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Best Hotels for Sleep

Written by Tuck Staff

Getting good sleep matters when you travel. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, you want to be able to stay awake during the day, so you can focus during that client meeting or enjoy your poolside cabana without getting grumpy.

Hotels know that well-rested guests are happy guests. That’s why many of them are investing in specially-designed mattresses, luxury turndown service and soporific amenities, and even full-scale sleep programs backed by sleep-scientists.

We combed through the best hotels for sleep across the United States, analyzing their sleep programs, amenities, and customer reviews. Our rankings below capture the best hotels for sleep, organized by well-known chains, boutique hotels, spas and resorts, budget-friendly, and family-friendly options.

Are you planning your next business trip or vacation? If you’re ready to put the rest in R&R, check out these top hotels for sleep.

Best hotel chains for sleep

  1. The Four Seasons
  2. Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, TX
  3. Library Hotel by Library Hotel Collection, New York, NY
  4. Westin Hotels
  5. AKA Hotels
  6. JW Marriott
  7. MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

four seasons

1. The Four Seasons

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 97% (13,635 reviews)

At The Four Seasons, the rooms are all soundproofed, enabling a quiet sleep experience. Interior designers carefully picked abstract art, incorporating designs thought to be relaxing for sleep and calming to the brain. Aromatherapy diffusers and lavender-scented eye pillows are also available to induce sleep. Guests have full control of the lighting, temperature, and privacy settings via a digital dashboard.

The Four Seasons bed, designed by Simmons, comes with three toppers, so guests can customize to their preferred firmness level (Signature Firm, Signature, or Signature Plush). The innerspring bed features a heat-absorbing foam comfort layer, providing a cool sleeping surface throughout the night, while the pocketed coil design in the support core helps minimize motion transfer from sleeping partners. The bed is topped with down pillows, a duvet, and 300-thread-count signature Four Seasons cotton linens. The pillows and duvet are also available in feather and non-allergenic versions.

During turndown service, the staff adjusts the temperature, plays relaxing music, and nudges the alarm clock toward the front of the bedside table. They shut the blackout curtains, dim the lights, and prepare bedtime tea. Finally, staff prepares the bed with an 8-inch Issy Fold, enabling easy foot movement for sleepers while they remaining fully tucked in.

The Four Seasons has even prepared a sleep resources page for guests, dispelling common sleep myths and sharing interesting facts about sleep culture around the globe.

This sleep experience is available at all Four Seasons locations across the U.S.

ritz carlton

2. Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, TX

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 92% (1,672 reviews)

The Dallas Ritz Carlton offers a Suite Sleep experience to all Suite guests. This comprehensive package includes on-demand access to a personal Sleep Therapist, who will recommend white noise apps, optimal room temperature, and other sleep hygiene recommendations to help even the most sensitive of poor sleepers to fall asleep. Therapists also educate guests on the importance of turning off electronic devices, lowering the temperature, and ensuring complete darkness for restful sleep.

In the suites themselves, guests have access to noise-cancelling ear plugs, eye masks, cooling pillows, herbal bedtime teas, a relaxing music library, lavender mist for linens, and a guide to pre-sleep stretching.

Additionally, guests can enjoy the Drift to Sleep spa treatment, whether or not they’re staying in a Suite Sleep suite. The spa package includes an aromatherapy bath, herbal tea infused with essential oils, a body massage, and ends with a 30-minute power nap. Suite Sleep guests enjoy additional savings on this spa package.

The Ritz Carlton Beds, made by Stearns & Foster, include cooling gel memory foam layers to keep the mattress cool yet responsive. The top cover is made of silk and wool fabrics for enhanced breathability.

library hotel

3. Library Hotel by Library Hotel Collection, New York, NY

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 92% (5,054 reviews)

The Library Hotel Collection comprises four hotels in New York, all of which include their Escape to Serenity program. Rooms come equipped with white noise machines, earplugs, and bedtime tea. Special headphone options include noise-cancelling SleepPhones and CozyPhones, which pipe in white noise or relaxing sounds to help guests fall asleep.

The beds include hypoallergenic memory foam pillows, plush memory foam mattress toppers, and feather pillows. Additional fleece blankets are also available. Guests can use space heaters or room fans to achieve the ideal temperature.

Turndown service includes Belgian chocolates and bottled water, making it easy to stay hydrated before bed (but don’t drink too much that you’ll have to wake up in the middle of the night).

As a library hotel, it’s fitting that you won’t ever be left without a bedtime read. Ebooks and paper books alike, including many popular best sellers, are available for guests to read in bed.

westin hotels

4. Westin Hotels

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 91% (22,496 reviews)

All Westin Hotels include a “Sleep Well” menu as part of their in-room dining service, prepared in partnership with SuperFoodsRx team. The options, which include herbal bedtime teas, bedtime snacks, and even full meals, are all made with ingredients that promote restful sleep, or prevent indigestion with portion control. Meals feature whole ingredients and healthy foods, like a turkey avocado wrap or yogurt granola cup.

Additional amenities include lavender and chamomile-infused essential oil balm, for guests to rub into their wrists or temples to induce sleep.

The Westin Heavenly beds feature an individual pocketed coil design with plush pillow tops, five signature pillows, and 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton linens. You can even request a Heavenly bed for your dog, along with special turndown amenities for guests of the canine variety.

The Westin also has their own charity, where they donate used linens to be turned into children’s pajamas.

aka hotels

5. AKA Hotels

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 91% (247 reviews)

There are several AKA Hotels throughout New York and other populous metros. The extended stay hotel chain encourages guests to live their dream during their 30+ day stay, whether that be aerial arts, comedy, photography, or something else.

Beyond their waking hours, guests can also partake in the AKA Sleep School, designed in partnership with the sleep researchers at NYU and the New York Sleep Institute. Guests can pay for personal sleep screenings from experts, or simply enjoy the complimentary sleep seminars.

As an extended stay hotel, most suites feature a separate bedroom, conducive to helping guests separate work from sleep. Rooms include blackout curtains and light therapy boxes. The AKA beds also include more higher-density foams than what you’ll typically see in an average bed, to ensure strong support for a long time, along with gel-infused memory foam for extra comfort.

jw marriott

6. JW Marriott

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 90% (22,775 reviews)

JW Marriotts across the U.S. offer a Nightly Refresh Program. The elevated turndown service is backed by sleep research. Guests receive a nutritional Dream Bar, made with sleep-healthy ingredients that boost serotonin and promote muscle recovery while sleep. They also get an essential oil blend to add to their shower or bath.

Sleep comes easy with soundproof rooms and the famous Marriott beds. Individual pocketed coils provide support while open-cell poly foam makes for a breathable yet conforming comfort layer. Beds are topped with luxury down comforters, duvets, and cotton linens.

mgm grand

7. MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 84% (48,784 reviews)

The team behind MGM designed the Stay Well ® rooms down to the tiniest detail, all with the goal of improving sleep.

First, there’s the lighting. The rooms use soft lighting, which shifts to slightly longer, red wavelengths at night, in order to prevent delayed melatonin production (as happens when we use blue-light-heavy electronics like our smartphone late at night). Meanwhile, blackout shades prevent any sunlight from waking you up too early. Dawn simulator alarm clocks wake guests naturally in the morning, using light instead of blaring noise. Bathroom mirrors use light therapy bulbs in order to boost alertness and energy in the morning.

Then there’s everything else. The shower heads fuse vitamin C into the water, giving guests an energetic pep in their step. Aromatherapy diffusers are also available with relaxing scents. In addition to being non-smoking rooms, the air purification system clears the room air of any dust mites or allergies, making it easy for allergy-prone guests to sleep at night. Odor-resistant bedding also helps keep things clean.

Food options are designed by nutritionists to help guests eat well while they stay well. With Las Vegas being the gastro-hub that it is, many visitors indulge in the types of foods that aren’t great for sleep. The Stay Well menu, developed by Cleveland Clinic nutritionists, includes healthy, sleep-promoting ingredients to counteract those effects.

The MGM bed is a plant-based memory foam mattress by Essentia, enabling plush support while staying cool.

Best boutique hotels for sleep

  1. The Hermitage Hotel, Nashville, TN
  2. Hotel Saint Cecilia, Austin, TX
  3. WestHouse Hotel – New York, NY
  4. Miami Washington Park Hotel, Miami, FL

hermitage hotel

1. The Hermitage Hotel, Nashville, TN

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 92% (2,879 reviews)

The Hermitage Hotel mattress is made local. The construction features cashmere and cotton fabrics, topped by luxury 600-thread-count linens and a down duvet, but the hotel’s pillow menu is what it earned it a spot on this list.

Beds are pre-made with four down pillows, but three alternate options are ready in the closet. Guests can choose from memory foam, buckwheat, or latex foam pillows. Even more options are available by request, including neck pillows, body pillows, reading pillows, water pillows, and contour leg pillows. All pillows are free.

The nightly turndown service includes water and fresh baked treats.

hotel saint cecilia

2. Hotel Saint Cecilia, Austin, TX

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 91% (390 reviews)

The standout feature at Hotel Saint Cecilia is their beds. The organic Hastens beds hail from Sweden, and cost tens of thousands of dollars each. It’s a unique surface to sleep on, being stuffed with horsehair.

Rooms also feature vintage turntables and records are on loan from the hotel’s sound lending library, along with rock biographies if you need a bedtime read.

westhouse hotel

3. WestHouse Hotel – New York, NY

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 90% (2,572 reviews)

Through their partnership with Sleep | Studio, WestHouse Hotel provides guests in their Terrace Suites with sleep masks and a comprehensive aromatherapy offering. Guests can enjoy aromatherapy candles, essential oil face mists or lavender pillow sprays, and even roll-on essential oils for topical application.

Tablets located in the nightstands can be used to control the room temperature, music, and more – all from the comfort of the bed. Turndown service includes a chocolate designed to promote sleep. While sugars are not on our list of sleep-healthy foods, we’ll trust the experts here crafted it to ensure good sleep!

Their beds are all bespoke mattresses, featuring a responsive construction that adjusts to different body types for optimal support. The beds are made with 400-thread count linens.

miami washington park hotel

4. Miami Washington Park Hotel, Miami, FL

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 83% (1,116 reviews)

This hotel is all about being hip and cool, and that goes for their take on turndown service, too. Besides making up the bed, guests receive a dose of melatonin, water, and a boring book to read – The Most Boring Book Ever Written, in fact. Plus, it’s easy to wind down from the day after a rainfall shower paired with local bath toiletries made from goat milk.

The beds include down comforters, foam and feather pillows.

Best resort spas for sleep

  1. Canyon Ranch, Tucson, AZ
  2. Carmel Valley Ranch, Carmel, CA
  3. Miraval Resort, Tucson, AZ
  4. Lorien Hotel & Spa, Alexandria, VA
  5. Sandpearl Resort – Clearwater, FL

canyon ranch

1. Canyon Ranch, Tucson, AZ

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 95% (1,709 reviews)

Canyon Ranch takes sleep seriously. This hotel and spa has experts certified in sleep medicine and sleep technology on staff. Guests can book 50-minute sleep enhancement sessions. A licensed therapist reviews the guest’s sleep hygiene habits and offers recommendations for better sleep.

Guests can even undertake an overnight sleep study exam, known as polysomnography, right there at the resort. This exam helps diagnose sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. A board certified sleep specialist reviews exam results with guests the following day. Canyon Ranch offers a step up from most sleep labs in that their on-site lab mimics the designs of their other hotel rooms.

Speaking of the rooms, guests can select from an extensive pillow menu with over 20 options,m including down and buckwheat pillows. Then, guests can relax into feather beds topped with Italian linens. Sound machines help drown out stressful thoughts. Talking on cell phones is actually disallowed everywhere except the private rooms, further encouraging guests to power down and power off.

carmel valley ranch

2. Carmel Valley Ranch, Carmel, CA

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 92% (2,792 reviews)

Carmel Valley Ranch provides many relaxing massage and facial treatments, but one notable, pro-sleep offering is their hypnotherapy sessions. The Hypno-Health: Wellness for Mind & Spirit treatment focuses on reducing stress, in order to enable more restful sleep. At the end of the session, the therapist shares self-hypnosis techniques and gives guests a recording of their session so they can practice at home.

Guest rooms include an aromatherapy kit provided along with a lavender pillow spray, sourced right from lavender on the farm, as well as lavender bath bubbles.

miraval resort

3. Miraval Resort, Tucson, AZ

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 90% (2,483 reviews)

Miraval Resort made headlines for installing specialty light bulbs in all of their rooms. The Definity Digital Good Night LED light bulbs reduce blue light levels in the guest rooms at night, to help regulate normal circadian rhythms. It’s the same lightning technology used by NASA astronauts on the International Space Station.

Rooms are designed with cool hues like beige and lavender to create a relaxing environment. The feather-based bedding is paired with Italian sheets (although down alternatives are available).

Miraval offers Dream Yoga among its other restorative yoga and meditation sessions, a yoga practice designed specifically to help one relax for sleep.

lorien hotel

4. Lorien Hotel & Spa, Alexandria, VA

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 90% (1,883 reviews)

When a hotel is named after a god of dreams (Lorien), it better deliver on the sleep experience. According to reviewers, this Alexandria-based hotel does.

In addition to traditional Room Service, Lorien Hotel offers a full Dream Service Menu. Complimentary menu items include white noise machines, sleep masks, and different pillow options. For an additional cost, guests can order one of four bath options to relieve stress or request a pre-bedtime snack of warm milk and cookies. Guests can simply touch the “dream” button on their phone to be connected to a 24-hour sleep concierge if they need anything else.

At the connected spa, guests can choose from traditional spa services as well as innovative, dream-focused experiences. “Dream” massages feature lavender aromatherapy options to promote restful sleep.

A 2018 remodel doubled down on the sleep experience, with new hallway carpets that feature a cloud pattern, and use of soft colors like blue, gray, and white in the guest rooms to promote calm sleep.

sandpearl resort

5. Sandpearl Resort – Clearwater, FL

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 89% (3,837 reviews)

The Sandpearl Resort features typical luxury bedding and linens offered at most hotels. Where they’re unique is their focus on napping.

At the spa, guests can select a Nap Therapy package. This unique spa treatment has guests lie in hydraulic beds that create the experience of being in zero-gravity. Meanwhile, therapists provide a nap-promoting treatment, including aromatherapy, reflexology, and a gentle head and foot massage.

At the gym, guests can participate in nap-ercise classes that pair a workout with a short nap afterwards.

Best kid-friendly hotels for sleep

  1. The Benjamin, New York, NY
  2. Playa Largo Resort & Spa, Key Largo, FL

benjamin hotel

1. The Benjamin, New York, NY

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 89% (3,598 reviews)

The Benjamin Hotel hired their own on-staff sleep expert to manage sleep programming at the hotel. Sleep medicine specialist Dr. Rebecca Robbins developed their Rest & Renew program. She leads a staff of hotel sleep consultants, who are available 24/7 for guests.

Through their in-room phone, guests can select from two, 10-minute guided meditation sessions, led by Dr. Robbins. Rooms are equipped with blackout curtains, sleep masks, ear plugs, and white noise machines. Although with sound-proof windows, there won’t be much noise to filter out.

Instead of white noise, younger guests can listen to a lullaby music library. Speaking of younger guests, the Winks’ Kidzzz Club is an educational program for children around sleep. Kids receive bedtime story books, their own child-sized pillow, and a Sleep Certificate award at checkout.

The Benjamin Hotel takes care of adult guests, too. Besides a wakeup call, guests can request a work-down call, scheduled to help them stop working and wind down for the evening. The Benjamin provides a low-calorie and low-sugar bedtime snack of healthy foods to munch on before bedtime.

The foam-based Serta mattresses are topped with 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton and a down comforter. Guests can order a Sleep Wellness massage, where a massage therapist comes to their room to deliver the treatment in their own bed.

Additional, sleep-focused items available for purchase can be found on the Rest & Renew Menu, which includes herbal bedtime teas, essential oil sprays for bed linens, bedtime snacks, a power nap kit, and up to 12 pillows to choose from based on whether you’re a stomach, back, side sleeper or if you have additional sleep needs like anti-snoring.

playa largo

2. Playa Largo Resort & Spa, Key Largo, FL

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 93% (1,993 reviews)

The Marriotts are known for their plush beds, a luxurious 12 inches high with a poly foam construction. Like other Marriott-owned properties, this Key Largo resort includes Marriott beds and linens in all rooms.

As such, this resort seems like nothing out of the ordinary – until you see the Bedtime Stories button on the phone. Encourage your children to tap the button, and you can relax while they listen.

Best budget-friendly hotels for sleep

  1. Hilton Garden Inns
  2. Sleep Inn Hotels

hotel garden inn

1. Hilton Garden Inns

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 82% (12,774 reviews)

The Garden Sleep System is exclusive to Hilton Garden Inn locations. Instead of the standard Hilton Bed, which is a Serta innerspring mattress with a plush pillow top, these beds have more conforming mattresses made of recyclable materials, designed to provide optimal pressure point relief. The bed is actually adjusted by the sleeper using a dial on the side, so they can achieve their desired firmness level.

A wool mattress topper increases breathability and maintains a consistently comfortable surface temperature. Duvets and hypoallergenic pillows complete the experience.

The rooms also feature blackout curtains and soundproof windows.

sleep inn

2. Sleep Inn Hotels

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 84% (10,128 reviews)

These budget-friendly hotels don’t skimp when it comes to sleep. Their Designed to Dream locations feature rooms designed to promote a sleepy ambience, with warm gray color palettes, LED mood lighting, and clutter-free decor.

Throughout public areas of the hotel, “Dream Tips” are displayed to offer guests ideas for how to sleep well or “dream better.”  

Make your own hotel bed at home

Want to make your own hotel bed at home? You’re not alone. Hotel beds are catching on. Whether it’s the simple luxury of something new, the magic of having someone else make your bed, or actually something to do with the bed itself, many of us would prefer to sleep in hotel beds on a daily basis.

If you want to make your own bed feel more like a hotel bed, just follow these tips.

1. Buy a hotel bed.

The easiest way to get a hotel bed at home is to buy an actual hotel bed. Many of the large hotel chains now offer their mattress, bedding, pillows, and more for purchase on their website or through the concierge, including the Hilton Bed, The Ritz-Carlton Bed, Westin Heavenly Bed, The Marriott Bed, and The Four Seasons Bed.

You’ll note these beds aren’t cheap. They run much higher than the typical mattress, and a lot of that is pure branding. But if you want to feel that hotel luxury at home, it may be worth it.

2. Use white bedding.

There’s something about white sheets that reminds us of a hotel. The white bedding makes it easier for hotels to clean the bed, and easily renovate the decor in a room, but to us, it looks like luxury.

Choose all white sheets, pillow covers, and a down comforter with a cotton duvet cover. If you want a bit of color, save it for the coverlet.

3. Get extra sheets.

Most hotels use high-quality, 300-thread-count minimum sheets, and they don’t stop at a fitted sheet and regular sheet. A key difference between most hotel beds and home beds is the inclusion of a middle sheet. Having a flat sheet and middle sheet on top of a fitted sheet ensures you’re always tucked in among something soft.

Pro tip: To really go for luxury, ditch the fitted sheet for another flat sheet, and learn to tuck it in hotel-style like they do at the Four Seasons in Paris. Just watch this video.

4. Say yes to more pillows.

While you don’t want to sleep on more than one pillow, having the visual of multiple fluffy pillows on your bed denotes extravagance and luxury. That’s why many hotels now offer pillow menus as well; it feels luxurious to have a choice of multiple pillows.

Make sure the pillow you’re sleeping on is supportive, whether it’s feather, buckwheat, memory foam, or a down alternative. For the others, just make sure they look good.

5. Buy a quality mattress.

Hotels heavily invest in the designs of their beds. These mattresses have to stay durable and supportive for a variety of body types over an extended period of time.

Whether you purchase a hotel bed or not, make sure yours is made with quality materials and construction. Check out our buying guides to various mattress types so you know what you need to look for in memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid beds.

6. Declutter your bedroom.

Besides the bed, the other thing that differentiates hotel bedrooms from our own is the lack of personal clutter. Personal clutter may make home feel like home, but it’s also distracting and stressful for your brain, and it can collect dust and allergens that make it tough for you to fall asleep.

Remove anything from your bedroom that reminds you of work. Keep the decor minimal, with abstract art, with a few accents like a flower vase or bedside lamp for your nightstand.

7. Treat yourself to turndown service.

While it might not be as special as having housekeeping do it for you, following a bedtime routine around transitioning your bedroom from day to night will not only help you fall asleep faster (your brain comes to view the ritual as a prequel to sleep) but it will give your bed that special “hotel” touch.

Dim the lights, listen to some relaxing music, and turn down the sheets. Put a small fluffy rug by your bed with slippers ready to slip into in the morning.

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