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The Best Cooling Blankets

Written by Keith Cushner

Quick Overview

Whether it’s the normal temperatures of the area you live in, the summer temperatures, or you naturally sleep hotter, sleeping when you’re too warm can be a challenge. Cooling blankets can provide a solution to this by keeping you comfortably covered at night without adding warmth. Often times, hot nights can lead to warm covers getting shoved or kicked off or ending up on the floor. Cooling blankets are both soft and breathable, giving you the happy medium of a cozy comfort without waking up sweating.

The cooling blanket should provide the perfect temperature for your night’s sleep. It will be warm enough if the early morning temperature drops yet allows you to maintain a cool temperature so you don’t overheat and disrupt your sleep cycle. Of course, the blanket should also be made of a soft material and accent your existing bedroom decor.

In this guide, we’ll highlight our tops picks for the best cooling blanket. We’ll also cover how to choose the best material for your needs, and add in some additional ways to make sure you sleep cool through warm nights.

The Best Cooling Blankets

The Best Cooling Blankets – Reviewed

Editor’s Pick Sofia’s Linen Flax Linen Blanket

Editor’s Pick –  Sofia’s Linen Flax Linen Blanket


  • Flax linen is durable - known to last over 10 years
  • Throw blanket is the perfect size for any spot in the house
  • Double-sided weave is cool enough for hot nights
  • Plaid design is available in four colors to suit any decor
  • Flax linen imported from Europe
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Editor’s Pick Sofia’s Linen Flax Linen Blanket

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Our Editor’s Pick for the best cooling blanket of 2021 goes to the 100% flax linen blanket made by Sofia’s Linen. This throw is made of a unique, heavier linen sourced from a well-reputed factory in Belarus. The blanket has a double-sided weave so it’s breathable enough for summer nights but can also be used during the winter as an additional layer. The versatility of the blanket’s weight means it’s ideal for couples who have different sleep-temperature needs. It is naturally thermo-regulating so it’s cool in the heat but warm on cold nights.

The blanket is machine-washable and flax linen gets softer, more cozy, and less prone to wrinkling with each wash, instead of wearing out like some linens do. We’ve chosen the 100% flax linen blanket as the editor’s pick because of the superior material which will give you many years of use as your go-to blanket.

Best Cooling Comforter The Buffy Comforter

Best Cooling Comforter –  The Buffy Comforter


  • Soft 100% eucalyptus fabric on the outer
  • 100% BPA-free recycled materials for the fill
  • Fluffy fill allows for maximum breathability
  • Antimicrobial materials throughout
Read Our Full Review
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Best Cooling Comforter The Buffy Comforter

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The Buffy Comforter is our choice for the best cooling comforter of 2021. The outer layer is made with eucalyptus fiber which is extra soft and comfortable on skin as well as being moisture-wicking. Buffy’s tagline for this comforter is “softer than a cloud.” The cloud-like softness allows for the comforter to be extra ventilated meaning plenty of breathability, so you won’t overheat despite this being a comforter.

The fill is made of a unique material: recycled plastic bottles. The BPA-free bottles transform into a material that is softer and lighter than down while being environmentally friendly. Each blanket turns 50 plastic bottles into something useable instead of piling up in a landfill. The process Buffy uses to produce the comforter also saves 1000 gallons of water compared to the production of many standard-style comforters.

The eucalyptus exterior soothes skin while being tightly woven which maintain a hypoallergenic barrier from any allergens or dust mites. The final product is an ultra breathable and lightweight comforter: just like a cloud.

Best Cooling Throw Blanket Parachute Heavy Linen Throw

Best Cooling Throw Blanket –  Parachute Heavy Linen Throw


  • 100% linen
  • Available in two shades of grey
  • Measures in at 50” by 70”
  • Pre-washed with fringe knots on the edges for a worn-in look
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Best Cooling Throw Blanket Parachute Heavy Linen Throw

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This Parachute linen throw is made with 100% linen. The best cooling throw blanket is dyed and washed prior, so it has a worn-in, beach look and feel to it. The pre-wash ensures the throw blanket is soft when it arrives. The heavy linen fabric gives this throw the comforting weight of a relaxing throw while the linen material means you won’t get too warm with it over you.

Parachute offers a 90-day trial period so you’re free to return the throw blanket if you’re not loving it.

The two colors available are sophisticated and will add a natural element to any room. The linen is machine washable and the three-inch fringe adds an original look to this cooling throw blanket.

Best Hypoallergenic Cooling Blanket Design Weave Hypoallergenic Blanket

Best Hypoallergenic Cooling Blanket –  Design Weave Hypoallergenic Blanket


  • Twin through king sizes available
  • Four color options
  • Made with temperature-regulating materials
  • 300 thread count
  • Made with all hypoallergenic materials
Click below to get the best price on the Design Weave Hypoallergenic Blanket.
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Best Hypoallergenic Cooling Blanket Design Weave Hypoallergenic Blanket

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Design Weave’s Hypoallergenic Blanket is our top choice for the best combination of a cooling blanket while being hypoallergenic. Allergen sensitive sleepers will rest easy because the Design Weave blanket is made with a tight-knit fabric that doesn’t allow dust mites or other allergens to settle into the blanket.

The design includes fill material of 50% polyester and 50% Outlast, a special material that regulates temperature. Outlast was originally designed for NASA, and it absorbs heat when your body temperature rises too high. It then stores it and releases it back onto you when your temperature has cooled. The Outlast filler means you’re never going to wake up sweating or too cold.

This blanket is our best pick for a hypoallergenic and cooling blanket since it won’t allow for allegens to disrupt your sleep while maintaining the perfect sleeping temperature all night long.

Best Natural Fiber Golden Ocean Home Decor Bamboo Blanket

Best Natural Fiber  –  Golden Ocean Home Decor Bamboo Blanket


  • 100% bamboo viscose
  • Comes in twin, queen, king, and throw size
  • Four color options available
  • Breathable fabric is not thick but slightly heavy for ultimate comfort
  • Elegant chevron pattern
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Best Natural Fiber Golden Ocean Home Decor Bamboo Blanket

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Our top pick for the best natural fiber cooling blanket goes to Golden Ocean Home Decor bamboo blanket. It’s made of 100% bamboo viscose which is ultra soft, cooling, and naturally antibacterial and odor resistant. Bamboo fabric is softer than Egyptian cotton and feels more similar to silk than a cotton. Bamboo fibers have micro-gaps so this blanket does a great job with ventilation. It’s cool to the touch and highly breathable.

The color options are pastel tones and the weave is a popular chevron pattern. It’s heavy enough to be the top layer on hot nights, but soft enough that you’ll want to keep it on the bed for cooler nights with another layer on top.The natural breathability of the bamboo fabric will ensure no night sweating and a sound sleep with this blanket over you.

Best Cotton Cooling Blanket Utopia Bedding Blanket

Best Cotton Cooling Blanket –  Utopia Bedding Blanket


  • 100% cotton blanket
  • Oversized to allow for any potential shrinkage
  • Comes in neutral grey and white to match most any decor
  • Hypoallergenic with no formaldehyde treatment
  • Medium to light weight blanket can easily transition to use in all seasons
  • Reasonably priced
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Best Cotton Cooling Blanket Utopia Bedding Blanket

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Our choice for the best cotton cooling blanket goes to the Utopia Bedding Premium woven cotton blanket. The blanket is made of 100% cotton and uses no harsh chemicals or dyes. It’s hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. The cotton material means this blanket is easy to wash and dry.

The blanket is a medium to lightweight so it will keep you cool when you want it to, but it’s heavy enough to work in other seasons as well. The dobby weave allows for breathability and the blanket has an attractive square weave pattern. The luxurious fabric of this blanket feels great on the skin and the weave and material ensure you won’t wake up clammy. It’s easy to transport this lightweight cotton blanket so it could go from bedroom to couch to camping tent without a hassle.

Cooling Blankets Buying Guide

Cooling blankets are a great way to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The blankets are design to be breathable to make sure you don’t wake or sweating or on the opposite side, wake up chilly. Both of these scenarios can disrupt sleep.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with options, our buying guide will help lead you to the best cooling blanket for your needs. We’ll explain the elements of a cooling blanket, materials, and functionality to help you make an informed decision about which cooling blanket will work best for you.

What is a Cooling Blanket and Why You May Need One

A blanket is the layer between the top sheet and the comforter. The top sheet refers to the thinner layer directly above you when you lay down. The comforter is the usually fluffy outer layer of the bedding. Most blankets are slightly larger than the mattress size they’re designed to cover. This means they can freely hang off, but some people prefer to tuck them in under the mattress. Blankets are made in a wide variety of materials and weaves, and some are better suited for cooling than others. You may find yourself looking for a cooling blanket in the warm summer months, if your home is situated in a warm climate, or if you generally get too warm while sleeping.

The best cooling blankets are made of lightweight materials that promote airflow. Often times these materials are woven in such a way to make them even lighter, allowing for more heat to escape.

Temperature Regulation and Sleep

We humans thermoregulate, meaning our bodies maintain a fairly small range of temperatures. Our brains control the body’s core temperature throughout the day which includes vital organs. Since we follow the circadian rhythm, sleep normally occurs when our core temperature is falling.

While we’re experiencing REM sleep, our hypothalamus gets a break too and stops controlling body temperature like it has been all day. This means if we’re too hot or too cold, our body won’t be able to adjust properly. This could result in waking up, altering the night’s sleep quality. Being hot is associated with increased energy, like how we feel when we’re working out. Since increased energy isn’t exactly what we’re looking for during sleep, maintaining a cool temperature is best. During ideal sleep, the average adult will experience their lowest body temperature of the day around 5 am, two hours before they wake up.

How to Choose a Good Cooling Blanket

In order to find the best cooling blanket for you, it’s best to consider a few key elements and features of each cooking blanket. Depending on your specific requirements, some may suit you better than others.


A simple starting place when considering the elements of a cooling blanket is to discuss the materials used to make a blanket specifically cooling. The best cooling blankets are made of lightweight, breathable materials that encourage airflow. At the same time, they should be heavy enough so you can feel something comforting on top of you keeping you cozy in bed. Here are some of the most common materials used in cooling blankets:

  • Cotton: Cooling blankets can often be made of cotton since it can be woven into a lightweight and airy texture. Cotton naturally wicks moisture away from the body so you’re left cooler and not sweaty. The material doesn’t trap in heat so any extra heat your body is producing will dissipate. Cotton blankets are also easy to wash and dry.
  • Linen: Although typically heavier than cotton, linen is derived from the flax plant and offers great breathability. Some linens aren’t as soft as cotton but most get softer as more wear and washes occur. Linen is known to be durable and outlast many other materials. You’ll find linen bedding and clothing to be popular in warm climates.
  • Silk: While silk is a light fabric, it has a tendency to adjust to your body temperature. The material feels great against skin, and is cool to the touch. Cooling blankets made with silk work well for evenings that will cool to a comfortable temperature
  • Down: We usually associate down with warm winter comforters, but down can be incorporated into cooling blankets, just with less loft. Down comes from the fine and soft geese and duck feathers that lay under the tougher exterior feathers. With a less dense filling, down can work well in a cooling blanket because of its breathability and encouragement of airflow. Down is ultra soft with a comforting feeling we’re all looking to snuggle in.
  • Polyester/Synthetic: Polyester and synthetic materials are a chameleon in the bedding world. The material can be made into a huge range of warming or cooling fabrics. The cooling fabrics will be lightweight, easy to clean and feel as soft or softer than cotton. Generally polyester/synthetics will be cheaper than 100% cotton. They’re also easy to launder.
  • Natural and Organic Materials: Blankets made of natural and organic materials are great for those with sensitive skin or those wishing to be environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a popular renewable choice for natural blankets. Organic materials aren’t processed with harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, which can cause skin irritation. Most organic and natural materials will be more breathable than a synthetic material. Bamboo, for example, is cool to the touch and often feels softer than silk but retains its coolness better than silk. Keep in mind not all natural material is organic, so check the label if organic is what you’re after.


The weave of the blanket can be just as vital to the coolness-level as the material. The weave can control how much ventilation is possible or how tightly it’s going to hold in heat. Thermal weaves are common in cotton blankets and can be loose to allow for a lightweight covering. Waffle weave is also popular with cooling bedding since the pattern allows for room between layers, letting air freely move in and out.


Cooling blankets made of cotton and linen are especially durable. High-quality linen can last over ten years and gets softer as time goes on. Most natural fabrics will also be quite durable and stand up to many washes.


Warm sleeping means more sweat, so cooling blankets should be washed often. Some cooling blanket materials like cotton, linen, and bamboo are easy to wash, although they may do best put out to line dry. Synthetic and polyester materials are typically dryer friendly. Down will most likely require professional dry cleaning. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure your cooling blanket will have the longest lifespan possible and won’t shrink.

Return Policy

When shopping for a cooling blanket, finding one with a good return policy can be a huge advantage. Many companies offer a 30-90 day trial period where you’re free to use the blanket like you normally would but can return it for free within the allotted time. Especially if purchasing online without being able to physically feel the material, a good return policy will provide assurance that you can easily send it back if it’s not the perfect fit for your cooling needs.

Other Ways to Sleep Cool

A cooling blanket will certainly help you sleep soundly during the night, but it’s possible to get even more cooling power with a few other additions. Choosing the right mattress and bed sheets can drastically alter how hot or cool you feel during the night. Here we get into some specifics to add extra cooling to your bedding.

Choosing the Right Mattress and Bedding

Mattresses and bedding come in a wide range of breathability which will decide if they sleep hot or cool and will help you decide which is best for your needs. Softer beds made of memory foam or latex have a tendency to absorb more heat, making it a warm night. If cooling is what you’re looking for, you’re better off with a hybrid or innerspring mattress that allows for ventilation. Those two mattress constructions will be significantly cooler.

In the same way blankets can be made with specifically cooling materials and weaves, so can other bedding like sheets. The best cooling sheets will promote dryness, ventilation, and comfort. They are often made of similar materials to the cooling blankets like cotton, linen, or natural fabrics. Generally thin, cooling sheets will absorb any moisture so you stay comfortable, cool, and dry throughout the night. Most cooling sheets will be machine washable.

Other Cooling Products

A few other items on the current market can help maintain a comfortable temperature while sleeping.

The ChiliPad is a mattress pad with a built-in temperature regulation system using chilled water. The mattress pad goes under the fitted sheet like a standard mattress pad. The ChiliPad is easily adjusted with a control unit where users can adjust the temperature to their desire.

BedJet is another bedroom addition that can help you sleep cooler. The unit is placed at the foot of the bed with a hose that goes under the sheets. The unit then circulates fresh air into the bed at whatever temperature it’s set to. The BedJet is also available as a dual unit so couples can have two different temperatures of air blowing on either side.

The Eight Sleep Pod is a good choice of mattress for hot sleepers. The mattress is equipped with smart technology throughout its four foam layers which regulates temperature during the night. While foam inherently absorbs heat, the technology overrides that, keeping the bed cool.

Room Temperature and Sleepwear

In addition to the mattress, sheets, and blankets on a bed, sleeping too hot could be linked to the room temperature or your sleepwear. Thermoregulation functions best when the room temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. With the temperature ideal for thermoregulation, your body will find it easier to enter deep sleep and wake up rejuvenated.

Sleepwear can also play a role in our sleeping temperature. One of the best things to wear to bed is nothing at all. Sleeping naked reduces any impact clothes may have on the temperature our body is trying to achieve. If sleeping in the buff isn’t for you, pick pajamas that are made of breathable materials like cotton or linen. Make sure the sleepwear is easy to move in and feels comfortable on the skin. Jersey knit materials are often popular sleepwear because of how easily they move. Be sure whatever you wear to bed is clean to avoid any skin irritation.

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