are relatively heavy — can cause complications for individuals who have a hard time breathing and/or circulating blood.
  • Claustrophobia or other fears associated with being trapped or stuck, as the excess weight may trigger phobic episodes.

Common Design Features of Weighted Blankets

Some notable design characteristics of weighted blankets include the following:

  • Weight and weight distribution: The majority of weighted blankets weigh between five and 30 pounds. As mentioned above, adults usually feel most comfortable with weighted blankets that are roughly 10% of their own weight. For this reason, most weighted blanket manufacturers offer a wide range of blanket weights. On the other hand, some models come in ‘one-weight-fits-all’ designs; these can be folded in certain ways to distribute more or less weight, making them suitable for most users regardless of their size.
  • Size: Generally, heavier weighted blankets are wider and longer than lighter ones. Most models are available in sizes that match common mattress dimensions, such as 60 inches wide and 80 inches long (which corresponds to a Queen size).
  • Interior fill: Most weighted blankets are filled with plastic or glass beads that are evenly distributed to ensure proper weight distribution, as well as fiber pill (usually polyester) for extra softness. The bead components are generally silent so as to not disrupt your sleep. Some blankets forgo the beads and contain other weighted filling materials, such as glass sand.
  • Cover composition: Weighted blankets — like standard blankets — may have covers made from natural fibers, synthetic fabrics, or fabric blends that incorporate both. Weighted blankets made from natural fibers like cotton or wool are more breathable and tend to sleep cooler, but they also carry the highest price-points. Synthetics like polyester are typically cheaper, but less breathable and considerably warmer.
  • Cleaning: Some weighted blankets are machine washable, but dry cleaning is generally recommended for all models to ensure they do not deteriorate too quickly.

Weighted blankets may be purchased through many different companies. Additionally, they are made by independent craftspeople and sold on sites like Etsy.com. Blankets manufactured and sold through companies tend to be of higher quality and often come with sleep trials. In some cases, they also come with product warranties to product buyers against defects. Those sold by independent craftspeople are usually priced lower, but the quality may be questionable and virtually none come with any sort of return policy or warranty.

Important Tips for Weighted Blanket Shoppers

When shopping for a weighted blanket and comparing different brands and models, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

  • What is your weighted blanket budget? Keep in mind that most weighted blankets cost at least $100 when sold through companies. Private sellers on sites like Etsy may price their weighted blankets lower, but they do not come with warranties and the quality is usually lower.
  • How much do you weigh? Use your body weight to calculate the most suitable weight for your blanket. Surveys have found that people generally feel most comfortable under a blanket that weighs 5% to 10% as much as they do, but testing out different models is considered the best way to find the right fit. Also keep weight loss/gain in mind, as the most suitable blanket may change if your own weight fluctuates.
  • Are you purchasing a weighted blanket for your child? According to sleep experts, children usually feel comfortable under a blanket that weighs 10% of their own body weight. However, children eight years and younger should not use weighted blankets due to the safety risks they present.
  • Do you have a medical or psychological condition that may lead to discomfort under a weighted blanket? Certain individuals may feel less comfortable under weighted blankets, such as people with claustrophobia, women who are going through menopause, and people with respiratory and/or circulatory issues.
  • What is your preferred blanket size? Some sleepers like blankets with minimal coverage while others enjoy wrapping themselves in longer, wider blankets. Keep in mind that weighted blanket size is usually tied to weight; the less a blanket weighs, the narrower and shorter it will be. You may have to compromise your width and length preferences in order to find a blanket that weighs the right amount.
  • Do you sleep warm? Many people sleep excessively hot or warm, either due to their own body temperature regulation or the composition of their mattress (foam and latex sleep hotter than springs). Weighted blankets with covers made of natural fibers like cotton and wool tend to sleep cooler than synthetic fabrics like polyester. For this reason, people who sleep warm are urged to pick a weighted blanket with a natural fiber cover.
  • Does the blanket come with a cover? Be sure to scope out the product specs. In some cases, weighted blanket covers are sold separately from the blankets themselves.
  • What is your color preference? Cover color choice is purely aesthetic, although some models are available in dozens of colors for people with different tastes and decor arrangements.
  • Does the weighted blanket come with a trial or warranty? Companies that sell weighted blankets often offer trial periods, which allow purchasers to return the blanket for a refund within a certain timeframe, and/or product warranties that protect the blanket from defects. Weighted blankets sold through private merchants usually come with neither.

Best Weighted Blankets for Adults: Brands and Models

Next, let’s look at the top-rated weighted blankets designed for adults (though some may also be offered in child-friendly sizes). The five blankets listed below have earned the highest ratings from customers and owners. Please note that all five blankets listed below are available through companies and retailers, not private sellers.

ModelCool Weight BlanketGravity BlanketMy Calm BlanketPremium Adult Weighted BlanketPremium Weighted Blanket
Cost (est.)$119 to $159 (inner blanket only)$249 (inner blanket and cover)$160 to $200 (inner blanket and cover)$100 to $170 (inner blanket and cover)$115 to $319 (inner blanket)
$45 to $55 (cover)
Weight Options
15 lbs
20 lbs
15 lbs
20 lbs
25 lbs
10 lbs
15 lbs
20 lbs
25 lbs
15 lbs
20 lbs
25 lbs
12 lbs
15 lbs
20 lbs
22 lbs
25 lbs
Dimensions48W” x 78L” (15 lbs)
76W” x 80L” (20 lbs)
48W” x 72L” (all weights)48W” x 72L” (all weights)36W” x 48L” (5 lbs)
48W” x 78L” (15, 20, 25 lbs)
48W” x 72L” (12, 15 lbs)
60W” x 80L” (20, 22, 25 lbs)
80W” x 87L” (25 lbs)
Interior FillGlass beadsCotton and plastic pelletsWeighted cottonPlastic poly-pelletsPlastic poly-pellets
Cover CompositionCotton (sold separately)MicrofiberPolyester minkyFlannelCotton
Color OptionsGreyGreyGreyBlue4 inner blanket colors
11 cover colors
CleaningInner blanket is machine washableCover and inner blanket are machine washableCover and inner blanket are machine washableHand wash
Air dry
Cover and inner blanket are machine washable
Return/Warranty Policy1-year warranty30-night trial14-night trialSatisfaction guaranteeNone
Tuck Customer Satisfaction Rating87% (106 customer reviews)94% (277 customer reviews)94% (78 customer reviews)94% (541 customer reviews)90% (433 customer reviews)

Best Weighted Blankets for Children and Teens: Brands and Models

The next table lists five weighted blankets that are available in child and teen sizes (in addition to models listed above with child size options). Please remember that children eight years and younger should not use a weighted blanket unless directed by a physician or counselor.

ModelCALMforterCozy Weighted Blanket SetHeavy Sensory BlanketNew Version Weighted BlanketSmall Weighted Blanket
BrandPlatinum HealthCMFRTKpblisHypnoserSensory Goods
Cost (est.)$179 (inner blanket and cover)$100 to $150$77 to $180 (inner blanket)
$30 to $56 (cover)
$70 to $158 (inner blanket only)$60 to $70
Weight Options
6 lbs
9 lbs
12 lbs
Refold for weight redistribution
5 lbs
7 lbs
12 lbs
16 lbs
5 lbs
10 lbs
15 lbs


5 lbs
7 lbs
12 lbs
15 lbs
3 lbs
4 lbs
5 lbs
6 lbs
7 lbs
Dimensions60W” x 80L”41W” x 56L” (5, 7 lbs)
48W” x 78L” (12 lbs)
60W” x 80L” (16 lbs)
36W” x 48L” (5 lbs)
40W” x 60L” (10 lbs)
48W” x 72L” (15 lbs)
60W” x 80L” (15, 20, 22 lbs)
36W” x 48L” (5 lbs)
41W” x 60L” (7 lbs)
48W” x 72L” (12, 15, 20 lbs)
60W” x 80L” (17 lbs)
30W” x 48L” (all weights)
Interior FillPolyfill and microbeadsSilica blendPlastic poly-pelletsGlass sandGlass or plastic beads
Cover CompositionPolyester minkyMinky polyesterCottonCotton (sold separately)Cotton
Color Options5 inner blanket and cover color combos2 inner blanket and cover color combos3 inner blanket colors
4 cover colors
6 colors23 cover colors
CleaningCover is machine washableCover is machine washableCover and inner blanket are machine washableCover and inner blanket are machine washableCover and inner blanket are machine washable
Return/Warranty Policy30-night trial NoneNoneNone60-night trial
AvailablePlatinum HealthAmazonAmazonAmazonSensory Goods
Tuck Customer Satisfaction Rating95% (750 customer reviews)85% (116 customer reviews)88% (144 customer reviews)92% (122 customer reviews)95% (348 customer reviews)

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