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Comfort Leaf CBD Review

Written by Keith Cushner

Comfort Leaf CBD Review

The Bottom Line.

  • Comfort Leaf sells GMO and pesticide-free CBD products derived from hemp grown in Kentucky.
  • Available products include CBD oil in three flavors, CBD gummies in five flavors, CBD vape oil with terpenes, and CBD lotion with botanical extracts.
  • Their CBD is extracted using a broad-spectrum crystalline isolate process for 0% THC and minimal plant matter.

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General Overview

  • Free shipping for all orders within the U.S. and a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 50% discount to U.S. military veterans
  • Broad-spectrum crystalline isolate extraction allows for 0% THC content


  • CBD tincture oil is available in only three strengths (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg)
  • No products are available with full-spectrum CBD
  • Gelatin-based gummies are not kosher or halal and are not suitable for vegans

Quick Summary

Comfort Leaf was founded in Orlando, Florida when three internet professionals discovered that they each used CBD for pain relief and skin care. Five years since the company began, they continue to offer a range of CBD products for oral dosing and vaping, and have recently added a mentholated CBD topical to their line-up.

All of the hemp Comfort Leaf uses is GMO-free and grown in Kentucky by farmers registered with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program. Their CBD is extracted using a broad-spectrum crystalline isolate method which allows for 0 percent THC while still preserving the potential benefits of CBD.

Take a Look at the Comfort Leaf CBD Product Line Up

  • CBD Tincture Oil — Available in three potencies (500, 1000, and 1500 milligrams) as well as three flavors (unflavored, lavender, and peppermint). In a base of coconut oil-derived MCT oil.
  • CBD Gummies — Sweet, sugar-dusted gummies with mixed flavors (lemon, lime, orange, cherry, and piña colada). Contains gelatin.
  • CBD Concentrate Vapor — CBD vape liquid with terpenes from sativa (Strawberry Lemonade), hybrid (Pineapple Express), or indica (Gelato) cannabis strains. Terpenes are thought to have a synergistic “entourage effect” which boosts the effectiveness of CBD. 0% THC.
  • Rapid Relief CBD Lotion — Cooling lotion intended for relieving joint pain and muscle soreness. Contains arnica, menthol, and tea tree in a shea and cocoa butter base.

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Technical Details

What You Need to Know About Comfort Leaf CBD Products

Product Offerings

Oils Topicals Gummies Vape Oils
Concentration 6mg/ml to 17mg/ml 3mg/ml 10mg per gummy 5mg/ml
CBD Extraction Method Crystalline Isolate Crystalline Isolate Crystalline Isolate Crystalline Isolate
Appearance and Flavor Thin, clear oil available in unflavored, lavender, and peppermint Creamy white lotion with the scent of menthol and tea tree Sugar-coated gelatin gummies in colors associated with the five flavors: lime, lemon, cherry, orange, and piña colada Yellow vape liquid with flavorings from sativa, hybrid, or indica terpenes for a strong hemp taste
THC Content 0% THC 0% THC 0% THC 0% THC
Ideal Customer Most CBD users, particularly those who are interested in higher dosages. People who are curious about using CBD topicals. Customers interested in a mess-free, on-the-go alternative to oil. CBD users who vape, or who are looking for a method they can use to vary their dose as needed.

Materials and Sourcing

Comfort Leaf extracts all of its CBD from hemp grown in Kentucky. The state’s climate is well-suited for hemp production, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture runs an Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program which all of Comfort Leaf’s suppliers are registered with.

The company is committed to providing natural products, and only uses GMO-free and pesticide-free hemp for their CBD. As they only sell 0% THC products, Comfort Leaf also guarantees their products are legal in all 50 states, as well as in many international locations.

Aside from CBD isolate, Comfort Leaf uses a range of other ingredients in their products. For instance, the company’s new CBD topical (Rapid Relief CBD Lotion) contains two additional active ingredients — arnica and menthol — for their cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.

Each product page offers an ingredient list, allowing customers with allergies or dietary needs to decide what will work best for them. Vegans, as well as people who keep halal or kosher, should be aware that Comfort Leaf’s gummies are gelatin-based.


Comfort Leaf’s contracts a variety of labs for their third-party testing, all of whom use High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) equipment to measure CBD levels. This testing is done both to reassure customers and ensure that their products meet legal standards in all 50 states.

The company uses only crystalline isolate-extracted CBD, allowing for 0% THC in every batch.

CBD levels aren’t the only concern with CBD products, and Comfort Leaf also conducts terpene profile, microbiological contamination, heavy metal, and pesticide contamination tests for every batch of oil. They do not make the results of these tests available online. However, customers can see the latest CBD level tests on each product page as well as on their Lab Testing page.

Flavor and Appearance

CBD Tincture Oil

Comfort Leaf’s CBD oil is available in two flavors — peppermint and lavender — as well as an unflavored option. While full-spectrum CBD oil can have a noticeable hemp taste, Comfort Leaf’s use of crystalline isolate CBD ensures there is only the neutral taste of the MCT base oil. First-time users may enjoy the peppermint variety’s familiar flavor, while the lavender option has a light floral and herbal taste.

CBD Gummies

Shaped like gummy bears, dusted with sugar, and available in mixed fruit flavors, Comfort Leaf’s CBD gummies look and taste much like the real thing. A mix of natural and artificial flavors are used to create lime, cherry, lemon, orange, and piña colada flavors with no hemp taste or smell.

CBD Concentrate Vapor

These terpene-infused vape cartridges have a clear yellow oil which, when vaped, produce a taste and scent reminiscent of cannabis. This is due to added terpenes, the non-psychoactive essential oils which are present in both hemp and cannabis. While a good choice for customers interested in the “entourage effect” of terpenes on CBD, it is important to remember that these vape cartridges do have a relatively strong and noticeable scent.

Rapid Relief CBD Lotion

If you have ever used a menthol-based muscle rub, you will be familiar with the scent of Comfort Leaf’s CBD lotion. Menthol is used to relieve joint and muscle pain and has a smell similar to mint, but sharper and more medicinal. This is underscored by the use of tea tree oil, which has a clean, alcohol-like fragrance. The use of both shea and cocoa butters as a base makes this lotion extra-rich, though it is thin enough to apply anywhere due to the addition of aloe vera and jojoba oil.


Comfort Leaf uses CBD which has been extracted using a broad-spectrum crystalline isolate process. This leaves no THC and no traces of plant matter, allowing for less hemp scent and taste, as well as making these products legal in every state.

However, there is some controversy about whether broad-spectrum extraction leaves behind enough of the possibly beneficial elements. If you’re interested in full-spectrum CBD products, Comfort Leaf may not be right for you.

CBD dosage can vary widely among different people. While Comfort Leaf provides a range of dosage options for their CBD oil, their other products (including gummies) are available only in one dosage. This will be adequate for most people, but may not be high or low enough for CBD users with differing needs.

Of course, it is always possible to take more or less of the oil or the gummies as needed. Doing so will deplete your supply faster, so it’s important to take Comfort Leaf’s advice about re-ordering when your current supply is half gone.

Pricing and Discounts

Standard Price Price w/ Tuck Discount (20% OFF)
CBD Tincture Oil $59.99 (500mg)
$139 (1000mg)
$179.99 (1500mg)
$47.99 (500mg)
$111.20 (1000mg)
$143.99 (1500mg)
CBD Gummies $54.99 (300mg) $43.99 (300mg)
CBD Concentrate Vapor $34.99 (150mg) $27.99 (150mg)
Rapid Relief CBD Lotion $54.99 (300mg) $43.99 (300mg)

Ordering, Shipping, and Packaging

All orders within the U.S. automatically qualify for Comfort Leaf’s free shipping option. However, there are other shipping options to choose from, including priority and overnight delivery.

Shipping options are available during the check-out process. International delivery is available through FedEx International, though fees vary and customers should allow for a 2-3 week delivery time. Orders are usually shipped within three days of purchase.

If your order arrives damaged in some way, or missing items, contact Comfort Leaf within 72 hours of receiving your package.

Comfort Leaf also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing customers who are unhappy with their purchase to receive a full refund. However, customers are responsible for all return shipping costs. To initiate the return process, contact the company by phone or email.

Comfort Leaf Coupons and Discounts

Tuck readers save 20% on their first Comfort Leaf purchase.

Use code TUCK20 at checkout.

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Company Information

  • Company History

    Comfort Leaf was founded in 2014 by three internet professionals who had each previously used CBD for their own health and skincare needs. It is based in Orlando, Florida and sources its CBD from hemp plants grown in Kentucky.

  • Physical Stores

    Comfort Leaf does not operate any physical stores.

  • Contact Comfort Leaf

    [email protected] | (833) 710-LEAF (710-5323) | comfortleaf.com

  • Find Comfort Leaf on Social

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