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Helix Mattress Coupon

Written by Keith Cushner

Helix Mattress Discount & Promo Offer

Helix Mattress Discount & Promo Offer

Sale Details

  • Helix offers $100 off + 2 dream pillows with purchase of any mattress with code TUCK100
  • Or get $150 + 2 dream pillows on any purchase of $1,250 or more with code TUCK150
  • If you make a purchase of $1,750 or more, take $200 off and get 2 dream pillows with code TUCK200
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Helix Mattress Discount & Promo Offer


Shop Now

Claiming Your Helix Coupon

  1. Click the link or orange tab to be taken to the Helix website
  2. Choose your mattress and add it to the cart. When you’re satisfied with your order, select “Checkout.”
  3. If you’re purchasing a Helix mattress that costs less than $1,250, type TUCK100 into the “Discount Code” box. If you are purchasing a Helix mattress that costs between $1,250 and $1,750, type TUCK150. If you are purchasing a mattress that costs more than $1,750, type TUCK200. Next, click “Apply.”
  4. Complete your order to receive the discount.

More about this Helix Mattress Coupon

With this deal, Tuck helps you save money on Helix’s standard, LUXE, and Plus mattresses. Our readers get $100 off their Helix mattresses and two dream pillows when they use the TUCK100 code. Alternatively, they can save $150 and receive two dream pillows by entering code TUCK150 during checkout on orders over $1,250. Additionally, for orders over $1,750, Helix offers Tuck readers $200 off and two dream pillows with code TUCK200.

Shoppers can only use one discount per order; offers cannot be combined.

About Helix

What if you could take the guesswork out of shopping for a new mattress, knowing up front that the one you buy will be best suited to your needs? This is what Helix strives to do with their personalized sleep quiz. By answering a few simple questions about your sleep position, height, weight, and firmness preferences, Helix will recommend the best mattress for you.

Some mattresses, such as the Helix Nightfall, contain an extra layer of foam and high-density materials to accommodate heavier bodied sleepers. Meanwhile, lighter-weight sleepers will prefer the plush comfort provided by the Helix Moonlight Luxe mattress. Helix goes above and beyond to determine the unique sleep needs of their customers and then recommend the mattress that is most suited for them.

Helix offers two collections of mattresses: the standard Helix mattresses and the Helix Luxe collection. Helix’s original mattresses are “hybrids,” which means they contain three layers of foam and a layer of individually wrapped spring coils. The mattresses have a soft, stretchy top cover layer and a second cover layer that provides enhanced airflow and breathability.

The Luxe collection has all of this in addition to special upgrade features such as a quilted pillow top with “Ultra Cool Cover” technology and four inches of extra height.

No matter which collection you choose, we’re confident the applied coupon will help you find the Helix mattress that will best fit your sleep needs.

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