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Studio by Leesa Mattress Review

Written by Tuck Staff

Studio by Leesa Mattress Review

The Bottom Line.

  • The Studio by Leesa is a memory foam mattress designed to contour evenly and alleviate pressure points for sleepers.
  • The mattress offers great value at an affordable price-point.
  • The foam layers absorb motion and eliminate transfer to reduce sleep disruptions for couples, and the mattress is completely silent.

Studio by Leesa Mattress Overview

Studio by Leesa Mattress Overview

Leesa is an online bed-in-a-box brand that has been in business since 2014. The company has garnered praise for their philanthropic efforts, which include planting trees, donating mattresses to charity, and spearheading volunteer projects. This review will look at the latest model in the company’s collection, the Studio by Leesa.

The Studio by Leesa is an all-foam mattress. The comfort layer is made from contouring memory foam, and this component is reinforced with a transitional polyfoam layer. Seven inches of high-density polyfoam make up the support core, giving the mattress considerable stability compared to other foam models. A soft and stretchy polyester-blend cover encases the entire bed. Altogether, the Studio by Leesa measures 10 inches thick. It is considered medium firm, or a 6 on the 1-10 firmness scale.

Read on to learn all about the new Studio by Leesa. Our 2020 review includes construction and material details, prices in each size, comparisons with other leading models, and performance ratings based on our own product research and testing.

Table of Contents

Ratings Summary

Construction & Feel

Ratings Breakdown

Pricing & Discounts

Mattress Comparisons


Meet Our Testing Team
  • Sleepers who prefer the gentle contouring of memory foam. The Studio by Leesa conforms evenly to the body, resulting in a comfortable, pressure-relieving cradle.
  • Side and back sleepers. The mattress cushions the shoulders and hips to improve spinal alignment for side sleepers while maintaining decent support for those that sleep on their backs.
  • Couples. The Studio by Leesa isolates motion very well and does not produce any noise, making it suitable for people who are easily awakened by their sleep partner’s movements.
  • Value seekers. The mattress has an affordable price-point compared to the average memory foam model.

Not Recommended for...

  • Sleepers who prefer softer mattresses. Despite noticeable contouring, the Studio by Leesa has a medium firm feel and may be too stiff for people who like a plush surface.
  • Those seeking a very responsive bed. The memory foam layer responds slowly to the body, and the mattress lacks the springiness of a hybrid or innerspring.

Ratings Summary

Our testing team conducted an extensive evaluation of the Studio by Leesa. Our review and rating process consists of three parts: in-house evaluation, external sleep testing, and data collection of verified owner experiences. To learn more about our review process, read our methodology here.

Our performance criteria and ratings for the bed are listed in the table below.

As you can see, ratings are mostly favorable for the Studio by Leesa. High points include pressure relief and motion isolation, while edge support is one area where the mattress falters a bit.

Sleep Position Ratings

As part of our ratings process, we evaluated the Studio by Leesa across different body types and preferred sleep positions. In addition to physical testing, we surveyed our sleep expert team and analyzed reviews from verified mattress owners and customers. Our findings are listed in the table below.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, back, stomach and combination sleepers.

How Is the Studio by Leesa Constructed?


The Studio by Leesa has a blue-stripe cover made from a blend of polyester and Lycra spandex. The fabric feels very soft and stretchy, and the spandex offers extra durability. The cover can be zipped off but Leesa does not recommend removing it for cleaning; spot-cleaning with cold water and mild detergent is recommended instead.

Comfort Layers

The mattress begins with a 1.5-inch comfort layer of memory foam. The mattress has a medium firm feel but the foam contours to a moderate yet noticeable extent, so sleepers may sink a bit into the mattress – especially if they weigh more than 230 pounds. This material has a density of 2.5 PCF, which is somewhat low. This makes the foam more breathable but also less durable than the denser foams used in other beds.

Transitional Layer

The polyfoam transitional layer in the Studio by Leesa measures 1.5 inches; like the comfort layer, its density is 2.5 PCF. This layer helps prevent sleepers from sinking too deeply into the mattress and coming into contact with the stiffer support core foam.

Support Layers

The Studio by Leesa features a base layer of high-density foam measuring 7 inches thick. This material stabilizes the entire mattress and works with the transitional layer to keep sleepers on a flat, even plane.

Mattress Height

The Studio by Leesa measures 10 inches tall, making it a medium-profile model. Most of the model consists of support materials, sacrificing comfort layer thickness in the process. As a result, the mattress has a medium firm feel and conforms to a moderate extent.

Product Name Firmness Level Thickness Support Core Components Comfort Layer Components Cover Components
Studio by Leesa Medium Firm (6) 10″ 7″ 1.8 PCF HD Polyfoam 1.5″ 2.5 PCF Memory Foam
1.5″ 2.5 PCF Transitional Polyfoam
Polyester and Lycra Spandex

What Are the Firmness and Feel Like?

The Studio by Leesa offers a medium firm feel. Its memory foam comfort layer responds slowly to the body and contours evenly, but sleepers won’t experience the deep, pressure-relieving cradle associated with softer foam mattresses. This makes the Studio by Leesa a good option for those who prefer a balance of conforming and support, but don’t want the responsiveness of a latex, hybrid, or innerspring model.

Memory foam has a very distinct feel compared to other mattress materials, even polyfoam. It softens when exposed to body heat, allowing it to cushion and conform to the body. Some sleepers enjoy this cradling sensation very much, while others find it claustrophobic and excessively warm.

Ratings Breakdown

Performance Ratings

Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at performance ratings for the Studio by Leesa. Each rating is based on product research and testing we’ve conducted firsthand.


The Studio by Leesa debuted in Spring 2020. Since this model is so new, we have not been able to test it for durability based on the average mattress lifespan of six to eight years. Our rating for this category is based on quality of design and materials, the company’s reputation, and other factors.

We estimate the Studio by Leesa will perform for six and a half to seven years before a replacement is needed. This expected lifespan is on par with the average all-foam model. The bed’s thick support layer provides good overall stability, and the surface should be firm enough to resist major body impressions. That said, the comfort layer is made of low-density memory foam that may lose shape over time, creating some unevenness in the surface that can impact comfort and pressure relief.

To help preserve the Studio by Leesa over time, we recommend rotating the mattress head-to-foot every three to six months.

Motion Isolation

To evaluate the Studio by Leesa for motion isolation, we asked two of our testers to lie on the mattress at the same time. One tester moved around while the other felt for motion transferring across the surface. After testing the mattress, both testers agreed its surface promotes great motion isolation. The memory foam absorbs enough movement to nearly eliminate transfer.

Motion isolation is an important consideration for couples since many people awaken easily due to movement on their mattress. The Studio by Leesa should be suitable for anyone who experiences these sleep disruptions.


We noticed some initial off-gassing after unboxing the Studio by Leesa, which is common for all-foam beds. Most of the smells dissipated rather quickly, and within a few days we could not detect any major odor. Although the mattress is very new and we’ve yet to find out if owners feel the same, long-term odor issues with this mattress are unlikely.

All mattresses emit some sort of off-gassing smell when new, but foam models are typically the worst offenders. Some models, such as the Studio by Leesa, lose their odor rather quickly, while other all-foam beds can smell up to a week or longer.

Pressure Relief

For our pressure relief assessment, we asked testers to lie down on the mattress with a sensory pad that tracks pressure buildup in the shoulders, hips, and other sensitive areas. They also switched positions to see if pressure increased or decreased on their sides, back, or stomach.

Side sleepers who weighed at least 130 pounds reported excellent pressure relief, as did back and stomach sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds. The bed’s medium firm feel coupled with its gently contouring memory foam layer creates a balance of conforming and support. Those who fall outside these weight ranges may find the mattress too stiff or soft, depending on their body weight, but overall, pressure relief is a major strength of the Studio by Leesa.

Temperature Neutrality

The Studio by Leesa does not sleep as hot as many of its all-foam competitors. This can be attributed to its low-density comfort layer, which is fairly breathable and resistant to body heat buildup. The medium firm feel also plays a role in the bed’s temperature neutrality. Most sleepers won’t sink too deeply into the mattress and should experience decent surface airflow.

However, the mattress may still feel too warm for some. Regardless of density, memory foam tends to absorb and trap body heat from sleepers. While the Studio by Leesa sleeps somewhat cool compared to other similar models, those who tend to run hot at night may want to steer clear of foam beds altogether.

Edge Support

To evaluate the Studio by Leesa for edge support, our sat along the perimeter as an owner might do when getting in and out of bed. They also took turns lying near the edges to check for feelings of “roll-off.”

While the mattress doesn’t sink excessively, the edges are not entirely stable, either. This is a typical issue with all-foam beds. Over time, the perimeter may sink more deeply, and this can make getting on and off the mattress increasingly difficult. Rotating the mattress regularly may preserve the edges to some extent.


The Studio by Leesa was completely silent when bearing weight during all of our tests, including those that involved moving around or getting on and off the mattress. This is a common characteristic of all-foam mattresses, and the components should remain quiet over time. Thanks to this trait and its strong motion isolation, we highly recommend the Studio by Leesa to couples.


When it comes to sex, the Studio by Leesa has advantages and disadvantages. The foam contours enough to ensure good traction, allowing couples to maintain one position for prolonged periods, but it shouldn’t sink too much or restrict movements. The mattress is totally silent and discreet, as well.

However, the lack of strong edge support may create instability near the perimeter and force couples into the middle of the mattress. Those who enjoy using the entire surface of their bed for sex will probably find the Studio by Leesa a bit too limiting.

Sleeper Ratings

The ideal firmness and thickness for a mattress largely depend on a sleeper’s body weight, shape, and preferred sleep position. In order to better inform our readers and avoid subjectivity in our review, we evaluated the bed with sleep testers of varying body types and position preferences.

Lightweight Sleepers – Less than 130 lbs.

The Studio by Leesa has a medium firm feel, so it may feel too firm for some side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds. Side sleepers often prefer their mattresses on the softer side to ensure ample padding for the shoulders and hips, even spinal alignment, and less pressure. The mattress is certainly supportive, but it lacks the cushioning that many lightweight sleepers need.

Back sleepers in this weight group should find the mattress much more comfortable by comparison. Since this position promotes even alignment on its own, back sleepers generally need more firmness and support to prevent sinkage between their shoulders and waist. The mattress also offers enough reinforcement for stomach sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds, but for our testers in this weight and position group, the mattress was slightly too firm.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 to 230 lbs.

Medium firm mattresses are often best suited to sleepers in this weight group – and according to our testers, the Studio by Leesa is no exception. Our side sleepers weighing 130 to 230 pounds noted excellent conforming and sufficient support. The memory foam provides enough cushioning to ensure even alignment, and pressure relief as well.

Back and stomach sleepers in the average weight group echoed these sentiments. The robust support core and added transitional layer prevent deep sinkage, so the torso and midsection won’t dip lower than the rest of the body. Regardless of sleep position, people who weigh 130 to 230 pounds should find the mattress exceptionally comfortable.

Heavyweight Sleepers – More than 230 lbs.

Our heavyweight testers were somewhat mixed about the Studio by Leesa. For side sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds, the mattress offers enough support to prevent excessive sinkage around the shoulders and hips. This results in even alignment and very good pressure relief – though they may sink a bit more than those in the average weight group.

Back and stomach sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds will likely find the mattress a bit too soft. Since these positions require a bit more reinforcement than side sleeping, they may sink a bit too much around the torso, stomach, and waist. That said, the mattress provides better stability than many of its all-foam counterparts, so some back and stomach sleepers in this weight group may find it sufficiently supportive.

Pricing and Discounts

  • Twin $499
  • Twin XL $549
  • Full $599
  • Queen $699
  • King $899
  • Cal King $899

Leesa Coupons and Promos

Save 15% on your order from Leesa

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How Does the Studio by Leesa Compare to Other Beds?

When looking for a new mattress, we encourage all shoppers to compare different brands and models in order to find the most suitable option for them. In the next section, we’ll see how the Studio by Leesa stacks up to other Leesa models and similar mattresses from competing brands.

Studio by Leesa vs. Leesa Original

The flagship Leesa Original is fairly similar to the Studio by Leesa. Both mattresses are constructed with memory foam and polyfoam layers over a high-density foam base, and each one has a mid-level feel in the range of medium to medium firm. A key difference is that the Leesa Original has a top polyfoam layer, so sleepers notice a bit of added responsiveness on the surface.

These mattresses both receive comparable ratings in most performance categories. These include high marks for pressure relief and motion isolation, as well as lower ratings for edge support and sex. Both models carry an expected lifespan of six to seven years, and breathable low-density comfort layers ensure above-average temperature neutrality compared to other all-foam models.

The Leesa Original costs slightly more than the Studio by Leesa, but neither mattress is considered expensive. Those who prefer a bit of added responsiveness with their all-foam mattress should consider the Leesa Original, while the Studio by Leesa is best suited to those who want closer conforming.

Read our full Leesa Mattress Review.

Studio by Leesa vs. Leesa Hybrid

Like the Studio by Leesa, the Leesa Hybrid has a medium firm feel that provides good overall support for sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds. However, this is where the similarities end. The Leesa Hybrid is constructed with comfort layers of polyfoam and memory foam, along with transitional polyfoam and medium-gauge pocketed coils. These components create a responsive surface with plenty of bounce and very little sinkage.

Edge support is a major asset of the Leesa Legend thanks to its sturdy coil system. The coils also promote steady airflow, allowing the mattress to remain very cool and comfortable. Due to its responsive surface, however, the Leesa Hybrid does not isolate motion particularly well and pressure relief will be somewhat minimal for most sleepers. Squeaks and creaks from the coils may also be an issue for some.

In a queen size, the Leesa Hybrid’s price-point is on par with other hybrid models but considerably higher than the Studio by Leesa’s. Those who want more conforming and pressure relief – as well as a lower price-tag – should opt for the all-foam model, while sleepers who need more bounce and reinforcement from their mattress may want to choose the hybrid instead.

Read our full Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review.

Studio by Leesa vs. Leesa Legend

The Leesa Legend is the brand’s luxury hybrid mattress. It contains comfort layers of polyfoam, memory foam, and pocketed minicoils over a pocketed coil support core buffered with high-density foam. This mattress will be ideal for anyone seeking a balance of pressure relief and responsiveness. The coil-on-coil design offers exceptional springiness, but the thick comfort system contours closely and supports the spine very well.

The Leesa Legend also offers strong edge support compared to the Studio by Leesa, so sleepers should have an easier time getting on and off the mattress and feel more secure sleeping near the perimeter. The hybrid also promotes better temperature neutrality than the all-foam model, whereas the Studio by Leesa has earned better ratings for motion isolation and noise potential.

The Leesa Legend’s sticker price is comparable to the average high-end hybrid. For many shoppers, their choice between these two models will come down to sticker price. If budget is less of a concern, buyers should decide which type of mattress they prefer: a strong and supportive hybrid with plenty of bounciness, or an all-foam model that contours closely and isolates motion for couples.

Read our full Leesa Legend Mattress Review.

Studio by Leesa vs. Casper Element

The Casper Element – formerly known as the Casper Essential – is a budget-friendly all-polyfoam mattress. Like the Studio by Leesa, the Element offers a 10-inch profile and a medium firm feel. However, its polyfoam comfort layer won’t contour as closely or alleviate as much pressure. The Element’s support system is also somewhat lacking compared to the Studio by Leesa.

For other performance categories, these beds have netted similar ratings. Motion isolation is very good for both models, while edge support and temperature neutrality may be issues for some sleepers. One major benefit to both mattresses is noise potential, since both the Studio by Leesa and Casper Element are virtually silent when bearing weight.

The Element costs slightly less than the Studio by Leesa, but each model has a very affordable price-point compared to the average all-foam mattress. Those who prefer the even contouring of memory foam will probably feel most comfortable on the Leesa model, while the Element is best suited to sleepers who like a mix of conforming and surface-level responsiveness.

Read our full Casper Element Mattress Review.

Studio by Leesa vs. Nectar Mattress

The Nectar Mattress is constructed with two memory foam comfort layers, as well as a transitional layer made of denser memory foam. The mattress is medium firm but these memory foam layers contour very closely and create a deep, pressure-relieving cradle for the sleeper’s body. The Studio by Leesa conforms and cradles less by comparison, but both beds provide a traditional memory foam feel.

Like the Studio by Leesa, the Nectar Mattress has low-density foam near the surface that won’t absorb too much body heat and helps the mattress sleep fairly cool. Both beds also provide very good motion isolation and do not make any noise, while edge support is somewhat weak and the perimeter is susceptible to deep sinkage.

The Studio by Leesa and Nectar are comparably priced, so buyers should base their decision on how much contouring they want from their mattress. Both models are medium firm, but sleepers feel more sinkage and a deeper contour with the Nectar Mattress.

Read our full Nectar Mattress Review.

Studio by Leesa vs. T&N Original

The T&N Original from Tuft & Needle is an all-polyfoam mattress with a graphite-infused comfort layer and a high-density base. The mattress offers a medium firm feel and a 10-inch profile, giving it a similar design to the Studio by Leesa, but the T&N Original’s all-polyfoam construction creates more responsiveness on the surface and less of a full body contour.

Both mattresses sleep fairly cool compared to other all-foam beds, and this can be attributed to breathable, low-density surface foams. Motion isolation is another shared strength. Though the T&N Original is more responsive, its comfort layer absorbs motion very well and eliminates most transfer. As is the case with most foam mattresses, these models lack strong edge support and may sink too much for some sleepers – heavyweight individuals in particular.

The T&N Original has a lower price-point than the Studio by Leesa, so both mattresses should be considered high-value picks. Sleepers who want less conforming and more bounciness on the surface will probably prefer the T&N Original, while the Leesa model offers better pressure relief for side sleepers and a closer overall contour.

Read our full Tuft & Needle Mattress Review.

Studio by Leesa FAQ

  • Sleep Trial 100 nights

  • Shipping Free to all 50 states

  • Warranty 10 years, non-prorated

  • Made In USA

  • Where Can I Buy the Studio by Leesa?

    The Studio by Leesa is available for sale on the Leesa website. Select models may also be sold at brick-and-mortar West Elm locations that carry Leesa products. Leesa operates a brick-and-mortar showroom in New York City where customers can test out beds, as well.

  • Where Do They Ship?

    Leesa ships mattresses to all 50 states, as well as locations in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

  • White Glove Delivery?

    White Glove delivery is offered to U.S. customers in certain locations. This service, which includes in-home assembly and old mattress removal, is available for a flat fee of $150.

  • Old Mattress Removal?

    Old mattress removal is included with White Glove delivery upon request. This service incurs a flat fee of $150, and may not be available in all locations.

  • Full Delivery Policy

    The delivery policy for Leesa mattresses is as follows:

    1. The Studio by Leesa is made to order. Most mattresses ship from the manufacturing facility within three to six business days. For White Glove delivery, customers should allow an additional seven business days.
    2. All customers receive a tracking number as soon as their mattress ships. If they select standard shipping, the box will be delivered to their doorstep. A signature is not required.
    3. The mattress must be removed from its box within 30 days of delivery. If it is not removed within this timeframe and damage occurs, Leesa may void the warranty.
  • Trial Period and Warranty Details

    Leesa offers a 100-night sleep trial for the Studio by Leesa:

    1. This sleep trial does not include a required break-in period, but Leesa encourages customers to test out the mattress for at least 30 nights before initiating a return.
    2. In the event of a return, Leesa issues a full product refund and will send couriers to retrieve the mattress from the customer’s residence.
    3. Mattresses must be clean and undamaged to qualify for a return and refund.

    Leesa offers a 10-year warranty for the Studio by Leesa:

    1. The warranty is completely non-prorated. Leesa bears all repair and replacement costs if the mattress develops a defect for as long as the warranty is valid.
    2. Defects covered under the warranty include sagging and body impressions in the surface that measure 1 inch or deeper, physical flaws in the mattress that cause materials to deteriorate prematurely, and manufacturing defects associated with the cover.
    3. Other issues are not considered defects, such as body impressions of less than 1 inch and other forms of wear and tear, physical damage caused by abuse or misuse, or issues that arise due to changes in the owner’s comfort preferences.
    4. This warranty is non-transferrable, and is exclusively available to original owners who buy their mattress from Leesa or an authorized retailer. Those who buy or obtain their mattress from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer do not receive warranty protection.

Company Information

  • Customer Service

    7 of 10 owner experiences show customers have had a positive experience with Leesa’s customer service team, regardless of whether or not they liked their mattress.

  • Company History

    Leesa has been in business since 2014.

  • BBB Rating

    Leesa currently holds an ‘A+’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Physical Stores

    Leesa operates the Dream Gallery showroom in the Soho area of New York City. The brand’s mattresses and other products are also sold in brick-and-mortar West Elm locations across the country.

  • Contact Leesa

    [email protected] | 1-844-335-3372 |

  • Find Leesa on Social

Table of Contents