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Helix Pillow Reviews

Written by Tuck Staff

Helix Pillow Reviews

The Bottom Line.

  • The Helix Pillow includes a removable microfiber gel insert for adjusting the loft.
  • Both pillows strike a balance between comfort and support.
  • With a down-alternative fill, the Helix Ultra-Cool Pillow has a phase change fabric cover that helps regulate temperature.

Quick Summary

Quick Summary

Helix offers two pillows designed for nightly sleeping, along with a specialty wedge pillow.

  • The Helix Pillow is a customizable pillow featuring a gel microfiber core and an insert that is also constructed from gel microfiber and polyester; the inserts can be added or removed to increase or decrease the loft, respectively. The cover, which is made of cotton, also has 1 1/4″ gussets for easier loft adjustments.
  • The Helix Ultra-Cool Pillow is filled with a microfiber down-alternative, while the cotton cover is given Helix’s phase change treatment to help it regulate temperature effectively. The Ultra-Cool Pillow also has a higher price-point than the Helix Pillow.
  • The Helix Down & Feather Pillow is constructed with three inner chambers: the middle chamber contains a 5-95 feather and down blend for extra stability, while the two outer chambers contain plush, 550-fill power white down fill. The pillow’s cover is made of cotton-cambric fabric. It is a medium-loft pillow; due to its exceptional softness, specific loft dimensions depend on the sleeper’s position and head size.
  • The Helix Wedge Pillow is a gel memory foam and polyfoam pillow designed for placement beneath the legs for extra lower back support. It can also serve as an elevating neck pillow for people with acid reflux or those who snore due to sleep apnea. The Wedge Pillow measures 10″ thick and has a cover made of rayon and polyester.

The Helix Pillow is optimal for sleepers whose loft preferences vary from night to night. The removable inserts can be used to create low-, medium-, and high-loft settings, making the pillow suitable for most sleep positions and weight groups. The Ultra-Cool Pillow is beneficial for those who tend to sleep hot, since the down-alternative fill is breathable and the phase change material provides very good temperature regulation. The Down & Feather Pillow also sleeps fairly cool, due in part to its cotton cover.

Helix offers free shipping to customers in the contiguous U.S. Each pillow is backed by a 100-night sleep trial as well as a 1-year limited warranty. Helix pillows require spot-cleaning, and should never be washed in machines.

Read on to learn more about Helix pillows in terms of construction, pricing, and other buying considerations. This guide also includes a general overview of Helix’s shipping, return, and warranty policies, along with some similar product recommendations.

Meet Our Testing Team

General Overview

  • Helix Pillow offers adjustable loft
  • Microfiber, down/feather, and down-alternative pillows sleep cooler than many competing models
  • Free shipping in the contiguous U.S.
  • Longer-than-average sleep trial and warranty coverage
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating


  • Above-average price-points
  • Regular fluffing required
  • Sleep trial requires 30-night break-in period

Our readers get the best price on Helix pillows.

Learn More

Below you’ll find our performance ratings for the Helix Pillow, Helix Ultra-Cool Pillow, and Helix Down & Feather Pillow.

Our ratings come from verified customer and owner experiences, as well as intensive product research and analysis. Please note that we have not collected enough data to rate the Helix Wedge Pillow at this time.

The first table features ratings for the Helix Pillow and Ultra-Cool Pillow; ratings for the Down & Feather Pillow are found in the second table.

Full Sleep Rating


Full Sleep Rating


Full Sleep Rating

Firmness Options
Shape Retention
Temperature Neutrality
Odor Potential
Ease of Cleaning
Firmness Options
Shape Retention
Temperature Neutrality
Odor Potential
Ease of Cleaning
Firmness Options
Shape Retention
Temperature Neutrality
Odor Potential
Ease of Cleaning

As you can see, all three Helix pillows have earned favorable ratings in the conforming and temperature neutrality categories.

Additionally, these pillows are fairly light and easy to move, they do not emit much initial odor, and their expected lifespans are on par with industry averages.

However, the pillows require spot cleaning – which can be time-consuming for owners – and they require frequent fluffing in order to maintain a full shape.

It’s also important to note that the Down & Feather Pillow is only available in one firmness setting.

What Type of Sleeper is Best Suited to a Helix Pillow?

Because the Helix Pillow and Ultra-Cool Pillow share many of the same dimensions and construction specs, they have received comparable ratings from sleepers with different weights and preferred positions. These ratings are also similar to the ratings we’ve received and recorder for the Down & Feather Pillow.

The ratings for these pillows are listed below.

Please note we have not tested the Helix Wedge Pillow, nor have we received enough feedback to generate sleeper ratings for this model; we will update this section once we have sufficient data for that pillow.


For more information on sleeping positions please see our pillow guides for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

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Similar Pillow Options

Pillow Technical Details

What You Need to Know About Helix Pillows

Pricing and Sizing

Now let’s look at sizes and prices for the Helix Pillow, Ultra-Cool Pillow, and Wedge Pillow. The information below lists a full breakdown of pillow dimensions and availability notes.

  • icon pillow
    Standard $85 Helix Pillow $115 Helix Ultra-Cool $95 Helix Down & Feather
  • icon pillow
    King $99 Helix Pillow $129 Helix Ultra-Cool $110 Helix Down & Feather

Construction and Firmness

First let’s look at how the Helix Pillows are made. The following table lists firmness, thickness, and composition specs for the Helix Pillow, Ultra-Cool Pillow, and Wedge Pillow.

Product Name Firmness Options Loft Interior Components Cover Components
Helix Pillow ‘Medium Soft’ to ‘Medium Firm’
Adding/removing inserts adjusts the firmness to a slight degree
Adjustable Gel microfiber fill Outer cover: 100% cotton
1 1/4″ gussets

Insert cover: Polyester

Helix Ultra-Cool Pillow ‘Medium Soft’ Medium loft Microfiber down-alternative 100% cotton
1 1/4″ gussets
Helix Down & Feather Pillow ‘Soft’ Medium loft
The pillow sinks considerably; as a result, loft measurements vary by sleeper
Middle chamber contains 5/95 white down and feather blend
Outer chambers contain 550-fill power white down
100% cotton cambric (230TC)
Helix Wedge Pillow ‘Medium Firm’ 10″ Gel memory foam and polyfoam Rayon and polyester blend

Firmness Options: The Helix Pillow and Ultra-Cool Pillow are both ‘Medium Soft’ in terms of firmness. Removing the insert will make the Helix Pillow feel ‘Medium.’ The Helix Down & Feather Pillow is ‘Soft’; the Helix Wedge Pillow is ‘Medium Firm.’

Package Deals: At this time, Helix does not appear to offer any package bundles for their pillows.

Helix Coupons and Discounts

Our readers get the best price on Helix Pillows.

  • Sleep Trial 100 nights

  • Shipping Helix ships across the US and Canada

  • Warranty 1-year, non-prorated

  • Made In USA

  • Can You Wash Helix Pillows?

    Helix pillows should be spot-cleaned only.

  • Helix Pillow Care Instructions

    Instructions for First Time Use

    Unpack the Helix pillow from its box and cut the plastic layer; the pillow should reach its full shape in a matter of minutes. Be sure not to cut the pillow fabric when removing the plastic. Fluffing the pillow prior to first-time use may help create a fuller shape.

    Cleaning Instructions

    • Never wash a Helix Pillow, Helix Ultra-Cool Pillow, or Helix Down & Feather Pillow in a machine. These pillows should be spot-cleaned with lukewarm water.
    • Helix also recommends spot cleaning the Wedge Pillow; however, the cover can be washed in a machine with cold water and machine-dried on a low tumble setting.
    • Helix suggests placing the Helix Pillow/Ultra-Cool Pillow in a dryer on low heat every six months to help maintain a fuller shape.
  • Where Do They Ship?

    Helix ships pillows to all 50 states and all 10 Canadian provinces. Delivery is not available to Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Nunavut.

  • Full Delivery Policy

    Delivery Fee

    Helix ships pillows for free anywhere in the contiguous U.S. and Canada. Those living in Alaska or Hawaii will incur additional delivery charges.

    Delivery Policy

    The delivery policy for Helix is as follows:

    1. Most customers in the contiguous U.S. or Canada receive their Helix pillow within two to six business days. Wait times are longer for customers in Alaska and Hawaii.
    2. All Helix deliveries are coordinated through UPS. Pillows are compressed, roll-packed, and shipped in a box.
  • Trial Period & Warranty Details

    Trial Period and Guarantee

    Helix offers a 100-night sleep trial for all pillow products.

    1. This sleep trial includes a mandatory 30-night break-in period. Returns will not be accepted nor will refunds be issued until at least 30 nights have elapsed.
    2. Full refunds are issued for all pillows returned during the trial after the 30th night.


    Helix offers a 1-year warranty for the Helix Down & Feather Pillow and Helix Wedge Pillow for all of their pillows.

    1. These warranties are entirely nonprorated.
    2. In the event that a pillow replacement is warranted, the replacement will be covered under the same warranty as the original pillow.
    3. This warranty does not cover normal increases in pillow softness that occur over time, as well as burns, cuts, tears, stains, and other types of physical damage that occur due to owner misuse or neglect.
    4. This warranty is non-transferable. It is exclusively available to original owners who purchase their pillow from Helix or an authorized retailer. Those who buy or acquire their pillow from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer will not receive warranty coverage.

Company Information

  • Customer Service

    8 out of 10 owner experiences show customers have had a positive experience with Helix, irrespective of whether or not they liked their pillow.

  • Company History

    Helix has been in business since 2015.

  • BBB Rating


  • Physical Stores

    Helix operates one brick-and-mortar showroom in New York City.

  • Contact Helix

    [email protected] | 1-888-330-0781 |

  • Find Helix on Social

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