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ReST Bed with Gel Grid Mattress Review

Written by Tuck Staff

ReST Bed with Gel Grid Mattress Review

The Bottom Line.

  • The innovative ReST Bed with Gel Grid combines a pressure-relieving comfort layer with the customizable feel of an adjustable airbed.
  • Zoned air chambers deliver precise support throughout the body.
  • The mattress features a completely modular design that allows owners to replace individual components as needed.

ReST Bed with Gel Grid Mattress Overview

ReST Bed with Gel Grid Mattress Overview

Responsive Surface Technology, LLC, or ReST for short, is a mattress brand that has been in business since 2013. The flagship ReST Bed is an airbed with a memory foam comfort layer and adjustable air chambers that allow sleepers to customize the firmness of their mattress.

In this review, we’ll discuss the newest mattress model from ReST, which is known as the Rest Bed with Gel Grid. The mattress builds on the original ResT Bed’s design by adding a 2-inch comfort layer of hyperelastic polymer material known as the Gel Grid. The result is a sleep surface that conforms to the body without absorbing too much heat. An additional layer of gel memory foam provides added pressure relief.

Like the original airbed, the ReST Bed with Gel Grid’s support core contains adjustable air chambers divided into zones for the head, shoulders, lower back, hips, and legs. This allows owners to customize the feel of each zone. A “Smart Sensor” layer located above the air chamber layer monitors pressure buildup throughout the sleeper’s body. Owners use the ReST mobile app to adjust the feel of the mattress based on feedback from the sensor. The chambers can be adjusted for firmness levels ranging from medium soft to firm, or 4 to 7 on the 1-10 firmness scale. The mattress measures 13 inches thick, making it a high-profile model.

Read on to learn about this innovative new mattress. This review will look at construction and feel, sizes and pricing, and performance ratings based on owner experiences and in-house testing. We’ll also compare the ReST Bed with Gel Grid to a few similarly constructed models, and discuss shipping options, returns, and warranty coverage for the mattress.

Table of Contents

Ratings Summary

Construction & Feel

Ratings Breakdown

Pricing & Discounts

Mattress Comparisons


Meet Our Testing Team
  • Sleepers who enjoy beds with adjustable firmness levels. The ReST Bed with Gel Grid can be adjusted for firmness between medium soft and firm feels, a range that should accommodate the vast majority of sleepers based on their weight and preferred position.
  • Couples with different firmness preferences. The mattress offers dual firmness adjustments, allowing sleepers on each side of the bed to customize their air chamber zones.
  • Hot sleepers. Thanks to the Gel Grid layer, this mattress sleeps exceptionally cool and is ideal for people who run warm in bed or reside in hot climates.

Not Recommended for...

  • People who easily wake up due to noise. While the ReST Bed with Gel Grid is not excessively loud, its air chambers produce some noise that may disrupt light sleepers.
  • Shoppers with limited budgets. The mattress is quite expensive, as is often the case with airbeds.

Ratings Summary

Our testing team conducted an extensive evaluation of the ReST Bed with Gel Grid. Our review and rating process consists of three parts: in-house evaluation, external sleep testing, and data collection of verified owner experiences. To learn more about our review process, read our methodology here.

Our performance criteria and ratings for the bed are listed in the table below.

As you can see, the ReST Bed with Grid Grid has earned exemplary ratings in most performance categories. For a detailed look at each rating, check out our full breakdown below.

Sleep Position Ratings

As part of our ratings process, we evaluated the ReST Bed with Grid Grid across different body types and preferred sleep positions. In addition to physical testing, we surveyed our sleep expert team and analyzed reviews from verified mattress owners and customers. Our findings are listed in the table below.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers.

How Is the ReST Bed with Gel Grid Constructed?


The ReST Bed with Gel Grid features the proprietary “Sleep Skin” cover, which has a very soft and stretchy feel. The cover is removable, and can be washed and dried in any household machine.

Comfort Layers

The 2-inch Gel Grid makes up the comfort layer. The Gel Grid is made of adaptive polymer material molded into an open grid shape. The material conforms to the body and evenly distributes weight without hugging closely like memory foam. It also sleeps quite cool. A dense foam border provides added edge support to help sleepers feel secure sitting on or lying near the perimeter.

Transitional Layer

A 2-inch layer of gel memory foam forms the transitional layer of the ReST Bed with Gel Grid. This layer provides extra reinforcement and prevents sleepers from sinking too deeply. The memory foam also delivers added contouring and pressure relief.


The Smart Sensor is located directly beneath the memory foam layer. Composed of antimicrobial knit fabric, the sensor is engineered to pick up on roughly 1,000 individual sleeper data points for each side of the bed. Owners can view their sensor’s readout using the ReST mobile app, which shows them areas of the body that experience the most pressure.

Owners can also adjust each chamber using the app and record their favorite settings for each sleep position. In the event a sleeper changes positions, the chambers will automatically adjust to their preferred firmness levels.

Support Layers

The ReST Bed with Gel Grid’s support core consists of five individual air chambers on each side of the mattress. Thanks to its completely modular design, each chamber can be removed and replaced as needed if leaks or other problems occur. The pumps are made of medical-grade polyurethane.

Mattress Height

The ReST Bed with Gel Grid measures 13 inches thick, making it a high-profile mattress. This above-average height ensures enough room for thick Gel Grid and memory foam layers without sacrificing support and volume from the air chambers.

Product Name Firmness Level Thickness Support Core Components Comfort Layer Components Cover Components
ReST Bed with Gel Grid Adjustable: 4 (Medium Soft) to 7 (Firm) 13″ Smart Sensor Technology Layer
Zoned Air Chambers (5 per side)
2″ Gel Grid
2″ Gel Memory Foam
“Sleep Skin” Performance Stretch Fabric

What Are the Firmness and Feel Like?

Like other adjustable airbeds, the ReST Bed with Gel Grid’s feel largely depends on the programmed firmness level. Air chambers beneath the head, shoulders, lumbar, hips, and legs can all be customized for a feel that falls roughly between medium soft and firm. Additionally, each side features its own zoned chamber system, allowing dual firmness adjustments.

The Gel Grid is a unique comfort layer material. It conforms and distributes weight much like memory foam but without the close body hug sleepers have come to expect from that material. The grid is also somewhat responsive, resulting in a light surface bounce that many people liken to latex.

Ratings Breakdown

Performance Ratings

Next, we’ll take a close look at each performance rating for the ReST Bed with Gel Grid. These ratings are based on a few different factors, including verified owner experiences and in-house product testing.


The ReST Bed with Gel Grid has only been available to the public for a limited amount of time, so we haven’t been able to evaluate it against the average mattress lifespan of six to eight years. Our durability rating for this model is based on other factors, including our evaluations of the original ReST Bed, owner experiences, and ReST’s overall reputation.

We expect the ReST Bed with Gel Grid to perform for at least eight years. That said, the longevity of airbeds like this one can be tricky to calculate. The mattress features an entirely modular design that allows owners to replace individual parts as needed. This is beneficial because air chambers are prone to leaks and malfunctions. Properly maintained airbeds can easily last eight years, but this is contingent on how well the owner maintains their mattress.

Motion Isolation

To evaluate motion isolation for the ReST Bed with Gel Grid, we asked two testers to lie side-by-side on the mattress. One tester would move on the bed while the other felt for motion transfer across the surface.

During this test, the mattress performed well. The Gel Grid is a bit responsive, so the mattress does not completely eliminate transfer, but the additional memory foam layer assists with absorbing movement. We found the bed’s ability to isolate motion did not change significantly when we adjusted the firmness.


Our testers noticed some faint off-gassing after unboxing the mattress. While the Gel Grid does not produce too much initial odor, the memory foam layer emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that carry a distinct chemical smell. After a few days, our testers re-evaluated the mattress and found the odors had completely dissipated. Airbeds in general lose their off-gassing odors somewhat quickly due to steady air circulation in their chamber layers.

Pressure Relief

To evaluate the ReST Bed with Gel Grid for pressure relief, our testers took turns lying on the mattress with a sensor that maps pressure buildup in sensitive areas of the body, such as the shoulders and hips. They also changed positions to see if pressure increased or decreased while lying on their sides, backs, and stomachs.

All of our sleep testers found that the mattress alleviates pressure quite well. However, their preferred firmness level varied by body weight and sleep position. Side sleepers and lighter testers felt more comfortable with softer levels, while heavier individuals and back/stomach sleepers gravitated toward firmer levels. Using the ReST app, we also compared our sensors with readouts from the bed’s Smart Sensor. The pressure-mapping results were consistent across both sensors.

Temperature Neutrality

Temperature neutrality is a key strength of this mattress. This can be attributed to a few factors. The Gel Grid is highly breathable thanks to its open grid shape, resulting in optimal surface airflow for sleepers. The chamber layer also promotes steady circulation to prevent the mattress core from becoming too warm. Lastly, the cover is composed of thin fabric that doesn’t retain too much body heat. We highly recommend this mattress to anyone who considers themselves a hot sleeper.

Edge Support

To evaluate the ReST Bed with Gel Grid for edge support, our testers sat along the perimeter as an owner might do when getting on and off of their mattress. They also took turns lying near the edges to check for feelings of “roll-off.”

The foam encasement around the Gel Grid layer will prevent excessive sinkage for most people, but those who weigh more than 230 pounds may struggle getting in and out of bed. While softer mattresses tend to sink more than firmer ones, we found that adjusting the firmness level of this bed did not affect edge support very much.


Like other airbeds, the ReST Bed with Gel Grid produces a small amount of noise during firmness adjustments. This shouldn’t be disruptive for most people, though it may be problematic for light sleepers. Thanks to its newer design and technology, this model is considerably quieter than many competing airbeds on the market today.


The ReST Bed with Gel Grid offers a good balance of conforming and responsiveness that will appeal to many couples. The springy surface makes it easier to move in bed and change positions, while the grid also provides good traction to help couples maintain one position for longer periods of time. Some will notice a sinking sensation that can create feelings of being “trapped” by the mattress, though this depends on the bed’s current firmness level.

Sleeper Ratings

The ideal firmness and thickness for a mattress largely depend on a sleeper’s body weight, shape, and preferred sleep position. In order to better inform our readers and avoid subjectivity in our review, our team evaluated the bed with sleep testers of varying body types and position preferences.

Lightweight Sleepers – Less than 130 lbs.

To evaluate the ReST Bed with Gel Grid, our testers in each weight and position group tried different firmness levels to see which ones felt most and least comfortable. Our lightweight side sleepers agreed softer feels provided the most cushioning and spinal support. They noted even spinal alignment and no added pressure.

Back and stomach sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds preferred mid-level firmness options. These positions do not require as much cushioning as side sleeping. Instead, the mattress should maintain an even plane without sinking excessively beneath the sleeper’s heaviest areas.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 to 230 lbs.

For our average weight side sleepers, the most comfortable firmness levels fell between medium and medium firm. They felt enough padding beneath the shoulders and hips without sinking too much, and the Gel Grid and memory foam layers offered even body-contouring. Added firmness around the lower back was helpful for some.

Back sleepers weighing 130 to 230 pounds agreed medium firm offered the best balance of conforming and support. Some found that a softer feel for the head and legs was most comfortable. Stomach sleepers in this weight group also leaned toward medium firm feels, though some adjusted the lumbar zone for added reinforcement to their midsection.

Heavyweight Sleepers – More than 230 lbs.

While our lowest ratings for the ReST Bed with Gel Grid came from heavyweight testers, they still enjoyed the mattress overall and most were able to find firmness levels that provided adequate comfort and support. Most side sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds found a medium firm feel was most comfortable, though some preferred firm instead.

Back and stomach sleepers in this weight group all agreed the firmest levels offered the best support. However, some still experienced a bit of sinkage between the shoulders and hips, where people tend to carry most of their weight. If the sinkage is excessive, then sleepers may develop aches and pains in their neck, shoulders, and lower back – but this was not a major issue for our heavyweight testers.

Pricing and Discounts

  • twin-bed
    Twin XL $4,599
  • twin-bed
    Queen $5,799 (Standard) $6,599 (Split Top)
  • twin-bed
    King $6,699 (Standard) $6,999 (Split Top) $9,198 (Split)
  • twin-bed
    Cal King $6,399

ReST Coupons and Promos

Save money on the ReST Bed with GelGe Grid.

Our readers get the best price

How Does the ReST Bed with Gel Grid Compare to Other Mattresses?

When looking for a new mattress, we encourage all shoppers to compare as many different brands and models as possible. This ensures they’ll find a bed that meets their specific needs, preferences, and budget. In this next section, we’ll see how the ReST Bed with Gel Grid compares to a few similarly constructed models.

ReST Bed with Gel Grid vs. ReST Bed

The original ReST Bed is quite similar to its updated counterpart with the Gel Grid. The flagship model is constructed with five zoned air chambers on both sides for adjustable firmness throughout the body. The approximate firmness range of the ReST Bed is also about the same, allowing sleepers to toggle between medium soft and firm feels, and both models include the Smart Sensor that is compatible with the ReST app.

The key difference between these two beds is comfort layer construction. Rather than a Gel Grid, the original ReST Bed contains 3 inches of memory foam, along with a transitional layer of high-resiliency polyfoam. This results in closer conforming, and some added heat retention. The modified Gel Grid airbed sleeps a bit cooler, but the comfort layer won’t hug the body closely. This can be a benefit or a drawback, depending on a sleeper’s preferred contouring level.

While the original ReST Bed technically costs less than the newer Gel Grid model, both mattresses are considered quite expensive even by airbed standards and it’s unlikely pricing differences will come into play. Those who prefer added temperature control may want to opt for the ReST Bed with Gel Grid. Otherwise, the flagship model should serve their needs.

Read our full ReST Bed Mattress Review.

ReST Bed with Gel Grid vs. Sleep Number i10

Sleep Number offers a wide range of airbeds that includes everything from relatively inexpensive options to luxury high-end models. We’ve chosen the Sleep Number i10 for this comparison because it is most comparable to the ReST Bed with Gel Grid in terms of performance, customization options, and price. The i10 is the most advanced model in Sleep Number’s Innovation collection, which also includes the i8.

The i10 offers a firmness range of soft (3) to medium firm (6), so this airbed is better suited to those who prefer softer feels; the ReST Bed with Gel Grid provides a similar – albeit, slightly firmer – selection. Each bed can be adjusted using a mobile app, and both offer dual firmness for couples. However, the ReST model outperforms in one key category: temperature regulation. The i10 is built with thick foam layers that absorb more body heat, causing the mattress to sleep a bit warmer.

The i10 costs less than the ReST Bed with Gel Grid, but both mattresses are quite expensive and all customers incur additional delivery charges. Rather than budget, most buyers will probably base their decision on other factors, such as temperature neutrality and their optimal firmness range.

Read our full Sleep Number Mattress Review.

ReST Bed with Gel Grid vs. Solaire

The Solaire by Saatva is a luxury airbed that is comparable to the ReST Bed with Gel Grid in many ways. The Solaire features comfort layers of gel memory foam and latex that offer close, even conforming and good overall support. The Solaire can be adjusted for firmness between soft (3) and firm (7) feels.

Chamber design is a major difference between these two airbeds. While the ReST Bed with Gel Grid has chambers to target five different areas of the body, the Solaire’s chambers don’t offer the same zoned adjustments. Rather, the latex layer is divided into five zones. While this still provides enhanced support and cradling where needed, sleepers can’t adjust the individual firmness levels of these areas.

The Solaire costs considerably less than the ReST Bed with Gel Grid and Saatva offers free White Glove delivery, so lower costs will probably be a major incentive for some buyers. However, those who want adjustable firmness for different areas of their body should choose the ReST Bed with Gel Grid instead.

Read our full Solaire Mattress Review.


  • Sleep Trial 90 nights

  • Shipping $199 for White Glove delivery

  • Warranty 10 years, non-prorated

  • Made In USA

  • Where Can I Buy the ReST Bed with Gel Grid?

    This mattress is available for purchase on the ReST website. Customers can also buy the ReST Bed with Gel Grid in select retail stores across the country. The company’s website features a store locator to help customers find the nearest location.

  • Where Do They Ship?

    ReST ships mattresses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

  • White Glove Delivery?

    White Glove delivery, which includes full assembly in a room of the customer’s choice, is the only shipping option for this mattress; standard ground delivery is not available. U.S. customers pay $199 for delivery and Canadian customers pay $398 for delivery.

  • Old Mattress Removal?

    For an added fee of $99, ReST couriers will remove one mattress from the customer’s residence during White Glove delivery.

  • Full Delivery Policy

    The delivery policy for ReST is as follows:

    1. The delivery takes about 20 minutes to complete. A resident 18 or older must remain on the premises throughout the delivery and assembly process. Couriers will notify customers 24 hours in advance of the scheduled delivery date to narrow down an ideal time window.
    2. Buyers can arrange to have their old mattress removed during the checkout process. This will incur a $99 fee, bringing the delivery total to $298 for U.S. customers and $497 for Canadian customers.
  • Trial Period and Warranty Details

    ReST offers a 90-night sleep trial for the ReST Bed with Gel Grid:

    1. This sleep trial does not require a break-in period of any kind. Customers can return their mattress at any point of the 90-day trial.
    2. ReST will issue a full refund for the mattress if the customer decides to return it, but delivery charges are not refundable. The company does not charge any return or restocking fees.

    ReST provides a 10-year warranty for the ReST Bed with Gel Grid:

    1. This warranty is completely non-prorated. ReST will, at its sole option, repair or replace any defect in the mattress at no cost to the owner for as long as the warranty is valid. Due to the airbed’s modular design, the company may replace a specific component, rather than the entire mattress, but this largely depends on the nature of the defect.
    2. Under this warranty, indentations in the sleep surface of 1.5 inches or deeper are considered defects. Other issues, such as normal wear and tear or damage from misuse or proper support, are not covered under the warranty.
    3. This warranty is non-transferable, and only available to original owners who purchase their mattress from ReST or an authorized retailer. Those who buy or acquire their mattress from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer do not receive warranty coverage.

Company Information

  • Customer Service

    8 out of 10 owner experiences show customers have had a positive experience with ReST, regardless of whether or not they liked the mattress.

  • BBB Rating

    ReST has not earned a letter grade from the Better Business Bureau.

  • Company History

    Responsive Surface Technology, LLC (ReST), has been in business since 2013.

  • Physical Stores

    While ReST does not operate a dedicated showroom, the company’s products – including the ReST Bed with Gel Grid – are sold at select brick-and-mortar locations across the country. A store locator can be found on ReST’s website.

  • Contact Rest Bedding

    [email protected] | 404-671-9397 (tech support and warranty) | 888-588-1349 (general inquiries) |

  • Find Rest Bedding on Social

Table of Contents