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The THIM Ring Sleep Tracker

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Most smart rings on the market focus on measuring your sleep duration, but the THIM sleep tracker is different. The smart ring function keeps tabs on how much rest you get each night and also actively works to improve how well you sleep over time.

THIM owes its existence to groundbreaking research provided by Professor Leon Lack of Flinders University in Australia. In 2007, Lack and his team of researchers conducted a sleep experiment with the goal of encouraging “sleep re-training.” The process involved adjusting the way volunteers fell asleep, waking them up briefly over the course of an hour in preparation for deeper levels of sleep. Researchers found the re-training method let test subjects fall asleep an average of 30 minutes faster and stay asleep for about 70 minutes longer.

Lack’s experiments served as the inspiration for the THIM Sleep Tracker Ring. The sleep tracker helps you gradually fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, providing accurate real-time sleep data while you rest. THIM’s functions put it a step above other sleep tracking devices. The ring not only enables you to understand how well you sleep each night, but it also provides an opportunity to directly improve your overall sleep quality. Through sleep re-training with THIM, you give yourself a chance to gradually enhance your sleep experience. You aren’t just passively collecting data while unconscious; the device actually helps you rest better.

Everything You Need to Know About the THIM Sleep Tracker

Before purchasing your THIM sleep tracker, you should understand how the product works and what customers are saying about it. Use the details below to help you decide of THIM is the right sleep tracker for you.

Product Ratings

Category Rating What Users Are Saying
Ease of Use Very Good Users found the process of syncing the ring to their app to be relatively simple. If there were issues, a reset seemed to do the trick.
Sleep Tracking Accuracy Very Good Customers appreciated the sensitiveness of the ring’s vibrations. Sleep tracking was considered to be fairly accurate, especially if the ring was properly calibrated and users were only non-responsive if they were actually asleep.
Sleep Tracking Support Fair THIM’s customers did have some complaints about syncing issues, but these complaints are slowing as THIM works to reduce connection issues through updates.
Additional Features Good Customers found the power nap feature useful, although customers who took longer to fall asleep weren’t able to get as much out of the napping feature.
Price Good The THIM smart ring is competitively priced, with features aimed at helping customers sleep. Because of this, customers found it worth the investment.
Battery Life Very Good Overall, many agreed that THIM’s battery life was satisfactory at first, but that it might drain faster over time. If stored for a long time, customers had no problem charging and resuming use of their THIM device.


Sleep Tracking

THIM’s sleep tracking process is a bit more direct than other smart rings. When you first set up the device, it’s important to calibrate your ring. It vibrates every thirty seconds and you respond to the vibrations by tapping your fingers. This lets THIM learn your unique level of responsiveness. When you don’t tap your ring, THIM assumes you’re asleep and will begin collecting sleep data. Because the sleep tracking process is automatic, when you begin to sleep the information is collected without you having to make any other adjustments.

Once you’re finished calibrating the ring, you can begin your sleep re-training process by double-tapping your index finger. After you begin falling asleep, the ring vibrates every three minutes during the first hour, waking you and letting you fall back asleep. This method eventually encourages you to fall asleep more quickly over time as it trains your body to take fewer minutes to fall asleep.

In addition to cutting down the amount of time you’re awake in bed before nodding off, the ring allows you to gradually wake up in the morning, assuring you’re at your most lucid and well-rested when it’s time to get up. THIM also features a smart alarm setting. The smart option wakes you up within a half hour of the selected time once you enter the lightest stages of sleep.

After waking up, you can review data collected during the night. THIM collects information about how long it took you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up during the night, and your sleep stages and their duration. The app uses this information to determine your sleep efficiency. Sleep efficiency is scored by percentage, with anything over 85 percent rated as “excellent.”

THIM’s purpose is to allow sleepers to re-train themselves to fall asleep easier and stay asleep through the night. Combined with the data collected overnight, you can begin to not only understand how well you’re sleeping but use the ring to potentially sleep better over time.

Additional Features

THIM’s main feature allows you to improve your rest and track your sleep rate, but there’s a secondary feature that’s also useful. The power napping setting allows you to quickly recharge during the day, grabbing a few minutes of sleep so you don’t feel as groggy. This feature can be useful for anyone – from athletes to office employees – who only has a small window of time to rest, but wants to make the most of it.

To use the power napping feature, simply select the time limit for your nap or set an alarm to tell the smart ring when to wake you. The ring emits gentle vibrations every 30 seconds, after which you tap your finger to let THIM know you’re still awake. After you stop tapping in response to vibrations, THIM assumes that you’re asleep and begins to monitor your nap until it’s time to wake you up.


The THIM sleep tracker’s ring size system works by providing you with four interchangeable silicone ring bands in sizes small, medium, large, or extra large. Try on the different band sizes to select the one that fits most comfortably on your index finger. THIM Rings must be worn on the top part of either index finger to work properly.


The THIM Ring sleep tracker is more affordable than competing rings on the market. Because of its sleep benefits and sleep tracking abilities, it might actually be considered a better bargain for customers who only want to learn about sleep and have a device that can help them improve their sleep quality and quantity over time. As THIM’s team updates the app to improve certain issues, its pricing will become even more attractive when compared to competing devices.

Battery Life

THIM comes with a rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery. It holds a charge for up to five days, but the amount of time between charges depends on features loaded on the app and how often you use the ring. To charge, plug the THIM Ring into its accompanying USB wire and connect the wire to a power source. Charging an empty battery takes about two hours.


You must have a smartphone to use the THIM sleep tracker. The ring works with iOS phones that are version 11 or 12 and Android smartphones that are version 7 or 8. The app is available for download through Apple and Google Play stores. The phone connects wirelessly to your THIM Ring using Bluetooth.

Other Considerations for the Thim Sleep Tracker

Now that you understand the fundamentals of how the THIM sleep tracker works, below you’ll find purchase information and tips for care and maintenance.

Care and Maintenance

The THIM band is 100 percent silicone, which means it’s very sturdy and doesn’t cause skin reactions for those with sensitivities.

If after buying the smart ring you decide not to use it for an extended period of time, make sure you fully charge the battery beforehand. Remember to charge the ring’s battery every six months to ensure optimal function when you’re ready to start using THIM again. If you want to begin using the smart ring again after a long period of time, give it a full charge before attempting to resume use.

Shipping & Delivery

Once you’ve ordered your THIM sleep tracker, you’ll receive a shipping email to confirm your order details, including carrier and tracking information. The tracking link, which is accessible 24 hours a day, will tell you where your order is and give you an estimate of when it should reach you. Delivery usually takes between two to five business days.

THIM Rings cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box, AFPO, PMB or Locked Bag for security reasons.

Because THIM ships from Australia, it’s important for international customers to consider the possibility of import taxes or duties when determining costs. THIM ordinarily covers the charge for customers, but if a customer incurs unexpected international fees, THIM is willing to reimburse them for the unexpected cost.

Return Policy and Warranty

The THIM Sleep Tracker comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, available to all customers, including those who live outside of Australia. Send proof of purchase within 60 days of buying the ring for a full refund or replacement. The item must be undamaged and clean and sent back with all of its original components and packaging. Additionally, you must contact THIM before sending the ring back for a refund or exchange.

THIM honors refund requests from all customers. Customers are entitled to a replacement THIM or a full refund in the event of a major failure, unforeseeable damage, or loss. If the damage isn’t severe, the item might still qualify for free repair service.

Refunds are issued on the first business day one month after a returned ring reaches THIM headquarters. Refunds are issued to customers through the same method originally used to buy the product.

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