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DreamHug Weighted Blanket Review

Written by Tuck Staff

DreamHug Weighted Blanket Review

The Bottom Line.

  • The DreamHug weighted blanket features an inner blanket weighted with glass beats that are contained in a cozy fleece duvet cover.
  • 10-, 15-, and 20-lb. weight options available.
  • The inner weighted blanket and duvet cover are both machine washable, making this product relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Quick Summary

Quick Summary

Inspired by the heavy blankets used to ease anxiety in health facilities, DreamHug designed a weighted blanket to decrease stress while promoting healthy sleep. Today, DreamHug Weighted Blankets are used for sleepers with a wide variety of issues, including ADD and ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), PTSD, stress, and anxiety. The DreamHug weighted blanket works by simulating a hug, thereby working to boost levels of serotonin and melatonin in the body while reducing cortisol. For many users, the blanket effectively helps reduce anxiety and enhance their overall sleep experience.

The DreamHug Weighted Comforter is filled with glass beads made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a durable, non-toxic substance. The comforter features a pure, white-cotton shell and comes with a Cool Gray duvet cover made from a soft, polycotton micro plush fleece. The duvet is secured to the inner comforter with ties to prevent the blanket from pooling in the middle.

The original DreamHug is 48”x 72”, slightly smaller than a standard full-size comforter. The original blanket is available in three different weights, including 10, 15, and 20 lbs. Recently, the company added a 25 lb, 88″ x 100″ blanket for a queen-sized and 30 lb, 88″ x 102″ blanket for a king-sized bed. The company recommends choosing a blanket that is 7-14% of your total body weight.

To learn more about the DreamHug Weighted Blanket, read on for a list of pros and cons, a closer look at its construction, and more.

Meet Our Testing Team

General Overview

  • Includes fleece duvet
  • Multiple weights & sizes available
  • Both duvet and weighted comforter are machine wash & dryable
  • Free shipping & 30-night sleep trial


  • Only one color available

Our readers get the best price on a DreamHug Weighted Blanket.

Learn More

We’ve included detailed ratings for the DreamHug Blanket below, compiled from the results of our in-house testing.

With its multiple size/weight options and durable construction, the DreamHug Weighted Blanket holds up to its competitors. Our editors also appreciate the included duvet cover, which adds an extra layer of warmth and protection while making it even easier to wash.

One criticisms that stands is the blanket’s tendency to pool toward the middle of the duvet cover, suggesting poor fastening. There’s also a lack of other duvet cover designs and colors available. However, DreamHug does suggest more designs will be made available in the future.

Compare Weighted Blankets

We compare the DreamHug Weighted blanket to other popular weighted blanket models in the table below.

Similar Weighted Blanket Options

Technical Details

What You Need to Know About DreamHug Weighted Blankets

Sizing and Pricing

Below, find sizing, weight, and pricing for all the models of the DreamHug Weighted Blanket currently available.

  • icon_weighted blanket
    Original 10 lbs $149.97 15 lbs $179.97 20 lbs $199.97
  • icon_weighted blanket
    Queen 25 lbs $299
  • icon_weighted blanket
    King 30 lbs $349

Materials and Construction

We’ve summarized primary specifications regarding the DreamHug blanket below.

Product Name Inner Fill Material Outer Shell Material Weight Options Available Colors/Patterns Available
DreamHug Weighted Blanket Glass beads; polyester fill Cotton shell with included polycotton fleece duvet. Original (48”x 72”): 10, 15, & 20 lbs; Queen (88″ x 100″): 25 lbs; King ( 88″ x 102″): 30 lbs Light grey duvet cover above inner white cotton shell

Cleaning and Care

According to DreamHug manufacturers, both the inner cotton weighted comforter and outer fleece duvet may be washed and dried in conventional machines.

To clean, remove the duvet cover from the comforter and wash both in cold water with light colors using a non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry on low heat.

Interested in a DreamHug Weighted Blanket?

  • Sleep Trial 30 nights

  • Shipping U.S. and Canada

  • Warranty None

  • Made In USA

  • Where Do They Ship?

    DreamHug ships to Canadian and U.S. destinations, including P.O. Box and military addresses.

  • What Is the Delivery Policy?

    Orders for in-stock purchases should be received within two to five business days.

    DreamHug sometimes runs promotions offering free shipping.

  • Return Policy and Warranty Details

    The DreamHug weighted blanket is backed with a 30-night sleep trial. Returns will be honored if received within 30 days of delivery. You can initiate a return by emailing the DreamHug customer service staff at [email protected] in order to have the return approved.

Company Information

  • Customer Service

    8 of 10 owner experiences show customers have a positive experience with DreamHug.

  • BBB Rating

    DreamHug has not yet been rated by the BBB.

  • Company History

    DreamHug was founded in 2017.

  • Physical Stores

    DreamHug does not operate any brick and mortar locations

  • Contact DreamHug

    [email protected] |  (877) 724 0804 |

  • Find DreamHug on Social

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