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Layla Mattress Coupon

Written by Keith Cushner

Layla Mattress Discount & Promo Offer

Layla Mattress Discount & Promo Offer

Sale Details

  • Get $110 off a Layla mattress as a Tuck reader
  • Layla also occasionally offers free pillows in addition to the normal discount
  • Use this promo code at checkout: TUCK
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Layla Mattress Discount & Promo Offer


Shop Now

Claiming Your Layla Coupon

  1. Click the link above to be taken to the Layla website.
  2. Select your mattress and add it to your cart.
  3. When you’re done shopping, click on the cart icon in the top right corner of the page.
  4. On the right half of the page, underneath your ordered items, you should see the TUCK offer code applied. If not, write it into the blank box next to the words “Apply Coupon.”
  5. Finish your order to get the discount.

More about this Layla Mattress Coupon</h3

With this deal, Tuck readers can enjoy a generous discount a Layla mattress. It doesn’t matter what size, you’ll be able to enjoy at least $110 off the initial price. In some cases, this Tuck discount can potentially be combined with an ongoing deal for added savings. Layla is constantly offering opportunities to shoppers to save, and we encourage our Tuck readers to use this mattress coupon as soon as possible to get the best possible deals!

About Layla

Layla launched in 2016 and has seen tremendous consumer interest since then. The brand is defined by its unique flippable, all-foam mattresses, which offer two different types of firmness depending on which side you choose. The “soft” side is plusher and conforms easier to the body, while the “firm” side offers sturdy support. It’s like getting two mattresses for the price of one.

Along with dual firmness options, Layla’s mattresses contain copper-infused memory foam. The copper pulls excessive heat away from the surface. Copper not only helps you sleep cool, but it also has the effect of killing bacteria and providing extra body support. Layla is a strong believer in the power of copper-infused bedding, so you’ll find find copper in the brand’s pillow covers and mattress toppers. The brand also offers bed sheets, a weighted blanket, foundation, and bed frame for sale.

Layla offers comfortable, temperature regulating mattresses that are priced competitively—but you can never save too much money. Be sure to make use of Tuck’s coupon the next time you visit Layla’s website.

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