Best Convoluted Polyfoam Mattress Toppers

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What Is a Convoluted Polyfoam Topper?

The term ‘mattress topper’ refers to a separate layer of cushioning that can be placed on top of a mattress for added softness, comfort, and support. Some toppers rest freely on the uppermost part of the mattress (known as the comfort layer), while others are tucked under the top sheet. Toppers are available to accommodate all standard mattress sizes; the topper is slightly smaller than the mattress itself, allowing it to fit more easily beneath the topsheet.

Some toppers are made from convoluted polyfoam. Also known as egg-crate foam, convoluted polyfoam is made using chemical-treated polyurethane. The foam is convoluted, or contoured, to help alleviate pain and pressure points in sensitive areas of the sleeper’s body, such as the neck, shoulders, lumbar (lower back), and hips. However, some sleepers may prefer to sleep on the topper with its convoluted side facing downward.

Convoluted polyfoam toppers are widely available, and individual models may vary based on the following three factors:

  • Thickness: Most convoluted foam toppers sold today are between one and three inches thick. Some toppers have the same thickness from head to foot, while others are thicker and thinner in certain areas to help distribute sleeper body weight and provide extra cushioning for sensitive areas (such as the head, neck, and hips).
  • Firmness: Convoluted foam toppers range in terms of firmness, but because they are usually used to soften a mattress surface, most fall between Soft and Medium.
  • Size: In addition to standard mattress sizes, some convoluted polyfoam toppers are ‘trimmable,’ meaning that owners can resize them using scissors or other cutting implements in order to reach their desired size.

According to customer reviews and feedback, convoluted polyfoam toppers have earned a customer satisfaction rating of 74%.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Convoluted Polyfoam Topper?

Benefits of using a convoluted polyfoam mattress topper include the following:

  • Low Price: The average convoluted polyfoam topper costs between $10 and $30, making them the least expensive topper type available. By comparison, other average price-points include $100 to $250 for memory foam toppers, $100 to $400 for latex models, and $60 to $100 for fiber toppers (the second-lowest average price-point).
  • Easy to Move: Because they are so lightweight, convoluted polyfoam toppers are fairly easy to adjust and maneuver for most sleepers.
  • No Noise: Like their memory foam counterparts, convoluted polyfoam toppers produce little to no noise when bearing weight. This may be beneficial for sleepers who awaken easily during the night.
  • Motion Isolation: Although they do not absorb and isolate motion as much as other topper types (namely memory foam and latex), convoluted polyfoam toppers minimize motion to some extent, making them suitable for couples who share a bed.
  • Low Maintenance: Convoluted polyfoam toppers typically come in solid one-piece designs that never need to be shaken or fluffed in order to maintain a full shape.

Some drawbacks of using a convoluted polyfoam topper include:

  • Below-average Durability: Standard polyfoam often develops sagging and indentations after limited use. The average convoluted foam topper will perform for three years or less.
  • Odor Potential: Off-gassing is a chief complaint regarding polyfoam. Many convoluted foam topper owners report unpleasant, lingering smells after unpackaging.
  • Sleeping Hot: Polyfoam retains relatively high levels of body heat from sleepers, which may cause the topper to sleep warm or hot.
  • Inadequate Conforming: Unlike memory foam, convoluted polyfoam offers little to no body conforming. Sleepers who prefer a closely conforming topper should explore other options.
  • Minimal Pain and Pressure Relief: Despite their convoluted design, these toppers do not alleviate pain and pressure to the same extent as other toppers, such as memory foam and latex models.
  • Tough to Clean: Convoluted foam toppers should never be machine washed, so owners need to either spot clean them by hand or have them dry cleaned.
  • Limited Selection: The availability for convoluted foam toppers is moderate at best, and the selection for thickness and firmness settings is somewhat restricted.

Who Should Use a Convoluted Polyfoam Topper?

A convoluted polyfoam mattress topper is considered most suitable for the following groups:

  • People who awaken easily due to noise or motion. Convoluted polyfoam toppers produce minimal sounds when bearing weight, and they isolate motion to a fairly effective extent.
  • People who have a hard time moving heavy objects. Convoluted foam toppers usually weigh less than 20 pounds, making them fairly easy for most sleepers.
  • Topper shoppers on a budget. Convoluted foam toppers have significantly lower price-points than all other topper types.

On the other hand, a convoluted polyfoam topper may not be suitable for the following groups:

  • People who are sensitive to smell, as convoluted polyfoam often emits a fair amount of off-gassing odor that may persist long after the topper has been unpackaged.
  • People who experience pain and pressure in their neck, shoulders, lower back, and/or hips. Convoluted foam toppers offer minimal pain and pressure relief — and some owners claim to experience more pain and pressure after using one.
  • People who tend to sleep hot. Convoluted polyfoam toppers can absorb and trap a significant amount of body heat.   

How Much Does a Convoluted Polyfoam Topper Cost?

The average convoluted polyfoam topper costs between $10 and $30, and most models will not cost more than $50. This average price-point is the lowest among all toppers. The graph below compares price-points for the six most common topper types.

Convoluted Polyfoam Topper Customer Ratings

CriteriaPolyfoam Topper RatingExplanation
Thickness SelectionFair to GoodConvoluted polyfoam toppers generally range in thickness between one and three inches. Those seeking a thicker topper may want to consider other types.
DurabilityPoor to FairStandard polyfoam deteriorates somewhat quickly, and convoluted foam toppers have an average lifespan of three years or less.
SupportPoor to FairAccording to owners, convoluted foam toppers do not improve the supportiveness of a mattress very effectively.
ConformingPoor to FairConvoluted polyfoam does not conform much (if at all), and those seeking a closely conforming topper may want to consider memory foam or latex.
Pain/Pressure ReliefFair to GoodSome convoluted polyfoam toppers alleviate pain and pressure in sensitive areas, but most models do not offer the same level of pressure and pain relief as memory foam or latex toppers.
Motion IsolationGood to Very GoodConvoluted polyfoam absorbs and isolates motion fairly well, which can reduce nighttime disruptions for couples whenever one person gets into/out of bed or shifts positions.
NoiseVery Good to ExcellentAccording to owner feedback, convoluted foam toppers produce little to no noise when compressed.
Temperature NeutralityPoor to FairConvoluted polyfoam tends to sleep hot, and may not be suitable for people who already sleep hot or warm on their own.
OdorPoor to FairConvoluted polyfoam toppers tend to produce a fair amount of odor when removed from their packaging, and these smells can linger.
SexFair to GoodConvoluted polyfoam is often responsive enough for sex due to its lack of conforming, but the material may not be bouncy enough for some.
Ease of MovingVery Good to ExcellentMost convoluted foam toppers weigh less than 20 pounds, making them fairly easy to move and adjust during the night.
Ease of CleaningPoor to FairConvoluted foam toppers typically need to be spot cleaned by hand or dry cleaned, and should never be machine washed. This can make them somewhat expensive and/or time-consuming to keep clean.
MaintenanceVery Good to ExcellentConvoluted foam toppers are solid, one-piece models that never need to be fluffed or shaken.
AvailabilityFair to GoodConvoluted polyfoam toppers are moderately available, but shoppers may find a limited selection when it comes to size.
Average Price$10 to $30Convoluted polyfoam toppers have the lowest average price-point among all topper types.
Customer Satisfaction Rating74%Convoluted polyfoam toppers have a below-average customer satisfaction rating compared to the average rating for all toppers (83.5%). They also have the lowest customer satisfaction rating among all topper types.

Best Convoluted Polyfoam Toppers: Brands and Models

The table below features prices, dimensions and other information for five of the leading convoluted polyfoam topper models.

BrandBeautyRestCuddletownEveryday HomeFoam FactoryMainstays
ModelConvoluted Foam Mattress TopperSolutions Foam Mattress TopperEgg Crate Ventilated Mattress TopperEggcrate Foam Topper5-Zone Convoluted Foam Topper
FirmnessMediumMediumMediumVery Soft
Thickness Range3 3/4″ (Head to Foot)6″ (Head)
1″ (Foot)
1″1 1/2″
2 1/2″
Price (Queen)$57.73 ($169.00$23.03 (Twin)
$25.99 to $46.99 (1 1/2″)
$36.99 to $68.99 (2 1/2″)
$29.95 (
Average Topper Weight (Queen)5 lbs12 lbs1.95 lbs (Twin)Not Disclosed3.4 lbs
Owner Satisfaction Rating68% (396 Customer Reviews)79% (83 Customer Reviews)76% (133 Customer Reviews)78% (93 Customer Reviews)83% (1,065 Customer Reviews)


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