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What You Need to Know about the ChiliPad

Product Type and Components: The ChiliPad is a mattress pad with a built-in heating and cooling temperature regulation system.

  • The pad regulates temperature by circulating hot or cold water through an internal network of microtubes made of medical-grade silicone. These tubes rub 96 inches in length and connect the pad to a control unit known as the ‘Cube.’
  • The exterior of the ChiliPad is made of 150-thread-count cotton and polyester.
  • Temperature settings may be adjusted manually using the Cube or wirelessly using a remote control.
  • Smaller ChiliPad sizes are considered ‘Single Zone’ pads, and are designed to provide temperature regulation for one sleeper. Larger sizes are ‘Dual Zone,’ and may be suitable for two sleepers. Dual Zone pads have individual microtube networks for each side.

Product and Price Range: The ChiliPad is available in eight sizes that correspond to mattress sizes: Single, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Split California King. Prices range from $449 (Single) to $1,099 (King and California King).

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 72%
Calculated from: 606 customer experiences from 18 individual sources.

Availability: The ChiliPad is available on the Chili Technology website. The product is also sold through multiple online and brick-and-mortar retailers, including Amazon.com and Walmart. Chili Technology’s website features a ‘dealer locator map‘ that lists all brick-and-mortar locations in the U.S. where the ChiliPad is sold.
Amazon rating: 3.4
BBB rating: Chili Technology currently holds ‘NR’ (No Rating) status with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Effective temperature regulation for most sleepers
  • Single- and dual-zone pads available
  • Potential energy expense savings
  • Pad is machine washable and Cube is easy to maintain
  • High price-point
  • Noise potential from the cubes
  • Cubes can be bulky and take up a fair amount of space

ChiliPad Pricing and Delivery Details

The table below lists dimensions, zoning capabilities, and current pricing for all eight ChiliPad sizes.

Size Dimensions Single or Dual Zone? Price
Single 30W” x 75L” Single $449
Twin 38W” x 75L” Single $499
Twin Extra Long (XL) 38W” x 80L” Single $599
Full 53W” x 75L” Single $649
Queen 60W” x 80L” Dual $999
King 76W” x 80L” Dual $1,099
California King 72W” x 84L” Dual $1,099
Split California King (one side only) 36W” x 84L” Single $629

Package Deals: Chili Technology does not appear to offer any package deals or bundles for the ChiliPad at this time.
Where Can the Pillow Be Shipped?: Chili Technology will ship the ChiliPad anywhere in the world that has access to mail service with the exception of select locations in Oceania.
Delivery Fee: ChiliPad deliveries are free to all 50 states, but international destinations (including Canada) will incur a flat shipping fee of $200. Additional charges will be applied to two-day and overnight deliveries in the U.S., as well.

Delivery Policy: The delivery policy for Chili Technology is as follows:

  1. All ChiliPad deliveries are coordinated through premium carriers like the USPS and FedEx.
  2. Most customers in the contiguous U.S. receive their delivery within five to seven business days, while those in Alaska, Hawaii, and overseas U.S. territories usually receive their package within seven to 10 business days. Most international customers receive their delivery within eight to 12 business days.
  3. Expedited (two-day and overnight) delivery rates vary by location. For most U.S. deliveries, these rates will be at least $100. For most international deliveries, these rates will be at least $250. Please note that two-day and/or overnight delivery is not available in certain locations.
  4. Customers will receive an online tracking number once their order has been processed.

ChiliPad Product Specifications FAQ

Below you’ll find answers to a few common questions about technical specifications for the ChiliPad.

What is the material composition of the ChiliPad mattress pad?

The pad is made from a 150-thread-count blend of cotton and polyester. The microtubing is made of medical-grade silicone.

What temperature range does the ChiliPad offer?

According to Chili Technology, the ChiliPad can be set in one-degree increments from 55° to 110° Fahrenheit (13° to 43° Celsius).

How much time does the ChiliPad require to reach the prescribed temperature?

Wait time varies, but the ChiliPad will reach most temperatures in 15 minutes or less.

What are the dimensions of the Cube control unit?

9 3/4W” x 9 3/4D” x 7 1/4H”

How should the control unit be positioned?

The Cube control unit should rest on a flat surface and be positioned with the water reservoir compartment on top to prevent leakage.

Does the water in a ChiliPad need to be treated?

Chili Technology recommends adding a capful of hydrogen peroxide every time the water reservoir is filled (see care instructions below).

What is the difference between a 'Single Zone' and 'Dual Zone' ChiliPad?

The Single Zone pad comes with one Cube control unit and is designed to accommodate one sleeper. The Dual Zone pad comes with two Cube control units and can accommodate two sleepers.

How can the temperature be adjusted?

Two ways: manually using controls on the Cube control unit, or remotely using a wireless control that comes with the ChiliPad. The remote runs on two AA batteries.

How much energy does the ChiliPad use?

Energy usage varies from home to home, but the average ChiliPad uses 80 watts.

How much money can the ChiliPad save owners on their energy bills?

According to Chili Technology, the average ChiliPad costs 18 cents per night to use.

Do sleepers need to run the ChiliPad when they aren't sleeping?

No; the ChiliPad is designed to only be used while its operator is asleep.

Is the ChiliPad safe for children to use?

Yes; the ChiliPad is safe for sleepers of all ages.

Is the ChiliPad compatible with electrical outlets outside the U.S.?

ChiliPad owners outside the U.S. need a plug adapter based on their current location, but a voltage converter is not required.

Instructions for First-Time Use

Please follow these steps to set up a new ChiliPad:

  1. Check the package to ensure all components are included. The ChiliPad comes in a standard retail box with the following components:
    • One mattress pad
    • Owner’s manual, warranty, and registration card
    • Water release key, which is used to drain water from the pad (packaged with manual)
    • Cube control unit (foam-packed)
    • Remote control (foam-packed)
  2. Check the control unit to ensure a small amount of water is in the tank. This water is leftover from pre-sale quality control tests, during which time the pad runs for 24 hours on a warm setting and 24 hours on a cool setting. If the tank is completely empty, then the product may not have been properly tested.
  3. Find a suitable resting surface for the control unit that provides at least 24 inches of interrupted airflow around the unit. Suitable surfaces may include a bedside table or the floor beneath the bed.
  4. Plug the control unit into a standard AC outlet.
  5. Lay pad on top of the sleep surface and connect the pad to the control unit using the connective hose attachment. Extension hoses that connect to the original hose are available ($20).
  6. Open water reservoir on top of control unit and add water until the compartment is full.
  7. Turn on control unit.
  8. Add a capful of hydrogen peroxide to water reservoir.
  9. Set desired temperature.
  10. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the control unit to reach the desired temperature.

ChiliPad Care Instructions

Care instructions for the ChiliPad Cube control unit are as follows:

  • Unplug the Cube control unit before cleaning.
  • Remove filter on top of control unit by rotating counterclockwise. Clean the interior of the filter using a standard can of compressed air by placing the nozzle in both the front and back of filter. Secure filter on top when finished.
  • Plug in control unit and adjust heat controls to 80° or higher. Top off water reservoir with water and a capful of hydrogen peroxide. Let the control unit run for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure the machine doesn’t malfunction. Follow this step every time the water reservoir needs to be filled. Secure reservoir lid when finished.

Cleaning instructions for the ChiliPad mattress pad are as follows:

  • Wash the pad in a front-loading machine.
  • Secure connective hose with a rubber band before washing.
  • Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle.
  • Dry in a machine on a delicate no-heat cycle or air dry.

Chili Technology Company Information

Customer Service

7 out of 10 owner experiences show customers have had a positive experience with Chili Technology, irrespective of whether or not they liked their ChiliPad.

Company History

Chili Technology was launched in 2007.

Corporate Address

144 Talbert Pointe Drive, Suite 103

Mooresville, NC 28117-4382

BBB Rating

NR (No Rating)

Physical Stores

Chili Technology does not operate any brick-and-mortar locations, but the ChiliPad is sold in numerous stores across the U.S. To find the locations closest to you, visit the ‘dealer locator‘ on Chili Technology’s website.

 Online email form

Trial and Warranty Information

Trial Period and Guarantee: Chili Technology offers a 90-night sleep trial for all ChiliPad purchases.

  1. This sleep trial includes a mandatory 30-night break-in period. Purchasers will not be able to return their ChiliPad until at least 30 nights have elapsed.
  2. The sleep trial begins on the date of delivery.
  3. All U.S. purchasers receive a return authorization (RA) number when they apply for a return. The RA will expire within 30 days of issuance.
  4. International customers should contact Chili Technology for help with the returns process, although they may not be eligible for a return/refund.
  5. All purchasers who request a return within 90 nights will receive a full refund minus shipping costs and/or extra charges for expedited shipping.
  6. This sleep trial may not extend to purchasers who buy their ChiliPad through Amazon.com or other authorized retailers. Please defer to the retailer’s sleep trial in these situations.
  7. The ChiliPad must be returned in satisfactory condition in order to qualify for a refund.
  8. Refunds are issued within 30 days of Chili Technology receiving the returned item.

Warranty: Chili Technology offers a two-year warranty for the ChiliPad. The Cube control unit is covered for the full two-year period, while the mattress pad and microtubing are covered for 90 nights.

  1. Warranty coverage begins on the date of purchase.
  2. This warranty is partially prorated. Coverage is divided into the following three periods:
    • During the first 90 days, Chili Technology will repair or replace any defect with the mattress pad or microtubing at no additional charge; the company will also cover all shipping back to the owner, but owners are responsible for initial shipping charges.
    • During the first year, Chili Technology will repair or replace any defect with the Cube control unit at no additional charge; the company will also cover all shipping back to the owner, but owners are responsible for initial shipping charges.
    • During the second year, Chili Technology will repair or replace any defect with the Cube control unit for a flat cost of $30.
    • Chili Technology may opt to refund the customer at its documented purchase price at any point during the warranty coverage period.
  3. The warranty will not cover the following issues:
    • Damages that occur due to commercial use.
    • Improper maintenance.
    • Damage due to misuse, vandalism, or ‘acts of God.’
  4. The warranty will be voided if the owner uses the product outside the country where it was purchased, or if they sell, dispose of, or transfer ownership of the product.
  5. A Return Authorization (RA) number must be obtained before the owner returns their ChiliPad due to product defect.
  6. Once an RA has been received, the owner should package the product and mail the package to the address listed in the ‘Company Information’ section. The package must include:
    • The owner’s name, telephone number, and shipping address.
    • A written description of the product issue.
    • Documentation of the date and amount of original purchase.
    • The RA number.
  7. Warranty claims must be sent to Chili Technology within three months of the issue arising.

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