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Best Men’s Pajamas – 2021 Reviews and Buyers Guide

Written by Keith Cushner

Quick Overview

It’s a fine time to slip into a pair of stylish mens pajamas. Timeless and ritualistic, wearing pajamas can help you unwind, feel comfortable, and score a fabulous night’s rest. Sleep is the key to keeping your body healthy and energized. It does your body good.

Are you ready to ditch your sweats for a bedtime-worthy pair? Both material and design count when shopping for comfort wear. Especially since itchy fabrics or lack of movability can hinder your quality of sleep. Whether pampering yourself or splurging on him, this review and buying guide will help you choose the perfect pajamas. Here’s our top picks for lounging in style.

The Best Men's Pajamas – Reviewed

Editor's PickRK Classical Sleepwear Men's Broadcloth Woven Pajama Set

Editor's Pick - RK Classical Sleepwear Men's Broadcloth Woven Pajama Set


  • Lightweight
  • Cotton/poly blend
  • Roomy fit
  • Available in regular and tall sizes from S to XXXL
The RK Classical Sleepwear Men's Broadcloth Woven Pajama Set is available to Tuck readers at the lowest price
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Editor's PickRK Classical Sleepwear Men's Broadcloth Woven Pajama Set


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Keep things classy with a sophisticated pair of pajamas known for their superior fit. Our editor’s pick offers durability without sacrificing design. After countless years of research, Robes King is experienced in crafting bedtime favorites. This lightweight and breathable woven long-sleeve pajama set is made from a fine cotton/polyester blend that retains its shape wear after wear. You’ll appreciate the attention to detail, all the way down to the chest pocket, perfect for stashing reading glasses on a whim.

Select from 12 different colors and patterns including Pacific Blue Plaid, Royal Blue Plaid, Blue (small check),  Blue (large check), Cobalt Blue, Sky Blue, Turquoise Blue, Black Plaid, Navy Blue Plaid, Blue Check, Black, and Red Plaid.

Runner-upHanes Men's Woven Plain-Weave Pajama Set

Runner-up - Hanes Men's Woven Plain-Weave Pajama Set


  • Button-fly
  • Elastic waistband
  • Cotton/poly blend
  • Piping detail
  • Available in sizes S to 5X Plus
Hanes Men's Woven Plain-Weave Pajama Sets are available to Tuck readers at the lowest price
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Runner-upHanes Men's Woven Plain-Weave Pajama Set


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If these pajamas remind you of simpler times, you’re absolutely right in all the best ways. Our Runner Up choice features a notch collared top and elasticized waist, with button-fly bottoms. You’ll look polished year-round while staying cool in this cotton/polyester blend. Their generous full-cut makes lounging a breeze. Kick your feet up in ultimate comfort with a little luxury from Hanes.

Snatch up these vintage-inspired pajamas in 6  colors including Medium Blue Solid, Red Plaid, Blue Plaid, Navy Plaid, Red/Green Plaid, and Red/Blue Plaid.

Best Short Sleeve Pajama SetHanes Men's X-Temp Short Sleeve Cotton Lounge Set

Best Short Sleeve Pajama Set - Hanes Men's X-Temp Short Sleeve Cotton Lounge Set


  • Maintains body temperature
  • Comfy jersey knit
  • Ideal for lounging or exercise
  • Available in sizes S to XXL
Tuck readers get the Hanes Men's X-Temp Short Sleeve Cotton Lounge Set at the lowest price
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Best Short Sleeve Pajama SetHanes Men's X-Temp Short Sleeve Cotton Lounge Set


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These wear-anywhere men’s pajamas from Hanes are ideal for lounging, the gym, yoga, sleeping, and relaxing in style. Pairing the comfort of your favorite tee with your choice of relaxed shorts or matching pants, you’ll feel pulled together in warm weather with minimal effort.

We selected these as our best short-sleeve men’s pajamas, thanks to the X-Temp technology that keeps you cool and adapts to your body temperature. Upgrade your leisurewear to these versatile pajamas and say goodbye to your running clothes.

You can purchase the top and pants combo in colors Chambray Blue Heather and Charcoal, Chili Pepper & Black, Coffee Heather, Evergreen & Bright Navy,  Oatmeal Heather, Navy and Heather Blue, Black & Heather Grey, and Heather Grey & Light Grey. The top and shorts combo is available in Chambray Blue Heather, Chili Pepper, Coffee Heather, Evergreen, and Oatmeal Heather.

Best NightshirtAlexander Del Rossa Men's Flannel Nightshirt

Best Nightshirt - Alexander Del Rossa Men's Flannel Nightshirt


  • Loose pullover design
  • 100% cotton flannel
  • Easy to care for
  • Cozy, warm feel
  • Available in sizes S to 2X Plus
Tuck readers get the best possible price on the Alexander Del Rossa Men's Flannel Nightshirt.
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Best NightshirtAlexander Del Rossa Men's Flannel Nightshirt


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Don’t know what you’re missing? A nightshirt, we’d suggest. Some days just call for staying in bed. Our best nightshirt pick from Alexander Del-Rossa is ideal for when you crave nothing but comfort or can’t wear pants.

Made from lightweight and breathable 100% cotton flannel, this nightshirt is a unique addition to your lounge wardrobe. Amazon reviewers love the comfort and sizing of this medium weight gown. Whether you wear it vacationing, recovering, or just plain sleeping, nothing beats the loose pullover style of a nightshirt.

You can select from several fun and classic styles including: Christmas Camo, Blue and Green Plaid, Solid Black, Black and Blue Plaid, Blue Red and Green Plaid, and Midnight Blue.

Best Thermal UnderwearThermajohn Men's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear

Best Thermal Underwear  - Thermajohn Men's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear


  • Lightweight and thin
  • Cozy fleece lining
  • Slim-fitting
  • Available in sizes XS to XXL
Tuck readers get the Thermajohn Men's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear at the lowest price
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Best Thermal UnderwearThermajohn Men's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear


Shop Now

What happens when you pair the inside of your favorite fleece sweatshirt with a classic thermal shirt? Bedtime bliss. Our pick for best thermal underwear pairs the best of both worlds in a base layer top and a base layer legging set that Amazon reviewers report is lightweight, yet comfortably warm.

The fleece lining provides insulation for your body all day long. Layer these men’s long underwear from Thermajohn on a cold dreary day and Old Man Winter won’t chill you. Amazon reviewers reported a slim-fit through the arms and legs so consider sizing up if you want a relaxed style.

Colors options include Black, Grey, Navy and White.

Best Footed PajamasAlexander Del Rossa Men's Fleece Hooded Footed Pajamas

Best Footed Pajamas  - Alexander Del Rossa Men's Fleece Hooded Footed Pajamas


  • Removable zip-off feet
  • Warm, microfiber fleece
  • Inactive, chemical free dyes won't bleed
  • Drawstring hood
  • Available in sizes S to XXXL
Tuck readers get the Alexander Del Rossa Men's Fleece Hooded Footed Pajamas at the lowest price
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Best Footed PajamasAlexander Del Rossa Men's Fleece Hooded Footed Pajamas


Shop Now

Nothing says snuggle time quite like these plaid fleece footed pajamas. Does anyone truly outgrow the thrill of a one-piece jumpsuit? All you need is snow, hot cocoa, and this comfy zip-front onesie and you’ll be warm, no matter how frightful it is outside. The Alexander Del-Rossa’s footed microfleece onesie is the ideal choice for anyone else who tends to run cold.

A roomy, drawstring hood can be worn loose or tightened to eliminate chill. Paired with removable zip-off feet, it’s no wonder this snuggly jumpsuit is our pick for best footed pajamas. Amazon reviewers agree it’s like wearing your favorite blanket. (Not that you’ve tried.)

Choose from Blue Red and Green Christmas Plaid, Grey Plaid, Blue and Green Plaid, Blue and White Plaid, Blue on White Plaid, Red and Green Christmas Plaid, and Aqua Green and Blue Plaid.

Buying Guide – Shopping for the Best Men's Pajamas

There’s no sense in buying a pair of pajamas if they won’t live up to your comfort expectations or lifestyle. Before slipping into a pair, consider their fabric, cut, and most importantly, how they make you feel. There’s a world of options in sleepwear. Take a look at the following considerations before shopping for men’s pajamas.

How Can Pajamas Help You Sleep?

We all have internal clocks that control when we’re ready to sleep. Our bodies get used to a routine and “settle in” with it. At times, those routines may not offer the best quality of rest.

Changing out of your work or casual clothes, taking a shower, stepping into clean clothes, and listening to music or reading a book can all trigger your mind to unwind. This is vital if you want to achieve optimal sleep.

In addition to comfort, pajamas can help regulate your internal temperature through a process called thermoregulation. Did you ever notice how some people can sleep with lots of blankets and others barely a sheet? Knowing the factors that affect your core temperature can help you choose a pajama material that works with your body so that you can drift off into uninterrupted dreams.

What Should You Consider in a Pair of Pajamas?

Buying pajamas is a personal preference. This is why you should look at many different pajama designs. The following considerations will help you find a pair you’ll look forward to wear for years to come.


When it comes to comfort, the fabric might trump over the fit for you. Take a look at the following popular sleepwear materials to discover what they are and what they’re good for.

Material Description Benefits
Cotton Natural soft fiber made from a cotton plant. Cotton is a durable material that breathes and is easy to launder.
Flannel Warm natural fabric typically made from cotton or wool Flannel is an extremely durable material that sleeps warmer than other fabrics, but does maintain a good level of breathability.
Silk/Satin Natural fiber made from silkworms. Silk is great for regulating body temperature, is durable, and has a luxurious look and feel.
Fleece A fuzzy, synthetic fabric made from polyester. Fleece provides an incredibly warm and cozy experience while still being breathable.
Polyester A synthetic and affordable alternative to natural fibers Extremely breathable and wrinkle-resistant. This fabric is quick-drying and easy to maintain.


Should you opt for a one-piece or go for a modern take with two-piece leisurewear? Here’s the advantages and disadvantages of different styles of men’s pajamas.

Design Benefits Drawbacks
Two-piece garment Can mix and match colors & designs Easily layered Customized comfort Pulled together style More work to launder Sizing for top and bottom may be different Some require ironing
Modern Pajamas Wear for errands, exercise, lounging Polished style Comfortable alternative to jeans and athletic wear At times, too casual Need to replace frequently if you wear them for all sorts of activities
Footed Pajamas Toasty and warm Ease of a onesie No need for socks Might feel overheated Foot padding can be uncomfortable Best for indoor wear
Nightshirt Easy to put on Nonrestrictive Comfortable Best suited for indoors May not enjoy the extra fabric

What’s Your Personal Style?

Who says you can’t be dapper at the midnight hour? Having an evening wardrobe is an expressive way to show off your personal style. Maybe you want to channel a distinguished vibe in a silk pair? Or show off your masculinity in a rugged flannel print.

No matter your style, you can easily find a pair of pajamas in a color or pattern you like. If you plan on wearing your pajamas for a long time, it makes sense to purchase a neutral color and traditional cut to ensure they’re always in style. This is especially true if you’re purchasing a luxurious silk set. With that said, don’t be afraid to express your personality. Bonus: you’ll have fun getting ready for bed.

Where Will You Wear Them?

You don’t have to wear your pajamas to sleep. Many men choose to change into comfortable clothes after a long day of work and take them off before bed. Especially if they want to remain presentable for company.

If you’re used to wearing a suit and tie, a traditional set of collared button-up pajamas still feels polished and clean. For the guy who wants to grab a coffee while walking the dog, jersey separates can pull double duty and look modern and well-dressed on the street.

Considering how affordable pajamas are, there’s no reason you shouldn’t add a few pairs to your wardrobe for simplistic dressing in your downtime.

When Will You Wear Them?

Are you buying new pajamas to impress a partner, or for taking it easy on Saturday mornings while flipping pancakes for the kids? Knowing when you’ll actually slip into your pajamas will help you buy the appropriate pair that fits your lifestyle. If you take video calls with your boss on the regular, you might consider a long-sleeve knit tee and men’s pajama pants as your work-at-home uniform.

What Time of Year is it?

The change of seasons is an excellent time to spiff up your lounge wear.

In the spring lightweight jersey tees and pants are comfortable and still ward off chill. In the summer, a basic tee or woven broadcloth set is cool and comfortable for lounging on the patio, sipping a glass of wine. When autumn arrives, a lightweight set of thermal underwear is ideal for throwing on with a beanie and a pair of jeans for a much-needed walk in the woods. (Girls love this look.)

Come winter, flannels and fleece are rugged companions that will help stoke the fireplace in style.

Store your winter and summer pajamas apart so you can easily find the appropriate pair for the time of year.


Another thing to consider is the ease of taking pajamas on and off. Some people have physical limitations due to surgery or other conditions. If you suffer from poor eyesight or limited dexterity, you might want to nix a button-up pair and opt for a pullover nightshirt. If you tend to visit the bathroom frequently during the night, a onesie might be too much work to pull up and down. A drawstring waist or button-fly makes much more sense if you want unrestricted freedom.


Consider the varied price points of pajamas and find a pair that suits your budget and needs. Online shopping has made it convenient to find all types, fabrics, styles, and prices. There’s never been a better time to shop for pajamas. In fact, you can even do it while you’re IN your pajamas.

Ease of Cleaning

Lastly, what are your laundering habits? If you’re still staring at the pile of last week’s dirty clothes, make sure you buy a pair of PJs that are easy to clean and take care of. Dry-clean only or pajamas that need to be ironed should be avoided at all costs. There is nothing worse than getting a comfortable pair of new pajamas that you’ll never wear because they’re never clean. We’ll explore the pros and cons of several different materials and their best uses in the section below.

More Purchase Considerations

Shipping & Delivery

Once you find the best men’s pajamas, be sure to read the shipping and delivery details. Not every company will ship internationally. If you reside within the United States, there may be additional shipping charges for AK or HI residents.

It’s blissful when you can save some money and score free shipping. If you’re shopping on Amazon check if your order qualifies for Prime shipping and if it does, you’ll be putting on those pajamas in no time. Maybe tomorrow.

Warranty & Returns

Don’t get stuck with a pair of pajamas that don’t fit. Pajamas, like any article of clothing, are an investment. Review the return guidelines as they will differ from each retailer. And be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions exactly or you risk damage to your garments. If you’re buying a high-end pair make sure there’s a warranty if you discover any defects in the manufacturing.

Additional Tuck Resources

Want to discover more about bedtime bliss? From wearing socks to bed to wrapping up in a robe, we have plenty of other tips to help you catch some ample shuteye. Keep your body healthy and read the following guides to learn more about obtaining a peaceful slumber.

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