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Quick Overview

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Brothers Terry and Tony Pierce launched Purple in 2016. Although initially known for their unique mattresses, the Pierce brothers are now starting to make a name for themselves because of their Purple Bamboo Sheet Set. Purple makes its sheets using a bamboo-based viscose material, sometimes referred to as regenerated bamboo. The fabric is consists of 90 percent bamboo-based viscose and 10 percent spandex.

Purple’s bed sheets are thin, very breathable, and lightweight. They’re extremely stretchable, thanks in part to the spandex weaved into the fabric. Purple’s bed sheets are seamless in design, allowing them to lay flat and remain free of wrinkles.

Purple makes no mention of thread count as the brand feels that thread count number can be deceptive. It’s true that some manufacturers use less than honest methods to inflate thread count totals in an effort to claim superior comfort. Instead, Purple prefers to focus on the functionality and overall quality of their bed sheets.

The Purple Bamboo Sheet Set comes in four colors: white, sand, slate, and purple. The sheets are available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. All sets come with a flat sheet and fitted sheet. The Twin and Twin XL sheet sets include a single pillowcase; Full, Queen, King, and California King come with two pillowcases. The fitted sheet is stretchier than most fitted sheets, and will easily wrap around mattresses up to 16 inches deep.

Pros Cons
  • These sheets are incredibly soft.
  • The material is seamless and less likely to wrinkle.
  • The material stretches around and clings to bedding and will stay in place.
  • They’re unlikely to snag on the skin, allowing for additional comfort if you move around during the night.
  • They’re very breathable sheets and will wick away moisture.
  • Very little shrinkage after washing; what little shrinkage may isn’t very noticeable thanks to the incredible amount of stretch.
  • Sheets don’t come with a trial offer
  • There’s no return policy or money back guarantee.
  • Items can’t be bought separately.

Ratings and Recommendations

Category Rating What users are saying
Durability Good These sheets are made to wrap around the mattress and stay put. They will not move during the night. Additionally, they don’t show much shrinkage after washing.
Moisture-wicking Good The material absorbs moisture, making it very suitable for hot sleepers or anyone suffering from night sweats.
Breathability Very Good The sheets are thin and loose enough to be very breathable while not snagging the skin.
Cleaning Good Purple has precise instructions for how best to care for these sheets. If followed, it will help your sheets last and avoid damage.
Wrinkling Very Good These sheets are incredibly wrinkle resistant. They lay flat against the bed and have a very smooth, seamless look.

Who can benefit most from Purple Bamboo Sheets?

We find that Purple’s bamboo sheets are best suited for hot sleepers. The material is very thin, lightweight, and made from bamboo, which is usually even cooler than Egyptian cotton. Not only are they soft and cooling, but capable of wicking away sweat. Additionally, these sheets work great for those who live in warm climates or anyone in need of comfortable, soft sheets during hot summer months.

Our testing process found the Purple bed sheets would also be great for sleepers who move around at night

Some people don’t stay in one position during the night. Because of this, they may encounter problems with bedding that springs free from the mattress or becomes shifted around during the night. Because Purple’s sheets and pillowcase(s) lay flat and snug against the mattress, they’ll stay in place regardless of how much shifting you do during the night. If you’re someone with drier skin, especially during winter months, you don’t have to worry about the sheets snagging against your skin, allowing you to move freely once in bed.

About Purple Bamboo Sheets

Below you’ll find additional information about Purple’s Bamboo Sheet set that will help you decide if this bedding is the best fit for your bedroom.


Purple’s sheets and pillowcases are mostly made from a bamboo-based viscose material. For an added stretch, the fabric includes 10 percent Spandex. They’re designed to be seamless, which makes them resistant to wrinkling.

A heavy-duty elastic band is sewn around the bottom of the fitted sheet, which easily stretches to accommodate most mattresses. Purple’s sheets will grip the bed and stay in place, a great help when making the bed in the morning. The unique material is resistant to shrinkage, but because of the very stretchy nature of these sheets, any shrinkage after washing wouldn’t be noticeable.

Sizing and Pricing

Purple prices its bamboo bed sheets very competitively. There’s nothing like this fabric on the market, and it’s uniquely made to be both ultra-stretchy without sacrificing its extra soft nature. These sheets are among the most comfortable on the market and are worth buying if you’re in the market for durable, lightweight bamboo sheets.

The sheets are priced for a fitted sheet, flat sheet, at least one pillowcase; Full-size sheet sets and up come with a second pillowcase. Currently, Purple only makes its bed sheets available as part of a set; these items cannot be purchased separately.

Purple offers their sheets for free with the purchase of a mattress.

Size What’s Included Color Options Price
Twin/Twin XL 1 Fitted Sheet
1 Flat Sheet
1 Pillowcase
1 Fitted Sheet
1 Flat Sheet
2 Pillowcases
King/Cal King 1 Fitted Sheet
1 Flat Sheet
2 Pillowcases
Split King 2 TXL Fitted Sheets
1 King Flat Sheet
2 Pillowcases


Purple bamboo sheets are durable and well made. You can get the most out of them through responsible and gentle washing. Purple recommends that you machine wash the sheets cold and then line dry them. If you’d prefer, machine dry the fabric on the lowest heat and tumble setting. Avoid heat drying if at all possible. These sheets are not bleach-safe; bleaching could harm the elasticity of the fabric.

Return Policy and Warranty

Purple doesn’t offer a trial period for their sheets due to their intimate and unique nature. There’s no money back guarantee with the sheet purchase. If you want to be sure that Purple’s sheets are the right bedding choice for you before buying them, you can visit the Purple showroom in Alpine, Utah or try the sheets out at stores located throughout the United States.

The bed sheets do come with a warranty. If your sheets were purchased new from Purple or an authorized reseller and you find that they are faulty or defective, Purple will repair or replace them. This warranty extends up to one year from the original purchase. You should hold onto your original proof of purchase in the event you wish to have your sheets repaired or replaced. Purple does not consider damage due to neglect or improper care covered by the warranty.

Shipping and Delivery

Purple bed sheets usually ship within one to three days of your order. Exceptions exist for very popular sets. For example, instance Purple’s Queen size bamboo sheets are frequently their best sellers, especially in the trademark purple. The shipping period for those sheets could take upwards of three weeks. High demand items aside, once shipped, the sheet set should reach you in a few days.

Purple offers free shipping to customers in the contiguous United States.

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