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SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker Review

Written by Tuck Staff

SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker Review

The Bottom Line.

  • The SleepScore Max is a bedside sleep tracking device that monitors the sleeper’s breathing, motion, and room environment.
  • The device uses a smartphone app to give the user a sleep rating.
  • This sleep rating provides the user with recommendations for how to get better quality sleep.

Quick Summary

Quick Summary

The SleepScore Max is a sleep tracking device that sits at the user’s bedside. Paired with the accompanying app, the device tracks the individual’s sleep patterns by recording the following information: the sleeper’s movement, breathing, key sleep stages, and bedroom environment.

The SleepScore Max device uses bio-motion sensor technology, similar to echolocation, to monitor the user throughout the night. The device should be placed no more than 3.9 feet away from the user and pointed toward the chest. This position gives the device an optimal angle to collect data.

The device has no internal microphone, but uses the mic on the user’s phone. The phone should be near the SleepScore Max so it can accurately track any changes in noise throughout the night. SleepScore recommends plugging in the phone to charge next to the Max to ensure the phone stays powered for the night.

The front of the device has one LED light that turns solid green when the device is paired to the phone and ready for tracking. Once the user has entered “sleep” mode in the app, the green light will take fifteen seconds to fade out.

To begin tracking, the user opens the app and selects the “sleep” button. Upon waking, the user holds down the “wake up” button to stop the device from tracking. This ensures the app knows the user is sleeping rather than performing a still bedtime activity like reading. This also enables the app to accurately track any naps.

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General Overview

  • Non-contact sleep tracking device the user doesn’t have to physically wear
  • Provides sleeper with a detailed analysis of sleep through the smartphone app, which may help improve sleep quality
  • Includes a smart alarm, sleep history, sleep chart, temperature tracking, noise tracking, and sleeping goals
  • Detailed sleep report may be downloaded and used for initial information of sleep history for medical professionals
  • Reasonably priced


  • Requires the use of a smartphone, Bluetooth, and the corresponding app
  • Some may find it inconvenient to travel with the device
  • Lengthy initial set-up process

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Before purchasing your SleepScore Max sleep tracker, you should understand how the product works and what customers are saying about it. Use the details below to help you decide if the SleepScore Max suits your needs.

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How Does the SleepScore Max Work?

The SleepScore Max gives each user personalized sleep data and feedback. The app also has incentivized sleep goals and includes an optional smart alarm.

Setting Up the App

Once prompted, the app will ask the user to fill out a survey. This allows the app to understand the user’s current diet, sleep patterns, and daily activity level. The app uses this data as a baseline to begin analysis.

Before sleep each night, the app will ask a series of questions about the day, such as how many caffeinated and alcoholic drinks the user consumed, how many minutes spent exercising, and how stressful the day was. The app uses this to analyze how a user’s lifestyle impacts their sleep quality.

Sleep Score

The SleepScore Max gives each user a personalized sleep score every morning. This is a number from one to 100. A score of 75 or higher indicates a good night’s sleep. The following six parameters are tracked to determine the sleep score:

  • Total time spent asleep
  • Time the user took to fall asleep
  • Light sleep
  • Deep sleep
  • REM sleep
  • Awakenings throughout the night

SleepScore Max analyzes this data against others of the same age and gender to produce the nightly score. Once assessed, the app gives the user a personalized sleep guide based on the variables tracked and the final score. These guides could be tips like getting more exercise during the day, lowering bedroom temperature, or sleeping with ear plugs if the app notices excessive bedroom noise. With consistent use, the app will recognize patterns and give more accurate feedback.

Sleep Goals and Stars

Users are able to set sleep goals, such as getting a set amount of sleep each night, waking up in the middle of the night less, or taking less time to fall asleep. The app awards sleep stars for good sleep practices, such as reaching a set goal, sleeping for at least seven hours, or going to bed at the same time.

Smart Alarm

The most ideal time to wake up is during light sleep. Waking up to an alarm while in deep or slow-wave sleep can lead to grogginess. The SleepScore Max’s smart alarm wakes the user up during light sleep. The alarm can be set for a window of 15 to 30 minutes. When the device recognizes light sleep during that window, the smart alarm will go off. If no light sleep happens during that window, the alarm will sound at the end of the window.

This gives the user a higher likelihood of waking up during a sleep cycle beneficial to feeling refreshed and well-rested.

What's Included with the SleepScore Max?

Each SleepScore Max includes the following elements:

  • One SleepScore Max device
  • One micro USB-B power cable
  • One USB power supply
  • Access to the SleepScore Max app
  • User manual
  • Quick start guide

Technical Details

sleepscore max imageThe table below lists dimensions, weights, and other key information about the SleepScore Max tracking device.

Key Information Specs
Dimensions Height: 6″
Width: 4″
Depth: 2.2″
Weight 0.55 lbs
Cable Length 60″
Power Input 100-240VAC
Power Consumption 100mA (5V input)
Power Supply Type Included micro USB-B power cable and USB power supply

Additional SleepScore Max Details

The SleepScore Max uses the device itself, a smartphone, a Bluetooth connection, and an app to report sleep data. The phone does not need to be connected to WiFi or Bluetooth throughout the night. However, a Bluetooth connection is necessary for the app to report sleep data.

The phone needs to be powered on and located close to whomever the SleepScore Max is tracking since the device uses the phone’s mic to monitor sound levels. One of the following smartphone operating systems is necessary to be compatible with the SleepScore Max:

  • Apple phones running iOS 10 and above, starting with iPhone 6
  • Android devices running Android 6 Marshmallow and above

How Much Does a SleepScore Max Cost?

The SleepScore Max currently sells for $149.99 with free shipping to all locations in the United States. The smartphone app necessary to operate the SleepScore Max is free to those who purchase the SleepScore Max and does not require a subscription. This app is a premium version which retails for $49.99 per year without the purchase of the SleepScore Max tracking device.

Want to buy a SleepScore Max?

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  • Sleep Trial 30 Nights

  • Shipping Free within the U.S.

  • Warranty 1 year

  • Made In China

  • Who can use the SleepScore Max?

    The SleepScore Max can be used by any adult over 85 pounds looking to track sleeping information. The tracker works if more than one person is in the bed, so long as the associated smartphone is closest to the individual using the SleepScore Max. The device does not have an internal microphone, but uses the mic on the smartphone.

    If children or pets sleep in the bed, the device may pick up their motion or sounds causing the results to potentially be inaccurate.Sleepers with restless leg syndrome may also receive inaccurate readings. CPAP machines or electric blankets can be used with the SleepScore Max.

  • Where should the SleepScore Max be located?

    The device works best when placed between 1.3 and 3.9 feet away from the sleeper with no obstructions between the device and sleeper like a glass of water, a book, or a lamp.

    The SleepScore Max works best with an unobstructed line between the device and the sleeper. Since the device uses echolocation, the ideal location is on a side table with the SleepScore Max pointed at the sleeper’s chest.

  • Can the SleepScore Max work without a Smartphone or the app?

    For the SleepScore Max to give detailed sleeping reports, it requires the physical device, a smartphone connected to Bluetooth, and the app. The device tracks sleeping and gives the data to the application via Bluetooth.

    The smartphone must be in the room with the device and the sleeper. Sleep tracking won’t be recorded if the smartphone is turned off, has no battery, or is in another room.

  • Will two SleepScore Max devices work in the same room?

    Only one device tracking one sleeper per room will work. Two devices in the same room will interfere with each other and produce inaccurate results. Any number of devices may be used per household, given that they are located in different rooms.

    If two individuals in the same room wish to use SleepScore, the company recommends one use the SleepScore Max and the other use the SleepScore app. The phone closest to each sleeper will monitor sound for each individual.

  • Do other sounds in the room affect the SleepScore Max?

    Depending on volume level and proximity to the user’s phone, the SleepScore Max may detect other noises in the room such as a television, fan, or air conditioner.

    SleepScore recommends turning off any electronic devices that emit a sound before sleep to ensure the most accurate results. The device performs a sound interference check before each sleep session to use as a baseline for tracking noise throughout the night.

  • What is the return policy?

    SleepScore accepts returns for the SleepScore Max within 30 days of the original purchase. Customers are responsible for shipping fees associated with the return. The product must be returned in the original packaging with all accessories included.

    To initiate a return, contact SleepScore at (858) 299-8995 or email [email protected]. The company will provide additional information for returns or exchanges. A refund will be issued once the product has been received and inspected by SleepScore.

Company Information

  • Customer Service

    8 of 10 owner experiences show customers have a positive experience with SleepScore Labs.

  • Company History

    SleepScore Labs launched in 2016 as a joint venture between ResMed, Dr. Oz, and Pegasus Capital Advisors L.P.

  • Physical Stores

    SleepScore does not operate any brick-and-mortar locations.

  • Contact SleepScore Labs

  • Find SleepScore on Social

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