Safety and Sleep

'Things that go bump in the night' is anything but a meaningless idiom when it comes to sleep. Rather, feeling safe and secure in your surroundings directly impacts how easily you fall asleep and how deeply you sleep throughout the night. Browse through our in-depth guides and product recommendations to understand how you can create a safe sleeping environment.

Anxiety and stress lead to sleeplessness, and if persistent, can cause insomnia among other sleep disorders. If you let worries of your own safety manifest into feelings of anxiousness, closing your eyes at night can become a fearsome experience.

Fortunately, there are many ways we can feel secure in our bedrooms and in our homes. Actions as simple as closing your bedroom door have substantial effects on your physical and emotional safety as you sleep. For instance, a closed bedroom door can help limit a house fire from spreading and reduce toxic smoke inhalation. Perhaps more relatable, a closed bedroom door helps ease your thoughts from considering what, or whom, might enter your home while you sleep.

Peace of mind is a powerful tool when getting to sleep. While, emergencies, natural disasters, or home invasions are exceedingly rare, knowing you’ve safeguarded yourself against these possible risks has a profound impact on your mental well-being.

Below, you can learn how to create an optimal bedroom set-up for emergencies, or look through the many different products that help you feel secure while you’re in bed.

Safe Sleeping Products