The Best Trundle Beds – 2019 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Trundle beds are a space-efficient, cost-effective way to provide space for overnight guests. Visiting relatives, children sleeping over, and unexpected guests are all the perfect occasion to pull out your trundle.

Also called truckle beds, trundle beds consist of a bed frame on wheels which fits (with its mattress) beneath an ordinary bed, or beneath a specialized bed like a bunk bed or daybed. Trundle beds are usually twin-sized, and most keep a low-profile after being rolled out, though others “pop up” to become taller.

Below, you’ll find reviews of our favorite trundle beds, as well as a buyer’s guide where you can learn all you need to know to make a confident purchase. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive frame to use for sleepovers, or a luxurious, fully-upholstered all-in-one option, keep reading to learn more.

The Best Trundle Beds of 2019

Editor’s Choice – Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Best Value – VECELO Premium Trundle Twin Bed

Best Luxury – Monarch Hill Ambrosia Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle

Best Trundle-Only – Zinus Eden Trundle Bed Frame

Best Trundle Bunk Bed – Amani Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle

How We Decided
28 trundle beds considered –– 37 hours of research –– 4 sleep experts consulted

Best Trundle Bed Reviews – Tuck’s Top 5 Choices

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set - Editor's Pick

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

  • Steel slat frame with wood accents
  • Daybed style
  • Fits 5 or 6-inch twin mattresses
  • 78 “x 39” x 25.8”
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required
  • 5-year warranty

At less than the price of many single bed frames, the Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set is our Editor’s Pick for our favorite trundle bed. This attractive daybed-style bed frame and trundle is the ideal choice for a teenager’s room, guest room, or even a living space. Steel is both durable and attractive, and the frame’s clean, modern lines and trendy wood accents ensure that it will fit in with almost any decor style.

Although the frame boasts a five-year warranty, you’re unlikely to need it for this well-built piece. Our testing team appreciated the solidity of this bed’s construction, as some easy-to-assemble frames can wobble or otherwise feel less stable than is desired. The bottom trundle fits 5 or 6-inch mattresses, but some reviewers who wanted more support found that they could remove the trundle wheels and easily slide the trundle on the floor.

VECELO Premium Trundle Twin Bed - Best Value

  • Steel slat frame with a 300lb weight capacity
  • Trundle only
  • Easy-glide locking caster wheels
  • 74.6” x 39” x 4.5”
  • Easy assembly with tools included
  • 5-year warranty

If you already have a bed suited for use with a trundle, the VECELO Premium Trundle Twin Bed is an excellent value for the money. Due to its ultra low-profile design and straightforward, durable steel frame, this trundle bed is ready to slide under any bed with ten inches or more of clearance (you can also allow for a thicker mattress if you have a taller bed).

Steel is a very popular material for both bed frames and trundle bed frames due to its strength and attractive appearance. While some thin trundle beds can deform over time or under heavier weights, this trundle is incredibly solid and rated to withstand up to 300 lbs. The caster wheels make it easy to maneuver as well, while the two locking wheels prevent the trundle from accidentally sliding out, or moving while being slept on.

Monarch Hill Ambrosia Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle - Best Luxury

Monarch Hill Ambrosia Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle

  • Wooden frame with velvet upholstery
  • Daybed style
  • Available in five colors
  • Fits mattresses up to eight inches
  • 38.5” x 43.5” x 82.5”
  • 1-year warranty

For shoppers interested in a fully-upholstered, fashionable trundle-and-bed frame at a reasonable price, the Monarch Hill Ambrosia Upholstered Twin Daybed with Trundle is our favorite choice. The daybed frame itself is done in a trendy yet classic mid-century modern style, with intricate diamond tufting along the back piece. While all daybeds can be used as daytime lounge furniture, this piece is a particularly stylish choice when paired with comfortable pillows.

Of course, the trundle portion of the bed is also a winner. Fifty bentwood slats provide comfortable, long-lasting support for a twin mattress of up to eight inches, allowing for a very peaceful night’s sleep. Due to its size and attractive look, this is a good choice for a permanent guest bed, living spaces, children, and teens. Reviewers praise the bed’s excellent construction, comfort, and beauty; however, assembly can take time, and a second pair of hands will make the job much easier.

Zinus Eden Trundle Bed Frame - Best Trundle-Only

Zinus Eden Trundle Bed Frame

  • Steel slat frame with 250 lb weight limit
  • Trundle only
  • High-quality castor wheels
  • 70” x 38.5” x 4.5”
  • Easy assembly with tools included
  • 5-year warranty

Trundle-only designs are ideal if you already have a bed with enough height clearance to fit the trundle and a mattress. We love Zinus for their sturdy, affordable trundle bed options and have chosen the straightforward Zinus Eden Trundle Bed Frame as our trundle-only pick based on its classic simplicity and practical design. The frame is easy to put together without tools and is appropriate for both children and adults.

As with all trundle-only frames, the height of the mattress you can use depends on the clearance of your full frame. (Most trundle beds allow for 5-6 inches, but thicker mattresses are sometimes more comfortable.) Whatever you choose, solid steel slats will keep your guests comfortable and supported all night long. However, as the trundle lacks sides, our review team found that attaching your mattress with hooks or ties makes it easier to maneuver out from beneath the main bed.

Amani Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle - Best Trundle Bunk Bed

Amani Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle

  • Solid rubberwood frame
  • Bunk-bed style
  • Available in four neutral, natural shades
  • Detachable guardrails and ladder
  • 69.5” x 57.5” x 80.5”
  • 1-year warranty

Bunk and trundle beds both offer an extra bed while saving space. When you combine the two, you get the beautiful three-sleeper Amani Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle. This excellent choice is beautiful, practical, and well-constructed, making it our pick for the best trundle bunk bed. Children and adults alike will appreciate its classic styling and solid rubberwood construction, as well as the choice of peaceful neutral shades perfect for any bedroom.

With 11.5 inches of space between the floor and the bottom bunk, there’s plenty of room for an extra-comfortable mattress. The trundle portion fits seamlessly into the whole of the bed for a clean, attractive look that cuts down on dust bunnies. While the frame set is ideal for children or teenagers, a high weight limit of 700 lbs and its classic appeal ensure that this frame could also be used for adult guests.

Trundle Bed Buyer’s Guide

Trundle beds have been in use since the sixteenth century for a very good reason: they’re cost and space-efficient, comfortable, and adaptable over time. They are still a popular way to accommodate overnight guests. If you need a spare bed, trundle beds come in a wide range of styles at affordable prices.

Of course, before you make a decision, it’s worth learning about the different types of trundle bed available. In the guide below, we cover the most popular trundle bed styles, features to look for, and trundle bed alternatives. By the end of this guide, you should feel confident shopping for and choosing the right trundle bed for you and your home.

Trundle Bed Designs


The least expensive type of trundle bed, a trundle-only frame is an excellent addition if you already have a bed frame with enough clearance for the trundle. Most trundle frames are plain steel (with wheels, and slats to support a mattress) and a nice choice for children’s sleepovers or unexpected guests. However, some inexpensive options have lower weight limits, so keep an eye on that factor if you plan to sleep adults on the trundle.

Trundle Drawer

The trundle drawer is a classic style that can be attached to both standard bed frames or day and bunk beds. Instead of providing an open space below the bed with room for the trundle, the trundle itself is in a seamless ‘drawer’ below the primary bed. Although this style is usually more expensive, it offers a clean appearance and prevents dust from gathering below the main bed. Most have as much room for a trundle mattress as other styles.

Daybed & Trundle

Daybeds are a combination of sofa and bed. Many are enclosed on three sides, with a high “back” which supports pillows when being used as a sofa. Popular both as occasional beds or full-time beds, daybeds can be very comfortable and come in many designs. Adding a trundle to a daybed (or buying one with a trundle included) is a great way of fitting lots of function into a small space.

Bunk Bed & Trundle

While bunk beds can be considered an alternative to a trundle bed, bunk beds with added trundles are a great way to fit sleep several people in a small space. This means your guests will share a room, but for children this is usually a lot of fun. Bunk beds paired with a trundle are also a good choice if you have two children who will be sharing the primary beds.

What To Look For In a Trundle Bed

Frame Materials

In general, solid wood frames are classic but can be expensive, while metal frames have a modern look and are often less expensive. For most people, choosing a material based on price point and their personal style works well, as both wooden and metal frames are very durable.

Other materials often used in trundle bed frames are plastic or other synthetic materials, or particle board. These are often inexpensive options, but tend to have shorter lifespans than solid wood or metal. Frames can also be upholstered for style and comfort; luxury daybed frames, for example, are often upholstered to look like a sofa when not being used as a bed.


Most trundle bed frames require you to purchase a mattress separately. While there are a wide range of trundle bed mattresses available, it’s well worth considering who is going to be using the trundle, and for how long.

Children, for example, rarely require an expensive mattress, particularly if they’ll only be staying over for one night at a time. If your trundle bed is primarily for sleepovers, consider a low-cost innerspring or foam mattress which will provide plenty of comfort and support in the short term.

However, if you’re going to be hosting adults, or anticipate guests staying for longer than a night, it might be worth investing in a high-quality memory foam option. Since trundle bed mattresses are usually thinner than the ordinary variety, choosing a high-quality mattress will make a significant difference for your guest’s comfort.

Aesthetic Design

Like all forms of bedroom furniture, there are trundle beds available which will suit any aesthetic preference and budget. Contemporary or modern beds are often available at lower prices than other styles, but affordable classic, shabby chic, mid-century modern, and other styles of trundle bed can be found if you dig deeper.

While the look of a trundle bed is important, it’s crucial to ensure your bed is made of materials you like, and has the features you need.

Storage Options

Different trundle bed styles house the trundle in different ways, as outlined in the section above. The two primary methods are the trundle being loose in the space beneath the bed, or using a trundle drawer to hide it away. Some frames also feature additional drawers or cubby holes to add storage options for the trundle’s bedding.

Alternatives to Trundle Beds

Trundle beds aren’t perfect for everyone. Adults and the elderly can find the low profile of the trundle challenging to get in and out of, and frames that require thinner mattresses can be less comfortable than other options.

If you’re unsure whether a trundle bed will work for you, consider these excellent alternatives:

Bed Style Pros Cons
Bed Style



Folds into a couch when not used as a bed;

Often inexpensive;

Widely available in a range of styles


The mattress is often thin and can be uncomfortable;

Children can pinch their fingers;

Not always durable

Bed Style

Air Mattress


Easy to store;

Very inexpensive compared to other options;

Adjustable to your firmness preference


Some people find it hard to sleep on an unusual filling (air);

Leaks can be a problem;

Not always supportive

Bed Style

Bunk Beds


Extra space ideal for playing or lounging when not in use;

Always ready to use;

Wide range of styles and price


Separate sleepers must share the same room;

Take up more room;

High-quality frames can be expensive

Bed Style

Sleeper Sofa


Often more comfortable than a futon;

Fully collapsible;

Functions as an ordinary sofa


Very heavy;


Can be difficult or pricey to repair

Bed Style

Murphy Bed


Folds into a wall cabinet;

Has enough room for a full mattress;

Superb space-saver for dual-use rooms


Purchase & installation are expensive;

Requires room for the wall cabinet;

Can’t be moved

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