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Chilipad Review

Written by Tuck Staff

Chilipad Review

The Bottom Line.

  • The Chilipad is an innovative, climate-control mattress pad with microtubes that connect to a central hub called the “Cube”.
  • Settings range from 55° to 110° Fahrenheit (13° to 43° Celsius).
  • Simply add hot or cold water to the pad. The tubes channel the water to the Cube, where it is heated or cooled to match the presets.
Meet Our Testing Team

Quick Overview

  • Wide range of temperature options
  • Single- and dual-zone pads available
  • Machine-washable and easy to maintain
  • Manual and wireless controls
  • Health benefits and potential savings for owner


  • Relatively high price-point
  • Noise potential

Chili Technology offers the Cube Sleep System with Chilipad Cool Mesh – aka the Chilipad – a mattress pad featuring a built-in temperature regulation system that provides both heating and cooling.

The pad is constructed with a central control unit known as the Cube, which is connected to a network of silicone microtubes. Chilipad owners add hot or cold water, which circulates through the tubes before arriving at the Cube. The temperature can be adjusted manually or with a wireless remote; owners can preset the temperature in one degree increments at anywhere from 55° to 110° Fahrenheit (13° to 43° Celsius).

The Chilipad is available in a total of seven sizes. Four of these sizes – Single, Twin XL, Full, and Split California King – are single-zone pads, meaning they have one Cube unit and provide one temperature-regulated surface. The other three sizes – Queen, King, and California King – are dual-zone pads, making them a good choice for couples with differing temperature preferences. A Twin-size Chilipad was previously available, but eventually discontinued due to low demand.

Please note: Another Chili Technology product, the Chilipad PLS (CP 100), has been discontinued and is no longer sold on the Chili Technology site. However, the product may be available through third-party retailers and sellers.

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Technical Details

What You Need to Know About The Chilipad

The Chilipad Cube single- and dual-zone mattress pads are most suitable for:

  • Single sleepers and couples who experience temperature-related discomfort (either too hot or too cold) during the night.
  • Homeowners who would like to save money on their heating and cooling bills.
  • Pregnant women and other sleepers with medical conditions that cause excessively hot or excessively cold sleeping.

The Chilipad Cube may not be suitable for:

  • Sleepers who do not experience significant temperature-related issues during the night.
  • People who awaken easily due to noise.
  • Those who find mattress pads beneath their fitted sheets uncomfortable.

How Does the Chilipad Work?

Follow these five steps to operate the Chilipad Cube:

  • Secure the mattress pad

    The pad should be unfolded and placed on top of the mattress and underneath a fitted sheet. The pad also has elastic corner straps that fit around the edges of the mattress for added stability. The microtubes can be placed at the head or foot of the bed, depending on the owner’s preferences.

  • Connect the tube to the cube

    The Cube should rest on a flat surface with at least two feet (24?) of breathing room on each side. It must be plugged into an AC outlet, and should be positioned with the water tank on top to prevent leakage. Owners can utilize risers to place the Cube beneath their bed. Connect the male end of the external tube attachment to the Cube’s female connector. When connecting the tube to the Cube, the blue release button should be facing upward.

  • Fill the cube with water

    The Cube has an opening on the top in which water should be added. Unscrew the cap and add distilled water as needed. Once the Cube has reached full water capacity, turn the machine on using the power button near the opening. The Cube will produce a light beep, and then the tubes will begin to fill with water. As water is distributed into the tubes, owners will need to add more distilled water to the Cube until the ‘add water’ indicator light goes out. They should then screw the cap back into place.

    Please note: when new, the Chilipad’s water tank should have a trace amount of water inside; this indicates the product has undergone quality control tests prior to packaging. If the water is absent, then the Chilipad may not have been properly tested.

  • Adjust temperature

    Two buttons – one with a flame icon and another with a snowflake icon – are located next to the power button. Owners use these two buttons to increase or decrease the temperature in one-degree increments until their desired setting is reached. A temperature reading displays the owner’s setting, not the Chilipad’s current temperature. Once the temperature has been properly adjusted, the number will blink three times. Most temperature changes take effect within 15 minutes.

    In addition to manual controls, owners can program temperature settings with a wireless remote. To activate the remote, hold down the Cube’s power button for five seconds; the unit will beep and show a blinking ‘888’ in the temperature display. Turn on the remote control at this point; the unit will beep again and display the current temperature preset. To program the remote with a dual-zone pad, make sure one of the Cubes remains off throughout this process.

  • Power off cube as needed

    To turn off the Cube, simply press the power button while it is running. The display will immediately turn off, though the fans may run for a few moments longer. Owners are advised to unplug the Cube if they do not plan to use their Chilipad in the next 24 hours. To drain the Cube, use an H-shaped tool that comes with the Chilipad; the cross-shaped end is used to drain theCube, and the hollow end is used to drain the mattress pad.

    Please note that dual-zone Chilipad (Queen, King, and California sizes) feature two microtube networks and two Cube units. To operate these, simply follow the steps listed above for each side of the pad.

Sizing and Pricing

Current prices for all available Chilipad sizes are listed in the table below. Please note the pricing differences between pads with the Cube included and replacement pads

Product New (Pad and Cube) Replacement (Pad Only)
Single-size Chilipad Cube (Single-zone) $499 $249
Twin XL-size Chilipad Cube (Single-zone) $599 $289
Full-size Chilipad Cube (Single-zone) $699 $299
Queen-size Chilipad Cube (Dual-zone) $999 $379
King-size Chilipad Cube (Dual-zone) $1,199 $399
California King-size Chilipad Cube (Dual-zone) $1,199 $399
Split California King-size Chilipad Cube (Single-zone) $649 $289

Additionally, customers may purchase replacement Cube units for $399.

Chilipad Features and Specs

The Chilipad’s features, functions, and product specifications include the following:

Temperature range: The Cube can be programmed in one-degree increments to reach temperatures anywhere from 55° to 110° Fahrenheit (13° to 43° Celsius). Certain factors – such as bedroom temperature and sleeper weight – may affect temperature delivery.

Cube dimensions: The Cube measures 9 1/4″ wide, 9 1/4″ long, and 7 1/2″ tall. It weighs roughly nine pounds.

Energy usage: The average Chilipad uses 80 watts.

Power sources: The Cube’s power cord must be plugged into an AC outlet to operate. The remote control requires two AAA batteries.

Cord length: The power cord measures eight feet (8′) in length.

Material composition: The mattress pad is made from a polyester and cotton blend. The microtubes are made of medical-grade silicone.

Chilipad weight limit: The pad operates with up to 500 pounds per zone. However, heavier individuals may not experience the same temperature range as lighter individuals.

Chilipad dimensions: The table below lists width, length, and thickness dimensions for the Chilipad in each available size.

Chilipad Size Zones Dimensions (Width x Length x Height)
Single 1 30W” x 75L” x 3/4H”
Twin Extra Long (XL) 1 38W” x 80L” x 3/4H”
Full 1 53W” x 75L” x 3/4H”
Queen 2 60W” x 80L” x 3/4H”
King 2 76W” x 80L” x 3/4H”
California King 2 72W” x 84L” x 3/4H”
Split California King 1 36W” x 84L” x 3/4H”

What's Included with a Chilipad Purchase?

The contents of a Chilipad box depend on whether a single- or dual-zone pad was purchased. A full breakdown is listed in the table below.

Type of Pad Number of Pads Number of Cubes Number of Remotes Number of Drain Keys
Single-zone 1 1 1 1
Dual-zone 1 2 1 1

Additionally, all Chilipad Cubes come with a user’s manual, warranty, and registration card.

Chilipad Coupons and Discounts

Get 25% off a Chilipad heating and cooling mattress pad

Use code: TUCK25

  • Sleep Trial 90 nights

  • Shipping Free standard shipping to all 50 states

  • Warranty 2-year

  • Made In USA

  • Where Do They Ship?

    U.S. and international.

  • Full Shipping Details

    The delivery policy for the Chilipad is as follows:

    1. Free standard shipping is available to all customers in the U.S. The delivery may be coordinated through FedEx, UPS, or the USPS. Most standard orders ship within one business day. Expected delivery times are five to seven business days in the contiguous U.S.; and seven to 10 business days for Alaska, Hawaii, and offshore U.S. territories.
    2. International deliveries are available for most countries for an extra charge; a full list of restricted shipping destinations is found on the Chili Technology website. International deliveries typically take eight to 12 business days.
    3. Rush shipping is also available for an extra charge to customers in the U.S.
    4. All customers receive a tracking number as soon as their Chilipad ships.
  • Trial Period and Warranty Details

    Trial Period and Guarantee

    Chili Technology offers a 90-night sleep trial for the Chilipad Cube.

    1. The sleep trial does not include a mandatory break-in period, and customers may return their Chilipad at any point of the 90-night trial.
    2. This sleep trial is exclusively offered to customers who purchase their Chilipad directly from Chili Technology; it is not extended to those who purchase their pad from third-party retailers.
    3. In addition to returns, Chili Technology offers product exchanges and upgrades. Owners must fill out an online form to request an exchange/upgrade.


    Chili Technology offers a 2-year warranty:

    1. Coverage for defects in the Cube control unit is partially prorated. During the first year, Chili Technology will repair or replace Chilipads with defective Cube units at no extra charge to the owner, including shipping and transportation fees. During the second year, repairs or replacements of pads with defective Cube units will incur a $30 fee for the owner.
    2. Warranty coverage is different the for mattress pad and tubing components. During the first 90 nights, Chili Technology will repair or replace Chilipads with defective pads or tubing at no extra charge to the owner, including shipping and transportation fees.
    3. Warranty coverage is limited to customers in the United States. All defects must be brought to Chili Technology’s attention within three months of the problem first arising.
    4. The warranty will cover the following defects:
      • Any defects to the Chilipad’s padding, tubing, or Cube control unit that occur despite proper use and handling.
    5. The warranty will not cover the following:
      • Defects to Chilipad used in commercial settings.
      • Damage to the Chilipad that occurs due to misuse, vandalism, or acts of God.
    6. This warranty is exclusively available to original owners who buy their Chilipad from Chili Technology or an authorized retailer. Those who buy or acquire their pad from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer will not receive warranty coverage.

Chilipad FAQs

  • What is the temperature range?

    The Chilipad can be set in one-degree increments from 55° to 110° Fahrenheit (13° to 43° Celsius).

  • Are there any factors that affect the temperature settings?

    Yes. Factors like the sleeper’s bodyweight and their bedroom temperature may prevent the Chilipad from reaching the preset temperature. However, most of these cases result in slight – not significant – temperature disparities.

  • Where/how should the cube be positioned?

    The Cube should be placed on a flat surface with the water tank facing upward and at least two feet (2?) of breathing room on all sides. Those who wish to place the unit beneath their bed can use risers to keep it in place. The Cube weighs roughly nine pounds, so ensuring the surface can support that much weight is important. It should also be placed within eight feet (8?) of an AC outlet unless an extension cord is used.

  • Does water used in the Chilipad need to be treated?

    Chili Technology recommends using distilled water, and to add a capful of hydrogen peroxide whenever the water tank is full. Scroll down to the cleaning and maintenance section for more information.

  • Can the Chilipad reduce energy costs for homeowners?

    Yes. According to Chili Technology, the average Chilipad costs 18 cents per night to use. This can save homeowners money if their normal heating/cooling costs exceed this amount.

  • Should owners run the Chilipad when they aren't sleeping?

    No. The Chilipad is exclusively designed as a sleep aid, and should not be operated as a heating/cooling agent when owners are not in bed.

  • Can children use the Chilipad?

    The Chilipad is considered safe for sleepers of all ages.

  • Can sleepers feel the Chilipad under the topsheet?

    The Chilipad measures roughly three-quarters of an inch (3/4?) thick, making it fairly thin, but some sleepers say they can feel the pad through the topsheet.

First-Time Use and Maintenance Instructions

Follow These Steps for First-Time Use

Step 1. Check the packaging to ensure all components are accounted for:

  • One mattress pad
  • One Cube control unit for single-zone pads, or two Cube units for dual-zone pads
  • One remote control
  • One drain key (for emptying the water tank)
  • Owner’s manual, warranty, and registration card

Step 2. Arrange the pad on the mattress.

Step 3. Check the Cube’s water tank for trace amounts of water. This indicates the product has undergone quality control tests prior to being packaged.

Step 4. Locate a flat surface in the bedroom on which to place the Cube, and ensure this spot provides at least two feet (2′) of uninterrupted airflow on all sides. Place the Cube with the water tank facing up to prevent leakage from occurring.

Step 5. Connect the pad to the Cube unit using a connective hose attachment. Please note that extension hoses, which were previously sold, are no longer available.

Step 6. Plug the Cube unit into the nearest AC outlet using the built-in power cord.

Step 7. Unscrew the water tank’s cap and add distilled water until the tank is full.

Step 8. Turn on the Cube control unit.

Step 9. Add one cap of hydrogen peroxide to the water tank.

Step 10. Set the temperature to the desired setting using manual controls on the Cube unit or the remote control.

Step 11. Allow up to 15 minutes for the Chilipad to reach the desired temperature setting.

Clean and Maintain the Chilipad

Step 1. Add a capful of hydrogen peroxide to the water tank to ensure the circulation system and tubing remain sterile and hygienic. Before adding hydrogen peroxide, turn on the Cube unit and set the temperature to 75° Fahrenheit (23.9° Celsius). Leave the cap off while the peroxide cleans the system; when bubbles no longer form at the surface, the cleaning process is complete. Chili Technology recommends doing this at least once per month.

Step 2. The mattress pad is machine-washable in a front-loading machine. Secure the hose extension with a rubber band to prevent tearing or damage to the male connector. The pad should be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle, and either air-dried or dried in a machine with no heat.

Step 3. If water or air flow is interrupted, inspect the tubing for kinks or tears.

Company Information

  • Customer Service

    8 out of 10 owner experiences show that customers have had a positive experience with Chili Technology, irrespective of whether or not they liked their Chilipad.

  • Company History

    Chili Technology first launched in 2007.

  • Physical Stores

    Chili Technology does not operate any brick-and-mortar locations. However, the Chilipad is sold in physical stores nationwide. Use the dealer locator on Chili Technology’s website to find the nearest location – and please note that third-party purchases will not qualify for the 90-night sleep trial through Chili Technology.

  • Contact Chili Technology

    Online form | 1-704-235-6831 |

  • Find Chili Technology on Social

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