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The Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sales and Discounts

Written by Tuck Staff

The Best Time to Buy a Mattress

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you undoubtedly want to get the best price possible. Finding the best deal can save you hundreds without having to make any compromises on the quality of your mattress.

However, it’s not easy to know when is really the right time to buy a new mattress. There are so many sellers, brands, and models out there that it can be hard to keep track of what’s actually a good value.

Customers have to decide whether to buy in-store or online, and this can create more confusion. Everyone wants a mattress they’ll love and at a great price, but it’s often hard for them to know what information to trust.

To help you navigate buying a new mattress, we’ll break down all the details. Our guide will give you the knowledge and know-how to manage mattress sales and discounts with confidence.

Specifically, we’ll outline the differences between shopping online and in-store and give you the low-down on how to be a savvy customer and get the best prices regardless of where you decide to shop.

Looking for Specific Holiday Sales? Check Here.

Should You Shop Online or In-Store?

One of the first big decisions you’ll make when buying a mattress is deciding where to shop. Online mattress sales are booming, but abundant options remain for buying in a brick-and-mortar store.

The shopping experience is distinct depending on whether you decide to buy online or in-person, and there are benefits and drawbacks to both.

Online In-Store
  • Browse and buy from the comfort of your own home with no need to drive to a store.
  • No pushy salesperson rushing you into a sale to get a commission. Online representatives can answer any questions.
  • Abundant reviews let you read about the real experiences of other customers to learn about a product.
  • Access exclusive online coupons and discounts.
  • Sleep trials let you test the mattress for months before deciding if you want to keep it.
  • Shipping, including returns, is usually free.
  • You can actually feel a mattress and try it out in-person before spending a penny.
  • Numerous models in the showroom let you actively compare beds in real-time.
  • Face-to-face conversation with a salesperson can make sure all your questions are answered right away.
  • Opportunity to negotiate for a lower price or other perks.
  • Access to sales events and discounts that are only offered in-store.
  • Greater confidence and peace-of-mind from having seen and felt the bed yourself.

Online Mattress Sales

There are several different ways to save money when shopping for a mattress online. Some are related to time of year, while others are year-round or exclusive to specific sites. It’s good to know all of the various savings opportunities to you don’t have to worry about missing out on a great deal.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes can deliver huge savings when shopping for a mattress online. These codes are exclusively available for online purchases and are entered during the checkout process, usually when entering payment information.

Most mattress sellers change their promotional codes regularly. Frequently you will find that the codes are specialized for major sales events. For example, codes may relate to specific holidays and promotions being offered on those days.

Online coupon codes offer price discounts and/or other perks. The discount can be for a percentage off the retail price, such as 10% off, or for a set amount, such as $50-$150 off. Perks may include free pillows, sheets, or other bedding along with the mattress.

Look for coupon codes directly on the site of mattress sellers. They may be shown in a banner ad or in a pop-up window. If you don’t see a code, you can ask for one using a site’s online chat feature. Third party websites may list coupon codes as well.

Exclusive Online Discounts

You can save a significant amount by accessing exclusive online discounts through third party sites. Online mattress stores often partner with these sites, such as review sites, to reach more customers and offer them special promotions.

These exclusive discounts may be available through a special coupon code or a link from the referring third party site. Its common to find discounts of $50 to $150 off the mattress price. Some of these deals include free pillows or other perks on top of a price reduction.

As you are researching different mattresses, keep an eye out for these types of special offers on major sites and review pages. Lots of the deals offered through third party sites are available outside of major holidays or other sales events, so they can let you capture huge savings regardless of when you are buying a mattress.

Free Shipping & Returns

Another way to save big by shopping online is by taking advantage of free shipping. Virtually every company selling mattresses directly to consumers online will ship the mattress for free to the contiguous United States. Some companies will also ship free to Alaska and Hawaii.

After receiving the mattress, you normally have a sleep trial period to test it out. For the majority of companies, if you decide you want to return the mattress, they’ll either pick it up or cover the cost of return shipping.

Avoiding any costs for shipping or restocking fees for returns can be a big difference relative to the costs charged by many brick-and-mortar mattress stores. When you take advantage of free shipping and returns along with coupon codes or other online-only discounts, it can mean huge savings and value.

When to Shop

Though you can find deals any time of the year, certain holidays and events reliably offer huge savings when buying a mattress online.

Event/Holiday Date 2022 Description
Presidents Day Feb. 21 This holiday is one of the first sale days of the year and usually involves fresh coupon codes from virtually all of the online mattress sellers.
Memorial Day May 30 This entire holiday weekend brings major savings opportunities. To compete with discounts in brick-and-mortar stores, online mattress companies provide steep price cuts and special deals.
Amazon Prime Day July 13-14 This is a special sales event for members of Amazon Prime, so many of the best deals are available through their site only. However, some sellers will publish new coupon codes on their own sites to draw customers away from Amazon on Prime Day.
Labor Day Sept. 5 Labor Day has long been a big discount day in the mattress industry, and that holds true online. Starting on the Friday before, look for new coupon codes, larger discounts, and other promotions.
Veterans Day Nov. 11 Veterans Day is an opportunity for mattress companies to generate sales before the holiday shopping season and then to plan inventory accordingly. For that reason, you’ll see the launch of new coupon codes and promos for most beds.
Black Friday Nov. 25 Black Friday is a huge sales event in stores and online, and it tends to last the whole weekend. With sales offered on so many products and from basically all sellers, you can take advantage of price matching offers and find tremendous price breaks.
Cyber Monday Nov. 28 During this e-commerce sales holiday, you’ll see some of the biggest price reductions as sellers actively compete with one another. Special perks like free bedding can often be found on Cyber Monday. Sales may last the entire week.

In-Store Mattress Sales

There are several ways to save when looking to shop for a mattress in brick-and-mortar locations. Before you step foot on the showroom floor, you’ll want to know what your options are for cutting costs and getting a good deal.

Price Negotiation

If you’re buying in-store, one of your best tools for savings is the power of negotiation.

The retail price of a mattress is normally inflated because this makes the marked-down price seem like a steal, but don’t be fooled. Because of the artificially-higher starting price, that discount is misleading.

For this reason, you can generally negotiate a price below the offered sale price or you can negotiate perks like free shipping or other bedding like sheets or pillows to accompany your mattress. Not every retailer will be willing to negotiate or cut you a better deal, but many will, and it won’t hurt to give it a shot.

If you plan to negotiate, it’s helpful to do some research in advance and if you can, find out what kinds of discounts or special prices may have been offered before. You should also think about your own budget and what you’re willing to pay so that you have a strong sense of your end goal as you negotiate.

In-Store Sales and Promotions

The best deals tend to be offered around holidays and major shopping events. That said, there are many special circumstances that can lead to great prices being offered in brick-and-mortar stores.

Closeouts are one example. If a store is relocating or going out of business, it’s normal for them to slash prices to help clear out their remaining inventory. Even if a store isn’t closing, they may still offer closeout pricing on older inventory to make room for new models.

Because brick-and-mortar stores have limited showroom space, the models they offer and their prices are very dynamic. For that reason, this type of inventory-clearout sale can happen at potentially any time. This is especially true if the store is manufacturing its own mattresses and is not dependent on the timing of new models being released by a different company.

Significant savings can also be found at unexpected times. For example, in any given month, a store may cut prices at the end of the month to help meet its sales or revenue goals.

Holidays that aren’t considered major holidays – or even formal holidays at all – like Valentine’s Day or Halloween can also be used for a big marketing push and customer-friendly offers on mattresses. Other events related to sleep, such as Daylight Savings Time, can also be used to promote discounted prices.

Many of these sales will only be advertised locally. Radio and TV broadcasts may detail closeouts or sales on other special occasions. Flyers in the mail or in the local newspaper are a good source for finding listings of sales at mattress, furniture, and department stores.


Local stores or regional chains sometimes advertise using coupons. These coupons are most often found in inserts in the local newspaper or with mailing circulars that come to your home.

They may be mixed in among coupons for merchants for many other products, so you may have to look closely to find them. The discounts from these coupons can be small. Be aware, too, that there may be exclusions or limitations, which makes it essential to check the fine print.

When to Shop

In brick-and-mortar stores, there are times of the year when you can reliably find a slate of excellent deals. Around these dates, virtually every mattress store will offer specials, and there is heightened competition among them – and now with online sellers as well – that brings prices down among the lowest of the year.

Event/Holiday Date 2022 Description
New Year’s Day Jan. 1 After the holiday shopping season, some stores may be left with excess inventory that they want to sell quickly. This can lead to sales, especially since mattress stores know that many customers are focusing on health to start the new year.
President’s Day Feb. 21 President’s Day is one of the earliest opportunities each year to score a great deal on a mattress. The entire weekend typically features in-store sales with markdowns on many name brands and product lines.
Memorial Day May 30 Memorial Day is the holiday closest to when mattress companies begin to roll out their newest models. As a result, there’s a big push to clear out old inventory through big sales on Memorial Day. Look for deals on older models and in many cases extra perks like free delivery.
4th of July July 4 Summer isn’t the hottest time when it comes to mattress sales, so stores try to bring in customers with major discounts around Independence Day. Because many stores are closed on the actual holiday, look for these sales to be offered during a holiday weekend, the 3rd, or the 5th.
Back to School Aug-Sept The transition from summer and vacation to the new school year is one that commonly comes with mattress sales. These may be targeted toward students in universities who need a mattress or toward families with younger children who want to refresh their sleeping environment to kick start a new school year.
Labor Day Sept. 5 Historically, Labor Day is one of the biggest sales days in the mattress industry. In both local stores and national chains, you can typically find large markdowns and solid value.
Veterans Day Nov. 11 As the last holiday before Thanksgiving, Veterans Day is a chance for mattress stores to move products and open up inventory before the big rush of Black Friday and holiday shopping. You can take advantage by finding reduced prices on many types of beds and at many price points.
Black Friday Nov. 25 The Friday after Thanksgiving is the kickoff of the holiday shopping season and draws out some of the deepest discounts of the year. Doorbuster deals may even start on Thursday, and you’ll find reduced prices on all types of beds throughout the weekend.


Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, there are a handful of strategies to getting a great deal on a new mattress. Having the right timing can help, and if you can closely monitor for sales, you can reap huge rewards.

However, you don’t need perfect timing to find value. If you know how the biggest price breaks work and how to find them, you can shop confidently either online or in-store and know that you’ll get a mattress you love at a price that won’t keep you up at night.

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