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The Best Bamboo Mattress Toppers – 2022 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Written by Tuck Staff

Quick Summary

Mattress pads and toppers are bedding products that can protect your mattress and help improve your sleep environment. Although mattress pads and toppers are similar to each other, mattress pads generally provide more mattress coverage and protection while mattress toppers generally provide more cushion and support.

Some customers opt for bamboo mattress pads and toppers because of bamboo’s cooling properties or its reputation as a sustainable material (find more on that below).

This page focuses on the best bamboo mattress pads and toppers available. We’ve chosen these products after conducting our own testing and carefully considering other information, such as customer reviews.

Best Bamboo Mattress Toppers

The Best Bamboo Mattress Pads and Toppers - Reviewed

Best OverallExceptionalSheets Rayon Bamboo Mattress Pad

Best Overall - ExceptionalSheets Rayon Bamboo Mattress Pad


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Cooling fabric
  • Free shipping & returns
Get the lowest price on a ExceptionalSheets Rayon Bamboo Mattress Pad.
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Best OverallExceptionalSheets Rayon Bamboo Mattress Pad

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The ExceptionalSheets Rayon Bamboo Mattress Pad protects the mattress while providing sleeper with additional softness and comfort. This mattress pad is not waterproof, but it is machine washable and its thickness protects the mattress from becoming dirty.

This mattress pad is covered by a cooling rayon made from bamboo, so it’s a good choice for sleepers who tend to sleep hot. A down alternative fiber fills this mattress pad, keeping it soft and comfortable.

All materials in this mattress pad are hypoallergenic. The mattress pad is constructed with a stretchy “skirt” that keeps the pad from moving around.

Sold through Amazon, the ExceptionalSheets Rayon Bamboo Mattress Pad comes with free shipping and free returns. Amazon Prime customers can have this item sent to them with free two-day shipping.

Good for:

  • Customers wanting both mattress protection and additional comfort and cushioning
  • Sleepers with allergies
  • Customers who value free shipping and returns

Best ValueZen Bamboo Mattress Pad

Best Value - Zen Bamboo Mattress Pad


  • Lower price point
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
  • Free shipping & returns
Get the lowest price on a Zen Bamboo Mattress Pad.
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Best ValueZen Bamboo Mattress Pad

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The Zen Bamboo Mattress Pad has a low price point compared to other mattress pads with similar quality levels. This mattress pad is made from 40 percent rayon from bamboo and 60 percent brushed microfiber.

It provides mattress protection on the top and sides of the mattress, as well as an increased feeling of softness. An elastic band keeps this mattress pad snugly on, so it doesn’t move during the night.

The Zen Bamboo Mattress Pad is cooling. It is not waterproof, though it would likely absorb some liquid in the event of accidents or spills.

Sold through Amazon, the Zen Bamboo Mattress Pad comes with free shipping and free returns. Customers can try it out with no financial risk. This mattress pad is machine washable and comes in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Good for:

  • Shoppers on a budget
  • Sleepers with allergies
  • Customers wanting a machine washable product

Most ComfortableLucid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Topper

Most Comfortable - Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Topper


  • 3” of memory foam
  • Bamboo charcoal infused
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free shipping & returns
Read Our Full Review
Get the lowest price on a Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Topper.
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Most ComfortableLucid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Topper

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The Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Topper is made with memory foam that contours to the body and can help relieve pressure points. The memory foam is infused with bamboo charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal is created by burning bamboo and grinding it into a fine powder. Bamboo charcoal helps keep sleepers cools and reduces wetness and odors.

The bamboo charcoal infusion is important because standard memory foam often sleeps warm.

This Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Topper is sold through Amazon and comes with free shipping and free returns, so customers may try it out worry-free. The manufacturer also provides a three-year warranty.

Although we focus on the 3-inch topper in this guide, the same topper is also available in 2-inch and 4-inch versions.

Good for:

  • People wanting pressure point relief
  • People with allergies
  • Couples who share a bed
  • People who tend to sleep hot

Best LuxuryCozy Earth Bamboo Mattress Pad

Best Luxury – Cozy Earth Bamboo Mattress Pad


  • Cover made from bamboo-derived viscose
  • Bamboo-derived fiber fill
  • Machine washable
  • 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty

Best LuxuryCozy Earth Bamboo Mattress Pad

Shop Now

Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Mattress Pad is made from bamboo-derived viscose. This material has a luxuriously soft hand feel while staying cool to the touch. Sleepers with thicker mattresses should appreciate the Cozy Earth’s deep pocket, which can stretch to fit a mattress profile up to 20 inches.

The pad’s outer layer is made from bamboo-derived viscose, a naturally smooth and cool material. Bamboo-derived fiber fills the half-inch profile, offering breathability and a light cushion. Those who tend to sleep hot should find the Cozy Earth pad helps regulate body temperature. The pad attaches to a mattress with a secure, 360-degree elastic band. All materials in the mattress pad are naturally hypoallergenic, and it is fully machine washable.

Customers can choose between five standard size options: twin, full, queen, king, and California king. Cozy Earth offers free standard U.S. shipping and a 100-night sleep trial. Bamboo Mattress Pad purchases come with a 10-year warranty.

Good for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Those wanting a machine-washable mattress pad
  • Sleepers with mattresses up to 20” thick
  • People with allergies

Bamboo Mattress Pad Buying Guide

Mattress pads and toppers can protect mattresses and provide additional comfort and support. Many customers enjoy bamboo mattress pads because of the breathability bamboo provides. Bamboo-derived fabrics give bamboo mattress pads cooling properties, which is important for people who tend to sleep hot.


Not all bamboo mattress pads are of equal value, however. This guide describes the pros and cons of bamboo mattress pads, and helps customers identify what to consider when buying one.

What Are Bamboo Mattress Pads?

Mattress pads and toppers generally cover a mattress with the to provide protection, comfort, and/or support. Mattress pads tend to be thinner and provide more protection, often covering both the top and sides of a mattress. Mattress toppers tend to be thicker and provide comfort and support more so than mattress protection.

Bamboo mattress pads and toppers are those that have the bamboo plant incorporated into them in some way. Multiple fabrics can be manufactured from bamboo, with the most common being rayon.

Many mattress pads are covered in a bamboo-derived rayon fabric. Bamboo can also be burned and ground into a charcoal, which is sometimes added to bedding products because of its ability to reduce heat, wetness, and odor. Finally, bamboo fibers can also be incorporated into the filling used in mattress pads.

Pros and Cons of Bamboo Mattress Pads

  • Bamboo materials are naturally cooling and absorbent
  • Bamboo bedding is often softer and more durable than other types of bedding
  • Many (but not all) bamboo mattress pads are naturally hypoallergenic



  • Some bamboo bedding products are pricier
  • Manufacturing process is often not environmentally friendly

What to Consider When Buying Bamboo Mattress Pad

The primary factor to take into consideration when buying a bamboo mattress pad is how bamboo has been incorporated into the product. Bamboo can be manufactured into different forms, including fabrics. While these fabrics are derived from bamboo, they are different from each other and not, technically, bamboo.

The following table details the forms in which bamboo is commonly incorporated into mattresses and bedding:

Concerns About Fabric Made from Bamboo

Bamboo-derived products and fabrics are often touted as sustainable. The bamboo plant doesn’t require as much water to grow as the cotton plant does, nor does it require fertilizer or pesticides. As a result, growing bamboo uses fewer resources and creates less pollution than growing cotton.

Although growing bamboo can be considered sustainable, bamboo fabrics have received criticism from environmentalists for other reasons. Bamboo often undergoes a chemical process while being made into fabric. During this process, other chemicals are released. If they are not properly disposed of, they can potentially harm workers or even end up in groundwater.

Bamboo Product Labeling Laws

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruled that companies labeling their bamboo-derived rayon products “100% bamboo fiber,” “pure bamboo,” etc. were misleading customers to give an impression that the products were more eco-friendly than they are.

The FTC emphasized that rayon is a human-made product derived from bamboo via chemical process, not a natural fiber or bamboo itself.

The FTC also stressed that the antibacterial properties of the bamboo plant do not carry over into rayon, and ordered companies to stop claiming that bamboo-derived rayon is antibacterial. Further research has suggested that bamboo-derived fabrics might have antimicrobial properties and odor-reducing qualities, however.

Bamboo Mattress Pad Care and Maintenance

Most bamboo mattress pads are machine washable and dryable. Customers should follow the washing instructions that come with their particular mattress pad, however. When in use, a mattress pad should always be covered by a fitted sheet for added protection. A mattress pad is not a substitute for a sheet.

Note that the construction of mattress toppers is often very different than that of mattress pads. Many mattress toppers, particularly those that contain memory foam, are not machine washable or dryable. Always follow the washing instructions that come with your product. Improperly washing a product can invalidate the warranty.


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