Who We Are

Tuck aims to improve sleep hygiene, health, and wellness through the creation and dissemination of comprehensive, unbiased, free resources. Boasting the largest collection of aggregated data on sleep products on the web (more than 300,000 customer experiences from thousands of unique sources), Tuck aims to power consumers, sleep professionals, and the troubled sleeper looking for answers. Check back often for updates and expanded sleep product information.

If you’re interested in learning about our editorial integrity policy and research process – please check out our research methodology and our advertising disclosure. Tuck strives to bring you the most comprehensive and unbiased sleep health and product information on the web today and your readership and use of Tuck helps to fund those efforts.


Meet the team

Keith Cushner

Keith graduated from Whitman College in 2008 with a BA in Economics and has since worked for a variety of companies in digital marketing roles before founding Tuck. Keith’s passion for sleep started in his mid-20s when he started experiencing various forms of insomnia and sleep in general just didn’t come as easy as it used to. When trying to understand his sleep issues, Keith discovered that there was not only contradictory advice from site to site and extreme bias from manufacturers, but there wasn’t a dedicated resource for both sleep health as well as sleep products and hence Tuck was born.

Bill Fish

Bill has been an entrepreneur in the online space for over 15 years since he co-founded Text Link Ads in 2001.  After the company was acquired by Lake Capital in 2006, Bill stayed on to run the business through 2011.  He then launched ReputationManagement.com assisting both businesses and individuals navigate the perils of the online world. Bill became fascinated with the health aspects of sleep in 2014 and the idea of Tuck was formed. From designing and constructing mattresses for sale online, through becoming a Certified Sleep Science Coach, he now understands the needs of consumer from both sides. Bill graduated from Xavier University where he captained the baseball team.

Jackson Lindeke
Product Manager

Originally from Minneapolis, Jackson made his way to Seattle after graduating from the University of Puget Sound. A well-versed digital marketer, his deep interest in sleep is borne from personal struggles leaving his cozy bed on rainy, winter mornings. Jackson takes pride in helping Tuck readers access, understand, and take action on the information needed to improve their sleep.

Demetria Spinrad
Marketing Manager

Demetria Spinrad is a Nashville native who moved out to the Pacific Northwest after graduating from Wesleyan University in 2011. She first started researching sleep solutions when she found herself sharing a tiny mattress with two cats and a restless partner. Her interest in finding ways to improve her sleep quality brought her to Tuck, where she manages a community of sleep experts covering the spectrum of sleep journalism including sleep health, science, and product reviews.

Peter Kim
Front End Developer

Peter is a Washington state native and graduated from Western Washington University. After several years working in digital marketing, Peter made the career transition into software development and has never looked back. During his younger years, Peter ignored the value of sleep but now, he will not go a night without less than a full 8 hours on a comfortable mattress. When he’s not working on websites, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé, Shiba Inu and watching the Seahawks.

Jonh Schwartz
Video Editor/Producer

Jonh is an East Coast transplant that migrated to Seattle in 2005. During that time, he has worked in a multitude of media and production roles at various nonprofit, corporate, and television agencies. Jonh is a passionate sleeper who believes sleep is one of life’s great treasures and making videos about sleep is an amazing way to spend the waking hours. In addition to sleeping, Jonh enjoys short to moderate walks along coastal shores, spending time with his fiancé and her daughter, and writing bios in the third person.

Angeleigh Guy
Visual Design Lead

Angeleigh is a Midwest native who moved to Seattle in 2011 after traveling abroad. Possessing the ability to sleep on command has helped Angeleigh survive a career in both medicine and design. Angeleigh advocates for 8.5 hours of sleep, intuitive navigation menus and her coffee to be #00000. When she is not designing for Tuck, she spends her free time practicing the art of Muay Thai kickboxing. This strenuous workout, along with a comfortable mattress, helps prepare her for a deep night’s rest.

Adele Payant
Marketing Associate

Adele is a Washington state native who found herself back in the Pacific Northwest after graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2018. Upon graduation, Adele quickly realized that the sleepless nights of college would not cut it in the real world. When Adele isn’t focusing on her sleep health you can find her at yoga, a concert, or talking about her love for the Midwest.

Brad Nehring
Mattress and Sleep Product Expert

A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Brad is a professional writer and editor with a B.A. in English from Western Washington University. Brad has lived with insomnia for most of his adult life and knows firsthand how important a good night’s rest — not to mention the right mattress — can be for people with sleep problems. In addition to Tuck, he has also written about sleep science and sleep products for Nordstrom, The Clymb, and The Bed + Sleep Blog.

Amelia Willson
Sleep Expert

Amelia Willson is a freelance writer, content marketer, and sleep aficionado who helps businesses succeed online. A graduate of Wellesley College with a degree in English, she spends her days blogging for various online publications. When she’s not busy writing for Tuck, you can find her running around Austin, Texas, with her dog Rockefeller.

Laura Rubin
Baby Sleep Product Expert

Laura Rubin is a freelance writer based out of Denver, CO. She holds degrees in writing and environmental science from Drake University and an MBA in sustainability from Pinchot University. When she’s not writing, Laura is exploring the Rocky Mountains with her husband and one-year-old son.

Jocelyn Zakri
Sleep Expert – Registered Polysomnographer, Sleep Technologist

Jocelyn Zakri is a healthcare professional with almost 12 years of experience in the field of sleep medicine.  As a registered respiratory therapist, registered polysomnographer and registered sleep technologist, she has worked for both hospital based sleep centers and independent organizations.  Following completion of her graduate degree in public health, Jocelyn’s newest interest includes safe sleep education. She lives in Syracuse, New York with her husband and 2 children.

Malia Jacobson
Sleep Expert @maliajacobson
Macall Gordon
Pediatric Sleep Consultant/Expert @nociosleepcoach
Jeff Clark
MD/Insomnia Expert @jeffrey_g_clark
Danielle Robinson Hull
Contributor @danielleinkc
Florrie Byrd
Contributor @florrie_byrd
Abbie Stutzer
Contributor @abbiestutzer
Maria Cristina Lalonde
Contributor @mariaclalonde