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Lull vs. Tuft & Needle – Our 2022 Mattress Comparison

Written by Tuck Staff

The Bottom Line.

  • The Lull Mattress is constructed with contouring memory foam to cushion the body, align the spine, and reduce pressure points.
  • The T&N Original is an all-polyfoam mattress built with a breathable comfort layer and a strong support core.
  • Both beds offer 10-inch profiles and balanced, medium firm feels.

Lull vs. Tuft & Needle Overview

Lull vs. Tuft & Needle Overview

Lull is an online “bed-in-a-box” mattress brand that first launched in 2015. The company’s flagship model, known as the Lull Mattress, is constructed with a comfort layer of gel memory foam over a transitional layer of latex-like polyfoam. These materials offer a combination of body-contouring and responsiveness. The support core consists of high-density polyfoam, and the cover is a polyester and rayon blend. Altogether, the Lull Mattress measures 10 inches thick. It offers a medium firm feel that corresponds to a 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale.

Another bed-in-a-box brand, Tuft & Needle has been in business since 2012. The flagship T&N Original Mattress is constructed with a comfort layer of graphite-infused polyfoam over a support core of high-density polyfoam. This material won’t conform as closely as memory foam, and sleepers will notice some light responsiveness on the surface. Like the Lull Mattress, the T&N Original measures 10 inches thick and is considered medium firm (6.5).

In this guide, we’ll compare the Lull Mattress and T&N Original in terms of construction and material composition, pricing, pros and cons, and performance ratings across several sleeper categories. Read on to see how these two models stack up. For more information about these beds, check out our Lull Mattress Review and Tuft & Needle Mattress Review pages.

Please note:In addition to the T&N Original, Tuft & Needle also offers the Mint Mattress and T&N Hybrid. This comparison guide will exclusively focus on the T&N Original, but you can read our reviews of other Tuft & Needle models by clicking the above links.

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Ratings Comparison

Full Sleep Rating


Full Sleep Rating

Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Neutrality
Edge Support
Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Neutrality
Edge Support
The Lull Mattress Is Good for...
  • Sleepers who prefer the close contouring and pressure relief of a memory foam mattress
  • Side and back sleepers
  • People who awaken easily due to their sleep partner’s movements
The T&N Original Is Good for...
  • Sleepers who prefer the light responsiveness and gentle conforming of an all-polyfoam mattress
  • People who weigh up to 230 pounds
  • Those who normally sleep hot on foam beds

Sleep Position Ratings

Lull Mattress

The Lull Mattress has a medium firm feel, but its memory foam comfort layer provides close and even contouring with added cushioning for the shoulders and hips. These qualities make the mattress very well-suited to side sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds. The mattress offers enough support to ensure even spinal alignment and pressure relief without feeling too stiff for these individuals. Lighter side sleepers may find the mattress too firm and heavier side sleepers may find it too soft, but ratings are mostly positive across all weight groups for this sleep position.

The Lull Mattress is a good choice for back sleepers, as well. The bed’s responsive transitional layer and strong support system help to maintain an even plane for the back sleeper’s body with minimal sinkage, even for those who weigh more than 230 pounds. The mattress is also fairly comfortable for stomach sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds, but those weighing less are likely to find the Lull Mattress too firm.

T&N Original

Sleeper ratings for the T&N Original are somewhat similar to those for the Lull Mattress, which can be attributed to the shared medium firm feel of both beds. However, the T&N Original’s comfort layer won’t contour to the body and support the spine quite like memory foam. Side sleepers who weigh up to 230 pounds will probably find the mattress comfortable, but those who weigh more will probably sink a bit too much.

We also expect back sleepers to feel reasonably comfortable on the T&N Original, particularly if they weigh between 130 and 230 pounds. The mattress has a thick support system that prevents back sleepers from sinking too deeply between the shoulders and waist. Stomach sleepers will likely receive less support from T&N Original and experience a bit of added pressure as a result. That said, the bed has earned generally favorable ratings from sleepers that use this position.

Our Recommendations

Choose the Lull Mattress if...

  • You experience frequent aches, pains, and pressure points
  • You share your mattress with someone else
  • You’re looking for an affordably priced memory foam mattress

Choose the T&N Original Mattress if...

  • You enjoy a combination of conforming and responsiveness
  • You want an all-foam bed that won’t absorb too much body heat
  • You’re in the market for an all-polyfoam mattress with a reasonable price-point

Technical Details Comparison

The Lull Mattress and T&N Original are both available in the six standard mattress sizes, and neither model is offered in any additional sizes. Although the Lull Mattress is more expensive, both are considered high-value beds due to their below-average sticker prices.

  • twin-bed
    Twin $799 (Lull) $645 (T&N Original)
  • twin-bed
    Twin XL $899 (Lull) $695 (T&N Original)
  • twin-bed
    Full $999 (Lull) $795 (T&N Original)
  • twin-bed
    Queen $1,099 (Lull) $895 (T&N Original)
  • twin-bed
    King $1,399 (Lull) $1,095 (T&N Original)
  • twin-bed
    Cal King $1,399 (Lull) $1,095 (T&N Original)

Mattress Construction

Next, let’s take an in-depth look at how the Lull Mattress and T&N Original are constructed. Both mattresses offer all-foam designs, medium firm feels, and 10-inch profiles, but there are some notable material composition differences for these models. Full specs are listed below.

Specification Lull Mattress T&N Original Mattress
Firmness Level 6.5 (Medium Firm) 6.5 (Medium Firm)
Thickness 10″ 10″
Weight (Queen) 69 lbs. 72 lbs.
Support Core Components 7″ HD Polyfoam 7″ 1.8 PCF HD Polyfoam
Comfort Layer Components 1.5″ Gel Memory Foam
1.5″ Polyfoam and Latex Blend
3″ Polyfoam Infused with Graphite Gel
Cover Composition Polyester and Rayon Blend Polyester and Micro-Polyamide Blend

How Is the Lull Mattress Built?

The Lull Mattress is constructed with a 1.5-inch comfort layer of gel-infused memory foam, followed by a 1.5-inch transitional layer of latex-like polyfoam. The memory foam contours to the body to support the spine, evenly distribute weight, and alleviate pressure, while the transitional layer offers reinforcement for the comfort layer as well as added responsiveness. Together, these components create a medium firm feel for the mattress. Sleepers will experience full body-conforming without deep sinkage, resulting in a feeling best described as both sleeping “on” and sleeping “in” the mattress.

The 7-inch support core for this mattress consists of high-density polyfoam. This layer is intended to stabilize and reinforce the entire mattress. The polyfoam works with the transitional layer to keep sleepers on an even plane, regardless of their chosen position. That said, the base polyfoam does not deliver much support to the perimeter of the mattress – and as a result, owners will probably notice excessive sinkage when sitting or sleeping near the edges. The Lull Mattress is encased in a cover made from polyester and rayon, which offers a silky-soft feel and good breathability. Altogether, the mattress measures 10 inches thick and is considered a medium-profile model.

How Is the T&N Original Built?

The T&N Original consists of two individual layers. The 3-inch comfort layer is made from adaptive open-cell polyfoam. The foam’s open-cell composition makes it fairly breathable, allowing it to sleep cool and lose its initial off-gassing odor rather quickly. Graphite gel is infused into the foam to help minimize body heat buildup on the surface, as well. However, this material also has a fairly low density (2.8 PCF) and is not particularly durable. We recommend rotating this mattress head-to-foot every three to six months to prevent sagging and deep body impressions in the sleep surface.

The mattress also contains a 7-inch support core of high-density polyfoam. As is the case with the Lull Mattress, this layer provides good overall stability for the T&N Original but minimal reinforcement along the edges. Since the mattress does not have a transitional layer, its base layer is primarily responsible for maintaining a flush, even surface. The T&N Original’s cover is made from a blend of polyester and micro-polyamide, resulting in a soft feel and decent durability. Since it also measures 10 inches thick, this mattress is considered a medium-profile model, as well.

Lull Sleep Trial, Warranty, and Delivery

  • Sleep Trial 365 nights

  • Shipping Free to contiguous U.S.

  • Warranty Lifetime, non-prorated

  • Made In USA and China

  • Trial Period Details

    Lull offers a 365-night sleep trial for the flagship mattress. There is not a mandatory break-in period, so customers may return the mattress at any point of the trial. In the event of a return, Lull will issue customers a full refund and arrange for couriers to pick up the mattress from their residence at no extra charge. Buyers who purchase their mattress directly from Lull via qualify for a shorter 100-night sleep trial.

    Please note: households may return a maximum of two Lull Mattresses.

  • Warranty

    The Lull Mattress is backed by a lifetime warranty. This warranty is completely non-prorated. Lull will repair or replace a defective mattress at no cost to the owner during the first 10 years of ownership. After 10 years, owners pay a flat transportation fee of $75 to have a defective mattress replaced. Warranty coverage begins on the date of purchase.

    Defects covered under the Lull Mattress warranty include visible sagging or indentations in the sleep surface that measure at least 1 inch deep, and manufacturing defects associated with the cover’s fabric construction or zipper assembly. Issues not covered under warranty include standard wear and tear, owner dissatisfaction with the feel or materials, and physical abuse such as cuts, tears, stains, burns, and pet damage.

    The warranty is non-transferable and is only available to original owners who purchase their mattress directly from Lull or through an authorized retailer. Those who buy or obtain their mattress from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer will not qualify for the warranty.

  • Delivery Details

    Standard ground shipping is free for all customers in the contiguous U.S. Lull will also subsidize shipping costs for customers in Alaska and Hawaii in order to reduce the bed’s overall sticker price for shoppers in these states.

    The Lull Mattress is compressed and roll-packed for shipping. It should reach the customer’s doorstep within one to four business days of the original order. Lull does not offer expedited shipping or White Glove delivery.

Lull Coupons and Discounts

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Tuft & Needle Sleep Trial, Warranty, and Delivery

  • Sleep Trial 100 nights

  • Shipping Free to contiguous U.S.

  • Warranty 10 years non-prorated

  • Made in USA

  • Trial Period Details

    Tuft & Needle offers a 100-night sleep trial. Like Lull’s trial, this trial does not require a break-in period; customers can return their mattress at any point of the 100-night window in exchange for a full refund. Tuft & Needle will issue a full refund for all returns within the trial period. The company encourages customers to recycle or donate unwanted mattresses, but if this is not feasible, they will arrange for couriers to pick up the mattress from their residence at no extra charge to the customer. One return per year is allotted to each household.

    Tuft & Needle also allows exchanges during the 100-night trial. Customers can either upgrade and pay the difference, or exchange for a lower-cost model and receive a partial refund. Either way, exchanging the mattress will end the original sleep trial and the replacement will not receive a separate trial; essentially, this means customers cannot return their second mattress.

    The return policy depends on where the customer purchases their mattress. If bought directly from Tuft & Needle or through Crate & Barrel or Huckberry, customers receive the full 100-night sleep trial and coordinate returns with Tuft & Needle. For other retailers, customers should defer to the seller’s return policy and defer to that company if a return is needed.

  • Warranty

    Tuft & Needle backs the T&N Original with a 10-year warranty. This warranty is completely non-prorated, so Tuft & Needle will cover all repair and replacement costs if the mattress is deemed defective. Owners must use an appropriate support system with their mattress. The warranty will be voided if an improper support system is used and damage occurs as a result.

    Defects covered under this warranty include sagging and body impressions in the surface measuring three-quarters of an inch or deeper, physical flaws in the mattress that cause materials to split or crack, and manufacturing defects associated with the cover assembly. Other issues are not considered defects, and will not warrant free repairs or replacements.

  • Delivery Details

    Tuft & Needle coordinates all standard ground shipping through FedEx Ground. Mattresses generally ship within one to five business days after the original order is placed, and will reach their destination about two to four business days later. Standard shipping is free for all customers in the contiguous U.S., but those in Alaska and Hawaii must pay $150 to $200 in delivery fees. Tuft & Needle does not ship mattresses outside the 50 states.

    Tuft & Needle also offers same-day delivery in certain zip codes for New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle. This service costs $50 per mattress, and shipping must be coordinated by 3:45pm or earlier; deliveries are usually made between 4pm and 9:30pm. Additionally, the company provides White Glove delivery within the contiguous U.S. for a flat fee of $150. This includes scheduled delivery date and time, in-home assembly, and old mattress removal upon request.

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