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Best Mattress Encasements – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Written by Tuck Staff

Quick Overview

When you invest hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars in a new mattress, you want to protect that purchase. A mattress encasement can help you do just that. A type of mattress protector that covers all sides of your mattress, these waterproof covers keep your mattress safe from liquids while also preventing allergens and bed bugs from getting into the mattress.

Virtually undetectable, they help you sleep easier by reducing common allergens that can make it harder to breathe and keep you awake. So how do you choose the right mattress encasement for your bed? Read on to learn more about our top picks, and some of the important considerations when shopping for a new encasement.

Best Mattress Encasements

The Best Mattress Encasements - Reviewed

Editor's PickBrooklyn Bedding Mattress Encasement

Editor's Pick – Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Encasement


  • Hypoallergenic and waterproof
  • Made with breathable materials so it doesn’t affect the feel of the mattress
  • Polyester fabric is smooth and fits bed without gaps
  • Easy to slip on mattress and zip closed
  • Machine washable
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Editor's PickBrooklyn Bedding Mattress Encasement

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The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Encasement is our Editor’s Pick because it provides complete protection with an exceptional fit and feel. The encasement is made from 100 percent polyester that provides a cool and crisp feeling, without the noise or plastic-like feeling that some mattress protectors have.

It fits snugly onto the mattress with a zipper closure and is virtually undetectable while you’re sleeping. It doesn’t affect the breathability of your mattress, so you don’t need to worry about choosing between protecting your mattress and staying cool.

The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Encasement is machine washable and will not shrink. Waterproof against all moisture and liquids, the encasement also protects against bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens.

Good for:

  • People who want a machine-washable, stretchy mattress encasement
  • People who sleep hot and don’t want to disrupt airflow on their mattress.
  • Those who want an easy-to-use protector that fits well.

Runner-UpLinenspa Mattress Encasement

Runner-Up – Linenspa Mattress Encasement


  • 100% waterproof
  • Protects against bed bugs
  • Quiet and doesn’t noticeably change the feeling of your mattress
  • Machine washable
  • 10-year warranty
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Runner-UpLinenspa Mattress Encasement

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The Linenspa Mattress Encasement takes the Runner-Up spot for its ability to protect your mattress from liquids, while also creating an effective barrier against dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens. The encasement is made from a soft, breathable fabric lined with a thin layer of polyurethane and secured with a zipper to provide complete protection on all sides of the mattress.

Machine washable and vinyl-free, the Linenspa mattress encasement is quiet and easy to put on and remove. The Linenspa Mattress Encasement can accommodate mattresses up to 12 inches thick, so it will fit many beds, but it’s not ideal if your mattress has a taller profile.

Good for:

  • Those who want to protect their mattress from liquids.
  • Those who prefer to avoid products containing vinyl.
  • People with thinner mattresses.

Best Quiet Mattress EncasementJoluzzy Mattress Encasement

Best Quiet Mattress Encasement – Joluzzy  Mattress Encasement


  • Completely silent
  • 100% cotton terry surface backed by polyurethane
  • Free of PVC and vinyl
  • 100% waterproof and hypoallergenic
  • Secure zipper flap prevents the zipper from accidentally opening
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Best Quiet Mattress EncasementJoluzzy Mattress Encasement

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Completely free of vinyl and PVC, which can cause other mattress encasements to make noise while you sleep, the Joluzzy Mattress Encasement is silent. Constructed from a 100 percent cotton terry cloth surface backed by thin polyurethane, this mattress encasement offers the same level of protection against moisture, allergens, bed bugs, and dust mites as other encasements, but without any crinkling sounds.

The cotton terry sleep surface is comfortable and soft, although it may cause some people to sleep a bit warmer. The Joluzzy Mattress Encasement fits mattresses up to 13 inches tall. They fit snugly, but are easy to take on and off for washing; the encasements are machine washable and shrink-resistant.

Good for:

  • People who want a quiet mattress encasement.
  • People who want to avoid vinyl or PVC.
  • People who prefer to sleep on cotton.

Best Cooling Mattress EncasementSleep Stature Mattress Encasement

Best Cooling Mattress Encasement – Sleep Stature Mattress Encasement


  • Breathable fabric
  • Sleeps cooler than other mattress encasements
  • Polyurethane backing repels fluids
  • Quiet and snug fitting
  • Fits mattresses up to 12“ deep
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Best Cooling Mattress EncasementSleep Stature Mattress Encasement

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For some, protecting the mattress against moisture and bed bugs means disrupting airflow in the mattress, and thus sleeping hotter. That’s not the case with the Sleep Stature Mattress Encasement, our pick for Best Cooling Mattress Encasement.

The cover, which is made from bamboo-derived fabric blended with polyester and backed with polyurethane, allows increased airflow while still providing exceptional waterproofing and protection from allergens and pests.

The cover is designed to fit snugly, so it won’t slip or bunch while you sleep, but it’s still easy to remove and toss in the washing machine for cleaning. It’s also virtually silent, so you won’t be disturbed by crinkling noises while you sleep.

The Sleep Stature cover fits mattresses up to 12 inches deep, and the manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty.

Good for:

  • People who sleep hot.
  • People with allergies.
  • People who want a silent cover.

Best Hypoallergenic Mattress EncasementSafeRest Mattress Encasement

Best Hypoallergenic Mattress Encasement – SafeRest Mattress Encasement


  • 100% Cotton Terry cover surface with a lining free of vinyl, PVC, and phthalates
  • Micro-zipper technology prevents bed bugs from getting through zipper teeth
  • Sleeps cool and silent
  • Hypoallergenic cotton helps those with allergies and eczema find relief
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit mattresses up to 18”
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Best Hypoallergenic Mattress EncasementSafeRest Mattress Encasement

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Our top pick for people with allergies is the Saferest Mattress Encasement. Made from 100 percent cotton terry backed by a hypoallergenic, waterproof polyurethane membrane layer, this encasement is soft, breathable, and comfortable while still providing exceptional protection against dust mites, dander, and other allergens.

An OEKO-TEX certified product, it’s ideal for people with sensitive skin, who may be irritated by other fabrics. The encasement is also certified bed bug proof, thanks to its micro zipper technology that prevents bed bugs from getting in. This means that it’s been tested by an independent laboratory to determine its effectiveness at blocking bed bugs.

SafeRest is also one of the few mattress encasements available in different depths to accommodate a wide range of mattress heights. These encasements are available in four different options to cover mattresses from 6-18 inches thick.

Good for:

  • People with very thin or very thick thick mattresses.
  • People who prefer products that are OEKO-TEX certified.
  • People with asthma or severe allergies.

Buying Guide – How to Shop for Mattress Encasements

Choosing the right mattress encasement will provide you with peace of mind without disturbing your sleep. Following are some details about how they work and what to look for when buying one, including materials, care, and some important considerations to help you compare different options.

What Are Mattress Encasements?

A mattress encasement is a type of mattress protector. However, instead of covering just the top and sides of the mattress, an encasement encloses the entire mattress on all sides. They slip over the mattress and close with a zipper, providing protection against common allergens (like dust mites) and bed bugs.

Mattress encasements are also lined with waterproofing material, keeping your bed safe from liquids. For people with allergies, this type of mattress protection reduces allergens that can disrupt their breathing and their sleep, keeping them comfortable and well-rested.

Mattress encasements are especially useful for preventing bed bugs. Bed bugs cannot get in or out of a well-made encasement, and when combatting a bed bug infestation, they are often recommended to help eliminate any bugs that remain in the mattress after treatment.

Mattress encasements are not intended to add comfort to your bed, only to protect the mattress from damage. They are not the same as pads or toppers. However, they can be used with pads and toppers. In fact, some encasements are deep enough to cover the entire mattress with a topper in place.

Pros and Cons of Mattress Encasements

  • Protects your mattress against damage from liquids.
  • Prevent bed bugs, allergens, and dust mites from infesting your mattress.
  • Helps protect your mattress investment and can ensure that the warranty remains in effect.
  • Provides a more hygienic sleeping surface for guests.


  • Some encasements can affect the breathability of the mattress, making them sleep hotter.
  • Can be difficult to get on and off the mattress.
  • Some models may be ill-fitting or noisy.
  • Not all models fit thicker mattresses.

What’s The Difference Between Mattress Encasements and Mattress Protectors?

The terms mattress encasement and mattress protector are often used interchangeably, but a mattress encasement specifically refers to a cover that protects all sides of the mattress, including the bottom. An encasement slips over the entire mattress and zips closed at one end to prevent any allergens or bed bugs from getting into the mattress and protecting it from liquids.

A mattress protector, on the other hand, typically only covers the top and sides of a mattress. The primary difference between an encasement and a protector is the extra protection for the bottom of the mattress provided by an encasement. A mattress protector will help reduce allergens and protect against liquid damage, but it is ineffective at preventing or managing bed bugs.

Mattress Encasements Construction and Materials

Cover Materials

  • Cotton: Naturally hypoallergenic, bamboo-derived fabric wicks moisture and sleeps cool.
  • Polyester: Polyester is a common easy-care synthetic fabric. It is durable and quick-drying, but less breathable than other fabrics.
  • Bamboo-Derived Fabrics: Naturally hypoallergenic, bamboo-derived fabric wicks moisture and sleeps cool.
  • Lyocell: Lyocell is a type of rayon made from cellulose derived from wood, often bamboo or eucalyptus. It’s soft, moisture-wicking, and sleeps cool.
  • Velour: With a texture similar to velvet, velour is soft and warm. Typically made from a polyester/cotton blend, it may not be hypoallergenic, and will not wick moisture like other fabrics.

Lining Materials

  • Polyurethane: A thin, flexible, and undetectable coating, polyurethane is a silent and comfortable liner material. It has microscopic pores to allow airflow, helping you sleep cooler while still blocking out moisture, allergens, and bed bugs.
  • Vinyl or PVC: A thicker, plastic-feeling liner that provides effective protection, but can be intrusive. It is noisier and warmer than polyurethane, but easy to clean.

Mattress Encasement Care and Maintenance

Mattress encasements are typically easy to care for, and only require occasional machine washing. Follow the specific manufacturer instructions for your encasement, but generally speaking, you can wash them in cool or warm water with a mild detergent, and tumble dry on low. Many encasements dry very quickly, within 15-30 minutes.

Do not use bleach or harsh cleaners like Borax, dry clean, or iron your mattress encasement. Doing so may void any warranties that are in effect.

To spot clean your mattress encasement between washes, simply wipe spots with a damp cloth, or use a small handheld vacuum on the surface to remove any dust, pet hair, or other debris.

What Else Should You Consider When Buying Mattress Encasements?

  • Temperature: Some mattress encasements restrict airflow to the mattress, so if you sleep hot, look for one made with natural fibers, or choose a cooling option to prevent overheating.
  • Mattress Thickness: Check the size of the encasement to ensure it will fit your mattress, especially if you have a non-standard size mattress.
  • Allergies: If you have allergies or sensitivities, look for natural, hypoallergenic fibers like cotton to prevent irritation.
  • Noise: Polyurethane-lined mattress encasements are quieter than those made with vinyl or PVC.
  • Bed bugs: To keep bed bugs out of your mattress, choose an encasement with micro-zippers, which have smaller teeth to prevent bugs from entering or exiting through the zipper.
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