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Craft Mattress Review

Written by Tuck Staff

Craft Mattress Review

The Bottom Line.

  • The Craft Mattress is made with latex and memory foam comfort layers for close conforming and great motion isolation.
  • A high-density foam base reinforces the bed to prevent sagging.
  • Choose from two designs, ‘Standard Comfort’ with a ‘Medium Firm’ feel or ‘Personalized Comfort’ with adjustable firmness settings.



Craft Bedding is a U.S. mattress manufacturer based in California. The brand currently offers one bed, the flagship model known as the Craft Mattress. This mattress is constructed with a quilted cover made of eucalyptus fibers and wool, followed by comfort layers of Dunlop latex and 5 PCF memory foam. The support core is made of 1.8 PCF high-density polyfoam.

The Craft Mattress measures 13 1/2″ thick. The Craft Mattress is available in a ‘Standard Comfort’ design, which is considered ‘Medium Firm,’ or a 6 on the 1-10 firmness scale. Craft Bedding also offers the ‘Personal Comfort’ setting, which includes customized firmness settings ranging from ‘Medium Soft’ (4.5) to ‘Firm’ (7.5).

The Craft Mattress is a good option for hot sleepers, particularly those who have had uncomfortable experiences on all-foam beds. The cover is made from a blend of eucalyptus fibers, which have cooling properties, and moisture-wicking wool that keeps sleepers cool during the night.

The latex and foam components also create a good balance of cushioning and responsiveness, resulting in a moderate feel that should feel comfortable for most sleepers in the average weight group, as well as lighter or heavier individuals who prefer medium settings.

In the event of excessive sagging or deterioration, Craft Bedding will exchange the bed’s latex layer with a new layer for an additional charge, which starts at $199. This can help extend the lifespan of the mattress, which is already longer than average due to its latex component.

Please note: Customers planning to purchase a ‘Personal Comfort’ model are asked to complete an online quiz, answering questions based on their weight, sleep position, preferred firmness, and other criteria. Our analysts have identified a few issues with the quiz.

The generated results appear to be identical regardless of the given answers; the results do not list a specific firmness setting. Additionally, quiz-takers cannot receive full results unless they include information about a sleep partner; this makes the quiz limiting for single sleepers.

The Craft Mattress has a moderate price-point; it is more expensive than the average memory foam mattress, but cheaper than the average all-latex mattress. Craft Bedding offers free shipping anywhere in the contiguous U.S. The mattress is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.

Read on to learn more about the Craft Mattress in terms of construction, pricing, and performance. Our guide also includes an overview of Craft Bedding’s shipping, return, and warranty policies, along with some of our similar brand recommendations.

Meet Our Testing Team

General Overview

  • Cooling and moisture-wicking cover
  • Good motion isolation and no noise
  • Free shipping to contiguous U.S.
  • ‘A’ rating from Better Business Bureau


  • Questionable customization offerings
  • Mattress is very heavy and difficult to move

Buy a new mattress from Craft Bedding at the lowest available price.

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What Type of Sleeper is Best Suited for a Craft Mattress?

The Craft Mattress has received the following grades among sleepers of different weights and preferred sleep positions.

Please note that these ratings are subjective, and that everyone has varying experiences on different mattresses. Sleeper comfort and spinal support are the most important factors when it comes to selecting a mattress.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, back, stomach and combination sleepers.

The ‘Standard Comfort’ Craft Mattress has a ‘Medium Firm’ feel that is ideal for back and stomach sleepers who weigh 130 to 230 pounds, as well as side sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds.

The ‘Standard Comfort’ bed may feel excessively firm for those who weigh less than 130 pounds; this weight group will likely feel more comfortable on a ‘Personal Comfort’ Craft Mattress with a ‘Medium Soft’ or ‘Medium’ setting.

Likewise, heavier back and stomach sleepers may find that a ‘Personal Comfort’ mattress with a ‘Firm’ setting offers the most comfort and support.

Craft Mattress Testing Recommendations

  • You prefer a balance of responsiveness from latex and foam cushioning
  • You and/or your sleep partner awaken easily due to movement or noise
  • You tend to sleep hot, especially on all-foam beds
  • You like sleeping on beds with thicker-than-average profiles

Compare Mattresses

How Do Craft Mattresses Compare to Other Beds?

As any consumer does with a product they’re considering, our mattress assessments naturally involve comparing them with other similar products. Be it composition, firmness, or price, we think it’s important to see how the Craft Mattress stacks up to other beds.

The Craft Mattress offers exceptional temperature neutrality. Its cooling cover made of eucalyptus fibers and moisture-wicking wool helps regulate the sleeper’s body temperature, keeping the bed comfortable during hotter times of the year; this can be beneficial to those who sleep hot on all-foam beds.

The mattress also isolates motion transfer fairly well and does not make any noise, making it a good pick for couples. Although the ‘Standard Comfort’ model has a fixed firmness setting, the ‘Personal Comfort’ option offers a firmness range of ‘Medium Soft’ to ‘Firm.’

However, we have identified some issues with the company’s online sleep quiz; the quiz appears to generate generic results regardless of answers given, and does not appear to generate any results for single sleepers.

Additionally, very few details are provided about distinctions between the bed’s ‘standard comfort’ and customized designs. These issues may impact the customer’s overall experience with Craft Bedding.

Check out our selections below if you’d like to see a few comparable mattresses.

Similar Mattress Options

Mattress Technical Details

What You Need to Know About Craft Mattresses

Sizing and Pricing

Next we’ll look at sizes and prices for the Craft Mattress.

The following table lists the bed in each available size, along with current price-points.

Additionally, please note Craft Bedding will replace the latex mattress layer starting at $199 during any point of the warranty.

  • twin-bed
    Twin $799
  • twin-bed
    Twin XL $849
  • twin-bed
    Full $999.99
  • twin-bed
    Queen $1,399.99
  • twin-bed
    King $1,599.99
  • twin-bed
    Cal King $1,699

Construction and Firmness

First, let’s take a closer look at how the Craft Mattress is constructed. The table below lists firmness, thickness, and material composition specs for the bed. Please note the table specs refer to the bed’s ‘standard comfort’ settings.

In addition to standard firmness, Craft Bedding claims to offer customizable firmness based on results from a user-generated sleep quiz. We have determined that the sleep quiz does not produce specific data based on quiz answers.

Product Name Bed Design Firmness Options Thickness Support Core Components Comfort Layer Components Cover Components
Craft Mattress ‘Standard Comfort’ 6 (Medium Firm) 13 1/2″ 7″ 1.8 PCF HD Polyfoam 3″ Dunlop Latex (24-26 ILD)
2″ 5 PCF Memory Foam
Eucalyptus Fiber and Wool Blend
‘Personal Comfort’ 4.5 to 7.5 (Medium Soft to Firm) 13 1/2″ 7″ 1.8 PCF HD Polyfoam 3″ Dunlop Latex (22-30 ILD)
2″ 5 PCF Memory Foam
Eucalyptus Fiber and Wool Blend

Firmness is rated on a scale of 1 to 10. For more information on how firmness is calculated, please visit our Mattress Firmness page.


The Craft Mattress is exclusively available on the Craft Bedding website. It is not sold through any online retailers (including and Craft Bedding does not operate any brick-and-mortar locations.

Craft Mattress Coupons and Discounts

Buy a Craft Mattress at the best available price.

  • Sleep Trial 100 nights

  • Shipping Free to contiguous U.S.

  • Warranty 10 years

  • Made In USA

  • How Is the Mattress Shipped?

    Compressed and shipped in a box.

  • Where Do They Ship?

    Contiguous U.S. only.

  • White Glove Delivery?


  • Full Shipping Details

    Delivery Policy

    The delivery policy for Craft Bedding is as follows:

    1. Craft Bedding uses FedEx Ground for all deliveries. Shipping is not available outside the contiguous U.S.
    2. Expected delivery time varies by location, but most customers receive their mattress within two to seven business days.
    3. Craft Bedding does not offer expedited shipping or White Glove delivery.
  • Old Mattress Removal?

    Old mattress removal is not available with any mattress orders.

  • Trial Period and Warranty Details

    Trial Period and Guarantee

    Craft Bedding offers a 100-night sleep trial for the Craft Mattress.

    1. This sleep trial does not require a break-in period of any kind. Customers may return their mattress at any point of the 100-night trial and qualify for a full refund.
    2. Full refunds are issued for all orders. Customers may also request mattress or comfort layer exchanges during the trial period.
    3. After the sleep trial ends, mattress owners may exchange their bed’s latex comfort layer for a new layer; prices for this replacement start at $199.


    Craft Bedding offers a lifetime warranty:

    1. This warranty is entirely nonprorated.
    2. Warranty coverage is contingent on adequate foundational support. Per Craft Bedding: “Proper use includes using the mattress on a firm, rigid, and smooth surface that allows air ventilation and supports the entire mattress, including the center, such as a slatted bed platform or box spring.” The warranty may be voided if the owner does not use proper foundational support and damage occurs as a result.
    3. Mattress repairs do not extend the original warranty, nor do they result in a new warranty.
    4. The warranty will cover the following defects:
      • Visible sagging or indentations in the sleep surface measuring one and a half inches (1 1/2″) or deeper.
      • Unraveling seams.
    5. The warranty will not cover the following:
      • Visible sagging or indentations in the sleep surface that do not measure one and a half inches (1 1/2″) or deeper, or normal cosmetic changes that occur over time. These issues are considered standard wear and tear.
      • Repair or replacement requests that occur due to changes in the owner’s comfort preferences.
      • Mattress smells resulting from the manufacturing process.
      • Burns, cuts, tears, stains, and other types of physical damage that occur due to abuse, misuse, or neglect.
    6. This warranty is non-transferable. It is exclusively available to original owners who purchase their mattress from Craft Bedding or an authorized retailer. Those who buy or acquire their mattress from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer do not receive warranty coverage.

Company Information

  • Customer Service

    7 out of 10 owner experiences show that customers have had a positive experience with Craft Bedding, irrespective of whether or not they liked their mattress.

  • Company History

    Craft Bedding has been in business since 2017. The Craft Mattress is the brand’s flagship model.

  • Physical Stores

    Craft Bedding does not operate any brick-and-mortar locations

  • Contact Craft

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