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GhostBed Flex Mattress Review

Written by Jackson Lindeke

GhostBed Flex Mattress Review

The Bottom Line.

  • Plush gel memory foam and pocketed coils provide an even balance of support and pressure relief in the GhostBed Flex.
  • Airflow through the coils helps the mattress sleep cool.
  • Minimal motion transfer and reinforced edges allow full use of the mattress and reduce disruptions when sharing the bed.

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GhostBed Flex Mattress Overview

GhostBed was launched in 2015 by Nature’s Sleep and the company currently produces four mattresses, including the flagship GhostBed and the GhostBed Luxe, as well as several other bedding products. This review will focus on the company’s first hybrid, the GhostBed Flex Mattress.

The GhostBed Flex is a memory foam hybrid mattress which incorporates fiber padding, memory foam, and polyfoam comfort layers. All of this rests on a pocketed coil support core with a high-density polyfoam base. The mattress has a 13-inch profile and medium firm feel, or a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale with 10 being the firmest.

This comprehensive breakdown of the GhostBed Flex will cover materials, construction, and feel of the GhostBed Flex, including how it compares to some other similar mattresses. We’ll end our review with some background information about the company and practical details regarding shipping, sleep trial, and warranty policies.

Table of Contents

Full Video Review

Ratings Summary

Construction & Feel

Ratings Breakdown

Pricing & Discounts

Mattress Comparisons


Meet Our Testing Team
  • Individuals who weigh at least 130 pounds. The GhostBed Flex has a medium firm feel that provides the best pressure relief to average weight and heavyweight sleepers.
  • Couples. Sturdy edges increase the usable sleep surface while pocketed coils and memory foam reduce motion transfer, reducing nighttime disruptions when sharing the bed with a partner.
  • Those who sleep hot. Comfort layers with cooling features and abundant airflow through the pocketed coils help the bed keep a neutral temperature through the night.

Not Recommended for...

  • Lightweight individuals. Individuals who weigh less than 130 pounds tend to be more comfortable on a mattress with softer comfort layers, such as an all-foam mattress.
  • Those who prefer close-conforming beds. The memory foam provides some contouring, but the GhostBed Flex has thinner comfort layers and does not offer the full-body “hug” of an all-foam mattress, so some individuals may find it too firm.

Tuck's Video Review

We’ve prepared a detailed review of the GhostBed Flex, but you can also watch the video below to see how our sleep team rated the mattress.

Ratings Summary

Tuck’s testing team conducted an extensive evaluation of the GhostBed Flex Mattress. Our review and rating process consists of three parts: in-house evaluation, external sleep testing, and data collection of verified owner experiences. To learn more about our review process, read our methodology here.

Our performance criteria and ratings for the bed are listed in the table below.

Mattress Performance Ratings

Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Neutrality
Edge Support
Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Neutrality
Edge Support


The GhostBed Flex – like other hybrids with relatively thin comfort systems – has a longer-than-average expected lifespan of seven years.



The GhostBed Flex – like other hybrids with relatively thin comfort systems – has a longer-than-average expected lifespan of seven years.


Motion Isolation

Thanks to its memory foam comfort layers, the GhostBed Flex absorbs and minimizes motion transfer to a noticeable extent.


Motion Isolation

Thanks to its memory foam comfort layers, the GhostBed Flex absorbs and minimizes motion transfer to a noticeable extent.



The GhostBed Flex is associated with minimal off-gassing, which is typical of hybrids with good air circulation.



The GhostBed Flex is associated with minimal off-gassing, which is typical of hybrids with good air circulation.


Pressure Relief

The bed's memory foam layers offer moderate but consistent conforming that should alleviate aches and pains for most sleepers who weigh 130 lbs. or more.


Pressure Relief

The bed's memory foam layers offer moderate but consistent conforming that should alleviate aches and pains for most sleepers who weigh 130 lbs. or more.


Temperature Neutrality

A cooling cover and good airflow throughout the coil layer allows the GhostBed Flex to sleep cool and comfortable for most.


Temperature Neutrality

A cooling cover and good airflow throughout the coil layer allows the GhostBed Flex to sleep cool and comfortable for most.


Edge Support

Like many hybrids with similar materials and designs, the GhostBed Flex provides sturdy, long-lasting edge support and should not sink prematurely.


Edge Support

Like many hybrids with similar materials and designs, the GhostBed Flex provides sturdy, long-lasting edge support and should not sink prematurely.



The GhostBed Flex may produce occasional squeaks and creaks, but its overall noise potential is fairly low.



The GhostBed Flex may produce occasional squeaks and creaks, but its overall noise potential is fairly low.



The GhostBed Flex has some responsiveness, but couples seeking a springier bed may want to opt for a traditional innerspring.



The GhostBed Flex has some responsiveness, but couples seeking a springier bed may want to opt for a traditional innerspring.

The GhostBed Flex performed very well across most of our ratings. For a closer look at the experience of sleeping on the mattress, jump to our ratings breakdown.

Sleep Position Ratings

As part of our ratings process, we evaluated the GhostBed Flex Mattress across different body types and preferred sleep positions. In addition to physical testing, we surveyed our sleep expert team and analyzed reviews from verified mattress owners and customers. Our findings are listed in the table below.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, back, stomach and combination sleepers.

Weight Light Average Heavy
Sleep Position Less than 130 LBS 130 LBS - 230 LBS Greater than 230 LBS

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How Is the GhostBed Flex Mattress Constructed?



Made of a sleek viscose-polyester blend, the cover of the GhostBed Flex is engineered to feel cool to the touch. It’s quilted with an inch of fiber padding designed to promote airflow, plus another inch of plush gel memory foam that provides contouring pressure relief.

Comfort Layers

The main comfort layer consists of an additional inch of memory foam for added pressure relief. Like the layer above it, this memory foam is infused with gel beads designed to draw heat away from the sleeper’s body.

Transitional Layer

Between the comfort layers and the coil support base is an inch of plush polyfoam that provides additional contouring and acts as a transitional layer to prevent sleepers from hitting the firmer support layers.

Support Layers

In the support core are 8.5 inches of individually wrapped coils, with two rows of higher-gauge coils on the edges to provide extra reinforcement. The coil count in the queen mattress is 682, which is a little on the low side and may shorten the lifespan of the mattress. An inch of high-density polyfoam provides a base for the coils.

Mattress Height

The GhostBed Flex is 13 inches tall. This is taller than the average mattress but on par with other hybrid mattresses, as they need room for the comfort layers above the pocketed coils. With 4 inches of comfort and transitional layers, the GhostBed Flex should provide a good enough cradle to relieve most pressure points, especially in average weight and heavyweight sleepers.

Customers should keep in mind that taller mattresses require fitted sheets with a deeper pocket. Moreover, our team found the cover quite sleek, which sometimes caused the sheets to slip off.

Product Name Firmness Thickness Support Core Components Comfort Layer Components Cover Components
GhostBed Flex 6 (Medium Firm) 13″ 8.5” Pocketed Coils

1” HD Polyfoam Base

1” Fiber Padding

1” Gel Memory Foam

1” Gel Memory Foam

1” Transitional Polyfoam

Polyester-Viscose Blend

What Are the Firmness and Feel Like?

GhostBed describes the mattress as between a 5.5 and a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The Tuck team agreed, rating the bed as a 6 out of 10, or medium firm. This places the mattress in the “sweet spot” between 5 and 7 that appeals to the vast majority of sleepers.

The memory foam layers allow the sleeper to sink into the mattress, conforming closely and preventing pressure build-up. In the support core, the springs provide a responsive base that keeps sleepers aloft and helps promote spinal alignment, leading to a balanced feel between sleeping “in” and “on” the mattress.

Overall, this balanced feel is most suitable for individuals who weigh at least 130 pounds, although pressure points were minimal in our lightweight sleep testers as well.

Ratings Breakdown

Performance Ratings

Next, let’s take a closer look at our performance ratings for the GhostBed Mattress. These ratings are based on findings from our internal and external testing teams, as well as verified owner and customer experiences with the mattress.


Since the GhostBed Flex was only released in 2015, we’re primarily basing our assessment of its durability on its materials and construction. Judging by this, we expect the mattress to have a comparatively long lifespan of about seven years

Hybrid mattresses vary widely in durability as they have so many different components. The GhostBed Flex has less soft foams than other mattresses, which may prolong its lifespan before it starts to develop permanent body impressions. We recommend rotating the mattress from head-to-foot every 3 months to prevent these indentations from forming so quickly.

The Ghost Bed Flex’s coil count is on the low side for a hybrid mattress. Because of this, the coils may start to break down earlier than some hybrids. On the other hand, pocketed coils still last longer than all-foam support cores, and the high-density polyfoam base also helps ensure a longer lifespan.

Motion Isolation


To test motion isolation in the GhostBed Flex, we asked our heavyweight sleep tester to change positions and get in and out of bed, while another sleeper felt for movement on the other side of the bed. The team found little to no motion transfer, especially when the two individuals were at least 6 to 8 inches away from each other.

The inherent bounce of any coil mattresses naturally transfers some motion across the sleep surface. However, the pocketed coils in the GhostBed Flex absorb much more motion compared with the interconnected coils in a traditional innerspring mattress. Memory foam in the comfort layers and high-density polyfoam in the base also help to isolate motion, making this mattress a workable option for couples.


As with any foam mattress, our team noticed some odors when the mattress first arrived, but these were not bothersome and did not linger. The GhostBed Flex has less foam layers than other hybrid mattresses, and airflow through the coils helps the odors dissipate. All foams in the GhostBed Flex are CertiPUR-US certified and low in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Pressure Relief


Our sleep team used a pressure mapping tool to identify pressure points throughout the testers’s bodies when laying on the GhostBed Flex. When lying on the sensory pad, sleepers across all weight categories found ample pressure relief in the GhostBed Flex mattress.

In-house and out-of-house sleep testers agreed that the layers of gel memory foam and the polyfoam transitional layer allow just the right amount of sink to alleviate pressure points that commonly form in heavier body parts, such as the hips and shoulders. Even lightweight sleepers, who often find mattresses too firm, felt sufficiently cradled in the GhostBed Flex.

Temperature Neutrality

Our sleep team rated the GhostBed Flex as fairly temperature neutral. As a hybrid mattress, the GhostBed Flex allows strong airflow through the coils which helps it sleep significantly cooler than the average all-foam mattress.

The fiber padding in the cover is intended to promote airflow, and the memory foam is infused with gel beads which are meant to help it sleep cooler. However, people who tend to sleep hot may find the mattress still traps some heat in the comfort layers.

Edge Support


Hybrid mattresses tend to have better edge support than most other types, and all of our sleep testers were able to sleep near the edge and even sit on the edge of the bed without feeling like they were falling off. This is mainly due to the higher-gauge coils used around the edges.

While it may fall short of the edge support provided by a traditional innerspring mattress, the relatively thin comfort layers allow sleepers to sink just several inches into the mattress before being bolstered by the pocketed coil support layer.


Unsurprisingly, we found that the GhostBed Flex mattress produced some subtle squeaks and creaks when our sleep testers switched positions or got in and out of bed. This is typical of hybrid mattresses and is due to the coils in the support core, which have a tendency to produce more noise as time goes on.

The comfort layers help muffle some of the noise, and pocketed coils make less noise than traditional innerspring mattresses. However, sensitive sleepers may prefer an all-foam or latex mattress, both of which are virtually silent.


According to our sleep team, the GhostBed Flex offers the perfect blend of attributes for sex. A moderate amount of bounce from the pocketed coils facilitates motion, while the memory foam comfort layers provide just the right amount of traction. Strong edges allow couples to use the full surface of the bed.

The only slight disadvantage is the somewhat noisy coil layer, which may inhibit couples who wish to be discreet.

Sleeper Ratings

Because sleeper ratings can vary depending on body type and position preference, the Tuck sleep team comprises a variety of different sleeper profiles. While the mattress was ranked highly by all of our sleep testers, the sleeper rating section will discuss how the feel of the GhostBed Flex changed according to the experiences of our different testers.

Lightweight Sleepers – Less than 130 lbs.


Across the board, lightweight sleepers on our testing team found a good level of pressure relief and support in the GhostBed Flex. The comfort layers of the mattress offer close conforming for heavier body areas like hips and shoulders, while the quilted fiber padding and gel memory foam add some initial plushness to prevent the bed from feeling too firm.

Back sleepers tend to prefer mattresses that offer a balanced feel, and the GhostBed Flex kept our back sleepers aloft while cradling the body to reduce pressure build-up. Lightweight stomach sleepers on our team felt properly supported under the hips, keeping the spine properly aligned and leading to a comfortable night’s sleep. Side sleepers sank a little further into the mattress, but received sufficient pressure relief so as not to experience undue pain in the hips or shoulders.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 to 230 lbs.


Average weight sleep testers gave the GhostBed Flex the highest ratings, with back sleepers in particular finding that the bed evenly distributed their body weight. The pocketed coil support core supports spinal alignment no matter the sleep position, while the comfort layers contour to the body and prevent pressure points.

Typical of a hybrid mattress, the GhostBed Flex combines pressure relief and support for a balanced feel that is best suited to average weight sleepers. Side sleepers on our team experienced minimal pressure in the hips and shoulders thanks to the comfort layers, while the pocketed coil layer provided adequate support for the hips in stomach sleepers.

Heavyweight Sleepers – More than 230 lbs.


More than the other groups, our heavyweight sleepers described the feeling of sleeping on the GhostBed Flex as sleeping “in,” not “on,” the mattress. Individuals who weigh more than 230 pounds will sink just far enough into the mattress to experience the pressure-relieving cradle. Meanwhile, the combination of pocketed coils and high-density polyfoam in the base layers form a stable support core that promote proper spinal alignment in most heavyweight sleepers.

Back sleepers and stomach sleepers on our testing team were properly supported in the hips and lumbar area. Side sleepers found that their hips and shoulders were cushioned enough to relieve pressure points, while still keeping the spine aligned.

Pricing and Discounts

  • Twin $1,045
  • Twin XL $1,250
  • Full $1,375
  • Queen $1,485
  • King $1,785
  • California King $1,825
  • Split King $2,500

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How Does the GhostBed Flex Mattress Compare to Other Beds?

There are many hybrid mattresses with similar designs to the GhostBed Flex. To help you in your mattress search, we’ve outlined the key differences between some of its leading competitors, as well as the other GhostBed models.

GhostBed Flex vs. The GhostBed

The flagship GhostBed is an all-foam mattress with aerated latex, gel memory foam, and a high-density polyfoam core. The mattress is 11 inches tall and ranks a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, or medium firm.

As an all-foam mattress, the GhostBed lacks the reinforced edges provided by the coils in the GhostBed Flex. This can cause sagging along the perimeter and is not ideal for people who sleep near the edge of the bed. On the other hand, the GhostBed is completely silent when bearing weight, which is better for sensitive sleepers.

Although usually a key strength of all-foam mattresses, both these models do a good job of providing pressure relief and isolating motion transfer. However, heavyweight sleepers are better suited to the GhostBed Flex, which provides extra support thanks to the coil layer. The coils in the GhostBed Flex also allow airflow and provide more responsiveness, meaning this mattress will be better for sex, combination sleepers, and those who tend to sleep hot.

The GhostBed is quite a lot cheaper than the GhostBed Flex, but the GhostBed Flex offers advantages that may be worth the price for some sleepers.

Read our full GhostBed Mattress Review.

GhostBed Flex vs. GhostBed Luxe

The GhostBed Luxe is an all-foam mattress that incorporates gel memory foam and phase-change materials into the cover designed to keep sleepers cool. Gel memory foam and polyfoam comfort layers rest atop a high-density polyfoam base. In total, the mattress is 13 inches thick with a medium firmness level, or 5 out of 10.

The plusher GhostBed Luxe provides extra pressure relief for lightweight sleepers, but may cause some sagging in the hips for heavyweight individuals who sleep on their back or stomach. Both mattresses perform similarly on motion isolation and pressure relief. Despite being an all-foam mattress, the GhostBed Luxe also holds its own in responsiveness and edge support, and the cooling materials help give the mattress excellent temperature neutrality.

The GhostBed Luxe is priced on the high side for an all-foam mattress, giving it a similar price-point to the GhostBed Flex.

Read our full GhostBed Luxe Mattress Review.

GhostBed Flex vs. Casper Hybrid

One of the latest mattresses released by Casper is the Casper Hybrid, a hybrid mattress with memory foam and polyfoam comfort layers and a support core constructed with individually wrapped coils. The Casper Hybrid is considered medium, or 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, and measures 12 inches tall.

With its “medium” feel, the Casper Hybrid supplies better pressure relief and is best suited to lightweight individuals. The pressure relief comes at the expense of responsiveness, which is better in the GhostBed Flex. Heavyweight sleepers require a firmer surface and a more robust support core, and should therefore opt for the GhostBed Flex.

The Casper Hybrid has surprisingly weak edges for a hybrid mattress, leading to potential feelings of instability around the perimeter. This may be a problem for people who share the bed, as it reduces the usable sleep surface. On the other hand, the Casper Hybrid doesn’t produce as much noise as the GhostBed Flex, causing less disruption to a sleep partner.

The Casper Hybrid and GhostBed Flex are priced in the same range but the Casper Hybrid is slightly more affordable, which may be the deciding factor for some shoppers.

Read our full Casper Hybrid Mattress Review.

GhostBed Flex vs. WinkBed

With four firmness options and thick layers of polyfoam and micro-coils over a zoned support core of pocketed coils, the WinkBed aims to appeal to a wide range of sleeper profiles. The mattress is 14.5 inches tall and its firmness levels are Soft (4.5), Luxury Firm (6.5), Firmer (7.5), and Plus (8). The Plus version replaces the micro-coils with a layer of latex, and all four models have a cotton lumbar pad for additional lower back support.

The WinkBed Plus provides above-average support for heavyweight sleepers, and between them, the other WinkBed models rank highly across sleeper profiles as well. A polyfoam casing around the perimeter of the WinkBed adds extra reinforcement to the edges.

For its part, the GhostBed ranks better on motion isolation. Both mattresses succeed at preventing heat build-up and alleviating pressure points. The WinkBed and GhostBed Flex have comparable price-points, while the WinkBed Plus is a little more costly.

Read our full WinkBeds Mattress Review.

GhostBed Flex vs. Brentwood Home Oceano

The Brentwood Home Oceano incorporates organic wool, gel memory foam, pocketed coils, and polyfoam in the comfort layers, with a pocketed coil support core. In terms of firmness the mattress is similar to the GhostBed Flex at 6 out of 10, or medium firm. The Oceano has a 14.5 inch profile.

A thin layer of wool underneath the cover improves breathability in the Brentwood Home Oceano, giving it temperature regulation abilities that are on par with the GhostBed Flex. Like the GhostBed Flex, the Brentwood Home Oceano has lower-gauge coils along the perimeter to reinforce the edges.

In conjunction with the gel memory foam, the microcoils in the Brentwood Home Oceano provide a pressure-relieving cradle which lightweight individuals find very comfortable. Nevertheless, this mattress allows too much sagging in individuals over 230 pounds, for whom the GhostBed Flex is a better choice.

Although the mattresses are sold at almost exactly the same price, we expect the Brentwood Home Oceano to have a slightly longer lifespan, which would make it a better investment, all other things being equal.

Read our full Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress Review.

GhostBed Flex vs. Helix Midnight

The Helix Midnight is a budget-friendly hybrid mattress measuring 12 inches tall. The mattress combines gel memory foam, a transitional layer of polyfoam, and a pocketed coil support core resting on a high-density polyfoam base. The mattress has a medium firmness level, or 5.5 out of 10. Like the GhostBed Flex, the Helix Midnight offers a balance of support and pressure relief.

Because of the extra inch in its comfort layer section, the GhostBed Flex performs better on motion isolation, pressure relief, and temperature neutrality. The GhostBed Flex also provides more support for individuals over 130 pounds, while the Helix Midnight may be slightly more comfortable for lightweight individuals who sleep on their back.

The major advantage of the Helix Midnight is its competitive pricing. The Helix Midnight is a good entry-level option for shoppers who want a hybrid mattress but can’t afford the prices they usually retail at.

Read our full Helix Mattress Review.


GhostBed Flex


GhostBed Luxe

Casper Hybrid



Helix Midnight

MATTRESS TYPE HybridLatexFoamHybridInnerspringHybridHybrid
PRICE RANGE $1,285.00$895.00$1,375.00$1,195$1,299$1,495$899
FIRMNESS OPTION 6655.54.5,6.5,7.565.5
AVAILABILITY onlineonlineonlineonline, in-storeonlineonlineonline
SLEEP TRIAL 101 nights101 nights101 nights100 nights120 nights120 nights100 nights
WARRANTY LENGTH 25 Year20 Year25 years10 Year, LimitedLifetime25 Year, Limited10 Year, Limited
Tap here to see more mattress stats

GhostBed Flex Mattress FAQ

  • Sleep Trial 101 nights, 30-day break-in period

  • Shipping All 50 U.S. states

  • Warranty 25-year, limited

  • Made In USA

  • Where Can I Buy the GhostBed Flex Mattress? 

    The GhostBed Flex Mattress is available for purchase through the GhostBed website or through third-party retailers such as Amazon.

  • Where Do They Ship? 

    GhostBed mattresses ship to all 50 U.S. states, with an extra $600 fee for orders to Hawaii and Alaska.

  • White Glove Delivery?

    Available in the contiguous U.S. for a $199 fee.

  • Old Mattress Removal?

    Old mattress removal is included with White Glove delivery.

  • Full Delivery Policy

    The full delivery policy for the GhostBed Flex is as follows:

    1. The GhostBed Flex is shrinkwrapped and compressed for shipping. To unbox the mattress, place it on the foundation, unfold it, and carefully remove the plastic. The bed should spring to almost its full size within a matter of seconds, but should be given another 24 to 48 hours to reach its original shape.
    2. Most GhostBed Flex mattresses arrive within 2-5 business days of placing the order. Mattresses ship free via FedEx within the contiguous U.S. Customers in Alaska and Hawaii are responsible for covering the $600 freight fee.
    3. Customers who wish to add White Glove delivery plus old mattress removal to their order may do so for an additional charge of $199 (1-2 items) or $299 (3 or more items). A third party provider will get in touch within 3-5 business days to arrange a delivery time. Customers who order a mattress with White Glove delivery do not qualify for the sleep trial.
  • Trial Period and Warranty Details

    Trial period

    1. The GhostBed Flex is backed by a 101-night sleep trial. This trial period has a mandatory 30-night break-in period to allow time for adjusting to the feel of the new mattress. Between 30 nights and 101 nights, customers who don’t like the feel of the mattress can return it and receive a full refund.
    2. The company will arrange for the mattress to be recycled or donated to a local charity and will issue the refund, usually within 3 business days.
    3. The sleep trial is offered so that customers can try out the feel of the GhostBed Flex before committing to the purchase. The sleep trial does not apply in cases of ordering errors, cancellation requests, sizing issues, financial issues, or other changes in circumstances. Mattresses with stains, rips, or other signs of damage may not be returned under the terms of the sleep trial.
    4. Sleep trial returns are limited to one mattress per household and are only applicable to original purchasers of mattresses bought from the GhostBed website. Mattresses outside the contiguous U.S. do not qualify for the sleep trial. Mattresses purchased on Amazon are subject to Amazon’s 30-day return policy and customers should organize the mattress return through Amazon directly. Mattresses purchased on Groupon do not come with a trial period.
    5. Customers may contact the company if they wish to exchange their mattress for another model.


    1. Nature’s Sleep backs the GhostBed Flex with a 25-year limited warranty. During this time, mattresses with workmanship or structural defects will be repaired or replaced at the company’s discretion.
    2. During the first 10 years, the company will bear the cost of repair or replacement, minus handling and transportation costs. From years 11 through 25, mattresses will be either repaired for a handling charge, or replaced at a prorated charge plus transportation costs. This charge starts at 50 percent in year 11 and will increase by 5 percent in years 12 to 15, 4 percent in years 16 to 20, and 1 percent from then on. The warranty covers visible, permanent body impressions at least 1 inch deep and physical flaws that cause splits or cracks.
    3. The warranty does not apply to mattresses who have used the mattresses with an insufficiently supportive foundation, including bases with slats more than 4 inches apart, or mattresses that otherwise have been subjected to improper usage or handling. Normal changes in feel or decrease in the recovery feature of the material that do not affect the performance, including pressure-relieving qualities, of the mattress are not covered under the warranty. Decrease of cooling properties may occur over time and are not covered under the warranty.
    4. Only original owners who purchased the mattress through an authorized dealer are eligible for the warranty. Customers must register their product on GhostBed.com within 30 days of purchase in order for the warranty to be valid. Any warranty claims must be substantiated with proof of purchase listing purchase date, place, and price.
    5. The mattress cover has a separate 1-year warranty guaranteeing it against material and workmanship faults. This warranty shall be void for covers that have been physically abused, damaged, soiled, cut, torn, or burned.

Company Information

  • Customer Service

    8 out of 10 owner experiences show customers have had a positive experience with GhostBed, irrespective of whether or not they liked their mattress.

  • Company History

    Nature’s Sleep was founded in 2001 and the first GhostBed was launched in 2015. The GhostBed Flex came out in February 2019.

  • BBB Rating

    Nature’s Sleep, operating under Werner Media Partners LLC, has earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau.

  • Physical Stores

    The GhostBed Flex is not available in stores but customers can try it out in the GhostBed showroom in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

  • Contact GhostBed

    [email protected] | 1-855-855-4499 | GhostBed.com

  • Find GhostBed on Social

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