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Quick Overview

Casper Glow Light

In addition to its well-known line of mattresses, Casper offers the Casper Glow, an adjustable electric nightlight with one-touch controls. Each Glow emits warm yellow light with a warm white LED and amber LED accents. The Glow is a smart light that can be adjusted with manual or app-based controls, and programmed with other Glow nightlights for synchronized settings.

Adult sleep cycles follow a circadian rhythm based on natural light and darkness; we begin to feel sleepy in the absence of natural light (sunset) and feel more alert when natural light reappears (sunrise). The Glow aids sleep by mimicking sunset and sunrise with gradual dimming and brightening, respectively.

Users can flip the nightlight onto its side one time when they get into bed to activate the gradual dimming function. The dimming duration is programmable, and can last up to 45 minutes. Users also have the option of turning the nightlight off by flipping it onto its side a second time. During late night trips to the bathroom or other areas of the residence, the Glow can be used as a portable light; simply wiggle the nightlight for instant activation. A thick polycarbonate shell keeps the light cool, enabling owners to hold it without burning themselves. A built-in gyroscope allows users to adjust the brightness, as well.

In addition to these manual controls, users can program and adjust their Glow’s settings using the free Casper Glow wireless app. The app’s functions also include a programmable alarm that triggers gradual brightening in the morning.  

The Casper Glow’s price-point is higher-than-average; a single nightlight costs $129, while a two-light bundle is offered at a discounted rate of $229. However, the Glow offers more functionality and customization than most competing models.

  • One-touch controls and personal customization
  • Easy overnight charging
  • Multiple nightlights can be grouped via Bluetooth connection
  • Suitable for adults or children
  • Somewhat expensive compared to other nightlights
  • App and synchronized functions limited to iOS and Android devices

How Does the Casper Glow Work?

Casper Glow nightlights may be used individually or grouped. Basic controls are as follows:

Gradual dimming. By flipping the light onto its side once, users activate the automatic dimming function. The light will gradually become dimmer (and warmer) before completely extinguishing; this process mimics natural sunlight, and can last up to 45 minutes. Users can program the dimming duration with the Casper Glow app.

Gradual brightening. Unlike the gradual dimming, the gradual brightening/wake-up function cannot be programmed manually. Owners use the app to customize the activation time and duration.

Adjustable brightness. The top of the light features a gyroscope that can be twisted in either direction to adjust the light level. Clockwise rotations make the light dimmer and counterclockwise rotations make it brighter.

Guiding light. Wiggling the light once will activate the automatic dimming function; this can be helpful for people who need to get out of bed in the middle of the night. When wiggled, the light will dim based on its dimming presets.

Light pause. The Casper Glow features two buttons, one at each end. Pressing either button during a dimming session will pause the light, as indicated by a pulse. To un-pause the light, simply press either button again.

Grouped lighting. In bedrooms where more than one Casper Glow is used, each light can be synchronized via Bluetooth for automatic dimming throughout the room. Grouped lighting can be programmed using the app. However, the guiding light function cannot be grouped; wiggling the light will only activate that model. Grouped lighting is available with iOS and Android devices.

To charge the Casper Glow, simply place the light onto the base, which has built-in charging rings and pins. The cord must be plugged in to charge the light.

Battery life will depend on usage and brightness settings. When removed from the charging base, the nightlight’s battery will last for roughly two to three days with normal dimming and brightening. If the light is in pause mode, the battery lasts for roughy seven hours.

What's Included with a Casper Glow Purchase?

Each Casper Glow includes the following components:

  • One light equipped with a single 2700K LED bulb encased in a semi-transparent, diffusing shell. The light features buttons at both ends, and movement and ambient light sensors.
  • One base with charging rings that connect to the light and recharge it on contact, a rubber bottom that prevents slippage, and an electric cord that plugs into any standard AC outlet.

Casper Glow Technical Specifications

The table below lists dimensions, weights, and other key specs for the Casper Glow.

Key Information Specs
Nightlight Dimensions 3 3/4″D x 5 1/4″H
Base Dimensions 4″D x 1/4″H
Nightlight Weight 350g
Base/Cable Weight 200g
Cable Length 5′

Additional specs are listed below:

Shell material: Diffused polycarbonate
Light source: 36x warm white LED with 12x LED amber accents
Power consumption: 4.5 watts (maximum)
Color/luminosity: 280 lumens (maximum) with 2700K color temperature

Cleaning instructions: If smudging occurs, dampen a cloth with water or isopropyl alcohol and wipe the exterior of the polycarbonate shell. The cloth should be soft; otherwise it may scratch the shell’s surface.

How Much Does a Casper Glow Cost?

The Casper Glow is currently priced at $129 per nightlight. The company also offers a two-light bundle for $229. The Casper Glow app is free of charge.

Sleep Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Details

Sleep trial 30 nights
Refund Full
Warranty 6 months
Where do they ship? Anywhere in the U.S. and Canada
Trial period, warranty, and delivery details

Trial Period and Guarantee

Casper offers a 30-night sleep trial for the Casper Glow.

  1. The Casper Glow may be returned at any point of the 30-night trial.
  2. In the event of a return, Casper will provide a prepaid shipping label to customers that allows them to return the nightlight at no extra charge.
  3. Full refunds are issued for all returns.


Casper offers a 6-month limited warranty for the Casper Glow:

  1. This warranty is offered to all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces, but is not available to those living in U.S. or Canadian territories.
  2. This limited warranty is extended to business owners and other trade customers who plan to use their Glow for commercial purposes.
  3. Casper will cover all shipping and transportation charges if a product defect should necessitate a replacement.
  4. The warranty will cover the following defects:
    • Defects due to faulty craftsmanship or materials.
  5. The warranty will not cover the following:
    • Damages caused by commercial use if the warranty-holder is not a trade customer.
    • Damages that occur due to acts of God or natural forces.
    • Damages that occur due to abuse, misuse, or improper installation.
  6. This warranty is non-transferable. It is exclusively offered to original owners who purchase their Casper Glow from Casper or an authorized retailer. Those who buy or acquire their nightlight from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer do not qualify for warranty coverage.

Delivery Policy

The delivery policy for the Casper Glow is as follows:

  1. Casper offers free standard delivery throughout the contiguous U.S. and the 10 Canadian provinces. Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Nunavut must pay additional shipping charges.

Casper Glow FAQs

How bright/dim does the light get?

The Casper Glow can be programmed for a wide range of settings, from fairly bright to very dim. The diffusing shell mutes the brightness to some degree for added eye protection.

Does the light get hot?

The Casper Glow will become warmer as it gradually dims. However, because the light is designed for manual controls, it will never be too hot to hold.

Does the Casper Glow emit blue light?

Many electronic devices – such as smartphones, televisions, and computers – emit blue light, which has been linked to sleep onset and duration problems. However, the Casper Glow does not emit any blue light; instead it emits warm white light, which is more conducive to sleep.

How long does the automatic dimming last?

Users can customize the duration of the automatic dimming and brightening processes to last up to 45 minutes in length.

How does the grouped lighting work?

Those who own more than one Casper Glow can use the app to synchronize their nightlights via Bluetooth; this enables all lights to automatically dim at the same brightness level and duration. However, the guiding light function for people who wake up in the middle of the night is limited to one light activated with manual controls. Please note this function is exclusively available with iOS and Android devices.

Do I need to use the app?

Casper Glow The app – which is compatible with iOS and Android devices only – is needed to customize the duration of the gradual dimming, program/customize the gradual brightening alarm, and synchronize multiple nightlights. Those who do not require these functions may not need to use the app.

Casper has made its app functionality nearly synonymous with the Glow. Setting the wake-up light, the dimming countdown, adjusting brightness, and more is all done within the app itself.

Company Information

Customer Service

8 out of 10 owner experiences show that customers have had a positive experience with Casper, irrespective of whether or not they liked their product.

Company History

Casper officially launched in 2014. In addition to the Casper Glow, the company offers three mattress models, pillows, and other sleep and bedding products.

Physical Stores

Casper operates brick-and-mortar stores in the following locations: San Francisco, CA; Costa Mesa, CA; Torrance, CA; Denver, CO; Aventura, FL; West Palm Beach, FL; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Oakbrook, IL; Dedham, MA; Bloomington, MN; Short Hills, NJ; New York, NY; White Plains, NY; Huntington Station, NY; King of Prussia, PA; Austin, TX; Houston, TX; and Bellevue, WA.

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Product Recap

The Casper Glow offers more customization than most competing nightlights. The automatic dimming and brightening functions – which aid sleep by mimicking natural sunlight and sunrise, respectively – can be programmed to last up to 45 minutes. Additionally, the grouped lighting allows owners to synchronize all of the Glow nightlights in their room via Bluetooth. Manual controls enable easy activation and deactivation, as well. The Glow plugs into a wall outlet and does not require batteries. Its price-point is above-average compared to other nightlights.

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