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Blog News Introducing: Casper’s New Hybrid Beds

Introducing: Casper’s New Hybrid Beds

2 min Read

Written by Jackson Lindeke

Casper’s ever-constant mission of improving your sleep marches on with the release of their hybrid mattress line. The Casper Hybrid and the Wave Hybrid mattress mark a big step into uncharted territory for this popular bedding giant, one not taken lightly either. Touting rigorous testing by their R&D team of product engineers and designers, Casper only considers a change to their product construction after years of research and user feedback.

The incorporation of 6 inches of pocket coils in each of these beds creates a superior sleep experience compared to their foam counterparts, the Casper and Wave Mattress.

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Casper Hybrid Mattress Giveaway

Mattress shoppers and podcast listeners alike have come to know Casper’s foam mattresses, but you should be even more impressed with their latest product release.

Just a touch firmer than the original foam models, the Casper Hybrid and Wave Hybrid offer enhanced support, keeping your body in line all night long. And for those of you who rave about the conforming hug of Casper’s well-known models, you won’t be disappointed with the sink-in feel of this newest mattress pair. They use the same foam combinations in the comfort layers of the bed, replete with a cooling touch.

Breathable, pressure relieving, and supportive? That’s a mattress sweet spot. Let’s investigate further.

Watch below, as we take the Casper Hybrid out of its box and get our first look:

As we do with all sleep products, we put these mattresses to the test, and while the Casper and Wave Hybrids are fresh to market, we’ll continue to collect feedback from shoppers to provide the most up to date and accurate review over time.

Jump over to the complete Casper mattress review to read our full take on their new beds.

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