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Bear vs. Leesa – Our 2022 Mattress Comparison Guide

Written by Tuck Staff

The Bottom Line.

  • Bear Mattresses and Leesa Mattresses are affordable all-foam memory foam mattresses.
  • Both mattresses provide good support for side and back sleepers.
  • The Bear Mattress sleeps cooler than most memory foam mattresses, while the Leesa offers above-average pain and pressure relief.

Bear vs. Leesa Mattress Overview

Bear vs. Leesa Mattress Overview

The Bear Mattress is a medium firm mixed foam mattress covered in a Celliant fabric cover, designed to sleep cooler than most memory foam mattresses. The company claims that the mattresses help improve rest and muscle recovery thanks to the Celliant technology in the fabric. The mattress itself features two comfort layers on top of a support core, including a graphite cooling gel layer.

Virtually silent when bearing weight, the Bear Mattress offers exceptional motion isolation, and the multiple comfort layers provide good contouring and pain and pressure relief. Bear Mattresses are some of the most affordable memory foam mattresses, with prices running below average for all sizes.

Please note: Bear also offers the Bear Hybrid and the Bear Pro. This review refers to the Bear Mattress.

The Leesa Mattress is also a medium firm mixed foam mattress. Although it does not sleep as cool as the Bear Mattress, and actually can sleep hotter than some other memory foam models, Leesa’s multiple foam comfort layers provide plenty of cushioning for the sleeper’s body.

The Leesa Mattress offers better-than-average pain and pressure relief, and excellent spinal alignment for side sleepers. Like the Bear, the Leesa is practically silent when bearing weight and isolates motion very well. Pricing for Leesa Mattresses is below average for all sizes.

Both the Bear and Leesa Mattresses offer free shipping with optional White Glove service. Following is a more in-depth comparison of these two mattresses, which have similar price points, to help you make the right decision.

Compare Offers

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Lessa Mattress

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Meet Our Testing Team
  • Bear
  • Leesa

Ratings Comparison

Full Sleep Rating


Full Sleep Rating

Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Neutrality
Edge Support
Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Neutrality
Edge Support
The Bear Mattress is Good for...
  • People who sleep hot.
  • Back and side sleepers of all sizes
  • People interested in Celliant technology.
  • People on a budget who want an affordable memory foam mattress.
The Leesa Mattress is Good for...
  • Side sleepers of average size.
  • Sleepers who are easily awakened by noise or motion.
  • Sleepers with frequent or chronic back pain.
  • People on a budget who want an affordable memory foam mattress.

Sleep Position Ratings

Bear Mattress Sleeper Ratings

Most sleepers rate the Bear Mattress wither Good or Very Good, with only heavier stomach sleepers giving it a Fair rating. Overall, the Bear is best suited to sleepers of average size (130-230 lbs.) who sleep on their back or side, or lightweight back sleepers. Sleepers overall report that the temperature stays relatively neutral during the night.

The Bear also rates highly on motion isolation and noise, with sleepers reporting that they experienced fewer disruptions due to a partner moving around in bed. Bear Mattress owners report some pain and pressure relief thanks to adequate contouring. Some owners report some off-gassing for a few days, but note that the odors dissipate quickly. As with most memory foam mattresses, edge support and responsiveness/bounce are only fair to average with the Bear Mattress.

Leesa Mattress Sleeper Ratings

Based on our sleeper ratings, the Leesa Mattress is best for side and back sleepers of average size (about 130-230 pounds). Larger or heavier sleepers who prefer a medium firmness also find the Leesa comfortable. Because the mattress is only 10 inches thick, some heavier individuals find it difficult to get in and out of bed. The Leesa Mattress also rates well on motion isolation and noise, making it worth considering for sleepers who wake easily.

The Leesa rates Very Good on conforming, and although some raters would prefer more support, overall the mattress gets high marks for spinal alignment and pressure/pain relief. Like most memory foam mattresses, the Leesa does have some offgassing and odors, which usually dissipate within a few days. Like other memory foam mattrresses, the Leesa does not have as much bounce or responsiveness as other mattress types, which some couples may not find ideal for sex.

Our Recommendations

Choose the Bear if...

  • You want a memory foam mattress that sleeps cool.
  • You’re interested in Celliant Technology.
  • You are an averaged sized (130-230 lb.) back or side sleeper.
  • You want an affordable mattress.

Choose the Leesa if...

  • You want an affordable mattress
  • Motion isolation and a quiet mattress are priorities
  • You want a memory foam mattress that sleeps relatively cool compared to other models
  • You are an average sized (130-230 lbs.) side sleeper and want excellent side alignment, and above average pain and pressure relief.

Technical Details Comparison

Sizing and Pricing

  • twin-bed
    Twin $748 Bear $799 Leesa
  • twin-bed
    Twin XL $811 Bear $849 Leesa
  • twin-bed
    Full $873 Bear $999 Leesa
  • twin-bed
    Queen $998 Bear $1,099 Leesa
  • twin-bed
    King $1,248 Bear $1,299 Leesa
  • twin-bed
    Cali King $1,248 Bear $1,299 Leesa

Mattress Construction

Next let’s look at how the Bear and Leesa Mattress models are made. The table below lists firmness, thickness, weight, and composition specs for both beds.

Specification Bear T&N Mattress
Firmness 7 (Firm) 5 (Medium)
Thickness 10″ 10″
Weight (Queen) 70 lbs. 71 lbs.
Support Core Components 2″ Adaptive Polyfoam
5″ HD Support Polyfoam
6″ 1.8 PCF HD Polyfoam
Comfort Layer Components 1″ Memory Foam
2″ Responsive Polyfoam
2″ 3 PCF LSA200 Polyfoam
2″ 3 PCF Memory Foam
Cover Composition Polyester and Celliant Fabric Polyester and Lycra Spandex Blend

How Is the Bear Built?

Rated as “firm,” or a 7 on our 1-10 scale of mattress firmness, the Bear Mattress is constructed of four layers: two support layers and two comfort layers. The seven inches of support core include five inches of HD support foam topped with two inches of adaptive polyfoam.

The comfort layers are constructed of two inches of responsive polyfoam and one inch of  graphite gel memory foam, designed to help disperse heat and allow you to sleep cooler. The multi-layer foam construction also provides good contouring and an adequate amount of pain and pressure relief regardless of sleep position.

Bear Mattresses are designed with Celliant Technology, which claims to help you sleep better and recover from physical activity more quickly. The mattress’ cover is woven using Celliant fibers, which aim to reduce aches and pains and support muscle tissue healing. The Celliant technology in the mattress cover combined with the graphite cooling gel layer does allow the Bear Mattress to sleep much cooler than most memory foam mattresses.

How Is the Leesa Mattress Built?

The Leesa Mattress is a mixed foam mattress featuring two comfort layers on top of a support core. It’s rated as medium firmness, or a 5 on the 1-10 firmness scale. The support layers total four inches thick, with two inches of 3 PCF LSA200 Polyfoam on top of two inches of 3 PCF Memory Foam over a six-inch 1.8 PCF HD Polyfoam support core.

The entire mattress is 10 inches thick. The cover is made of a polyester and Lycra spandex blend.

The Leesa is designed to sleep cool, thanks to the breathable top foam layer, and offers excellent motion isolation and is virtually noiseless, so it is ideal for anyone who sleeps hot or is easily awakened by noise or motion. Leesa’s multiple comfort layers also provide excellent support for all sleeping positions with plenty of contouring. This contributes to the Leesa’s above-average ratings for pain and pressure relief.

Bear Sleep Trial, Warranty, and Delivery

  • Sleep Trial 120 nights

  • Shipping Anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

  • Warranty Lifetime

  • Made In USA

  • How is the Mattress Shipped?

    Bear Mattresses are compressed, vacuum sealed and rolled to be shipped in a 42-inch x 20-inch by 20-inch box by FedEx.

  • Where Do They Ship?

    Bear ships mattresses free to the U.S. and most of Canada, with extra shipping charges for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

  • White Glove Delivery

    Bear offers White Glove Delivery for an extra fee: Delivery and setup costs $100, delivery with setup and removal of your old mattress is an extra $150.

  • Old Mattress Removal?

    White Glove delivery with removal of your old mattress is available for a $150 fee.

  • Full Shipping Details

    Bear Mattresses are compressed, vacuum sealed and rolled to be shipped in a 42-inch x 20-inch by 20-inch box by FedEx.

    All Bear mattresses are shipped via FedEx from their manufacturing facility in Georgia one business day after ordering. Delivery generally takes 2-7 business days. Mattresses shipped free anywhere in the US and Canada, but deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii incur an additional $100 fee.

    Shipping is not available to Puerto Rico, Europe, South America or Asia at this time. Other Bear products, including pillows and mattress protectors, ship from different facilities around the county and shipping so delivery times may vary. Customers do not need to sign for  mattress delivery, but can opt to require a delivery signature when at check out.

  • Trial Period Details

    When you order a Bear Mattress, you can try it risk-free for 120 nights. The company requires that you try the mattress for at least 30 nights, and if it your aren’t satisfied, you can call to arrange a return for a full refund, minus any discounts. The company does not charge any fees for returning a mattress during the trial period, which begins as soon as the mattress is delivered.

    If you decide to return the mattress, Bear will arrange for it to be picked up. Only mattresses that are removed by a company authorized by Bear will be refunded.

  • Warranty

    Bear mattresses can only be returned within the 120-night trial period following a 30-night break-in period. No returns are accepted after 120 nights. You can also exchange your mattress within this period; for an exchange, you will need to return your first purchase for a refund and order a new mattress.

    The Bear Mattress has a lifetime warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. If the mattress is deemed defective, the manufacturer will repair or replace it at no cost to you. The warranty is also contingent upon using an appropriate base for the mattress (a solid surface or adjustable base). If the mattress has been cut, torn, burned, or excessively soiled, the warranty does not apply.

Bear Coupons and Discounts

Our readers save 20% on Bear Mattresses.

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Leesa Sleep Trial, Warranty, and Delivery

  • Sleep Trial 100 nights

  • Shipping All 50 U.S. states, Canada, UK, and Germany

  • Warranty 10 years, non-prorated

  • Made In USA

  • Trial Period

    Trial Period

    Leesa offers a 100-night sleep trial for the Leesa mattress.

    Leesa offers a 100-night sleep trial on all of their mattresses. In addition to the sleep trial, you can test the Leesa Mattress at either of the company’s Leesa Dream Gallery locations in New York City or Virginia Beach, Virginia, in any of West Elm’s more than 90 locations, or select Pottery Barn stores.

    The 100-night sleep trial applies wherever you purchase a mattress, and begins upon delivery. Although the company encourages you to try to mattress for at least 30 nights, you can return an undamaged mattress for any reason within that 100-day period for a $49 “Adoption Fee” ($100 in Alaska and Hawaii).

    Your refund will also be minus any discounts you received. Leesa will arrange to pick up the mattress and donate it to a local charity. After the 100-day trial period, returns are not accepted for any reason.

  • Warranty

    Leesa offers a 10-year limited warranty. 

    The Leesa 10-year warranty provides a full replacement of the mattress for covered defects in materials and workmanship. There is no deductible or fee for this replacement. Problems covered by the warranty include indentations greater than one inch not due to using an improper foundation and visible flaws in the craftsmanship of the mattress cover, including the seams and zipper.

    The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, normal wear and tear, or damage due to using an improper bed frame.  The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the mattress, and only if you purchase a new mattress directly from Leesa or an authorized retailer. Both the 100-night sleep trial and the 10-year warranty are void if the mattress is moved out of the country where it’s purchased.


  • Delivery Details

    How is the Mattress Shipped?

    Leesa mattresses are compressed and vacuum sealed and shipped in a box via UPS Ground.

    Where Do They Ship?

    Leesa ships to all 50 states, as well as Canada, the UK, and Germany.

    White Glove Delivery

    White Glove delivery, which includes setup of your new mattress, is available for an additional $100; removal of your old mattress is an additional $50.

    Full Shipping Details

    Leesa mattresses typically ship within 1-3 days after you place an order. They are built, compressed and boxed, and shipped via UPS Ground. Most orders arrive within 1-3 business days after being shipped. Shipping is free to all 50 US states. Shipping to addresses in Canada, UK, and Germany require additional fees. Upon delivery, the mattress should be removed from the box within 30 days. If you purchase your Leesa Mattress from West Elm, Pottery Barn, or Amazon, different shipping policies may apply.

    Old Mattress Removal?

    With White Glove Delivery service you can opt to have your old mattress and box spring removed for an additional fee of $50 on top of the $100 White Glove fee.


Leesa Coupons and Discounts

Our readers save 15% on Leesa Mattresses.

Code = TUCK

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