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Presidents’ Day Mattress Sales and Discounts

Finding the Best Presidents' Day Mattress Deals

Finding the Best Presidents' Day Mattress Deals

Shopping for a mattress represents a significant investment for most people, so it makes sense to get the best deal you can. One of the best shopping days for mattress sales is Presidents’ Day. This year, it falls on Monday, February 21, 2022.

So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a new mattress this Presidents’ Day, now is the time to prepare yourself and gather information on upcoming sales to get the best deal. Let’s get started.

The Best Presidents' Day Mattress Sales

$499 in savings and accessories
Offer valid:
Happening Now!

$499 in savings and accessories

$100 Off + $399 in accessories included
Up to $250 off mattresses + free pillows
Offer valid:

Up to $250 off mattresses + free pillows

$150 off $600+ orders with code: PDWEEKEND150, $200 off $1,2 Read more...
$150 off $600+ orders with code: PDWEEKEND150, $200 off $1,250+ orders with code: PDWEEKEND200, and $250 off $1,750+ orders with code: PDWEEKEND250. 2 free pillows with all purchases.
$300 off
Offer valid:
Happening Now!
Up to $450 off
Offer valid:
Up to $200 off + bundle savings
Offer valid:
Happening Now!

Up to $200 off + bundle savings

Save big on bundles and get up to $200 off for mattresses
Up to $500 off + free sheets
Offer valid:
Happening Now!

Up to $500 off + free sheets

Up to $500 off mattresses + free organic sheet set
Up to $700 off + free pillows
Offer valid:
Happening Now!

Up to $700 off + free pillows

Save up to $700 + 2 free pillows
$599 in savings
Offer valid:
Happening Now!

$599 in savings

$200 off + $399 In accessories included
25% off + $325 in free accessories
Offer valid:

25% off + $325 in free accessories

25% off sitewide + receive a free Sleep Bundle (2 Cloud Pill Read more...
25% off sitewide + receive a free Sleep Bundle (2 Cloud Pillows, 1 Sheet Set, and 1 Terry Mattress Protector) with any mattress purchase. Use code: PD25
$400 off mattresses + free pillows
Offer valid:

$400 off mattresses + free pillows

$400 off Birch Mattress + 2 Free Eco-Rest Pillows with code: Read more...
$400 off Birch Mattress + 2 Free Eco-Rest Pillows with code: PRESDAY400
20% off
Offer valid:
Happening Now!

20% off

Save 20% on Brooklyn Bedding mattresses
Up to $300 off
Offer valid:
Happening Now!

Up to $300 off

Save up to $300 on mattress purchases
Up to $1,250 off + free accessories
Offer valid:

Up to $1,250 off + free accessories

$1,250 off all bedroom mattresses (up to 60%) + $349 in free Read more...
$1,250 off all bedroom mattresses (up to 60%) + $349 in free bedding accessories. 25% off all toppers, pillows & bedding + up to 60% off adjustable beds.
35% off  mattresses + free accessories
Offer valid:
Happening Now!

35% off mattresses + free accessories

Save 35% on mattresses + free pillows and sheets

Why Shop for a Mattress Online?

While most of us don’t think twice about shopping online for things like books, clothes, and gadgets, there are some things that consumers are still hesitant to buy online. You might think you need to lie down on a mattress in a shop to test it out. But one study showed that a short lie-down in a brick and mortar store doesn’t usually lead to the best buying decision.

Instead, researching options, features, and reading reviews from confirmed buyers can lead you to a better buying decision. Here’s a look at why it’s time to rethink how you shop for a mattress and look at online retailers to get an improved shopping experience – – and a better night’s sleep at a lower price.

Here are some of the benefits of shopping online for a mattress versus shopping in a mattress shop or at a big chain store with a mattress department.

No Annoying Salespeople

If you don’t enjoy being stalked around a store by a commission salesperson, shopping online is the way to go. When you shop on the web, you can look at what you want without someone pushing you to buy what gets them the biggest paycheck. That way the shopping experience is about what is best for you.

No Fighting Crowds

One of the biggest turn-offs of shopping at a mattress store is the crowds. Especially on big sale days like Presidents’ Day, showrooms are crammed with bargain seekers. Holidays can be maddeningly crowded in stores, and you don’t want to be test driving mattresses with strangers lying down next to you.

Shop at Your Speed

When you shop online, there’s no one there to rush you. There are no store hours to abide, and you don’t have to fight traffic to get there. If you want to spend hours examining every aspect of a mattress and comparing brands, you can. And no one will try to push you to seal the deal until you’re completely ready.

Lots of Information Available

One of the aggravations of shopping in a store is a lack of expertise. Many people that work in stores know little about the beds they’re selling. But when you shop direct from the mattress maker online, they provide tons of info. It can be a little overwhelming. However, you don’t have to dig that deep if you don’t want to.

Reviews From Confirmed Buyers

Another aspect of shopping online that can be very helpful is access to confirmed buyer reviews. If you have specific needs, such as lower back pain, reading mattress reviews from buyers with similar conditions can greatly inform your shopping and buying decision. That’s not something you can get from shopping in-store.

Free Shipping & Delivery

Most online mattress stores ship for free to buyers in the continental US. Beds often come roll-packed, so they are greatly compact and much easier to move around and set up. You simply open the box and allow the mattress to expand to its full size. Some brands offer white glove delivery and set up free or at a reasonable rate.

Trial Period

Most online mattress companies offer a sleep trial, so you can try out the bed in your home to decide if it’s the best fit for you. Sleep trials range from 30 to 365 days depending on the brand. If you don’t like the sleep experience, contact the manufacturer, and they will arrange for prompt pick-up and issue you a full refund.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Mattress on Presidents' Day

Even if you have money to burn, why not get the best deal possible while online mattress shopping on Presidents’ Day? Here are some of the top hacks to get the best deal during holiday shopping for your next mattress:

Scour the Website

Most mattress makers that sell directly to consumers advertise promotions clearly on their website. Look for banners at the top or bottom of the site. The sale price may show up when you put the item in the cart. Otherwise, you may need to type in the promo code.

Watch for Popups

Many online mattress companies use pop-up windows when you first hit their site to let you know the current discounts and deals. So, if you’re going to browse mattress sites, you might need to turn off your pop-up blocker while you do so you don’t miss a great deal.

Email or Newsletter Subscription

If you create a log-in with an online mattress store or sign up for their email notices, you can often opt-in to get email specials. Many brands send notices well in advance of big holiday sales, so you know when to buy and can compare deals.

Referral Link

If you had a friend or family member that purchased a mattress from an online seller, they might have a referral offer or promo code they can give you. Many mattress brands encourage existing customers to refer by offering big discounts to promote their brand.

Promo Codes from Discount Sites

Some sites specialize in surfing retailer sites and curating promo codes and discount offers. Retail Me Not is one example of this type of site. You can check these as well as membership sites like and AARP for promotions.

Leave an Item in the Cart

If you sign in when you’re browsing and then leave an item in the cart, the mattress maker may send you a reminder email that you left something behind. These types of reminder emails often come with a discount offer to get you to complete the transaction.

Call and Ask

One other way to get a better deal, whether you are Presidents’ Day mattress shopping (or any other time) is to call and ask. Many mattress makers will offer you a discount or dollars off promotion if you complete a transaction immediately.

Check Sleep Sites

Expert sleep sites like offer detailed information to help you get the best deal. Often, this includes holiday promotion codes to help you get the best deal when Presidents’ Day mattress shopping. They may offer exclusive deals for readers, so check there too!

Tips to Help You Shop Confidently

If you’re a novice at buying a mattress online, here are some pro tips to give you confidence. Check out these 6 steps to get the best deal shopping for a mattress on Presidents’ Day 2022:

Step 1 – Have a General Idea of What You Want

Some companies have a limited product line while others offer tons of options. So, having an idea of your needs up front keeps you from getting mired down. Knowing what features, type of mattress, etc., will make your shopping experience less stressful.

Step 2 – Set Your Budget

It’s important to know what you’re willing to spend on a new mattress before you start shopping. You don’t want to be lured by a deal only to realize — you spent more than you meant to. Set yourself a target price range and an absolute max price you can pay and then get shopping.

Step 3 – Take Your Time

Online mattress firms offer ongoing sales so if it turns out you can’t buy during the big Presidents’ Day sales, don’t stress. There are year-round deals to help you get a better price. You may also be able to call the mattress maker and ask for an extension on the promotion price.

Step 4 – Shop Around

It’s best to go into the shopping process with an idea of the type of bed you want rather than a specific brand in mind. You might find that by comparing mattresses, you can get a higher quality bed for a lower price by swapping to a brand that wasn’t on your radar.

Step 5 – Read Online Reviews

Many mattress manufacturer websites featured customer reviews, but you can’t be certain if these are carefully curated to benefit them. So, also look on independent review sites and trusted mattress information sites like for in-depth reviews.

Step 6 – Call and Ask Questions

Many online mattress brands have excellent customer service departments that you can reach by phone or via online chat. They are happy to answer questions and if they don’t know the answer, to find it for you. Also, be sure to check out FAQ sections on their sites!

Why Presidents' Day is the Best Mattress Sale Day

How did Presidents’ Day become such a big sales day for the mattress industry? The holiday started out to honor the first U.S. president, George Washington, celebrating his February 22 birthday. The first iteration of this holiday was in 1800, beginning a year after his 1799 death. It picked up interest on the 100th anniversary of his birth and then in 1848 when the Washington Monument’s construction began.

Presidents’ Day spread nationwide in 1885, and became one of four national bank holidays. In the late 1960’s, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act shifted several holidays to occur on Mondays to achieve set three-day weekends. It was also devised as a way to boost retail sales. Presidents’ Day is now the third Monday of February every year. But what does all this have to do with getting a good deal on a new mattress?

It’s all about timing. In early March, new mattress models come on the market. That means mattress stores, particularly brick and mortar stores, must clear their inventory. Online mattress sellers don’t face the same challenge but offer deep discounts to keep up with competitors. That means you can usually get the lowest prices of the year on mattresses on Presidents’ Day.

So leave those winter boots by the door, and instead, stay warm by the fire with your computer as you shop for a wonderful night sleep. Sales are waiting!

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