The Best Tempur-Pedic Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Tempur-Pedic’s current mattress offerings consist of 16 memory foam and hybrid models. This selection includes a wide range of firmness ratings — from Soft to Firm — in order to accommodate customers with varying sleep preferences. Our customer research indicates that the best Tempur-Pedic mattress for back-sleepers is the Contour Rhapsody Luxe. However, sleeper weight is an important factor to take into account; the sleep experience of someone who weighs less than 130 pounds, for instance, will be much different from that of someone who weighs more than 230 pounds.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of all current Tempur-Pedic models.

Types of Back Sleeper Positions

There are three general positions associated with back sleeping:

  • Savasana: Both arms and both legs are fully extended and straight.
  • Soldier: Both arms are fully extended, as is one leg; the other leg is bent at the knee.
  • Starfish: Arms are bent at the elbow with hands at head level; legs may be fully extended or bent at the knee.

None of these positions are considered ‘more correct’ or ‘better’ than the others; personal preference and comfort is the most important factor.

Considerations for Back Sleepers

When shopping for a new mattress, back sleepers should consider the following:

  • Firmness: Unlike side sleeping, back sleeping is a position that naturally aligns the spine. However, mattresses that are too firm may result in gaps between the lower back and the sleep surface, which can lead to aches and pains. Mattresses that are too soft, on the other hand, will sink too far down. The right balance of firmness and softness is needed to keep the spine straight and prevent aches and pains. For this reason, the majority of back sleepers prefer mattresses that are Medium or Medium Firm.
  • Mattress materials: Most back sleepers prefer memory foam or latex mattresses (as well as certain hybrid models) because they feature contouring surfaces that naturally conform to the curvature of their spine. Furthermore, these mattresses have longer lifespans, and will not sag in the middle as quickly; sagging can lead to spinal misalignment. Innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, offer little to no conforming and often begin to sag within three to four years. As a result, innersprings are considered less than ideal for back sleepers.
  • Body weight: Experience with a particular mattress will depend on the sleeper’s weight. Those who have below-average weights (less than 130 pounds) tend to prefer softer mattresses because firmer models don’t conform to their bodies as easily due to insufficient weight. People with above-average weights (more than 230 pounds) may experience uncomfortable sinking in mattresses that are too soft. In both cases, this can lead to pressure and discomfort

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses: Current Models

Next, let’s take a look at Tempur-Pedic’s current mattress selection.

Tempur-Pedic offers a total of 10 memory foam mattresses that are sold as part of two exclusive collections: Cloud and Contour. Additionally, the company offers two mattresses that are considered standalone models: the TEMPUR-Legacy and the GrandBed.

Tempur-Pedic does not disclose detailed specifications about any of their mattresses, but all 10 of their memory foam models share the following basic structure:

  • Memory foam comfort layer. Each model varies in terms of comfort layer thickness and foam density, but they all have at least one layer of memory foam in the comfort system.  
  • Polyfoam support core. Most Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattresses have support cores made from solid polyfoam. The exception is the TEMPUR-Legacy, which has a convoluted polyfoam support core.

With the exception of the GrandBed — which has a silk and cashmere cover — all current memory foam mattresses from Tempur-Pedic have a polyester cover.

The comparison table features prices, available sizes, heights and other details about these 12 memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are listed by collection and thickness, not price-point.

Mattress Series Mattress Model Price Height Firmness Rating
Cloud Prima $1,299 (Twin/Twin XL)
$1,649 (Full)
$1,799 (Queen)
$2,499 (King/Cali King)
10″ 5 (Medium)
Supreme $2,099 (Twin/Twin XL)
$2,449 (Full)
$2,599 (Queen)
$3,299 (King/Cali King)
11 1/2″ 4 (Medium Soft)
Supreme Breeze $3,299 (Twin XL)
$3,649 (Full)
$3,799 (Queen)
$4,499 (King/Cali King)
11 1/2″ 4 (Medium Soft)
Elite $2,799 (Twin XL)
$3,149 (Full)
$3,299 (Queen)
$3,999 (King/Cali King)
12 1/2″ 3 (Soft)
Luxe $3,299 (Twin XL)
$3,799 (Queen)
$4,499 (King/Cali King)
13 1/2″ 3 (Soft)
Luxe Breeze $4,299 (Twin XL)
$4,799 (Queen)
$5,499 (King/Cali King)
13 1/2″ 3 (Soft)
Contour Supreme $2,099 (Twin/Twin XL)
$2,449 (Full)
$2,599 (Queen)
$3,299 (King/Cali King)
11 1/2″ 8 (Firm)
Elite $2,799 (Twin XL)
$3,149 (Full)
$3,299 (Queen)
$3,999 (King/Cali King)
12 1/2″ 7 (Firm)
Elite Breeze $3,799 (Twin XL)
$4,299 (Queen)
$4,999 (King/Cali King)
12 1/2″ 7 (Firm)
Rhapsody Luxe $3,299 (Twin XL)
$3,799 (Queen)
$4,499 (King/Cali King)
13 1/2″ 6 (Medium Firm)
TEMPUR-Legacy $1,799 (Twin XL)
$2,299 (Queen)
$2,999 (King/Cali King)
10″ 4 (Medium Soft)
GrandBed $7,499 (Queen)
$8,599 (King/Cali King)
15″ 4 (Medium Soft)

Now let’s look at the hybrid mattress selection from Tempur-Pedic. Four hybrid models are currently available as part of the Flex collection. These models share the same basic construction:

  • Memory foam comfort layer. The comfort system thickness and foam density will vary from model to model, but all hybrids range from Medium Soft to Medium Firm.
  • Pocketed coil support core. In order to qualify as a true hybrid, a mattress must have at least two inches of memory foam (or latex) in the comfort system and a pocketed coil support core. All four mattresses in Tempur-Pedic’s Flex collection meet this criteria.
  • Polyester cover.

Prices, heights, and firmnesses for these four hybrids are found below. They are also listed by thickness.

Mattress Series Mattress Model Price Height Firmness
Flex Prima $1,499 (Twin/Twin XL)
$1,849 (Full)
$1,999 (Queen)
$2,699 (King/Cali King)
10″ 6 (Medium Firm)
Supreme $2,299 (Twin/Twin XL)
$2,649 (Full)
$2,799 (Queen)
$3,499 (King/Cali King)
11 1/2″ 5 (Medium)
Supreme Breeze $3,299 (Twin XL)
$3,649 (Full)
$3,799 (Queen(
$4,499 (King/Cali King)
11 1/2″ 5 (Medium)
Elite $2,999 (Twin XL)
$3,349 (Full)
$3,499 (Queen)
$4,199 (King/Cali King)
12 1/2″ 4 (Medium Soft)

Best Tempur-Pedic Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Using the data above and special considerations for back sleeping, the next table rates each Tempur-Pedic mattress based on how well it performs with back sleepers. Each mattress has received a rating for three different weight groups, as well as an overall score for all back sleepers. The scores are calculated as follows:

  • Poor: 1 point
  • Fair: 2 points
  • Good: 3 points
  • Very Good: 4 points
  • Excellent: 5 points

Please note that all ratings are generated from authentic customer experiences with Tempur-Pedic.

Mattress Series Mattress Model Lightweight Back Sleeper Rating (Less than 130 lbs) Average Weight Back Sleeper Rating (130 to 230 lbs) Heavyweight Back Sleeper Rating (More than 230 lbs) Overall Back Sleeper Score (Out of 5)
Cloud (Memory Foam) Prima Very Good Very Good Good 3.7
Supreme Very Good Good Fair 3.0
Supreme Breeze Very Good Good Fair 3.0
Elite Very Good Fair Poor 2.3
Luxe Good Fair Poor 2.0
Luxe Breeze Good Fair Poor 2.0
Contour (Memory Foam) Supreme Poor Fair Good 2.0
Elite Fair Good Very Good 3.0
Elite Breeze Fair Good Very Good 3.0
Rhapsody Luxe Very Good Excellent Very Good 4.3
TEMPUR-Legacy (Memory Foam) Very Good Very Good Fair 3.3
GrandBed (Memory Foam) Excellent Very Good Fair 3.7
Flex (Hybrid) Prima Good Very Good Very Good 3.7
Supreme Very Good Very Good Good 3.7
Supreme Breeze Very Good Very Good Good 3.7
Elite Very Good Good Fair 3.0

According to the results listed above, the following Tempur-Pedic mattresses have earned the highest ratings among back-sleepers:

  1. Contour Rhapsody Luxe (4.3)
  2. (tie) Cloud Prima, GrandBed, Flex Prima, Flex Supreme, and Flex Supreme Breeze (3.7)
  3. TEMPUR-Legacy (3.3)

The Cloud Luxe, Cloud Luxe Breeze, and Contour Supreme all tied for the lowest score (2.0).


Based on our research, the Contour Rhapsody Luxe is the most popular Tempur-Pedic mattress for back sleepers. However, individual experience will vary significantly from sleeper to sleeper — and testing out mattresses in person may be the best way to determine which model is best for you and your partner.

Please check out our Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress Review and Tempur-Pedic Hybrid Mattress Review pages to learn more about Tempur-Pedic’s shipping and delivery policies, sleep trial, warranty terms, and other company information. To compare Tempur-Pedic with other memory foam and hybrid mattress brands in terms of price, performance, and other criteria, please visit our Sleep Product Database.

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