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Best Sheet Straps – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Written by Tuck Staff

Quick Overview

A fitted sheet that slips off the mattress corners and ends up halfway down the bed by morning is never ideal. It not only creates an uncomfortable sleeping situation, but it’s frustrating to readjust a fitted sheet that’s popped out of place every day. Sheet straps attach to the bottom side of a fitted sheet, pulling it tightly around the mattress to make sure it doesn’t move while you’re sleeping.

Sleeping on a smooth fitted sheet feels much better than sleeping on one that is bunched up and threatening to slip off the mattresses. A fitted sheet that fits the bed tightly feels like sleeping on a freshly made bed every night.

This guide covers Tuck’s top four picks for the best sheet straps. We’ll cover the highlights of each of our choices, explain how sheet straps work, and cover a few things you should know before investing in sheet straps.

Best Sheet Straps

The Best Sheet Straps - Reviewed

Best OverallBed Scrunchie

Best Overall – Bed Scrunchie


  • Attaches to sheet with 8 fabric clips
  • Fits beds of all sizes
  • Can be used with mattress protectors and toppers
  • Converts flat sheets to fitted
  • Lifetime warranty
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Best OverallBed Scrunchie

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The Bed Scrunchie is designed to keep fitted sheets from bunching up over the course of the night as you, your partner, your pets, or children move around on top of the bed. It can also be used in a similar manner to keep mattress protectors and toppers from slipping around. It serves as an extender for fitted sheets that are just a bit too short for the mattress, and can also convert flat sheets into fitted sheets.

The Bed Scrunchie comes with eight fabric clips that are designed to hold the sheet snugly, but without damaging the fabric over time. The company also sells additional clips if they ever become lost or damaged.

To install the Bed Scrunchie, you first attach the clips to the elasticated part of your fitted sheet (or around the edges of your flat sheet, if you are using it as a converter), evenly spacing the clips around the perimeter. Next, you simply put the fitted sheet on as you normally would, and secure the rope tightly by pulling the two ends in opposite directions. Then, you can tuck in the remaining cord, and you’re finished.

Bed Scrunchie backs their product with a 100-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.

Good for:

  • Those looking for sheet straps that don’t require lifting the mattress
  • Individuals with uncommonly sized mattresses
  • Shoppers looking for a long sleep trial and warranty

Best ValueFeelAtHome Bed Sheet Holder Straps

Best Value – FeelAtHome Bed Sheet Holder Straps


  • Triangular corner straps with 8 clips
  • Fits all standard mattress sizes
  • Durable and stretchy elastic material
  • Criss-cross strap design limits wrinkling
  • Adjustable buckle for corner holders
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Best ValueFeelAtHome Bed Sheet Holder Straps

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The FeelAtHome Bed Sheet Holder Straps securely hold sheets in place with durable materials. A reasonable price-point makes these straps a great option for shoppers on a budget.

The straps come in a pack of two and are made of durable elastic. There are four clips on each strap for a total of eight clips, which attach to the sheets and secure them to the mattress.  The straps’ triangular shape is intended to minimize slipping, and a unique criss-cross design holds the sheets tightly in place to prevent wrinkles.

Lifting the mattress is not necessary to install these straps. Customers can attach the clips to any sheet corner and run the straps under the mattress to secure the other corner.

The Bed Sheet Holder Straps can fit all standard mattress sizes from twin to California king. Returns for products in their original condition are accepted within 30 days of delivery.

Good for:

  • Those with larger mattresses
  • Customers looking for sheet straps that don’t require lifting the mattress
  • People who want to minimize wrinkling

Best AdjustableRaytour Bed Sheet Holder Straps

Best Adjustable – Raytour Bed Sheet Holder Straps


  • Corner strap construction
  • Sturdy triangular design with a total of 12 clips
  • Durable nylon elastic fabric
  • Adjustable strap length from 7” to 18”
  • Usable for tablecloths, grill covers, and boat seat covers
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Best AdjustableRaytour Bed Sheet Holder Straps

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The Raytour Bed Sheet Holder Straps are strong and adjustable to fit a variety of needs. Customers can adjust the straps for a length of 7 to 18 inches  for use on a range of mattress heights.

The straps are made from durable elastic nylon specifically designed to attach to the fabric corners. Each strap has a triangular design with three clips. The set comes with four straps, totaling 12 clips. Each strap also comes with three loops to adjust the length. In addition to your mattress, the straps can also be used with tablecloths, grill covers, and boat seat covers.

You do not have to flip a mattress to attach the straps. Simply secure the straps to the four corners of your fitted sheet, then place the sheet over your mattress. The straps pull the sheets tight, and you can easily adjust the straps to your desired fit.

Customers can send back undamaged products for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Purchases also come with a 1-year warranty.


Good for:

  • Those looking for multipurpose straps
  • Customers who need an extra sturdy hold
  • Individuals who would rather not lift their mattress to apply straps

Best Sheet ClipSheet Clip Grippers by BBDOU

Best Sheet Clip – Sheet Clip Grippers by BBDOU


  • Set of 4 sheet straps
  • Each strap is adjustable with clips on both ends
  • Plastic clenching clips won’t damage sheets
  • Clips can be placed 7 to 10” from the corners of fitted sheets
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee
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Best Sheet ClipSheet Clip Grippers by BBDOU

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The Sheet Clip Grippers from BBDOU sheet clips are sold in sets of four. One set fits one mattress with one clip gripper on each corner of the mattress holding the fitted sheet in place.

Each sheet clip is made with a strong elastic nylon band that is adjustable, making it easy to cinch the strap tighter to fit all mattresses sizes. The metal clips feature a soft plastic inner piece that ensures sheet won’t be damaged from the clip.

Each piece has a clip on both ends that attach to the fitted sheet at each corner. With these in place, the fitted sheet will be tight and unable to bunch up at night or slip off the mattress.

BBDOU offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee on their Sheet Clip Grippers.

Good for:

  • Those looking for four individual sheet straps
  • Sleepers looking for a sheet strap that can fit any bed size
  • Those looking for inexpensive sheet straps
  • Those who would like to purchase from a company that offers returns

Buying Guide – How to Shop for Sheet Straps

A fitted sheet that slips off the corners of the mattress at night can leave the sleeper laying on a bare mattress come morning. Readjusting a fitted sheet isn’t the easiest task and one that most don’t want to do everyday. Sheet straps can help keep the fitted sheet placed properly on the bed without slipping, popping off, or bunching up at night.

Below we’ll explain how street straps work, the different types of sheet straps, and what you should keep in mind before buying sheet straps.

What Are Sheet Straps?

Most fitted sheets come with some form of elastic perimeter. However, some aren’t strong enough to keep the sheet on the mattress. During the night, the fitted sheet may bunch up or come off the mattress corners entirely. Sheet straps are designed to hold the fitted sheet securely on the mattress.

Sleepers who have a tall mattress or who use an additional mattress topper find using sheet straps to be a useful addition, ensuring the sheet stays in place.

Sheet straps come in several designs and can be made of a few different materials. Some are easy to place on the sheet by yourself, while others might require the help of another person. Sheet straps are good addition for those who struggle to keep a fitted sheet on the bed at night. Sleepers who prefer the feel of a smooth fitted sheet that isn’t bunched up anywhere may benefit from using sheet straps.

Pros and Cons of Sheet Straps

  • Simple way to ensure sheets stay in place
  • Wide range of prices to fit most budgets
  • Easy to use on oddly shaped mattresses like air mattresses or RV beds
  • Ensures a tight fitting sheet that creates a smooth sleeping surface without bunching


  • Some styles can be difficult to get on and off
  • Some sheet straps may stretch out elastic in fitted sheets
  • If pulled too tightly, sheets may tear

Different Types of Sheet Straps

  • Individual Sheet Straps: Sold in sets of four, these straps are attached to each corner of the fitted sheet, pulling the corners together to ensure the sheet doesn’t slip off. Most of these feature an elastic band that can be tightened or loosened depending on your needs. At the ends of both sides will be a clip that securely attaches to the fitted sheet.
  • One Unit with Several Straps: This design will feature a central piece from which several straps extend out from. Similar to the individual sheet straps, these straps are stretchy and can be adjusted to fit most mattress sizes. A closure piece is found at the end of each strap that attaches to the fitted sheet, essentially pulling the sheet together under the mattress which keeps it tightly in place.
  • Drawstring Fitted Sheets: This design features a drawstring cord around the perimeter of the fitted sheet that can be loosened and tightened around the mattress as desired. The design ensures the fitted sheet will stay in place by cinching the drawstring, holding the fitted sheet in place tightly.

How to Use a Sheet Strap

How to use a sheet strap depends on the type and design of the strap. All sheet straps will attach to the bottom-most part of the fitted sheet that is tucked under the mattress. If the sheet strap is one individual piece with several straps coming out from the center, it will need to be placed underneath the mattress and then stretched out to meet the bottom of the fitted sheet.

If the sheet straps are four individual straps, they can easily be placed on the fitted sheet once it’s in place on the mattress. Many straps are built in such a way that the user can cinch the strap to make sure it fits tightly.

The straps should pull the fitted sheet taut, but not be so tight that it risks tearing or damaging the sheet.

What Else Should You Consider When Buying Sheet Straps?

  • Return Policy: Buying sheet straps that come with a sleep trial or a good return policy could help you find the sheet straps that work best on your bed. Since mattresses and fitted sheets vary in depth and design, some designs might work better than others. A return policy will allow you to test them out at home.
  • Warranty: Most sheet straps are constructed with a combination of elastic, plastic, and metal pieces. Given that the sheet straps will be placed under the mattress, they’ll be under the pressure of the mattress and the sleepers. Some companies offer a warranty on sheet straps to give you some peace of mind that if they get damaged, you can get a new set.
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