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Quick Overview

Parachute, a company predominantly known for sheets and other bedding accessories, introduced its flagship bed – dubbed The Mattress – in 2019. The Mattress is a coil-on-coil hybrid. Its comfort system features a top layer of New Zealand wool, followed by three tiers of pocketed minicoils and a wool transitional layer. The support core is constructed with multi-gauge pocketed coils and a wool base. The bed also has a cover made of 100% organic cotton. The Mattress measures 13″ thick; in terms of firmness it is considered ‘Medium Firm,’ or a 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale.

The Mattress foregoes traditional comfort layer materials (such as memory foam or latex) in exchange for natural wool and pocketed minicoils. This design has some notable benefits, including exceptional temperature neutrality; the wool layer keeps sleepers warm in colder periods and helps wick away moisture and keep the bed cool when temperatures rise. Strong airflow through the coil layers also ensures a comfortable sleep experience for people who normally sleep hot.

The Mattress also offers strong edge reinforcement, leading to less sinkage around the perimeter of the bed, and its multi-gauge support core provides targeted support for the sleeper’s body. However, the bed’s design causes it to feel much different than a typical hybrid with foam or latex; the wool does not conform to the sleeper’s body as closely, and the mattress provides less motion isolation than most competing models.

The Mattress has a price-point that is considered on par with that of the average hybrid. Parachute offers free White Glove delivery – including in-home assembly and old mattress removal – to customers in the contiguous U.S.; comparatively, most competing brands charge at least $100 for this service on top of the listed product price. The Mattress is backed by a 90-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Read on to learn more about The Mattress in terms of construction, prices, and performance ratings. This guide also includes an overview of Parachute’s shipping, return, and warranty policies, along with some similar mattress recommendations.

  • Exceptional temperature neutrality
  • Very strong edge support
  • Longer-than-average expected lifespan
  • Free White Glove delivery to the contiguous U.S.
  • One firmness/thickness option
  • Less conforming and motion isolation than other hybrids
  • Noise potential
  • D+ Better Business Bureau rating

Medium Firm
Good for Hot Sleepers
Full sleep ratings
Durability VERY GOOD

WHAT USERS ARE SAYING:The Mattress from Parachute is constructed with several coil layers and natural fibers; its expected lifespan is about seven years, which is longer than the average hybrid.

Motion Isolation FAIR

WHAT USERS ARE SAYING:The Mattress isolates motion transfer to some extent, but some movement can still be felt throughout the bed when a sleeper gets up or shifts positions.

Off-gassing GOOD

WHAT USERS ARE SAYING:Off-gassing does not appear to be a major concern, though the natural wool does emit a distinct odor that some sleepers may find unpleasant.

Conforming FAIR

WHAT USERS ARE SAYING:The soft, natural wool comfort layers of The Mattress cushion the sleeper's body, but the material does not conform very closely.


WHAT USERS ARE SAYING:The Mattress is fairly responsive due to its multiple coil layers, and should be sufficient for most couples.

Temperature Neutrality VERY GOOD

WHAT USERS ARE SAYING:Strong airflow through the coil layers and moisture-wicking wool components allow The Mattress to sleep exceptionally cool, even compared to other hybrids.

Edge Support VERY GOOD

WHAT USERS ARE SAYING:Edge support is a key strength of The Mattress, which is reinforced with several coil layers, including a multi-gauge support core with thicker springs around the perimeter.

Noise GOOD

WHAT USERS ARE SAYING:The Mattress produces some squeaks and creaks, but the pocketed coils are quieter than other coil types (such as bonnell or offset).

What Type of Sleeper Is Best Suited for The Mattress from Parachute?

Based on our customer feedback, The Mattress has received the following grades among sleepers of different weights and preferred sleep positions. Please note that these ratings are subjective, and that everyone has varying experiences on different mattresses. Sleeper comfort and spinal support are the most important factors when it comes to selecting a mattress.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, back, stomach and combination sleepers.

Less than 130 LBS
130 LBS - 230 LBS
Greater than 230 LBS
Less than 130 LBS
130 LBS - 230 LBS
Greater than 230 LBS
Less than 130 LBS
130 LBS - 230 LBS
Greater than 230 LBS
Less than 130 LBS
130 LBS - 230 LBS
Greater than 230 LBS

The Mattress is ‘Medium Firm’ (6.5). This setting is considered optimal for sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds – particularly back and stomach sleepers, who typically need firmer beds for pain and pressure relief. The bed’s support core is constructed with thicker (low-gauge) coils support the midsection, where most of the sleeper’s weight is usually concentrated, while thinner (low-gauge) coils are located beneath the sleeper’s head and legs. This results in good alignment for most. The Mattress does not conform very closely; as a result, side sleepers may find it uncomfortable. It may also be too firm for anyone who weighs less than 130 pounds.

Our testing process found The Mattress should also be great for you if…

  • You have a relatively large mattress shopping budget
  • You tend to sleep hot
  • You prefer mattresses with thicker-than-average profiles
  • You would like to buy an eco-friendly bed

What You Need to Know About The Mattress from Parachute

Construction and Firmness

First, let’s see how The Mattress is constructed. The following table lists the bed’s firmness, thickness, and material composition specs. Please note that Parachute does not disclose the thicknesses of individual mattress layers.

Product Name Firmness Options Thickness Support Core Components Comfort Layer Components Cover Components
The Mattress 6.5 (Medium Firm) 13″ Zoned, Multi-gauge Pocketed Coils
Wool Insulator Base
New Zealand Wool
Pocketed Minicoils (3 Tiers)
Wool Insulator Pad
100% Organic Cotton

Firmness is rated on a scale of 1 to 10. For more information on how firmness is calculated, please visit our Mattress Firmness page.

Sizing and Pricing

The next table lists width, length, and thickness dimensions for The Mattress in each available size, along with current price-points.

Mattress Size Dimensions Thickness Price
Twin 38W” x 75L” 13″ $1,299
Twin Extra Long (XL) 38W” x 80L” 13″ $1,299
Full 53W” x 75L” 13″ $1,799
Queen 60W” x 80L” 13″ $1,899
King 76W” x 80L” 13″ $2,199
California King 72W” x 84L” 13″ $2,199

Availability: The Mattress is available for sale on Parachute’s official website, but not through or any other third-party retailers. Parachute operates brick-and-mortar showrooms in Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; Portland, OR; and Dallas, TX. However, these establishments are display-only and customers must order The Mattress online.

Parachute Coupons and Discounts

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Sleep trial 90 Nights
Refund Full
Warranty 10 years
Warranty Transfer Non Transferable
Full trial period and warranty details

Trial Period and Guarantee

Parachute offers a 90-night sleep trial for The Mattress.

  1. This sleep trial does not require a break-in period of any kind; customers may return their mattress at any point of the 90-night trial. However, Parachute urges customers to utilize the entire trial period.
  2. The trial begins on the date of delivery. Customers who wish to return their bed must arrange a mattress pick-up from their residence within 90 nights of the delivery date. The bed cannot be returned to a Parachute brick-and-mortar location or shipped back to the company.
  3. In the event of a return, customers receive a full product refund. The refund amount will be issued on the original method of payment.


Parachute offers a 10-year warranty for The Mattress:

  1. This warranty is entirely nonprorated.
  2. Warranty coverage kicks in on the purchase date. If a mattress defect develops, Parachute will make a ‘good faith’ effort to repair the bed; if the defect is irreparable, Parachute will replace the mattress at no extra cost to the owner.
  3. Warranty coverage is contingent on proper foundational support. Per Parachute: “Appropriate foundations are defined under this Limited Warranty as: solid platform beds, box springs, or any other solid support base that is capable of supporting the weight of the Mattress and its user(s). Additionally, appropriate foundations will match (or be larger than) the size of your Mattress (for instance, a King Mattress supported on a Queen foundation is not deemed appropriate and will not be eligible for warranty claims). If you are using a metal frame with your solid support base for Mattress sizes Full, Queen, King, or California King, this Limited Warranty shall be void if the foundation is not supported by a minimum of 5 legs, including a vertical center support leg. If you have a Twin sized Mattress, your Limited Warranty will be valid with the use of a 4-legged metal frame.”
  4. The warranty will cover the following defects:
    • Manufacturing or material defects that cause mattress components to split, rip, or crack despite normal handling and use.
  5. The warranty will not cover the following:
    • Normal increases in mattress softness and other forms of wear and tear that occur with normal usage.
    • Repair requests that occur due to changes in the owner’s firmness or texture preferences.
    • Burns, cuts, tears, stains, and other types of physical damage that occur due to misuse or neglect.
  6. This warranty is non-transferable. It is exclusively available to original owners who purchase their mattress from Parachute or an authorized retailer. Those who buy or acquire their mattress from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer will not qualify for warranty coverage.


How is the mattress shipped? Compressed, roll-packed, and shipped in a box
Where do they ship? The contiguous U.S. only
Full shipping details

Delivery Policy

The delivery policy for Parachute is as follows:

  1. All customers in the contiguous U.S. qualify for free White Glove delivery, which includes in-home assembly and old mattress removal. Customers may select a delivery date and time that is convenient for them.
  2. The Mattress is made-to-order. Most beds ship within two to three business days of the original order; once shipped, they typically take seven to 10 business days to reach their destination. However, the overall wait time will depend on the customer’s selected delivery date.

Old Mattress Removal

Old mattress removal is included with White Glove delivery, which is free for all customers.

Company Information

Customer Service

7 out of 10 owner experiences show that customers have had a positive experience with Parachute Home, irrespective of whether or not they liked their mattress.

Company History

Parachute Home was officially founded in 2013. The Mattress was introduced in 2019.

Physical Stores

Parachute operates brick-and-mortar showrooms in Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; Portland, OR; and Dallas, TX. However, these establishments are display-only and customers must order The Mattress online.

Contact Parachute

[email protected] | 1-888-967-8832 |

Find Parachute on Social

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Other Parachute Products

In addition to The Mattress, Parachute also offers the following sleep products:

How Does The Mattress from Parachute Compare to Other Beds?

As any consumer does with a product they’re considering, our mattress assessments naturally involve comparing them with other similar products. Be it composition, firmness, or price, we think it’s important to see how The Mattress stacks up to other beds.

The Mattress from Parachute boasts an uncommon construction that sets it apart from most competing hybrids. The bed features comfort layers of wool and pocketed minicoils, which offer exceptional temperature neutrality, while the multi-gauge pocketed coil support core provides strong overall support to the bed and sleeper. It has a longer-than-average expected lifespan, as well, and is considered eco-friendly due to its natural and organic components.

Check out our selections below if you’d like to see a few comparable mattresses.

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4" Natural Dunlop Latex (pillow-top)
100% Wool Fire Barrier
3-4" Latex
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3/4" Natural Eco-wool
1 1/4" Organic Cotton Batting
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SLEEP TRIAL 100 nights120 nights120 nights100 nights
WARRANTY LENGTH 25 Year, Limited20 year15 Year, Limited10 years
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