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Best Snoring Chin Straps

Quick Overview

Whether it occurs nightly or only occasionally, snoring affects many sleepers. Even if an individual doesn’t snore they’ve more than likely been impacted by someone who does snore. Although snoring can be a sign of an underlying health condition, sometimes it can be caused by an illness or allergies and doesn’t need intense correction. Snoring chin straps are a simple solution that fit over the head, cradling the chin to keep the mouth closed while sleeping. Those who snore through the mouth may find relief from these non-invasive and inexpensive devices.

In this guide, we’ll cover the best snoring chin straps, the pros and cons, how to decide if a chin strap is right for you, and what you should know before you buy. Our choices are based on verified customer reviews, in-house testing, and consultation with sleep experts.

Best Snoring Chin Straps

The Best Snoring Chin Straps – Reviewed

Best OverallSleep Legends Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

Best Overall – Sleep Legends Anti-Snoring Chin Strap


  • Equipped with two adjustable hook-and-loop straps
  • Buckle closure ensures a secure fit
  • Universal-fit design
  • Soft and breathable ventilated neoprene fabric
  • Lightweight for nightlong comfort
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Best OverallSleep Legends Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

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The Sleep Legends Anti-Snoring Chin Strap is a great option for heavy snorers who have had bad experiences with other chin straps in the past. The design features two straps, each with a hook-and-loop closure secured behind the head. The top strap also has a buckle for added stability and a more comfortable fit. Lightweight neoprene fabric ensures the straps won’t feel too bulky. The material is soft to the touch and ventilated with small holes to prevent overheating.

One-size-fits-all construction allows any sleeper to use the strap regardless of their head size. To wear properly, tighten the upper strap so that the chin feels stable with the mouth closed. Owners can use scissors to snip off portions of the top strap if this helps them sleep more comfortably. The neoprene emits less odor than foam, so the mask shouldn’t smell too harshly.

When the strap needs to be cleaned, simply rinse with water, lightly dab with dish soap, and hang to dry. A low price-point makes the strap a solid choice for shoppers on a budget. All purchases come with a 30-day trial period.

Good for:

  • Those who want a lightweight chin strap
  • Any CPAP user regardless of the specific face mask they use
  • Value seekers

Most ComfortableQuiet Panda Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

Most Comfortable – Quiet Panda Anti-Snoring Chin Strap


  • Includes two straps with hook-and-loop closures
  • Wide cutouts provide extra space for the ears
  • One size fits all
  • Smooth neoprene shouldn't cause itchiness
  • 30-night trial period
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Most ComfortableQuiet Panda Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

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The Quiet Panda Anti-Snoring Chin Strap is designed to fit around the head and support the chin without feeling too tight or constraining. Two straps – one on top of the head and another behind – can be secured using hook-and-loop closures, creating a universal fit that should accommodate most people regardless of their head size. A wide cutout on each side provides ample space for the ears, as well.

The entire design is constructed from neoprene fabric engineered to absorb a minimal amount of body heat. Neoprene is also soft and smooth, so itchy skin beneath the straps shouldn’t be a major issue. Owners can rinse the chin strap in water and wash with dish soap, then hang-dry to promote shape retention.

The price-point is very reasonable, even for shoppers with limited budgets. Quiet Panda honors product returns for any reason, and encourages customers to send back their chin strap if it doesn’t properly fit. The trial period for this product spans 30 nights in length.

Good for:

  • Those who want a chin strap that cradles the entire head
  • People with itchy or sensitive skin
  • Value seekers

Snoring Chin Straps Buying Guide

Snoring can occur occasionally or be a nightly event. It not only disrupts the sleep of the snorer, it may awaken a partner. Those with chronic snoring often wake up unrefreshed and sluggish. It may also be a sign of something more serious like obstructive sleep apnea or obesity.

Those who snore through their mouths may find relief in a chin strap which keeps the mouth closed. This forces the sleeper to breathe through the nose, potentially eliminating snoring all together. Below we’ll explain the mechanics, go over the pros and cons of snoring chin straps, and what you should know before investing in one.

What Are Snoring Chin Straps?

Snoring occurs when the airway is partially blocked or narrowed, causing the air passing into the body to rattle against the tissue of the throat and nose. Many sleepers who snore do so through the mouths, leaving them a dry or sore throat when they wake up. A snoring chin strap gently holds the chin closed, causing the sleeper to breathe through the nose rather than the mouth. For some sleepers, this can eliminate snoring.

Most snoring chin straps are made with a soft and stretchy material so it’s not itchy or irritating to the skin. The stretchy material means it can fit many head sizes and most have at least one hook and loop closure, although some close with a buckle.

Studies show snoring chin straps to be especially effective with sleepers using a CPAP machine. Since the chin is cradled and the mouth is closed, air leakage is significantly reduced leading to higher sleep quality.

Pros and Cons of Snoring Chin Straps

  • Non-invasive anti-snoring mechanism going on the face rather than in the mouth
  • Easy to store and clean
  • Long-lasting
  • Less stressful on teeth and suitable for those with dentures


  • May not help those who snore through the nose with mouth closed
  • Difficult to use when the nose airway is blocked due to illness or allergies
  • It may take a few nights for sleepers to get used to a chin strap

Different Types of Snoring Chin Straps

Materials: Since comfort is a huge part of getting good sleep, snoring chin straps are designed to be soft and not disrupt the sleeper. Most are made with neoprene, elastane, or a cotton/nylon blend. Cotton will be more breathable than some synthetic materials, but it may not be as durable.

Design: Snoring chin straps come in several designs with different closure methods. Some snoring chin straps are a single strap while others have two straps that fasten on the top and back of the head. Some sleepers may find the two-strap design to stay in place better. Most close with a hook and loop fastener, but some use a buckle.

Best User: Snoring chin straps are especially useful for those with obstructive sleep apnea using CPAP machines. Some designs are suited better for use with CPAP machines. These designs will still allow the CPAP to fit over the mouth and nose area properly.

Snoring Chin Strap Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance of your snoring chin strap depends on the materials it’s made of. While some can be laundered in the washing machine, others need to be hand washed. Always consult your individual snoring chin strap’s care guide to ensure the longest lifespan. When laundering in the washing machine, use a delicate cycle and gentle detergent. When hand washing, use warm water and a gentle soap before line drying.

Regular washing it important to maintain hygiene and avoid potential irritation.

What Else Should You Consider When Buying Snoring Chin Strap?

Return Policy/Sleep Trial: Some companies offer a return policy or a sleep trial of the snoring chin strap. This gives sleepers an opportunity to try out the snoring chin strap at home to make sure it’s comfortable and works as well as hoped. If you’re unsure a snoring chin strap is right for you, look for one that can easily be returned.

Hair/Facial Hair: Sleepers with long hair or facial hair may have a harder time finding a snoring chin strap that can be used efficiently while feeling comfortable and non-disruptive. Many snoring chin straps have one or more hook and loop closures which can be painful if hair gets caught in the closure.

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