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The Motiv Ring Overview

Motiv imageMotiv’s co-founder Curt von Badinski previously revealed that the creation of the Motiv Ring began when he found himself overworked and struggling due to lack of sleep. He wanted to learn about his sleep habits and how he could make adjustments to help him sleep better each night. However, von Badinski wasn’t satisfied with the sleep tracking products already on the market.

Feeling that current sleep trackers focused more on tech first and less on comfort and a user-friendly design, von Badinski designed the Motiv Ring largely from scratch.

The end result is a product with many easy-to-use features condensed into a ring no heavier than a U.S. penny. The Motiv Ring is not only designed to keep track of your sleep habits but also lets you keep tabs on your calorie intake, resting heart rate, and overall fitness. It’s made to help you stay on top of your fitness goals while being just small enough to not interfere with your daily life.

Everything You Need to Know About the Motiv Ring Sleep Tracker

The Motiv Ring is designed to be both comfortable and practical while boasting several useful features. In the table below, you’ll learn about the different aspects of the Motiv Ring and what customers are saying.

Product Ratings:

Category Rating What Users Are Saying
Ease of Use Excellent The general consensus is that the Motiv Ring is very easy to use. The product works well out of the box and linking it to the app isn’t difficult. Once set up, you can quickly start keeping track of your sleep and fitness goals.
Sleep Tracking Accuracy Good Sleep tracking accuracy seemed to depend more or less on the activity level of the person using it. More active customers found the sleep tracking to be accurate while less active customers were more likely to complain that lounging during the day was mistaken for sleep activity.
Sleep Tracking Support Fair The information is very basic and easy to follow, and customers who needed to know how much sleep they were getting felt it helped them make adjustments. However, some felt that there wasn’t enough information to judge sleep quality, such as the amount of time spent in the different stages of sleep.
Additional Features Very Good Motiv’s security feature is very new, and early response is positive, especially with Motiv having security measures in place to avoid security breaches should you lose your ring.
Price Fair The tech is quite useful and many customers feel it justifies the price. However, the ring isn’t seen as durable enough, which might cause some to view the smart ring as overpriced.
Battery Life Very Good Users do feel the Motiv Ring has a good amount of battery life, especially for such a small fitness tracker. The average user reported a battery life of about three or four days without needing a charge. The ring reportedly holds a good charge for the first few months, but some customers report the need for more frequent charges later on.

Sleep Tracking

One pitfall of many sleep trackers is that they aren’t comfortable enough for people to want to wear them consistently. With the Motiv Ring this typically isn’t the case. Though some adjustment might be needed for those not used to wearing rings, it’s generally considered to be comfortable enough to wear to sleep, ensuring consistent and accurate sleep tracking every night.

A key strength of the Motiv sleep tracker is that it starts working once you’re actually asleep rather than when you lay down. It accurately measures your resting heart rate and uses this data to determine when you’ve fallen asleep. From that point, the tracker monitors your movements during sleep, making note of any restless behavior or sleep interruptions during the night.

The next day, the Motiv Ring shows you approximately how many hours of sleep you got the night before. It also tracks your weekly average. This information can be used to make nightly adjustments to improve your sleep hygiene, ultimately allowing you to get the recommended amount of sleep. For adults, that’s anywhere from seven to nine hours each night.

The sleep tracker isn’t overly complex or loaded with excessive features. Instead, It’s made to answer your most basic questions about how well you sleep and work with the other fitness tracking tools to help monitor your overall health.

Additional Features

The Motiv Ring provides personalized fitness tracking insights, letting you keep tabs on your activity level, the number of steps taken, total distance traveled, caloric intake, and your resting heart rate. This information is all displayed through the Motiv app, which allows you to set daily fitness goals. The app will automatically adjust your goals as you reach them over time, allowing you to seamlessly improve your fitness aims and avoid a plateau.

If you want to be accountable to a group such as family and friends, you’re able to share your fitness information through the “Circles” feature. Motiv even makes it possible to share your fitness information through social media.

The Motiv Ring is even more than just a sleep or fitness tracker. One neat feature is its function as a security key. The two-step verification process works by using Motiv’s WalkID technology to identify you based on the way you walk. Additionally, you’ll also never have to worry about misplacing your phone again thanks to the ring’s Find My Phone feature.


Motiv Ring takes great care to ensure that you don’t need to worry about getting the wrong sized product. They offer seven ring sizes to choose from and offer a Home Try-On option. With this option, you’re sent a kit that lets you find the right fit for the preferred finger. After you’ve received the kit and selected your preferred size and ring color, a few days later, you get your Motiv Ring.

Because Motiv doesn’t use standard size measurements, it’s not a good idea to pass on the home-try-on process, even if you’re confident you know your ring size.


The MotivRing is on the pricier end of the wearable fitness tracker spectrum. This is due to the tech required to make a fitness tracker of this size that is still every bit as functional as its competitors. A highly durable and efficient product, those with the budget to buy it will likely see it as a smart purchase in the end.

Battery Life

The Motiv Ring has a custom-designed curved lithium-ion battery. Typical battery life is up to three days, depending on the amount of use. The more active you are, the more frequently you may need to charge your smart ring.

The ring connects magnetically to a charging dock; the charger can then be connected to a USB port or UL-certified plug. Motiv doesn’t recommend connecting the charger to a USB hub.


When Motiv launched, its app was for iPhones only. Due to growing popularity, the Motiv is now compatible with Android phones. You have the option to export your data from the Motiv app to Apple Health. Additionally, integration options exist for Google Fit and Alexa.

Other Considerations when Shopping for the Motiv Ring

Care and Maintenance

The Motiv Ring has a titanium outer layer and a scratch-resistant coat, both of which allow it to stand up to normal wear and tear. Because it’s worn on the finger, you should be mindful of scraping against sharp surfaces, as it can cause scuff marks. To avoid excess scuffing, you should wear your Motiv Ring on your non-dominant hand.

The ring is resistant to water damage and will work in water up to 165 feet deep; you can wear it in the shower, the swimming pool, or while washing dishes.

To avoid damage, it may be necessary to remove the ring while lifting weights. If you’d prefer to keep the ring on for fitness tracking, Motiv recommends wearing gloves to avoid scratches.

Shipping and Delivery

You can order the Motiv Ring within the United States or internationally. Motiv ships to customers in Canada, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Free priority shipping is available to US customers through USPS Priority mail. Items shipped to American customers typically leave the warehouse within one business day and arrive within three business days.

International customers are directed to make their purchases through another website. Shipping speed depends on your location and the season.

Return Policy and Warranty

Motiv offers a 45-day window during which you can return your ring for a full refund or exchange it for another one. If you’re not satisfied with your Motiv Ring fitness tracker, contact customer support. Make sure you hold onto your proof of purchase as its required for getting your refund or exchange. You must send back the ring and any additional accessories, and you are limited to one exchange during the 45-day window. Motiv suggests using a shipping tracker for returned items as added security.

Motiv Rings are covered by a one-year limited warranty, during which you can exchange a defective ring for a new or refurbished product. Motiv does not claim responsibility for any damage caused by normal wear and tear, abuse, or failure to properly follow product care instructions.

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