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Avocado Pillow Review

Written by Tuck Staff

Avocado Pillow Review

The Bottom Line.

  • The Avocado Green Pillow is an eco-friendly pillow cushioned with organic shredded latex and downy-soft kapok fibers.
  • Owners can add or remove fill to adjust the thickness settings.
  • Thanks to its naturally cool fill materials and breathable organic cotton cover, the pillow is ideal for hot sleepers.

Quick Summary

Quick Summary

Avocado is a U.S. mattress and bedding company best known for their Avocado Green latex hybrid bed. The company also offers a pillow model known as the Avocado Green Pillow.

The pillow is a great option for eco-conscious sleepers. The interior is padded with shredded latex that has been certified organic by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), along with fibers from the kapok tree that are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Kapok fibers are light and fluffy, making them comparable to duck or goose down. The pillow’s cover is made of GOTS-certified organic cotton.

The pillow offers adjustable loft. Owners simply add or remove the latex/kapok fill to increase or decrease the pillow’s thickness. Avocado sells additional fill in 1-pound and half-pound shipments for owners who need replenishment.

Like other pillows made from organic and/or natural materials, the Avocado Green Pillow is exceptionally durable and has a longer-than-average expected lifespan. The pillow is also very breathable, making it ideal for hot sleepers, and provides close conforming to alleviate pain in the head, neck, and shoulders.

Compared to other pillows with these materials, the Avocado Green has a fairly low price-point. Avocado also offers free shipping to all 50 states, along with a 100-night sleep trial and a one-year warranty.

Read on to learn more about the Avocado Green Pillow in terms of construction, pricing, and performance. This review also includes some similar pillow recommendations and an overview of Avocado’s shipping, return, and warranty policies.

Meet Our Testing Team

General Overview

  • All materials are GOTS- or GOLS-certified
  • Adjustable loft
  • Exceptional cooling and breathability
  • Relatively low price-points
  • Free shipping for all orders


  • One firmness setting
  • Odor potential

Interested in an Avocado Green Pillow?

Learn More

The following table lists our ratings for the Avocado Green Pillow in terms of durability, shape retention, and other performance factors. These ratings are based on a combination of verified owner and customer reviews, and our own product research and testing.

The Avocado Green Pillow is made with organic fill and cover materials that are naturally durable, giving the pillow a fairly long expected lifespan. The materials also retain minimal body heat from sleepers, allowing the pillow to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature.

Adjustable loft is another positive attribute of the Avocado Green Pillow. This is especially beneficial for sleepers whose thickness preferences vary from night to night. To adjust the loft, simply add or remove the fill. However, adjusting the loft will not change the firmness.

The pillow weighs between 3.4 and 5.2 pounds, making it somewhat heavy but still lighter than most single-piece latex pillows. Strong off-gassing may also occur when the pillow is new, but long-lasting smells should not be a major issue for owners.

What Type of Sleeper is Best Suited to an Avocado Pillow?

Based on our customer feedback, the Avocado Green Pillow has received the following grades among sleepers of different weights and preferred sleep positions. Please note that these ratings are subjective, and that everyone has varying experiences on different pillows. Sleeper comfort and spinal support are the most important factors when it comes to selecting a new pillow.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our pillow guides for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

As you can see, the Avocado Green Pillow earned the most favorable ratings from sleepers weighing 230 pounds or less. This is typical for a medium-feel pillow. Heavier sleepers who prefer this firmness setting may also find the Avocado Green Pillow comfortable, while those who like firmer surfaces may find the pillow too soft.

The ideal pillow thickness also varies by sleeper weight and position. The Avocado Green Pillow’s adjustable loft allows owners to customize the thickness to meet their individual needs.

Tuck Sleep gives the following awards:

After the data collection and testing we’ve done, here are the categories where the Avocado Green Pillow stood out:

Compare Pillows

How Do Avocado Green Pillows Compare to Other Pillows?

As any consumer does with a product they’re considering, our pillow assessments naturally involve comparing them with other similar products. Be it composition, firmness, or price, we think it’s important to see how the Avocado Green Pillow stacks up to other pillows.

Check out our selections below if you’d like to see a few comparable pillows.

Similar Pillow Options

Technical Details

What You Need to Know About the Avocado Green Pillow

Sizing and Pricing

Below you’ll find current prices for the Avocado Green Pillow in each available size. Please note that Avocado also sells bulk shipments of shredded latex/kapok fiber fill. These shipments are available in half-pound ($15) and 1-pound ($20) orders.

  • icon pillow
    Standard $89
  • icon pillow
    Queen $99
  • icon pillow
    King $109

Construction and Firmness

The Avocado Green Pillow contains a 70/30 blend of shredded latex and kapok tree fibers. These materials have been certified as organic by the GOLS and GOTS, respectively. Owners can adjust the pillow’s thickness by adding or removing the fill, which is available for sale in bulk whenever a replenishment is needed. A zipper opening allows owners to access the interior fill.

The pillow’s cover is made of GOTS-certified organic cotton. In addition to their organic certifications, all pillow components are vegan-certified and do not contain any animal products or byproducts. The pillow does not contain an internal liner for the fill, and neither the cover nor the fill should be machine-washed. In terms of weight, the pillow ranges from 3.4 to 5.2 pounds depending on the selected size.

The table below contains an overview of firmness, thickness, and composition specs for the Avocado Green Pillow.


Product Name Firmness Options Loft Interior Components Cover Components
Avocado Green Pillow Medium Adjustable 70% GOLS-certified Shredded Latex
30% GOTS-certified Kapok Fibers
GOTS-certified Organic Cotton

Firmness Options: The Avocado Green Pillow has a medium feel. This setting may change slightly with different loft settings, but not to a very noticeable extent.
Package Deals: Avocado does not offer any bundles or package deals with the Avocado Green Pillow at this time.

Avocado Coupons and Discounts

Get the best price on an Avocado Green Pillow.

  • Sleep Trial 100 nights

  • Shipping Free to all 50 states

  • Warranty 1-year non-prorated

  • Made In USA

  • Can You Wash the Avocado Pillow? 

    Neither the cover nor the fill should ever be machine-washed, and doing so may lead to the warranty being voided if damage occurs. Avocado recommends spot-cleaning if stains occur.

  • Avocado Green Pillow Care Instructions

    To return the pillow to a full shape, owners may place the pillow in a dryer on a cool setting. Otherwise, hand-fluffing is recommended.

  • Where Do They Ship? 

    Avocado ships the pillow to all 50 states, but deliveries outside the U.S. are not available.

  • Full Delivery Policy

    The delivery policy for Avocado Green Pillows is as follows:

    1. Standard shipping is free for all orders. Deliveries are coordinated through FedEx.
    2. Most pillows ship within one to three business days of the original order. Once shipped, they typically reach their destination within one to eight business days, depending on the customer’s location.
  • Trial Period and Warranty Details

    Avocado offers a 100-night sleep trial for the Avocado Green Pillow:

    1. The sleep trial begins on the delivery date.
    2. In the event of a return, Avocado will issue a prepaid shipping label to cover return shipping costs.
    3. Full refunds will be issued for all returns. Customers should not return their pillow without authorization from Avocado.
    4. Avocado offers two pillow trials per household.

    Avocado offers a 1-year warranty for the Avocado Green Pillow:

    1. This warranty is completely nonprorated.
    2. In the event of a defect, Avocado will provide a replacement pillow at no extra charge. Replacing an original pillow will not extend or replace the original warranty.
    3. The warranty will not cover the following defects:
      • Normal wear and tear from regular use, or damage from machine-washing the pillow.
      • Replacement requests that occur due to changes in the owner’s comfort preferences.
      • Burns, cuts, tears, stains, and other types of physical damage.
    4. This warranty is non-transferable. It is exclusively available to original owners who purchase their pillow from Avocado or an authorized retailer. Those who buy or obtain their pillow from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer do not receive warranty coverage.

Company Information

  • Customer Service

    8 out of 10 customers have had a positive experience with Avocado.

  • BBB Rating

    Avocado currently holds a ‘B’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Company History

    Avocado has been in business since 2015. The company is headquartered in Hoboken, NJ.

  • Physical Stores

    Avocado operates one brick-and-mortar showroom in Hoboken, NJ.

  • Contact Avocado

  • Find Avocado on Social

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