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Mattress Moving Guide

Written by Brad Nehring

Moving can be a hassle, especially if you own a mattress or two (or three). By exploring your options and planning strategically, you can pull off a smooth move without a hitch. Check out our ultimate start-to-finish mattress moving guide for tips for packing and safely transporting your bed.

Is It Worth the Hassle to Move Your Mattress?

The mattress is one of your most important pieces of furniture since you spend a third of your life in it. When you’re moving, it’s the perfect time to ask yourself whether it’s time to invest in a new mattress or if your old one is worth taking with you. Unless your current mattress meets your needs, ask yourself these questions.

  • Is your mattress more than eight years old? If so, it might be close to the end of its lifespan.
  • How comfortable is your bed? If you wake up achy or toss and turn, those are signs that your mattress might not be a good fit and needs replaced.
  • Is the mattress of good quality? If you have a bargain bed, moving might be a good time to upgrade your sleep experience.
  • What condition is the mattress? If it’s sagging, indented, ripped, or torn, the move might finish wrecking your bed.
  • Does your bed meet your needs? Perhaps you need a bigger bed or want to upgrade to an adjustable or cool sleeping mattress.

It’s the Perfect Time to Buy a New Bed

If you’ve been thinking about a new mattress, there are a lot of reasons to buy during your move. For one, leaving a mattress behind will reduce your transportation costs if you hire movers, since these charges are often based in part on both weight and hourly labor. If you’re moving on your own without hired help, not taking a mattress will reduce your overall hassle and free up space for other belongings.

Thanks to the recent “bed-in-a-box” boom, ordering a mattress online has never been easier or more convenient. If you opt for standard ground shipping, you can estimate how long the mattress will take to arrive and time the delivery to match your move-in date. For an extra charge, you can also choose White Glove delivery with some brands. This service includes scheduled a delivery date and in-home assembly, as well as old mattress and box spring removal if you have additional beds you’d like to part with.

Lastly, buying a new mattress allows you to start off in your new living space with a comfortable sleep experience. But before you buy a new bed, here are some important considerations:

  • First, decide which size you need for the mattress. Be sure to measure your new bedroom to check the dimensions and see which size will fit best.
  • Look past marketing speak and check mattress reviews. Honest mattress companies provide easy access to positive and negative reviews on their website’s product pages.
  • Check the time from order to delivery so you can time this with your moving date.
  • If you have access, you might want delivery to the new place a day prior. This way the mattress won’t interfere with moving other items.
  • Buy new sheets if they need to be replaced or you’re changing mattress sizes. If you order online, try to time your bedding and mattress deliveries.

Getting Rid of Your Old Mattress

Coordinating getting rid of your old mattress requires timing since you don’t want to go without a bed at your old space. There are a few options to dispose of your old bed.

  • Repurpose it: If you have a spare room that needs a bed, use it there.
  • Donate it: Local laws may prevent donating your bed but in some areas, you can.
  • Sell it: If the bed is in decent shape, you might be able to sell it.
  • Give it away: List it on LetGo or Craigslist for free and let someone take it.
  • Recycle it: Look for a local recycler. More than 80 percent of a mattress is recyclable.
  • Trash it: Hire someone to haul it away or take it to a landfill.
  • Hand it off: If you order a new mattress via White Glove delivery, in most cases the couriers will haul away your old mattress at no extra charge.

Expert Moving Tips

Should you decide to move the mattress yourself, these three strategies should come in handy.

Buy a mattress bag

When moving a mattress, whether DIY or using a mover, start with a plastic mattress bag to protect it from dirt, stains, and snags. They usually cost $10 or less.

Ask for moving assistance

If you are DIY moving, elicit at least two other people to help lift and carry since mattresses can be ungainly. Even the lightest mattresses usually weigh at least 50 to 60 pounds. If you don’t have help, fold the mattress in half and secure with ratchet ties. This makes it easier to use a furniture dolly.

Carefully consider your transport options

Preferably move the mattress in a closed moving van or truck. Stand it vertically – don’t lie it down and pile stuff on it. Moving a mattress in the back of a truck is the next best thing but be sure to secure it with ratchet ties, bungee cords, and/or a sturdy, well-knotted rope.

A car top is the least secure method. The mattress needs to be strapped very tightly, and even then it may jostle if your vehicle reaches high speeds. Avoid this method if possible.

Mattress Discounts for Moving

Depending on when you’re moving and other factors, you might find a discount. There are seasonal promos, special promo codes, special holiday sales, and discounts for veterans, military, and others. If you do a little research while shopping online for your mattress, you can often get a great deal.

We’re constantly updating our discounts on different mattress brands and models. Check our mattress reviews and guides for all of our current deals.


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