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At Tuck, we aim to provide the most accurate, unbiased and up-to-date product information entirely based on verified consumer experiences. We’ve aggregated over 95,000 customer experiences from thousands of sources across the web to compile the most unbiased and accurate mattress information on the web. Below, we break down the specifics:

Our Data Set


  • Forums/Message Boards
    • Roughly 65-70% of our data comes from consumer experiences and reviews that have been posted in forums all over the internet. We’ve combed every inch of the web looking for legitimate threads within communities large and small, then collected and verified each and every one of them to insure the validity of our data set.
  • Verified Amazon Reviews
    • Roughly 15-20% of our data comes from verified reviews that have been hand-vetted a second time to ensure that they aren’t compensated and/or fake.
  • Reputable review sites/companies
    • As anyone searching for mattress information knows there is a proliferation of fake reviews all over the place. We’ve only looked at those clearly uncompensated/unaffiliated, real reviews and experiences that have been posted on the web. This makes up the final 10-15% of our data set depending on the brand/model
  • Publicly available information
    • One of the best things to come from the rise of direct to consumer, online mattress companies has been transparency in the industry. Go back even five years and there was no way to know what density of memory foam or what gauge of coil was being used in a given mattress. Now many companies are publishing their mattress constructions/specifications and you can find all of that in our database.

What is NOT included in our data set?

  • Personal Testing
    • While the team at Tuck has tried almost every mattress on the market today, we do NOT personally test mattresses. No matter how you look at it, sleep is an incredibly subjective thing so we create our rankings entirely based on the largest, valid sample size of customer experiences possible.
  • User-submitted Reviews
    • We do want to hear about your mattress experiences but at this time we do not use reviews submitted by our users. We’re looking into the possibility of doing so down the road but are at least 12-18 months out from having a large enough data set to do so.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Comprehensiveness
    • Tuck is the only site on the web to offer complete coverage when it comes to mattress information. Granted all specifications of construction is subject to change at any time on the part of the company/manufacturer but even if we don’t have enough consumer data to rate a mattress brand, we’ll at least have as much information about the product as exists and all in one place!
  • Ease of Use
    • Selecting a sleep surface isn’t an easy task and the myriad choices available in the marketplace make it harder than ever. That’s why we’ve built out a comparison engine that is straightforward and easy to understand/use.
  • Accuracy
    • We’ve done everything in our power to create guardrails to ensure data accuracy. To elaborate more, we use the following techniques to make sure our rankings are as bulletproof as possible:
      • Sample size and diversity – We have to have a sample size of over 100 and at least 5 different sources (no one source making up over 50%) before we give a brand/model an overall customer satisfaction rating
      • Review quality – If there isn’t enough information in a review to clearly show ownership and glean anything tangible, we throw it out. To be included in our data set, each reviewer must clearly show that they’ve owned the mattress being reviewed for over two weeks and the review must have been published within the last six years.
  • Truly Unbiased Information
  • If you need help, we’re here for you!
    • If you have any questions at all, please reach out! A member of our sleep team will make sure you get your questions answered. Day or night, rain or shine, we’re here for you.

How to Use Our Mattress Comparison Engine

Our Criteria, explained:

  • Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating – Scale: 0-100%
  • Price – For a queen-sized model. Doesn’t take into account any current discounts and/or variability across retail stores
  • Sleep Ratings
    • Sleep positions – The position you usually wake up in
      • Side
      • Back
      • Stomach
    • Body Type
      • Heavy – Height at or above 6′ and weight at or above 200 lbs
      • Average – Height at or above 5’3″ and weight anywhere from 130-200 lbs
      • Petite – Heigh at or below 5’2″ and weight at or below 130 lbs
        • All body type/sleep position ratings are based on the level of support (resistance of the middle layers of a bed to keep spinal alignment) given to each
    • Motion Isolation – The ability of a mattress to prevent a person’s movement from disturbing someone else on the bed
    • Durability – The ability of a mattress to maintain it’s structure and provide support to a sleeper over a long period of time (at least 6-8 years)
    • Firmness – Scale: 1-10 (quicksand to concrete)
    • Sex – How much does a mattress “assist” the sleeper in switching positions during sexual activities
    • Temperature Neutral – The ability of a mattress to dissipate heat through airflow
    • Edge Support – The ability of a mattress to maintain both a consistent sleep surface and prevent “roll off” or extreme sinkage on the edges

Wait, it looks like this mattress is missing some data/rankings?

  • If you see data points left blank or listed as N/A, it’s because we just don’t have the customer experience data to make an assertion.
  • Please check back often for updates and contact us if you have additional questions

Where Should You Start?

  1. Start by reading through our guides and make sure you understand what price point and mattress type you are most interested in – based on your height, weight, body type and sleep preferences
  2. Use our tool to narrow down your choices based on brand, price, firmness, customer satisfaction rate and/or mattress type
  3. Gather all of the information you need and head directly to the company site (either homepage or specific product page) to make a purchase. If you’re interested in purchasing from a brick and mortar establishment, make notes around what brand/model interest you and make you sure get the best deal out there!

Editorial Integrity Policy

At Tuck, we take pride in providing our readers with honest and unbiased sleep product reviews. To do this well, we don’t have any affiliate relationships with any companies and/or products and have chosen to keep the site completely non-commercial and un-monetized.

Given this decision, there won’t be any kind of bias with our review process based on commercial relationships as we don’t benefit by featuring or favoring certain products over others.

Have Questions/Comments/Concerns?

See something inaccurate or that needs to be updated?

Please reach out to us! We’re here at all hours of the day and want to make sure you get the information you need so let us know how we can help.

Want to share a review of your experience with a particular mattress?

Visit our submit a product review page and give us a detailed account. Keep in mind, while we aren’t using these for our customer satisfaction scoring and sleep ratings, we still want to hear from you!

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