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SpineAlign Pillow Reviews

Written by Tuck Staff

SpineAlign Pillow Reviews

The Bottom Line.

  • The orthopedic SpineAlign pillow offers a supportive, chambered design that is suitable for side and back sleepers of any weight.
  • Close conforming and excellent shape retention.
  • Using strategically placed zippers, owners can add or remove shredded foam fill to adjust the pillow’s loft and firmness settings.

Quick Summary

Quick Summary

Dr. Loth, a practicing sports chiropractor, started SpineAlign after witnessing first hand the harm caused by poor sleep posture. As with sitting or standing, sleeping in certain positions can make you vulnerable to neck and back pain upon waking.

The uniquely shaped SpineAlign Pillow retrains you to adopt what Dr. Loth considers a healthy sleep posture. The pillow’s outer layer is made of a gentle Tencel-blended fabric and mesh strips that are breathable and remain cool. Inside, the SpineAlign Pillow is filled with a CertiPUR-US certified foam blend. To let users adjust just how much loft and firmness the pillow has, it contains a pair of strategically positioned zippers that lets you remove or add foam filling. In addition, the pillow is easy to fold or roll up.

The SpineAlign Pillow is available in one standard size 21x17x6.

This review will discuss the SpineAlign Pillow in detail, in addition to some important considerations for buying one.

Meet Our Testing Team

General Overview

  • The SpineAlign Pillow helps side and back sleepers greatly improve their sleep posture.
  • There are zippers that allow you to remove and add foam filling to help you meet your preferred loft and support level.
  • It’s easy to roll up and put in suitcases for long trips.
  • The pillow sleeps cool, which helps you to stay comfortable instead of feeling the need to constantly flip it.
  • It’s free of harmful chemicals and toxins.


  • Some side sleepers might feel it takes too much adjustment to make the pillow comfortable.
  • A potentially long adjustment period as the pillow may take several weeks to break in.
  • The side portions might feel too small depending on your head size.
  • It’s not machine washable; instead, it’s “spot clean only.”

Our readers get the best price on the SpineAlign Pillow.

Learn More

Members of our testing team evaluated the SpineAlign pillow and analyzed customer review from across the web. Their findings are listed below.

Although many SpineAlign Pillow users appreciated how the product improved their sleep postures, there is a long break-in period. Dr. Loth’s website recommends giving the pillow thirty days when to adjust the pillow, emphasizing that poor sleep posture isn’t easy to fix.

It’s worth noting that many of these complaints were from people who hadn’t used the pillow for the recommended window of time.

What Type of Sleeper is Best Suited to the SpineAlign Pillow?

You should always choose a pillow based on factors such as your preferred sleep position and weight. By understanding your individual needs, you’ll be better informed about whether the SpineAlign Pillow is right for you.

Below we share how a sleeper might feel about the SpineAlign Pillow based on these type of considerations.

Because the SpineAlign Pillow was designed by a chiropractor, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the pillow is aimed at both back and side sleepers with little to no emphasis placed on stomach sleepers.

Although a fully filled SpineAlign Pillow can feel a bit firm, the foam can be removed, letting sleepers find a firmness level that better suits their needs. Overall, the pillow works for a variety of sleepers.

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Pillow Technical Details

What You Need to Know About the SpineAlign Pillow

Pricing and Sizing

The SpineAlign Pillow is available in one size. The following table offers more specific information about sizing and pricing.

  • icon pillow
    Standard $149

Construction and Firmness

The SpineAlign Pillow looks very different from a standard pillow. It has wider edges to accommodate side sleepers and the middle area dips to encase the head and neck area of a back sleeper.

The pillow has a Tencel-blended fabric as a sleep surface. Tencel is a sustainable material that’s derived from wood cellulose. It is an environmentally friendly fabric. As well as possessing an eco-friendly outer layer, the pillow is also filled with CertiPUR-US certified foam, meaning that it’s free of harmful chemicals and toxins sometimes found in synthetic products.

In addition to the soft Tencel surface, there’s a mesh design that improves airflow and breathability, letting you sleep cool. Because the goal is to let sleepers stay in the same position all night, you don’t want a pillow that has to be routinely flipped for comfort. The SpineAlign Pillow neutralizes excessive heat, allowing you to rest comfortably through the evening.

The SpineAlign Pillow is quite firm when filled to full capacity with its foam blend. But if you’re someone who prefers less loft and firmness, unzip the pillow’s two zippers and remove some of the foam blend. The SpineAlign Pillow is also very easy to fold and can be rolled up for storing in a suitcase.

SpineAlign Coupons and Discounts

Our readers get the best price on the SpineAlign Pillow.

  • Sleep Trial 90 nights

  • Shipping SpineAlign ships free throughout the US

  • Warranty No warranty offered

  • Made In USA

  • Can You Wash SpineAlign Pillows?

    Spot clean only; do not machine wash.

  • SpineAlign Pillow Care Instructions

    Instructions For First Time Use

    There are no special instructions for the first-time usage of a SpineAlign Pillow.

    Cleaning Instructions

    1. The SpineAlign Pillow is not machine washable.
    2. Instead, it’s recommended that you use a pillowcase to avoid dirtying the product.
    3. If you do get a stain on the pillow, it’s best to carefully spot clean it.
  • Where Do They Ship?

    Dr. Loth’s SpineAlign Pillow can be shipped anywhere in the US. Shipping is not currently available outside of the US.

  • Full Delivery Policy

    Delivery Fee

    There’s no fee for the standard shipping option, although your order can be expedited for an additional charge.

    Delivery Policy

    SpineAlign’s delivery policy is as follows:

    1. SpineAlign Pillows ships from the West Coast of the United States, typically within one to two days of placing an order.
    2. It can take up to five days to receive your package.
    3. Orders are usually shipped via FedEx, but this can change without prior notice.
  • Trial Period & Warranty Details

    Trial Period and Guarantee

    The SpineAlign Pillow comes with a 90-night trial.It’s highly recommended that customers try the pillow for a minimum of 30 days before seeking a refund. As explained on the website’s Return Policy page, the pillow is designed to correct poor sleep posture, a condition that can’t be treated overnight.

    If you do decide within the available 90-day window that you’re unhappy with the pillow, you can send it back for a full refund.


    The pillow has a three-month trial period, but it does not come with a warranty.

Company Information

  • Customer Service

    9 out of 10 customers have had a positive experience with the SpineAlign Pillow, with pillow users speaking highly of the website’s customer service representatives

  • Company History

    Dr. Loth, who previously spent 17 years working as a sports chiropractor, founded his SpineAlign brand in 2012.

  • Physical Stores

    Dr. Loth’s sleep products are only available through his website or on Amazon.

  • Contact SpineAlign

    Email | 888-796-0073 |

  • Find SpineAlign on Social

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