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Casper Mattress Coupon

Written by Keith Cushner

Casper Mattress Discount & Promo Offer

Casper Mattress Discount & Promo Offer

Sale Details

  • Casper offers Tuck readers $100 off the Casper and Casper Hybrid
  • Or get $200 off the Casper Wave and Wave Hybrid
  • Use our link below to claim your discount
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Casper Mattress Discount & Promo Offer


Shop Now

Claiming Your Casper Coupon

  1. Go to the Casper website and select your ideal mattress.
  2. If you accessed the website through the Tuck link, your promo code should already be active.
  3. If it isn’t, select “Apply promo code,” and then type “TUCK.” Click “Apply.”
  4. Once the code is applied, proceed to Checkout to complete your order.

More About This Casper Mattress Coupon

Tuck teamed with Casper to offer a generous discount exclusively for our readers. We understand that finding a high-quality mattress can get pricey, which is why we wanted to offer a discount that will make it easier to bring Casper’s mattresses into your home.

For this Casper discount, Tuck users can expect to save anywhere from $100 to $200 off the full price of a mattress. To put it in perspective, a Queen-size Casper Hybrid costs $1495 and an average high-quality queen hybrid mattress costs around $2,076, displaying Casper’s competitive price points both before and after the discount. The coupon will add to the savings, helping you to avoid overpaying for a great sleep experience.

It’s important to remember that Tuck’s generous coupon code applies to Casper mattresses only. You’ll also want to read Casper’s terms and conditions about their offer code policies.

About Casper

Founded in 2014, Casper is one of the more popular and better known “bed in a box” companies. Their approach places a heavy emphasis on customer service, social media interaction, and a 21st century approach to mattress shopping. Casper currently has two mattress collections: their original foam mattresses and the hybrids.

The original Casper collection features the Essential, a streamlined mattress made of three layers of foam. The standard Casper mattress has four layers of foam and the Wave offers five layers of plush foam comfort. This collection is highly affordable, perfect for the mattress shopper on a budget.

Casper’s newer Hybrid collection starts at a higher price point, but customers generally find these mattresses worth the investment. In addition to the pressure relief provided by their foam mattresses, the Casper Hybrid and Wave Hybrid mattresses have gentle spring support.

With several mattress styles to choose from, Casper offers options to meet every budget with features that will pleasantly satisfy most sleepers.

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