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The Sleep Styler Reviews


Have you ever wanted to wake up with curly hair without having to style it in the morning? Lori Greiner, a participant on ABC’s show Shark Tank, set out to make a product to solve that very problem.

The Sleep Styler curls your hair while you sleep. But unlike hard curlers which are uncomfortable to sleep on, this brand uses new technology that is more comfortable and better for your hair’s moisture and health.

Sleep Stylers are available in two different sizes, large and mini. Both types allow for different-sized curls and accommodate a variety of hair types. Whether your hair is frizzy, curly, or fine, you’re likely to find an ideal size that matches your needs.

Sleep Stylers – Reviewed

Large Curlers

Large Curlers


  • Contains 8 six-inch rollers
  • Best for long, thick, curly hair, or hair extensions
  • Can be used to naturally straighten hair
  • Creates large, bombshell-style curls
Sleep Styler Large Curlers are available to Tuck readers at the lowest price
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Sleep Styler’s large curlers are made for people with long, bountiful, or thick hair. And unlike its smaller counterpart, the large curlers can actually straighten hair (despite the name). Use these when you want to create large, loose curls that work for a day at the office or a night out on the town.

One huge advantage to this product: saving time in your morning routine. Especially for those with thick, long, or curly hair, you’ll likely appreciate the extra time in the morning to sleep in, meditate, or just spend more time sipping your coffee.

Product users with thick hair should note that using these curlers with dripping wet hair will be ineffective. Instead, allow your hair to air dry or towel dry until it’s just damp enough to wrap up and go.

Mini Curlers

Mini Curlers


  • Contains 12 three-inch rollers
  • Best for fine and medium-length hair
  • Creates tighter curls, but still around 1.5 inches
The Sleep Styler Mini Curlers are available to Tuck readers at the lowest price
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Sleep Styler’s mini curlers are made for those with short or fine hair. Does your hair have trouble holding a curl? Then this might be the right choice for you.

Unlike heat systems that often make a curl go flat without loads of hairspray, the overnight curl shaping in a smaller size will hold a curl without causing long-lasting heat damage. Fine hair can also easily fall victim to breakage and split ends. But the smooth microfibers on these mini curlers prevent breakage that terry towels sometimes cause.

Air flow is another big benefit. While most overnight curling products don’t aerate your hair, the unique shape and texture of Sleep Stylers creates maximum airflow to help your hair dry while you sleep.

Buying Guide – Shopping for a Sleep Styler

The Sleep Styler offers a healthy alternative to heat-based curling products. In this section, we’ll go over the best parts about heat-free rollers, how the product works, and how to choose the right kind of rollers for you.

Why Choose Heat-free Rollers?

It’s hard to ignore: in the short-term, heat does wonders for your locks. Heat can quickly dry hair, curl it, straighten it, or tame flyaways. Getting the job done quickly is the biggest perk of using heat.

Despite the convenience, even moderate exposure to heat can cause all kinds of damage, including split ends, increased frizz, excessive hair shedding, and a dry and rough texture.

That’s where heat-free options like the Sleep Styler provide a healthier alternative. By using heat-free curling, you’ll notice a difference in your hair’s overall health and appearance. Your hair will retain more of its natural moisture, maintain a smoother texture, and will have softer curls.

Another added bonus? You won’t have to give your hair a break from curls since it won’t incur heat damage. You also won’t have to buy additional products to soothe heat-damaged hair, such as deep conditioners or treating shampoo.

On top of that, Sleep Stylers allow you to style wet or damp hair. Using heat in the same state can cause significant damage that you’ll have to repair down the road.

How does the Sleep Styler System Work?

The Sleep Styler System has a few defining traits: the memory foam core, quick-drying yoga towel outer layer, and detachable strap. While this product works in most part like traditional rollers, some of its features make for a different experience.

Sleep Styler recommends you prepare with these steps in order to achieve smooth, bouncy curls that last:

  • Start with an evening shower or a bubble bath
  • Towel dry or air dry your hair until it’s damp, but not soaking wet (people with thick hair should dry it up to 80% before using curlers)
  • Apply your preferred styling products
  • Divide hair into sections and comb it smooth

After that, wrap your hair in the rollers against your head and wind each section around from top to bottom. Some rollers keep your hair in place through bobby pins or small, softened spikes that adhere to the hair. With Sleep Stylers, you’ll secure your locks with a matching strap in the opposite direction. This makes the rollers softer and easier to sleep on.

If you have curly hair, you can also use the large rollers as a straightening method. In order to accomplish a straightened look, you should do the following:

  • Hold your hair parallel and straight to the roller (don’t wind it around)
  • Spiral the last few inches if you want a bend
  • Secure the lock of hair by wrapping the strap.

How long the rollers take to apply depends on the thickness and length of your hair, but you should allow for between 10-30 minutes to get everything set. You can leave the curlers in overnight as you sleep, or for a couple hours while you’re lounging around the house.

What is included in the The Sleep Styler System?

The Sleep Styler makes an effective curling product because its quick-dry material allows your hair to breathe and wicks moisture away at a faster rate. Depending on how well your hair holds a curl, it should last for the whole day. People with hair that holds shape easily may find the curls last even longer.

The type of curl Sleep Stylers produce depends on your hair type and which product you use. Users of the large curlers can expect big “bombshell” style curls — the equivalent of using a 1.5 inch curling iron.

On the other hand, the mini curlers will produce tighter curls than the large size, but they’re still meant to create an overall “bombshell” curl — not the kinds of ringlets that Shirley Temple would sport.

Which System is Right for You?

Not all hair is created equal, so it’s important for you to pick the right kind of Sleep Styler for your locks. The table below explores which hair types work with each Sleep Styler Model

Hair Type Sleep Styler Large Sleep Styler Mini
Long, fine, straight, & struggles to hold a curl X
Long & Thick X
Short, between chin and shoulders X
Long & Layered X X
Curly, looking to straighten X
Human Hair Extensions X X

If you identify your hair as a combination of types, you can buy the Sleep Styler Bundle, which comes with eight six inch rollers and three 12-inch rollers per set. People who have overlapping types — like those with long and layered hairstyles or human hair extensions — would get most from the combo pack.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping and delivery for the Sleep Styler product is pretty straightforward. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Shipment timing: The next business day after valid payment
  • Shipment confirmation: Through email tracking once order ships
  • Shipment method: FedEx SmartPost
  • International shipping: Ships to the US, Canada (except Quebec), US Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Sleep Styler does add a $10 surcharge to non-continental US orders.

You can secure Sleep Stylers at a discounted price through open box deals if you decide to order through Amazon Prime. Or, if you order Sleep Stylers on their own, you can get them through Prime at an expedited rate.

Warranty & Return Policy

Sometimes, a product doesn’t work out. Sleep Styler offers flexibility for returns if it’s not the right fit for you.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Billing: Sleep Styler bills you once your order ships. Your charge will include a sales tax in select states as required by law.
  • Money-back guarantee: Unlike some hair styling products, you’ll have a 30-Day money-back guarantee period. The trial period begins the day your order is delivered. The money-back guarantee period still applies even if you order the product through Amazon. One small catch: you will have to pay for the processing and handling.
  • Refunds: Should you request a refund, you’ll receive one in three to five days, depending on the bank you use. You’ll also need to obtain a return authorization number and follow the return instructions.
  • Customer support: Sleep Styler offers a support team if you run into snags. You can contact them by phone or email, or track your order with 24/7 status updates.