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The Best Throw Blankets – Top Picks and Buying Guide

Written by Tuck Staff

Quick Overview

Not all blankets are destined to only be used in bed. Throw blankets, which are smaller — usually around 50” by 60” — and lighter than other blankets, are a prime example. For many, a good throw is a prized possession that offers cozy comfort in any part of their home and that can also add a touch of style to a room’s decor.

Finding a great throw is about more than just looking for a blanket with these smaller dimensions. You also want to pick a throw with the right feel and look that will make you want to wrap yourself in it constantly.

In this guide, we’ll explain what you need to know to choose a great throw blanket, and you’ll also find our picks for the best throw blankets in multiple categories.

Best Throw Blankets

The Best Throw Blankets – Reviewed

Best OverallMagicLinen Waffle Blanket

Best Overall – MagicLinen Waffle Blanket


  • Extremely breathable blend of cotton and linen
  • Multiple color choices
  • Waffle weave provides enough heat retention for year-round use
  • Large enough to easily use as a bed blanket
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Best OverallMagicLinen Waffle Blanket

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The MagicLinen Waffle Blanket is 58% linen, which is one of the most breathable and durable materials that you can find in a blanket. Stone-washed linen boosts softness as does the inclusion of 42% cotton. This material mix creates a perfect balance of comfort and warmth in a lightweight blanket.

The waffle weave contributes to an elegant look that provides standout appearance no matter where you choose to use the blanket, and you can choose from three soft colors to best fit your home decor.

Best LuxurySofia's Linen Blanket

Best Luxury – Sofia's Linen Blanket


  • Larger dimensions provide extra versatility
  • Breathable and smooth for all-season use
  • Patterned design in 4 color choices
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Best LuxurySofia's Linen Blanket

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Many throw blankets feel soft, but for a distinctly luxurious feel, we recommend the Sofia’s Linen Blanket. Made with 100% linen (derived from the flax plant), it has a heavier feel that provides comfort whether you’re using it in bed or on the sofa. With linen’s superior breathability, it is a great option for any season and can be used on its own or with other blankets.

A larger size (87” by 79”) makes it easily usable in numerous settings. The plaid patterns available in 4 colors create a visually appealing blanket that you can stylishly drape over your bed or living room furniture.

Best ValueHome Soft Things Tweed Throw Blanket

Best Value – Home Soft Things Tweed Throw Blanket


  • Knitted tweed for textured feel
  • Over two dozen colors to choose from
  • Undeniable softness from microfiber
  • Many models available in both 50” x 60” and 60” x 80” size
  • Lightweight yet cozy for all-season use
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Best ValueHome Soft Things Tweed Throw Blanket

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The Home Soft Things Tweed Throw Blanket is a great product at a great price. It has soft microfiber polyester knitted in a tweed style, which gives the blanket both plushness and texture. It is heavy enough to warm you up but not so heavy as to make you overheat.

The diagonal weave and tasseled ends add visual style, and over two dozen colors, ranging from vibrant to soft, are available to choose from. While it comes in a standard 50” by 60” size, many of the colors are also available in a larger and more versatile 60” by 80” throw.

Best Plush FleeceLuxor Linens Vivace Throw

Best Plush Fleece – Luxor Linens Vivace Throw


  • Extra plush fleece polyester
  • Lightweight for easy use around the house
  • 7 color choices and option for personal monogramming
  • 30-night free trial
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Best Plush FleeceLuxor Linens Vivace Throw

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If you’re looking for plush, the Luxor Linens Vivace Ultra Soft Throw is a great high-quality option. It is a fleece throw made with brushed polyester for extra softness. Its feel against the skin is unparalleled, and it provides just the right amount of warmth for all-season use.

Choose from seven different colors as well as the option to monogram your throw for a more personal touch. A 30-day window for free returns guarantees your satisfaction or your money back.

Best LinenCultiver Pure Linen Throw

Best Linen – Cultiver Pure Linen Throw


  • 100% linen provides warmth with breathability
  • Linen comes pre-washed for extra softness
  • Light fringing contributes extra style
  • 30-day return window
Click below to get the best price on the Cultiver Pure Linen Throw.
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Best LinenCultiver Pure Linen Throw

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The Cultiver Pure Linen Throw is a quintessential throw blanket. Pure linen fabrication ensures that you will stay cool under this airy blanket. At the same time, the thickness keeps the cold away, and the pre-washed linen provides more softness than many other linen blankets.

With an off-white color, the look is simple and elegant. Short fringes on either end provide visual contrast and style to make this look classy in any context. If you have reservations about the price, Cultiver offers 30 days for returns as long as the product is unused and unwashed.

Best Winter ThrowShilucheng Luxury Fleece Throw Blanket

Best Winter Throw – Shilucheng Luxury Fleece Throw Blanket


  • Microfiber exterior for cozy feel
  • Interior polyester layer for added warmth
  • Entry-level price
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
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Best Winter ThrowShilucheng Luxury Fleece Throw Blanket

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In the winter, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm and plush throw that you can carry with you throughout the house, and the Shilucheng Luxury Fleece Throw Blanket fits this description to a T. The microfiber exterior is extremely soft against your skin while an interior layer of polyester provides extra insulation to protect against the cold.

Despite this multi-layered design, this throw is available at a bargain-basement price and comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee that ensures you wind up with a blanket that you love.

Buying Guide - How to Buy a Blanket

There’s no throw blanket that is the best for all situations. Instead, some throws are a better fit depending on your preferences and how you plan to use it. To lead you to the optimal throw for your home, our guide takes you through the composition of throw blankets and related factors that you should consider when you start researching and shopping.

Important Considerations When Buying a Throw Blanket

Having some background about what separates different types of throw blankets can go a long way in helping you find the option that you’ll be most satisfied with.

Type of Throw Blanket

Many of the important details about a throw blanket — such as the weave, material, look, and cleaning — are determined by the type of throw. A decorative throw will usually have a more involved pattern and stylish weave, but it probably won’t be as easy to clean nor will it offer as much warmth. An Afghan, which is crocheted with wide holes in the blanket, is an example as it serves more for appearance than performance. Quilts are often knit with numerous decorative elements such that may be intended more for display than regular use.

Other types of throws, like fleece, are more focused on providing heat and comfort. These normally include softer materials that have a tighter weave and less visual flair.

Specialty throw blankets include products like heated throws. These are all about providing warmth. A heated throw plugs into the wall so that tiny heating elements inside the blanket can be powered up to keep you cozy. Weighted blankets, which have added weight sewn inside, generate a unique feel that can help some people deal with issues like anxiety or stress.


The best choice for the material in a throw will depend a great deal on how you plan to use it. If it’s decorative, then softness, breathability, and insulation won’t be especially relevant. If you want a throw to use all around the house, then a lightweight material has more importance. And if you want a throw for all seasons, then a balance of warmth and airiness is a priority.

For performance-focused throws, fleece is a popular pick. It is made from polyester and is extremely cozy and quite warm. Microfiber throw blankets, which like fleece are made from polyester, offer serious plushness as well. Cotton offers great performance through its soft feel, breathability, and ability to draw moisture away from the body. Flannel uses brushed cotton to give even more loft and warmth to the fabric. Linen throws don’t have the same level of softness but are great at staying cool while at the same time the heavier feel of the fabric can provide a high level of comfort. Blended throws use a mix of fabrics to combine characteristics of these materials.

Several types of naturally-derived materials may also be used in throws. Wool, for example, comes from sheep and is known for its ability to naturally regulate temperature. When it’s cool, it helps insulate heat, but when you’re warm, it can wick away sweat and dry quickly. Down comes from ducks or geese and holds in a ton of heat while remaining extremely soft and light. And though it’s not truly natural, faux fur throws are also popular thanks to their softness and style.


The weave describes how the fabric of the blanket is sewn, and it has a huge impact on both the look and performance of a throw. If a weave is loose, like it is in a crocheted Afghan, then the blanket will have limited heating power because of the large holes in the weave. On the other hand, a very tight weave will trap heat but at the same time can trap moisture, which may leave you feeling sweaty. Consider your plans for using your throw and your preference in material when deciding what kind of weave you’re looking for.


The more you plan to use a throw, the more you’re going to need to clean it. If you’re using it all around the house, it may collect more dust and have even further need for washing. In this case, a material that’s simple to clean can be a huge priority. Throws that are machine-washable, which includes most cotton, polyester, and linen throws, are easiest to clean.

If a throw is just going to be used for decoration, then ease of cleaning it is not nearly as important, and a material that requires hand washing or spot washing may not be an issue. Or if you have a strong preference for material like down or wool, be aware that cleaning must be done with care to avoid damaging the fill.

Regardless of the material, always follow manufacturer instructions about cleaning so that you can get the longest lifespan out of your throw.

Color and Pattern

Because they can be easily draped over other furniture, throw blankets are regularly used to add color or pop to home decor. In this way, they are often used alongside similar items like throw pillows or area rugs. They can also be used to cover up a blemish or stain on a piece of living room furniture.

For some customers, this is the main reason they want a throw, and in that case, make sure to pick a throw with a color, pattern, and weave that will draw out the visual style of your interior decorating.

What Else Should You Consider?

As you’re weighing one throw blanket against another, there are a few other factors that you might keep in mind. For example, take a look at the return policy. Find out if you will have the opportunity to get a refund if you try out the throw and don’t like it. You’ll find many companies offer 30 days to get a full refund if you find you want to return a blanket.

Another consideration is whether the components of the throw are made with organic materials. If you place a premium on organic fabrics, or if you have health issues related to dyes or chemicals, then it makes sense to focus on throws made with natural and/or organic materials. Make sure to look for quality certifications, such as from the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), GREENGUARD, Oeko-Tex, or similar organizations, before trusting that a product is organic or free of harmful chemicals.

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