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Best Memory Foam Pillows – Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Written by Tuck Staff

Quick Overview

Viscoelastic polyurethane foam, also known as memory foam, is a popular material for mattresses and pillows because it alleviates aches and pains in the sleeper’s most sensitive areas. Memory foam becomes softer when it comes into contact with body heat, allowing it to conform closely, and then recovers its shape when it cools down.

Pillows made of memory foam may be constructed from a single piece of foam or filled with shredded foam. Additionally, some memory foam pillows are raised to elevate the neck and provide better support for sleepers with chronic neck and/or shoulder pain. Memory foam should never be machine washed, but most pillows include removable, washable covers to help keep the pillow hygienic. Memory foam pillows have below-average price-points compared to pillows made from other materials, such as latex, wool, or buckwheat hulls.

Read on to learn more about memory foam pillows and important considerations for selecting the right model. Below you will find our picks for the best memory foam pillows sold today. Our choices are based on verified customer and owner experiences, as well as intensive product research and analysis.

Best Memory Foam Pillows

The Best Memory Foam Pillows – Reviewed

Best OverallLayla Pillow

Best Overall - Layla Pillow


  • Medium soft
  • 120-night sleep trial with 5-year warranty
  • Free shipping within contiguous U.S.
  • Copper-infused cover promotes cooling & circulation
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Best OverallLayla Pillow

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With its copper infused-cover and kapok fiber-infused fill, the Layla Pillow is a standout pillow due in part to its material composition.

The shredded foam fill is supplemented with fibers from the kapok tree, which have a downy texture and do not retain heat like foam does.The shredded memory foam kapok fill contours the head, neck, and shoulders, which can relieve pain and promote proper spinal alignment. Moldability is another benefit of the Layla Pillow; it is scrunchy enough for most people who like to snuggle with a pillow while they sleep. It also produces less off-gassing odor than most similar shredded foam pillows.

Additionally, the polyester-blend cover is infused with copper; this material helps regulate the temperature of the pillow, allowing it to sleep cool. Copper has been shown to improve blood flow in sleepers, as well, making the Layla Pillow a good option for those with poor circulation.

The Layla Pillow features a ‘Medium Soft’ feel that makes it suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers of lower weights (less than 130 pounds) and average weight (130 to 230 pounds) groups, as well as heavier individuals (230 pounds and over).

The Layla Pillow will ship for free anywhere in the contiguous U.S., and Layla offers shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada for a flat rate of $20 (much cheaper than average for these locations). The pillow is backed by a 120-night sleep trial and a five-year warranty.

Good for:

  • Side and back sleepers
  • Sleepers in the light and average weight groups
  • Those who tend to sleep hot
  • Sleepers who enjoy sleeping on memory foam pillows

Best LuxuryTempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling

Best Luxury - Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling


  • Medium soft
  • Five-year warranty
  • Free shipping within contiguous U.S.
  • Layers of cooling gel on both sides
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Best LuxuryTempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling

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From the time-honored brand Tempur-Pedic, the TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow stands apart from competitors thanks to its sophisticated design elements.

The pillow is made from a lightweight Tempur memory foam, a material known for its exceptional contouring and pressure-relieving abilities. Both sides of the pillow feature a layer of Tempur-Breeze gel, designed to keep you cool throughout the night. The TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow is encased in a soft, breathable quilted cotton cover that can be removed and washed in a conventional machine.

The pillow’s medium soft feel makes it a suitable choice for back, side, and stomach sleepers of all body mass indexes. Note that — like many memory foam models — the TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow may come with an initial off-gassing odor that should dissipate within a few days.

Tempur-Pedic offers free shipping within the continental U.S. along with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Unlike many competitors, the brand does not offer a sleep trial.

Good for:

  • Those who tend to sleep hot
  • Every type of sleeper (side, back, stomach, combination)
  • Sleepers in all weight groups (light, average, heavy)
  • Sleepers with back or neck pain

Best for Side SleepersPillow Cube Pro

Best for Side Sleepers – Pillow Cube Pro


  • Medium
  • 3 different loft options
  • Optimal support for side sleepers
  • Quilted cover for soft feel
  • Enhanced pressure relief
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Best for Side SleepersPillow Cube Pro

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Pillow Cube offers two pillow models that are specifically engineered to support side sleepers. Though the Classic is intended for travel or for sleepers who don’t roll around much throughout the night, the Pro is made for side sleepers who shift and move frequently. With three different loft options to choose from and a medium feel, the Pillow Cube Pro is made to prevent pain and promote healthy rest for side sleepers of all body types.

The three loft options are 4 inches, 5 inches, or 6 inches. Generally, sleepers with narrow shoulders or a smaller head prefer the lower-loft options, while those with broader shoulders or a larger head prefer the 6-inch version. Regardless of the loft choice, the memory foam is designed to contour to the neck and shoulders to provide optimal pressure relief for side sleepers.

Pillow Cube offers free shipping on purchases over $100 to customers in the contiguous U.S. The Pillow Cube Pro also comes with a 60-day trial, though shoppers should note that there is a $20 shipping fee on returned items.

Good for:

  • Side sleepers of all body types
  • Those who prefer a contouring feel
  • Sleepers who enjoy a medium level of support
  • Shoppers looking for multiple loft options

Best for Combination SleepersCoop Sleep Goods Eden

Best for Combination Sleepers  - Coop Sleep Goods Eden


  • Medium soft
  • Adjustable loft
  • Close contouring and cushioning
  • Fully machine washable
  • 100-night sleep trial and five-year warranty
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Best for Combination SleepersCoop Sleep Goods Eden

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Combination sleepers — or those who shift sleep positions during the night — require a pillow versatile enough to support their spinal alignment regardless of their sleep position. With its moldable, adjustable shredded, gel-infused memory foam fill, the Eden is an ideal choice for combination sleepers. The Eden provides close conforming to the sleeper’s head, neck, and shoulders irrespective of their sleep position. This helps align the spine, which can reduce pain and pressure points in these areas.

Another benefit of the Eden is adjustable loft, or thickness. Owners simply add or remove the shredded foam fill to increase or decrease the loft, making this a good pillow for sleepers whose thickness preferences fluctuate from night to night. And unlike many competing pillows, the Eden is highly durable and has a longer-than-average lifespan. Cleaning the cover is fairly easy, as well, since it features a removable polyester liner that holds the foam,

The pillow also sleeps exceptionally cool compared to other memory foam models. Air circulates well within the interior and the pillow’s cover, made from breathable bamboo-based rayon, retains minimal body heat.

Lastly, the Eden has a price-point that is much lower than that of the average memory foam pillow. Coop Sleep Goods offers free shipping to customers in all 50 states, and the pillow is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a five-year warranty – both of which are longer than average.

Good for:

  • Combination sleepers
  • Sleepers in all weight groups (light, average, heavy)
  • Neck and shoulder pain sufferers
  • Those with shifting loft preferences

Best CoolingBear Pillow

Best Cooling - Bear Pillow


  • Medium firm
  • Aerated foam core
  • Cooling cover and mesh panels for added circulation
  • Adaptive foam alleviates pressure in the head and neck
  • 30-night sleep trial and two-year warranty
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Best CoolingBear Pillow

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A great option for people who tend to sleep hot on foam pillows, the Bear Pillow, is built from a single piece of aerated “Loft X” foam that promotes air circulation. To further enhance its cooling effect, the polyester-blend case features mesh corner panels that promote breathability.

In addition to cooling, the aerated foam offers solid contouring that helps relieve pain and pressure. The pillow also offers excellent shape retention. The Bear Pillow comes with a 5.5” loft regardless of its size. Its medium firmness makes it suitable for lightweight, average, and heavyweight users of all sleep positions.

The Bear Mattress company offers a 30-night sleep trial and two-year warranty with its pillow. The company also ships free to destinations within the contiguous U.S.

Good for:

  • Those who tend to sleep hot
  • Every type of sleeper (side, back, stomach, combination)
  • Sleepers in light and average weight groups
  • People who prefer to snuggle with pillows while they sleep

Buying Guide – Shopping for the Best Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are made from viscoelastic polyfoam, which conforms to the sleeper’s head, neck and shoulders. Memory foam reacts to body heat; it will conform when warm, and recover its original, even shape when cool. Two types of memory foam pillows are commonly sold: one-piece (also known as ‘traditional memory foam pillows.’) and shredded.

Memory foam pillows are often suitable for people who experience neck and/or shoulder pain, since the close conforming can help alleviate pain and pressure points. The material is also fairly supportive for most sleepers, and produces little to no noise. However, memory foam pillows also have drawbacks, including body heat retention, below-average durability, and high odor potential. Other pros and cons are specifically associated with shredded and one-piece designs.

Read on to learn more about shredded and one-piece memory foam pillows, and how they are different from other pillow types.

What is the Makeup of a Memory Foam Pillow?

Memory foam is treated with chemicals to sink deeply and conform closely to relieve pain and pressure, which sets it apart from standard polyfoam. As the name suggests, one-piece pillows consist of a single segment of memory foam that is cut to size. In addition to flat-surface pillows, some one-piece memory foam pillows are contoured to create a more supportive surface for the head, neck and shoulders.

Shredded memory foam pillows typically feature cases stuffed with tiny pieces of memory foam. Some shredded designs have cases with zippers, which allows owners to add or remove individual pieces in order to achieve their optimal firmness and loft. Shredded memory foam pillows without zippered cases can be fluffed to adjust the feel.

Cover materials for memory foam pillows vary by brand, but most are made from cotton or polyester blends.

Which Sizes Are Available for Memory Foam Pillows?

Memory pillows are commonly available in the following sizes:

  • Standard: Standard is the most common pillow size. It is the shortest and most compact option, and generally the cheapest as well.
  • Queen: Queen-size pillows are four inches longer than Standard-size pillows. This makes them suitable for sleepers who find Standard options too compact, including those who toss and turn or shift their position throughout the night.
  • King: The King is two inches longer than the Queen size. This adds extra padding for particularly restless sleepers, and this size may also work as a headrest or backrest for people who sit up in bed to read or watch television.
  • Body: Body pillows are exceptionally wide, and designed for people who prefer to snuggle with a pillow while they sleep.

The table below features standard measurements for the Standard, Queen, King, and Body pillow sizes.

Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Pillows

When discussing the benefits and drawbacks of memory foam pillows, it’s important to note that one-piece pillows have certain advantages over shredded foam pillows, and vice versa. First, let’s look at some general pros and cons for both memory foam pillow types.

Pros of one-piece and shredded memory foam pillows include:

  • Pain and Pressure Relief: Because of the closely contoured fit, memory foam tends to reduce more pain and alleviate more pressure in the head, neck, and shoulders than other pillow types.
  • Support: Memory foam generally provides enough support for most sleepers, due to its conforming and shape-retaining properties.
  • Noise: Memory foam pillows are virtually silent when compressed, making them a good option for people who awaken easily during the night (as well as their sleep partners).
  • Availability and Variety: One-piece and shredded memory foam pillows are widely available. Most are medium- to high-loft, and fall between Medium and Firm for most firmness ratings.

Cons of one-piece and shredded memory foam pillows are as follows:

  • Heat Retention: Memory foam retains high levels of body heat compared to other pillow materials, which may lead to discomfort from sleeping hot.
  • Off-gassing: Many memory foam pillow owners complain of unpleasant, long-lasting smells that are emitted when the pillows are unpackaged.
  • Lifespan: Memory foam can degrade somewhat quickly, and owners may experience sagging and indentations after using their memory foam pillow for a couple of years.

Now, let’s look at some unique pros and cons for one-piece and shredded memory foam pillows:

  • Moldability: Shredded memory foam pillows are highly moldable, making them ideal for people who need to scrunch their pillow to achieve the desired feel. One-piece pillows, on the other hand, offer little to no moldability.
  • Shape: One-piece memory foam pillows require no fluffing whatsoever, whereas the contents of shredded memory foam pillows tend to bunch up and become lumpy.
  • Maintenance: One-piece memory foam pillows should be spot cleaned, which requires extra time and patience. Shredded pillows are usually machine washable.
  • Weight: Shredded memory foam pillows tend to be much lighter than their one-piece counterparts, making them easier to move and adjust throughout the night.

Who Is a Memory Foam Pillow Good For?

Memory foam pillows are generally suitable for the following types of sleepers:

  • People who sleep on their side, since this position requires added support for spinal alignment and targeted pressure relief.
  • Back-sleepers, who tend to be more comfortable on shredded memory foam pillows due to their moldability.
  • People who prefer to sleep on pillows that are relatively high-loft, and/or pillows rated between Medium and Firm.
  • People who sleep with a pillow between their knees in addition to their primary head pillow due to back or leg pain.

Memory foam pillows may not be suitable for the following groups:

  • People who sleep on their stomachs, since memory foam pillows can feel dense and overly thick to people who choose this position.
  • People who sleep hot, due to the heat-retaining properties of memory foam compared to other pillow materials.

People who are sensitive to smell, as memory foam pillows may emit persistent, unpleasant off-gassing odors.

Memory Foam Pillow Ratings

Buying Tips for Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are available from a wide range of brands. Additionally, they are found in numerous online and brick-and-mortar home goods stores, as well as online-only retailers like and

In terms of price-point, memory foam pillows usually cost between $50 and $60. This puts them on par with latex pillows. Memory foam pillows are generally less expensive than other pillow types, such as down, buckwheat, and natural/organic, and more expensive than others, such as polyester, down alternative, and feather pillows.

Memory foam pillows are fairly easy to maintain over time. One-piece pillows should be spot-cleaned periodically, but never need to be dry-cleaned. Shredded pillows should be fluffed regularly to maintain a consistent shape.

The graph below lists average price-points for eight of the most common pillow types.

Memory Foam Pillow Price Comparison

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