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Fisher & Paykel CPAP Machine Reviews

Written by Keith Cushner

Fisher & Paykel CPAP Machine Reviews

The Bottom Line.

  • The ICON+ Auto from Fisher & Paykel is an auto-titrating CPAP machine that adjusts pressure levels based on breathing patterns.
  • All models are sleek, compact, and user friendly.
  • The brand also offers two fixed-pressure CPAP machines, the advanced ICON+ Premo and the more basic ICON+ Novo.

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General Overview

Quick Summary

Since its founding in 1934, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has risen to become a top manufacturer in the realm of respiratory care and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) therapy. The New Zealand-based company distributes CPAP machines, humidification systems, and other respiratory care equipment  to hospitals and individual consumers in more than 120 countries.

Striving to improve patient lives through thoughtful design, Fisher & Paykel engineers CPAP machines to be straightforward for both sleep specialists and everyday patients to operate. The company currently offers three different CPAP machines: the ICON + Auto,  ICON + Premo, and ICON + Novo. All ICON+ devices feature built-in humidifiers with heated tubes, and utilize an advanced ThermoSmart Technology algorithm to minimize condensation while optimizing humidity levels.

Fisher & Paykel’s ICON+ CPAP machines are all sleek, compact, and user friendly, but are differentiated by performance features. This guide will delve into the differences between the three Fisher & Paykel machines, comparing specs, discussing pros and cons, and offering advice on choosing the right machine for you.

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Fisher & Paykel ICON+ Auto

The ICON+ Auto is an auto-titrating CPAP device, which means it self-adjusts in reaction to varying pressure needs caused by events like apnea, hypopnea, and flow limitations. In addition to its unique auto-adjusting function, the ICON+ includes much of the innovations included in the other three ICON+ devices, including ThermoSmart humidity technology and thorough data tracking.

Tuck customer satisfaction rating: 95% (291 customer reviews)

  • Automatically decreases and increases pressure as needs change throughout the night
  • ThermoSmart technology delivers condensation-free humidification at consistent, custom level as you sleep
  • SensAwake detects and responds to wakings by promptly reducing pressure, promoting comfort and allowing you to resume sleep easier
  • Tracks therapy progress and provides detailed reports you can share with healthcare provider  


  • Attached humidifier can’t be removed
  • May be difficult to travel with

Fisher & Paykel ICON+ Premo

Unlike the ICON+ Auto, the ICON+ is a fixed-pressure CPAP machine, meaning it stays as a preset pressure throughout the night. Aside from its fixed-pressure setting, the ICON+ Premo is virtually identical to the ICON+ Auto in terms of advanced features like data-tracking, ThermoSmart humidification, and SensAwake pressure relief.

Tuck customer satisfaction rating: 94% (69 customer reviews)

  • Low price point
  • Includes ThermoSmart, SensAwake, and data tracking


  • No auto-adjusting mode

Fisher & Paykel ICON+ Novo

Compared to the previous two models, the ICON+ Novo is a sturdy, but more basic model. The fixed-pressure machine includes a humidifier with ThermoSmart Technology, but is missing other key features like SensAwake and leak compensation.

Tuck customer satisfaction rating: 81% (70 customer reviews)

  • Lowest price point of the three models
  • Includes ThermoSmart and basic data tracking


  • No auto-adjusting mode
  • Does not include SensAwake, leak compensation, or efficacy reporting
  • Pressure must be adjusted manually when travelling to different altitudes

CPAP Machine Technical Details

What You Need to Know About Fisher & Paykel CPAP Machines

Models, Specs, & Pricing

ICON+ Auto ICON+ Premo ICON+ Novo
Price (est.): $425 $395 $325
Dimensions: 6.3L” x 6.7W” x 8.7H” 6.3L” x 6.7W” x 8.7H” 6.3L” x 6.7W” x 8.7H”
Weight (est.): 5 lbs 5 lbs 5 lbs
Hose length: 6.25 ft 6.25 ft 6.25 ft
Operating pressure range: 4 to 20 cmH20 4 to 20 cmH20 4 to 20 cmH20
Sound volume: Less than 29 dbA Less than 29 dbA Less than 29 dbA
Ramp time: 0 to 20 min 0 to 20 min 0 to 20 min
Voltage range: 100–240V AC 100–240V AC 100–240V AC
Operating altitude (est.): Up to 9,000 ft Up to 9,000 ft Up to 9,000 ft
Automatic on/off? No No No
Humidifier capacity: 420 mL 420 mL 420 mL
Alerts: None? None None
Sleep data: Yes Yes Yes
Warranty length: 2 years 2 years 2 years
Carrying case included? Yes Yes Yes

Which Fisher & Paykel CPAP Machine Will Work for Me?

To choose the right ICON+ CPAP machine for your needs, your biggest consideration should be whether you’re better suited to a auto-adjusting or fixed-pressure CPAP machine. The primary difference between these two types of CPAP machines is the flow of pressure. While fixed-pressure CPAP devices provide continuous airflow at a single pre-fixed pressure throughout the night, auto-adjusting CPAP machines (sometimes called APAP devices) automatically adjust to your breathing patterns and fluctuating factors throughout the night.

An auto-adjusting machine like the ICON+ Auto CPAP is ideal for sleepers who may experience changing pressure needs as they sleep.  You may benefit from an auto-adjusting CPAP if you often shift positions during the night, as you’re pressure needs may vary depending on whether you’re lying on your back or your side. You may also be a good fit for an auto-adjusting CPAP if you suffer from seasonal allergies, as you may require higher pressures  during times of night or seasons when you are more congested. Finally, you may want to consider an Auto CPAP machine if you take certain medication or drink alcohol, as this can cause variations in your pressure needs.

If you prefer a traditional, fixed-pressure CPAP, you have a choice between the ICON+ Premo and the ICON+ Novo. Because the ICON+ Novo is missing many of the handy features of the Premo and Auto for a very small cut in price, we generally recommend paying a little more for the advanced functions of the Premo if you’re looking for a fixed-pressure CPAP.

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Company Information

  • Customer Service

    9 out of 10 customer experiences show consumers have had a positive experience with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

  • Company History

    Fisher & Paykel was launched in 1934.

  • Corporate Address

    15 Maurice Paykel Place East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 PO Box 14 348 Panmure, Auckland 1741 New Zealand

  • BBB Rating

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has not been rated by the BBB.

  • Physical Stores

    DeVilbiss does not operate any brick-and-mortar stores or showrooms; all purchases and deliveries are arranged through accredited retailers.

  • Contact Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

    Contact Fisher & Paykel Healthcare | www.fphcare.com

  • Find Fisher & Paykel Healthcare on Social

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