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The Best Pregnancy Pillows – 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Written by Laura Rubin

Quick Overview

It’s a cruel irony: when you’re pregnant, you need lots of rest. After all, you’re very busy growing a tiny person. But with the aches and pains that come along with pregnancy, not to mention the impossible task of finding a comfortable sleeping position, a good night’s sleep may seem like just a dream.

Many pregnant women have found much-needed rest by using a pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy pillows come in all shapes and sizes and are specifically designed to keep pregnant women comfortable at night (or during your daily nap).

It can be difficult to decide which pregnancy pillow is right for your needs, so we’ve put together our top picks for the best pregnancy pillows in five different categories. We’ve also included a buying guide that outlines considerations you’ll want to make when picking your perfect pregnancy pillow.

Best Pillows for Pregnancy

The Best Pregnancy Pillows – Reviewed

Editor's PickLeachco Snoogle Pillow

Editor's Pick - Leachco Snoogle Pillow


  • C-shaped design supports whole body
  • Can be folded for multiple additional uses
  • Soft, machine-washable cover
  • Comes in six colors
  • Dimensions: 60” x 25” x 7”
Leachco pillows are available to Our readers at the lowest price
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Editor's PickLeachco Snoogle Pillow

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The Snoogle Pillow by Leachco was developed by a registered nurse and mother, so you know it works wonders. This C-shaped pillow has a nook at the top for your head, a long side to support your back or belly and a curved end to tuck between your legs. The design provides extra support and helps keep your body aligned as you sleep on your side.

The Snoogle also has multiple other uses in addition to sleep support. It can be used to elevate you as you sit in bed, as tummy support before or after pregnancy or as a lower body cushion while sitting. The soft cover is made from a cotton and polyester blend, and it’s removable so you can easily throw it in the wash. It comes in six colors: ivory, sage, grey, brown, khaki and mauve.

Best for Side SleepersPharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

Best for Side Sleepers - PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow


  • C-shaped design supports whole body
  • Can be folded for multiple additional uses
  • Soft, machine-washable cover
  • Comes in six colors
  • Dimensions: 60” x 25” x 7”
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Best for Side SleepersPharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

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Getting into a good sleep position is often especially tough for pregnant women. That’s why choosing the right pillow is so important. PharMeDoc has a line of amazing full body pillows for pregnant women, but we believe their best product is the C-shaped Pregnancy Pillow with a jersey cover.

This pillow is 30 by 57 inches (30” by 57”). It’s also seven inches thick, making it not only long enough to wrap around your body, but with enough plush support to properly align your spine. PharMeDoc’s pillow is stuffed with a polyfill blend that offers soft comfort and yet firm support when you apply weight to it. The pillow comes encased in a soft jersey cover, which is removable and machine washable. As for the pillow itself, it’s double-stitched the entire way around to ensure it won’t tear.

It’s a multi-functional pillow, one that’s large enough to substitute for multiple pillows. For example, you can rest comfortably with PharMeDoc’s C-shaped Pregnancy Pillow supporting you in a side position or fold enough and prop up your head or feet. No matter how you use it, this pillow offers great support for your head, neck, back, hips, and knees.

Most VersatileBoppy Support PIllow

Most Versatile - Boppy Support PIllow


  • Has multiple uses for sleep and lounging
  • Compact design
  • Soft jersey-knit cotton cover
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Dimensions: 20” X 16” X 5.5”
Boppy Support PIllows are available to Our readers at the lowest price
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Most VersatileBoppy Support PIllow

Shop Now

If you’d like your pregnancy pillow to pull double-duty (or triple, or quadruple), check out the Boppy Support Pillow. Made by the same company who produces the popular nursing pillow, the Boppy Support Pillow is designed for multiple uses. This teardrop shaped pillow has a compact design. It can be placed between the legs for sleeping and wrap under belly or back for extra support. You can also use it as a back pillow or to provide support anywhere else you need it.

The soft cover is made from jersey-knit cotton and has a zipper so you can easily throw it in the wash. It comes in a gray and white trellis pattern that will go with any decor, and because it’s petite, you can sleep comfortably without it taking over your bed.

Best Full PillowQueen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Best Full Pillow - Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow


  • U-shape provides luxurious support for the entire body
  • Curved to follow lines of pregnant body
  • High-density bionic polyethylene filling
  • Comes in four color combinations
  • Dimensions: 55" X 31.5" X 7.8"
Our readers get the Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow at the lowest price
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Best Full PillowQueen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Shop Now

The Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is the perfect pick for any expecting mother looking for full-body support. This U-shaped pillow surrounds the entire body, providing support to the head, belly, back and knees. It’s even curved to fit a pregnant body to a T. The unique design means it’s highly versatile and can be used to prop you up in bed or even as a nursing pillow.

The cotton cover is removable and machine-washable, and it comes in four color combinations: grey, white, blue/pink and blue/grey. The Queen Rose is filled with bionic polyethylene, which is high-density but also soft. It’s known for retaining its loft without becoming lumpy.

Best Pregnancy Wedge PillowHiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Best Pregnancy Wedge Pillow - Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow


  • Supports belly, back, knees or lower back while seated
  • Dual-sided with memory foam and firm foam
  • Super-soft velboa cover
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Dimensions: 13” x 15” x 4.5”
Our readers get the best possible price on Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillows
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Best Pregnancy Wedge PillowHiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Shop Now

A wedge pillow can be a great option if you just need support in a specific area, and also don’t want a pillow that takes over your bed. The Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow is the deluxe option in the world of wedge pillows. It’s dual-sided, with memory foam on one side and firm foam on the other, so you can switch the feel depending on what you need. You can tuck it under your belly, back or knees or use it as a low-back pillow while seated.

The removable, machine-washable cover is made from super-soft velboa fabric. The foam filling is also perforated for extra airflow, so it’s a good fit if you tend to sleep hot. Hiccapop also offers a lifetime guarantee, which is virtually unheard of when it comes to pregnancy pillows.

Buying Guide – Shopping for the Best Pillow When You're Pregnant

Especially if you’ve never used a pregnancy pillow before, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing one. In the guide below, we’ll cover what a pregnancy pillow is, why you might need one and what you should look for in a pregnancy pillow.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnant bodies have different needs than other bodies. The weight of your growing belly puts strain on your back and joints. As your belly grows, it can also be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, especially considering pregnant women are instructed to sleep on their sides for safety.

Pregnancy pillows are specifically designed to support a pregnant body. While some women find relief with regular bed pillows, many feel they don’t provide enough support. And considering you might need extra cushioning in multiple areas—your abdomen, your back, your hips—it may just not be practical to stuff multiple small pillows around yourself every night. Many pregnancy pillows support your entire body and are firm enough to lift specific areas if needed.

Do I need a Pregnancy Pillow to Help Me Sleep?

Some women make it through pregnancy without a pregnancy pillow, but many find they provide much-needed comfort. Considering how exhausting pregnancy can be, not to mention the need to rest before the little one arrives, it stands to reason that anything that helps you get better sleep during this time is a good investment.

There are a few specific reasons why you might consider purchasing a pregnancy pillow:

  • You have aches and pains: The extra weight on your body combined with weakening abdominal muscles and loosening ligaments makes for unique aches and pains during pregnancy. Many women experience pain in the lower back, hips, abdomen and sometimes legs. A pregnancy pillow can provide support to painful areas and make laying down much more comfortable. Rest can also be vital for finding relief from specific types of pregnancy-related pain, like sciatic nerve pain or round ligament pain.
  • You wake up frequently: You may not have many specific aches and pains but just can’t seem to find a comfortable sleeping position as your belly grows. If you find yourself waking up frequently during the night, give a pregnancy pillow a try. You may find it’s just what you need to sleep more soundly.
  • You’re a back sleeper: The safest sleep position during pregnancy is on your side, preferably your left side. This position ensures a good flow of blood and nutrients to your growing baby. Sleeping on your back is not recommended. That’s because the weight of your growing uterus can compress your inferior vena cava, which can reduce blood flow to your baby. If you’re used to sleeping on your back, a pregnancy pillow can help keep you comfortably in a side position.

What should I Look for in a Pregnancy Pillow?

There’s a great deal to consider when choosing a pregnancy pillow. Think about how you’d like to use your pillow and where you need support. Then read on to learn more about different styles, materials and other features.

Shape & Style

Pregnancy pillows come in a variety of shapes and styles for every need and preference. Some provide full-body support, while others are made to target certain areas. Full body pillows, like U- and C-shaped options, can simultaneously provide comfort to the back, hips and abdomen while also replacing the need for a separate pillow. They also tend to be the priciest and take up the most space. Smaller pillows, like wedges, can provide relief to a certain area and are more compact.

  • U-shaped: U-shaped pillows run the length of your body and are designed to cradle both sides of your body and your head. In the early days of pregnancy, many women find these comfortably prop them so they can sleep on their backs. Once it’s time to flip to your side, U-shaped pillows create a comfortable sandwich of support.
  • Wedges: These are smaller than the other two shapes and are designed to prop a single area that needs extra support. Many women use it under their bellies or lower backs. It can also be helpful to prevent you from rolling onto your back while sleeping.
  • C-shaped: These pillows are as long as your body and can be configured in different ways. Either hug the long side or use it to support your back as you tuck one of the short ends between your legs. You can put your regular pillow in the closet as this pillow provides head support as well.
  • Inflatable: Inflatable pillows tend to be large and are usually designed for stomach sleepers. They have a hole in the middle to accommodate your baby bump while you stretch out on your stomach.

Support & Versatility

Similar to regular pillows, pregnancy pillows have different firmness and support options. A plush pillow might be a good fit if you’re just after added comfort, while a firmer one might help alleviate back and hip pain. The amount of support a pillow provides also depends on shape. Full-body pillows provide support to multiple parts of the body but tend to be softer. Smaller pillows like wedges are typically firmer and can be used to target a specific area.

You’ll also want to consider how you want to use your pillow as some are more versatile than others. Wedge pillows can provide great back support while sitting. Body pillows also serve multiple purposes. You can use them to prop yourself up in bed or even as a nursing pillow once your baby is born.


Pregnancy pillows tend to differ in the fill and cover materials used. The most common include:


  • Poly Fiber: Poly fiber filling is made from polyester and is known for its good airflow and fluffy feel. It’s most commonly used in full-body pillows and makes for a soft, pliable experience. It’s also machine-washable and can be used to achieve a variety of firmness levels.
  • Memory Foam: Memory foam has excellent contouring properties, so pregnancy pillows made with it will conform easily to your body. Memory foam tends to feel less firm than other fill materials, but it’s also very responsive as you change positions. Memory foam is most often found in smaller pillows, like wedge or knee pillows, but is sometimes used in body pillows, too.
  • Microbeads: Microbeads are made from tiny balls of polystyrene and pillows filled with them tend to be very conforming. They tend to be used in smaller pregnancy pillows.
  • High-Density Foam: Normally found in wedge pillows, high-density foam is probably the firmest fill option you’ll find. It’s great for propping areas that need extra support, like your growing belly.


  • Cotton: Cotton is a soft, breathable fabric, which can be a great fit if pregnancy is making you run hot. Some prefer sleeping on a natural fiber, and you can even find pregnancy pillows with organic cotton covers. The main drawback is that it’s not moisture-wicking.
  • Polyester: Polyester is very durable and comes in a variety of textures. They can also be stretchy, which may make it easier to take the cover off and put it back on again.


Considering you’re probably going to spend a lot of time with your pregnancy pillow, you’ll want to be able to clean it once in a while. Many pregnancy pillows come with removable covers that are machine-washable, while others allow you to put the whole pillow in the wash. Washable covers can be great, but they’re sometimes difficult to remove and put back on. It might be easier to throw the whole pillow in the wash, but if you have a full-body pillow and a small washer, this might not be an option. Just be sure to consider ease of cleaning when choosing a pregnancy pillow.

Warranty and Return Policy

It may be difficult to decide if a specific pregnancy pillow is right for you without trying it out. That’s why it’s important to look into trial periods and return policies. Most pregnancy pillows come with a 30-day return window, but be sure to check into the specifics as some require pillows to remain unused and in original packaging. That may mean you need to try out your pillow through the plastic packaging.

Many pregnancy pillows also come with a 30 to 90-day limited warranty, meaning that if the pillow comes damaged, you’ll be able to return it at no cost.

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