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Sunsoil CBD Review

Written by Keith Cushner

Sunsoil CBD Review

The Bottom Line.

  • Sunsoil sells tinctures, capsules, softgels, and coconut oil made from high-quality, full spectrum CBD oil.
  • Every product Sunsoil produces is $0.05 per milligram of CBD, making it one of the most affordable product lineups on the market.
  • Everything Sunsoil sells is sourced from organic American hemp, third-party lab tested for safety and purity, and contains only natural ingredients.

General Overview

  • Competitive price per milligram
  • No pesticides, no GMOs, Vermont Organic Farmers certified hemp plants
  • Verifiable triple third-party lab testing
  • Generous 30-day return policy
  • Varying concentrations


  • Offer fewer products and concentrations than some competitors
  • No products are guaranteed to be 0% THC, though all are below 0.3 % THC

Quick Summary

Sunsoil began in 2017. Their hemp plants are grown in Hardwick, Vermont on farmland that grew hemp in the 1800s. Sunsoil offers CBD oils, capsules, and infused coconut oil. The goal of the company is to provide consumers with high-quality, organic CBD products at an accessible price-point. Sunsoil offers various potencies, making it suitable for consumers new to CBD. All products are tested by three labs and come with a QR code for easy access to the product’s batch report. This review takes a more detailed look at Sunsoil’s offerings and what customers can expect when buying their products.

Take a Look at the Sunsoil Product Line Up

  • CBD OilsSunsoil CBD oil are tinctures with full-spectrum CBD oil blended with coconut oil. They are available and cinnamon, chocolate mint, and unflavored options and come in 60 milliliter bottles with concentrations of either 600 or 1,200 milligrams of CBD.
  • CBD Capsules and Softgels – Capsules and softgels offer 20 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD oil per capsule in organic coconut oil. Each bottle contains 30 doses. Softgels are half the size of capsules.
  • CBD Coconut Oil – Full spectrum CBD extract and organic coconut oil for cooking or topical use.

Sunsoil’s hemp plants are grown on their farm in Vermont without any pesticides. The CBD oil is non-GMO and certified organic. The lowest-strength tincture is 600 milligrams which contains 60 servings at 10 milligrams per serving. The higher strength tincture is 1,200 milligrams, also contains 60 servings but twice the concentration with 20 milligrams per dose. The dropper in each tincture cap has measurement markers of .25, .5, .75 and 1 milliliter, making serving size and dosing simple to follow.

Capsules and softgels are all 20 milligrams per pill, which makes it easy to know the exact dosage. The CBD infused coconut oil is popular among CBD users who are looking for a topical to target physical pain or a CBD oil suitable to cook or bake with.

Sunsoil offers a 30-day return window giving customers a chance to discover if the product is right for them.


Tuck readers get the best price on CBD products from Sunsoil.

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Technical Details

Sunsoil Product Offerings

Category Oils Softgels Capsules Coconut Oil
Concentration 600 mg/60 ml
1200 mg/60 ml
20 mg/capsule 20 mg/capsule 600 mg/30 ml
CBD Extraction Method Full Spectrum
whole-plant, lipid-extraction
Full Spectrum
whole-plant, lipid-extraction
Full Spectrum
whole-plant, lipid-extraction
Full Spectrum
whole-plant, lipid-extraction
Appearance and Flavor Clear, slightly yellowish oil available in naturally-derived cinnamon (1200mg only), chocolate mint (600 mg only) , or unflavored (600mg only). Dark green color with no taste. Dark green color with no taste. Solid oil if kept below 74 ° F that will turn liquid at higher temperatures, coconut-oil flavor with earthy flavor of hemp.
THC Content 0.3% THC or less 0.3% THC or less 0.3% THC or less 0.3% THC or less
Ideal Customer Those who prefer a straightforward option and enjoy cinnamon or chocolate mint flavors. Capsules are best for CBD customers who dislike the taste of CBD oils or prefer to swallow a capsule. Softgels are best for CBD users looking for a capsule that is small and easy to swallow. This product is best for CBD users looking for a CBD cooking oil, topical oil for humans and pets, or a coconut-flavored edible CBD oil.

Materials and Sourcing

Sunsoil grows their own hemp plants in Vermont where the growing season is short, so plants are grown in greenhouses until June. All plants come directly from seed as opposed to cloning. The Sunsoul farms uses no pesticides or herbicides, no GMOs, and is USDA certified organic.

Sunsoil uses only organic inputs to build nutrients in their soil. The company also practices crop rotation to build the health of the soil.

The extraction process Sunsoil uses is whole-plant, lipid extraction using organic coconut oil or MCT oil. This process has a low environmental impact and doesn’t utilize any harsh solvents.

Third Party Testing

Sunsoil has their products tested by three ISO-accredited third-party labs. The company also conducts in-house testing as well. The lab results are readily available to the public on Sunsoil’s website. Sunsoil product labels include a QR code. When scanned, the QR code leads to a page that contains information on the batch of product, including the ingredients profile, quality control methods, and certificate of analysis. The lab results are as follows:

Flavor and Appearance

Although Sunsoil’s product line is limited, it offers a range of products suitable for people new to CBD or more experienced users. Some products are suitable for pets as well as humans.

CBD Oil –  Sunsoil’s CBD oil tinctures come in unflavored, cinnamon, and chocolate mint flavors. All three consist of CBD oil in organic coconut oil, so they all have a faint coconut taste. A mild hemp taste is apparent in all flavors, but less so in the cinnamon and chocolate mint options. Sunsoil’s flavored CBD oil uses natural ingredients and oils with no sweeteners or additives. The unflavored CBD oil is safe for pets.

CBD Capsules and Softgels – Appearing green in color, the capsules and softgels don’t have any flavor. The softgels are half the size of the capsules but contain the same potency of CBD (20mg per softgel and capsule). Both have a slight earthy smell when the bottle is opened. The small size of the softgels makes them ideal for on-the-go or traveling.

CBD Coconut Oil – The CBD Coconut Oil has a strong taste of coconut oil, as expected. This oil is solid when cooler than 74 ° Fahrenheit. Above this temperature, the oil may become liquid, which gives the oil a darker appearance than when it’s in a solid state. Customers can use the oil in either its solid or liquid state, and it can be kept in the refrigerator if a solid form is preferred.

If used as a topical, this will be more oily than a lotion, but coconut oil is naturally moisturizing and soaks into the skin over time. With just two ingredients (CBD and coconut oil), some may find this preferable to a lotion, which usually contain additional ingredients.

The CBD coconut oil is also safe for pet ingestion.


The ideal CBD dosage depends on each individual. Sunsoil recommends new users take a beginner serving of 10 milligrams from either the unflavored or flavored tinctures. Intermediate and advanced servings are 20 milligrams or more, making the capsules and softgels an ideal option with each pill containing 20 milligrams of CBD.

All of Sunsoil’s CBD products contain 0.3 percent THC or less and have no psychoactive qualities.

The coconut oil infused with CBD oil contains 20 milligrams of CBD oil per 1 milliliter serving. The jar of coconut oil comes with a 1 milliliter measuring spoon to make dosing straightforward.


Product Standard Price
CBD Oils $30/600 mg ($0.05 mg)
$60/1200 mg ($0.05 mg)
CBD Softgels $30/600 mg/30 softgels ($0.05 mg)
$90/1,800 mg/90 softgels ($0.05 mg)
CBD Capsules $30/600 mg/30 capsules ($0.05 mg)
$90/1,800 mg/90 capsules ($0.05 mg)
CBD Coconut Oil $30/600 mg jar ($0.05 mg)

Ordering, Shipping, and Packaging

Sunsoil ships to all 50 states as well as the Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and Armed Forces in Europe and the Pacfic.

Most orders ship within 24 hours of purchase. Sunsoil ships its products through FedEx. Most orders within the continental U.S. arrive within five business days. This could take longer for non-continental locations. Customers receive tracking information once the order has been processed for shipping.

Orders totaling $80.00 or under will be charged $3.48 for shipping. Orders exceeding $80.01 will be charged $6.10 for shipping.

Sunsoil does not accept returned products. However, if you are not satisfied with a Sunsoil product, you may request a refund for the purchase price within 30 days. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Sunsoil will replace any defective item or items damaged during shipping at no cost to the purchaser. Shipping charges on defective or damaged orders will be refunded.

Sunsoil does not currently operate any brick-and-mortar stores. Products are available for purchase online through the company’s website.

Sunsoil Coupons and Discounts

Tuck readers get the best price on CBD products from Sunsoil.


Company Information

  • Company History

    Sunsoil (formerly Green Mountain CBD) launched in 2015 in Hardwick, Vermont.

  • Physical Stores

    Sunsoil does not operate any brick-and-mortar locations. Products are available for order online through the company’s website.

  • Contact Sunsoil

  • Find Sunsoil on Social

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