Casper vs. Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison

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Quick Summary

Casper Sleep was launched in 2013, and the company began selling mattresses the following year. Casper currently offers three mattresses. Two models, The Casper and the Essential, are constructed with memory foam and polyfoam layers. The third, The Wave, features layers of memory foam, blended latex, and polyfoam.

Tempur-Pedic, Inc., was founded in 1992, and the company merged with the Sealy Corporation in 2012 (though both remain separate brand entities). Tempur-Pedic currently offers 16 different mattress models as part of three collections: the Cloud and Contour collections, which both consist of memory foam models; and the Flex collection, which features hybrids.

Both companies have earned average to above-average satisfaction ratings from customers and owners. This page will compare the two brands based on mattress construction, pricing, and availability, as well as shipping, return, and warranty policies.

What we like about Casper mattresses…

  • Above-average motion isolation
  • Good temperature neutrality
  • Little to no noise
  • Free delivery and 100-night sleep trial

What we like about Tempur-Pedic mattresses…

  • Wide selection of mattress models and firmness options
  • Excellent durability
  • Little to no noise
  • 90-night sleep trial

We don’t recommend Casper mattresses if…

  • You are sensitive to strong smells, such as off-gassing odor
  • You require a mattress with strong edge support
  • You prefer higher-profile beds


We don’t recommend Tempur-Pedic mattresses if…

  • You are on a tighter budget and need a lower-priced mattress
  • You are sensitive to strong smells, such as off-gassing odor
  • You tend to sleep warm or hot


Sizes and Pricing

The table below lists the current prices for all Casper and Tempur-Pedic mattress model in each available size.

Mattress BrandMattress ModelTwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCalifornia King
CasperThe Essential$350$400$500$600$725$725
The Casper$595$645$895$995$1,195$1,195
The Wave$1,000$1,150$1,650$1,850$2,250$2,250
Tempur-Pedic (Memory Foam)TEMPUR-Cloud Prima$1,299$1,299$1,649$1,799$2,499$2,499
TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme$2,099$2,099$2,449$2,599$3,299$3,299
TEMPUR-Contour Supreme$2,099$2,099$2,449$2,599$3,299$3,299
TEMPUR-Contour EliteN/A$2,799$3,149$3,299$3,999$3,999
TEMPUR-Cloud EliteN/A$2,799$3,149$3,299$3,999$3,999
TEMPUR-Contour Rhapsody LuxeN/A$3,299N/A$3,799$4,499$4,499
TEMPUR-Cloud LuxeN/A$3,299N/A$3,799$4,499$4,499
TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme BreezeN/A$3,299$3,649$3,799$4,499$4,499
TEMPUR-Contour Elite BreezeN/A$3,799N/A$4,299$4,999$4,999
TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe BreezeN/A$4,299N/A$4,799$5,499$5,499
Tempur-Pedic Flex (Hybrid)TEMPUR-Flex Prima$1,499$1,499$1,849$1,999$2,699$2,699
TEMPUR-Flex Supreme$2,299$2,299$2,649$2,799$3,499$3,499
TEMPUR-Flex EliteN/A$2,999$3,349$3,499$4,199$4,199
TEMPUR-Flex Supreme BreezeN/A$3,299$3,649$3,799$4,499$4,499

Mattress Construction

The table below lists the specifications for each Casper and Tempur-Pedic mattress model. Please note that Tempur-Pedic does not disclose the individual layer dimensions or foam densities for any of their current mattress models.

Mattress BrandMattress ModelFirmnessThicknessSupport Core ComponentsComfort Layer ComponentsCover Components
CasperEssential7.5 (Firm)8 1/2″HD PolyfoamPolyfoam
Memory Foam
Unspecified Knit Fabric
Casper5 (Medium)10″5″ 1.8 PCF Polyfoam1 1/2″ Polyfoam
1 1/2″ 4 PCF Memory Foam
1 1/2″ 2.5 PCF Polyfoam
100% Polyester (Top Panel)
Polyester Blend (Bottom and Side Panels)
The Wave4.5 (Medium Soft)11 1/2″5 1/2″ HD Polyfoam1″ Polyfoam
1 1/2″ Blended Latex
1 1/2″ Memory Foam
1 1/2″ HR Polyfoam
Cotton Blend
Tempur-Pedic (Memory Foam)TEMPUR-Cloud Prima5 (Medium)10″PolyfoamMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Legacy4 (Medium Soft)10″Convoluted PolyfoamMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme4 (Medium Soft)11 1/2″PolyfoamMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Contour Supreme8 (Extra Firm)11 1/2″PolyfoamMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Contour Elite7 (Firm)12 1/2″PolyfoamMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Cloud Elite3 (Soft)12 1/2″PolyfoamMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Contour Rhapsody Luxe6 (Medium Firm)13 1/2″PolyfoamMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe3 (Soft13 1/2″PolyfoamMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze4 (Medium Soft)11 1/2″PolyfoamMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Contour Elite Breeze7 (Firm)12 1/2″PolyfoamMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze3 (Soft)13 1/2″PolyfoamMemory FoamPolyester
GrandBed4 (Medium Soft)15″PolyfoamMemory FoamSilk and Cashmere
Tempur-Pedic (Hybrid)TEMPUR-Flex Prima6 (Medium Firm)10″Pocketed CoilsMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Flex Supreme5 (Medium)11 1/2″Pocketed CoilsMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Flex Elite4 (Medium Soft)12 1/2″Pocketed CoilsMemory FoamPolyester
TEMPUR-Flex Supreme Breeze5 (Medium)11 1/2″Pocketed CoilsMemory FoamPolyester

Mattress Performance Comparison

The next table compares Casper and Tempur-Pedic mattresses based on performance criteria, such as durability, motion isolation, edge support, and noise potential. All ratings have been generated using verified customer and owner reviews.

CategoryCriteriaCasper RatingTempur-Pedic RatingWhat Users Say
Customer SatisfactionBased on data collection, this is an overall customer sentiment regarding Casper and Tempur-Pedic mattresses.74% (The Wave)
72% (The Casper)
69% (The Essential)
77% (Flex)
74% (Contour)
71% (Cloud)
Casper’s Wave and Casper models have earned higher customer ratings than Tempur-Pedic’s Cloud collection; otherwise, Tempur-Pedic’s mattresses have outperformed Casper’s selection in terms of customer satisfaction.
Durability The average mattress will perform for at least seven years before it needs to be replacedFair (all models)Excellent (Flex)
Very Good (Cloud and Contour)
Durability is questionable for Casper mattresses due to the company’s relatively limited history, but Tempur-Pedic’s mattresses have been touted for their longer-than-average lifespans.
Motion IsolationFoam-based mattresses are designed to minimize motion and isolate it from other areas of the sleep surface, which can cut down on nighttime disruptions.Very Good (all models)Very Good (Cloud and Contour)
Good (Flex)
According to owners, Casper’s three mattress models and Tempur-Pedic’s Cloud and Contour mattresses all absorb and minimize transfer to a significant extent. Flex models, like most hybrids, do not isolate motion as much.
Sex Foam-based mattresses are less responsive by design, and may not be as suitable for sex as innerspring or hybrid models.Fair (The Essential)
Good (The Casper and The Wave)
Very Good (Flex)
Fair (Cloud and Contour)
Flex mattresses are responsive and bouncy enough for sex, say owners. The remaining Tempur-Pedic and Casper models may not be responsive enough for some couples.
ConformingFoam-based mattresses conform closely to sleeper’s bodies, which can help align the spine, target pressure points, and alleviate back painFair (The Essential)
Very Good (The Casper and The Wave)
Very Good (Cloud and Contour)
Good (Flex)
The Essential from Casper does not conform very closely and provides minimal pressure relief. The remaining Casper and Tempur-Pedic mattresses all offer some degree of close conforming.
Temperature NeutralityFoam retains more body heat than other materials, and foam mattress owners often ‘sleep hot’ as a result.Good (The Essential)
Very Good (The Casper and The Wave)
Good (Flex)
Fair (Cloud and Contour)
Cloud and Contour mattresses from Tempur-Pedic sleep much warmer than any of Casper’s current models, but the Flex is known to sleep somewhat cooler.
Off-gassingSome mattresses emit particles when they are unpackaged, accompanied by unpleasant ‘off-gassing’ smells that can last for days.Fair (The Casper and The Essential)
Good (The Wave)
Fair (Flex)
Poor (Cloud and Contour)
The Wave produces minimal off-gassing, but the other two Casper models — and all Tempur-Pedic mattresses — have fairly high odor potential.
Edge SupportBecause of their construction, foam-based mattresses often provide little to no edge support and may sink prematurely in areas of the bed where people tend to sit.Fair (The Casper and The Wave)
Poor (The Essential)
Very Good (Flex)
Poor (Cloud and Contour)
Edge support is a chief complaint among Casper and Tempur-Pedic memory foam owners. However, Flex mattresses provide exceptionally strong edge support.
NoiseFoam-based mattresses create little to no noise, due to their lack of springs, coils, and other metal componentsExcellent (all models)Excellent (Cloud and Contour)
Good (Flex)
Mattresses in the Flex collection may produce some light noise; the remaining Casper and Tempur-Pedic models are virtually silent when bearing weight.
Ease of Moving and RotatingAll mattresses are relatively heavy when it comes to moving and rotating, but some are heavier and more unwieldy than others.  Very Good (The Casper and The Essential)
Fair (The Wave)
Fair (all models)The Casper and The Essential each weigh 70 pounds or less in a Queen size, making them much lighter than The Wave or any of the models in Tempur-Pedic’s current lineup.

For many sleepers, mattress choice comes down to two factors: their body weight and their preferred sleep position. The table below rates each Casper and Tempur-Pedic mattress based on feedback from different weight and sleep position groups.

Mattress BrandMattress Model/SeriesSleep PositionLightweight Sleeper Rating (Less than 130 lbs)Average Weight Sleeper Rating (130 to 230 lbs)Heavyweight Sleeper Rating (More than 230 lbs)
CasperThe EssentialSideFairGoodGood
The CasperSideVery GoodVery GoodGood
BackGoodVery GoodGood
The WaveSideVery GoodVery GoodGood
BackVery GoodGoodGood
Tempur-PedicCloud (Memory Foam)SideVery GoodGoodFair
BackVery GoodVery GoodGood
Contour (Memory Foam)SideFairVery GoodVery Good
BackGoodVery GoodVery Good
Flex (Hybrid)SideGoodVery GoodGood
BackVery GoodVery GoodGood

See what Casper mattress owners have to say:

See what Tempur-Pedic mattress owners have to say:

Shipping Information, Trial Period & Warranty

The next four tables explore the various policies and customer services offered by Casper and Tempur-Pedic. The first table looks at the shipping and delivery policies of both brands.

Delivery feeShipping to the U.S. and Canada is free$25 per order
Where do they deliver?All 50 states and CanadaAll 50 states
How is the mattress shipped?Compressed, vacuum-sealed, and shipped in a boxWrapped in plastic, but not compressed for shipping
Estimated delivery time (from original order)2 to 5 business days10 to 14 business days
Online (The Casper only) (select models) customer ratingThe Casper has a current rating of 4.3; the other two Casper mattresses are not currently sold on Amazon.comThe following Tempur-pedic mattresses are available on with customer ratings: TEMPUR-Cloud Prima (4.2), TEMPUR-Legacy (5.0), TEMPUR-Flex Supreme (4.3), TEMPUR-Contour Supreme (4.6), TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze (1.0)
Brick-and-mortar availabilityCasper operates brick-and-mortar stores in:
San Francisco, CA
Costa Mesa, CA
Torrance, CA
Denver, CO
Aventura, FL
West Palm Beach, FL
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Oakbrook, IL
Chestnut Hill, MA
Bloomington, MN
Short Hills, NJ
New York, NY
White Plains, NY
Huntington Station, NY
King of Prussia, PA
Austin, TX
Tempur-Pedic operates one brick-and-mortar showroom in Natick, Massachusetts, and the mattresses are available at a wide selection of other brick-and-mortar stores and retailers
Courier used for deliveryUPS GroundTempur-Pedic provides free White Glove delivery with all orders, and company couriers delivery the mattresses
White Glove delivery?
For an extra fee, some mattress sellers provide in-home assembly and packaging waste disposal
White Glove delivery is available anywhere in the U.S.; this includes in-home mattress assembly and packaging waste disposalWhite Glove delivery is offered free of charge for all Tempur-Pedic mattress orders; this includes in-home mattress assembly and packaging waste disposal
Old mattress removal?
For an extra fee, some mattress sellers will remove a customer’s old mattress during the delivery and transport it to a recycling facility or donation center
Old mattress removal is available with White Glove deliveries for an additional chargeOld mattress removal is available as part of Tempur-Pedic’s complimentary White Glove delivery service

Next, let’s look at the sleep trials and return policies of Casper and Tempur-Pedic

Sleep trial length
Most sleep trials last at least 60 nights
100 nights90 nights
Mandatory break-in period?
Some mattress sellers require mattress buyers to test out their mattress for a certain length of time before they can return or exchange it
None30 nights
Return charges
Some mattress companies require mattress owners to pay transportation and handling fees associated with their mattress return
Casper will cover all shipping and handling charges, and arrange for a courier to pick up the mattressThe owner must cover all shipping and handling charges associated with the return
Exchanges offered?
Some mattress sellers allow customers to exchange their mattress for a different model or firmness during the sleep trial
No exchanges are offered at this timeNo exchanges are offered at this time
Sleep trial available for customers?
In some cases, customers and others who do not buy their mattress directly from the brand will not qualify for the company’s sleep trial
Yes; customers are eligible for Casper’s 100-night sleep trialNo; customers who purchase their Tempur-Pedic mattress from authorized retailers should defer to the return policy of that brand.

The third table features information about the product warranties of Casper and Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

Warranty length10 years10 years
Nonprorated coverage
During nonprorated periods, mattress owners can have their defective mattress replaced without paying a percentage of the original product price
10 years10 years
Prorated charges
In most cases, prorated costs of replacing a mattress are calculated by multiplying a percentage of the original product price by the number of years of ownership
None; this warranty is entirely nonproratedNone; this warranty is entirely nonprorated
Transportation/handling charges
Some mattress companies hold owners responsible for paying shipping and handling fees associated with repairing or replacing a defective mattress
Owners are required to cover transportation costs for receiving repaired or replaced mattresses; Casper will cover shipping and handling costs to the company facilityOwners are required to cover transportation costs for repairs or replacements of defective mattresses
Foundational requirements
In many cases, a mattress seller will void an owner’s warranty if an adequate foundation is not used to support the mattress
Proper foundations include: a foundation and modern box spring with wooden slats that are no more than 4″ apart; a flat platform bed; and a slatted base made of wood with slats that are no more than 4″ apart‘Tempur-Pedic mattresses are designed to work on a firm, solid-surface, non-spring foundation or adjustable bed base that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of purchaser’s Tempur-Pedic mattress and user(s).’
Indentation depth
Most mattress sellers will only repair or replace indented mattresses if the sagging reaches a certain depth

Lastly, let’s look at customer service options and satisfaction ratings associated with Casper and Tempur-Pedic

Customer service rating (1-10)
This number is based on Tuck data
Better Business Bureau RatingA+A+
Company websitehttps://casper.com
Online customer chat?YesYes
Phone number1-888-498-0003 (Calls and texting available)1-888-811-5053
Company email addressOnline formOnline form
Social mediaFacebook


We think Casper mattresses are perfect for you if you’re looking for:

  • Above-average motion isolation
  • Good temperature neutrality
  • Little to no noise
  • Free delivery and 100-night sleep trial

To learn more about Casper, please visit our Casper Mattress Reviews page.

We think Tempur-Pedic mattresses are perfect for you if you’re looking for:

  • Wide selection of mattress models and firmness options
  • Excellent durability
  • Little to no noise
  • 90-night sleep trial

For more information about this brand, please visit our Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress Reviews and Tempur-Pedic Hybrid Mattress Reviews pages.

Choosing the right mattress for you can be a difficult decision. strives to help mattress shoppers evaluate different models and decide which product best meets their needs and preferences. To learn more about how we compare products, please visit our Mattress Methodology page.