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Insufficient customer experience data available to determine customer satisfaction and sleep ratings at this time.


What You Need to Know about the Sapira Mattress

Mattress Type and Components:

  • The Sapira by Leesa is a hybrid mattress.
  • The comfort layer is constructed with a top layer of aerated 3.75 PCF polyfoam and a bottom layer of 4 PCF memory foam.
  • The support core features a middle layer of pocketed coils surrounded by top and bottom layers of 2 PCF polyfoam.
  • The quilted cover is knit from fabric material; the exact fiber content is unspecified.


  • The price-point for Sapira mattresses is considerably lower than the price of an average memory foam and pocket coil hybrid.
  • The 100-night sleep trial does not include a mandatory break-in period, allowing customers to return their mattress at any point. Many competing mattress manufacturers require owners to test out the mattress for at least 30 nights before they will be eligible for a full product refund.


  • Sapira mattresses are available in one firmness rating (Medium Firm), which may be limiting for customers who prefer mattresses that are firmer or less firm.
  • Leesa began selling Sapira mattresses in October 2016, and the long-term performance of these models has not been accurately assessed.

Product and Price Range: Sapira mattresses are available in six sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. These range in price from $975 (Twin) to $1,775 (King and California King). All Sapira mattresses are manufactured in the United States.

Amazon rating: Sapira mattresses are not currently sold on
BBB rating: Sapira has not received a grade from the Better Business Bureau; its parent company, Leesa Sleep LLC, has received a B+ from the BBB


Sapira Price Comparison

Sapira Pricing and Delivery Details

SizeDimensions Height Price
Twin38W” x 75L”11″$975
Twin Extra Long (XL)38W” x 80L”11″$1,075
Full54W” x 75L”11″$1,275
Queen60W” x 80L”11″$1,475
King76W” x 80L”11″$1,775
California King72W” x 84L”11″$1,775

How Is the Mattress Shipped?: Sapira mattresses are compressed, vacuum-sealed, and shipped in a box. Box dimensions are 16 1/2″W x 43 1/2″L x 16 1/2″H for Twin, Twin XL, and Full sizes; and 17 1/2″W x 45L” x 17 1/2″H for Queen, King, and California King sizes. Sapira recommends unpackaging the mattress within 30 days of receiving the delivery.
Where Do They Ship?: Sapira mattresses may be shipped to customers in all 50 states, but deliveries to Canada and other international destinations are not available at this time.
Delivery Fee: Standard shipping is free for deliveries to all 50 states. White Glove delivery is also available for $99; this service includes in-home mattress assembly by delivery personnel and packaging disposal. For an additional $50 upgrade ($149 total), White Glove personnel will remove the customer’s old mattress from the residence.  

Delivery Policy: The delivery policy for Sapira mattresses is as follows:

  1. Leesa utilizes UPS for all Sapira deliveries.
  2. Most mattresses are delivered within four to 10 business days. This includes three to five days for mattress assembly, and an additional one to five days for shipping.
  3. Customers will receive their order tracking number as soon as the mattress is shipped.
  4. Purchasers who need to modify their shipping address are encouraged to contact Leesa as soon as possible after completing their order. The company will adjust address information at any time, but advises that this process is ‘much easier’ within 24 hours of placing the order.
  5. Customers who reside in apartments or condominiums should alert their front desk about the upcoming delivery. Otherwise, the delivery may be refused and returned to sender; Leesa is unable reverse this process, and customers will be assessed with re-delivery charges.
  6. Purchasers that sign up for UPS My Choice (a free service) will be able to request a delivery date and receive alerts about their mattress shipment.  

Old Mattress Removal: Customers who select White Glove delivery may request for their old mattress to be removed for a total charge of $149. This service is not available with standard free delivery.
Availability: Sapira mattresses are available on the Sapira website. They are not sold on or through other mattress retailers. Sapira mattresses are also sold at the Leesa Dream Gallery, a brick-and-mortar showroom in New York City.


Sapira Product Specifications and Firmness

Sapira mattresses are available in one firmness rating: Medium Firm. The table below features a complete breakdown of mattress components and dimensions.

Product NameFirmness RatingThicknessSupport Core ComponentsComfort Layer ComponentsCover Components
Sapira6.5 (Medium Firm)11″1″ 2 PCF Polyfoam
6″ Pocketed Coils
1″ 2 PCF Polyfoam
1 1/2″ 3.75 PCF Polyfoam
1 1/2″ 4 PCF Memory Foam
Quilted Fabric

Firmness is rated on a scale of 1 to 10. For more information on how firmness is calculated, please visit our Mattress Firmness page.


Sleep Trial and Warranty Information

Trial Period and Guarantee: Leesa offers a 100-night sleep trial for all Sapira mattresses.

  1. There is no mandatory break-in period, but Leesa recommends testing out the Sapira mattress for at least 30 nights.
  2. Customers in the contiguous 48 states who return their mattress during the 100-night trial will be entitled to a full product refund. Leesa will arrange for a free mattress pickup at the owner’s residence, and the company will also cover all handling and transportation costs. Customers in Alaska and Hawaii will be assessed a $100 fee for returning their mattress.
  3. Customers do not need to repackage the mattress prior to the pickup.

 Warranty: Leesa offers a 10-year limited warranty for all Sapira mattresses.

  1. Leesa will, at the company’s sole discretion, repair or replace all mattresses that are deemed defective.
  2. Warranty coverage is contingent on proper foundational support. According to Leesa, the mattress must be used with a ‘solid base or foundation substantial enough to support the mattress and occupant(s)’.
  3. Leesa will not charge mattress owners if a defective mattress needs to be repaired or replaced, but the owner will be responsible for all associated handling and transportation costs.
  4. The Sapira mattress warranty will cover the following defects:
    • Deterioration of the mattress that produces visible indentations that measure at least one inch (1″) deep and are not related to misuse or improper foundational support.
    • Flaws in the mattress that lead to splits, cracks, and other damage to the sleep surface.
    • Manufacturing flaws in the cover, including cracked or broken zippers. If the cover needs to be replaced, then the replacement may have a different color and/or design from the original.
  5. The warranty will not cover the following:
    • A ‘normal increase in softness’ of the mattress foam that does not affect its conforming and pressure-relieving qualities.
    • Repair or replacement requests associated with changes in the owner’s comfort preference.
    • Burns, cuts, tears, stains, and other types of damage that occur due to owner misuse and/or improper foundational support.
  6. In the event that one mattress component is defective, Leesa will exclusively replace that component, rather than replacing the entire mattress.
  7. Customers have the option of choosing the same model or an upgrade when replacing their original mattress. If the same model is chosen, then the replacement will be covered under the same warranty; this will not extend the warranty. If an upgrade model is chosen, then a second warranty will be created and a new 10-year coverage period will begin. The price difference between the upgrade and the original mattress will be deducted from the customer’s refund, as well.
  8. Warranty protection is exclusively granted to original mattress owners that have purchased their Sapira directly from Leesa. Coverage will not be extended to anyone who buys or acquires the mattress from its original owner or another mattress seller.

Sapira Mattress Sleep Ratings

At this time, we have not received enough customer reviews on Sapira mattresses to calculate accurate sleep ratings for categories like durability, motion isolation, and temperature neutrality. We will update this section as soon as possible.


Sapira Weight Comparison

What Type of Sleeper Is Best Suited for a Sapira Mattress?

At this time, has not received enough customer feedback to accurately evaluate Sapira mattresses based on sleep position and sleeper weight. We will update this section as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please note that everyone has varying experiences on different mattresses. Sleeper comfort and spinal support are the most important factors when it comes to selecting a mattress. For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, back, stomach and combination sleepers.

The following table lists our average grades for hybrid mattresses based on different sleeper positions and weights. 

Mattress TypeSleep PositionLightweight Sleeper Rating (Less than 130 lbs)Average Weight Sleeper Rating (130 to 230 lbs)Heavyweight Sleeper Rating (More than 230 lbs)
BackVery GoodVery GoodGood



Leesa Company Information

Customer Service: Due to insufficient owner data, there is no Tuck customer service rating for Sapira at this time.
BBB rating: B+ (Leesa)
Company History: Leesa Sleep LLC, was founded in 2014. Sapira mattresses were first sold in October 2016.
Physical Stores: Leesa operates one brick-and-mortar showroom, the Leesa Dream Gallery, in the Soho neighborhood of New York City. 
Corporate Address:
3704 Pacific Ave., Ste. 200
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Phone Number: 844-472-7472 (844-4SAPIRA)
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website:



General customer complaints about Sapira mattresses include:

  • Only one available firmness level (Medium Firm).
  • Unknown mattress lifespan due to limited product history.
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