The Best Loft Beds – 2019 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Often lumped into the same category as bunk beds, loft beds — like bunk beds — can be excellent space-savers. But instead of a bottom bunk beneath the elevated bed, lofts often rest above built-in features such as a workstation, furniture, or storage room.

Similar to a bunk bed, lofts are beds elevated by wooden or metal supports to utilize the vertical space in a room. Loft beds are typically accessed by an attached ladder. Depending on the mattress size, loft beds may accommodate up to two sleepers.

If you are seeking to optimize the square footage in your bedroom, consider a loft bed. The guide below will walk you through reviews of the best loft beds available on today’s market, in addition to an in-depth look at different loft bed designs, materials, and more.

The Best Loft Beds of 2019

Editor’s Choice – Aime Full Loft Bed with Bookcase

Best Value – Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed

Best Twin Loft Bed with Desk – DHP Abode Twin-Size Loft Bed

Best Full Loft Bed – DHP Full Metal Loft Bed with Ladder

Best Full Loft Bed with Desk – Maurice Full Loft Bed

Best Storage – Evan Twin Low Loft Bed

Best Queen Loft Bed – Francis Loft & Bunks Queen Size Loft Bed

How We Decided
28 loft beds considered –– 37 hours of research –– 4 sleep experts consulted

Best Loft Bed Reviews – Tuck’s Top 7 Choices

Aime Full Loft Bed with Bookcase - Editor's Pick

  • Metal frame with full-length guardrails, multiple metal slats & two ladders
  • Accommodates full-size mattresses
  • Built-in desk & bookshelf with bulletin board & storage space
  • Choice of black or silver frame
  • Adult- & child-friendly
  • Free shipping within continental U.S. with one-year warranty

With its sleek, secure design, the Aime Full Loft Bed with Bookcase was our editor’s favorite among the many quality 2019 loft bed models. The contemporary-style bed features a sturdy and attractive steel frame along with a matching, full-length guard rail in a choice of black or silver. The bed’s durable metal slats eliminates the need for a box-spring.

The Aimee Full Loft Bed includes a ladder, in addition to a built-desk, bookshelf, and a bulletin board, as well as an extra space for storage or play. The bed is backed by a one-year limited warranty and requires some initial assembly.

Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed - Best Twin Loft Bed

  •  Steel frame with full-length guardrails & support slats
  • Open space underneath ideal for play, storage, or workspace
  • Choice of black, white, or silver
  • Free shipping within continental U.S. with 30-day manufacturer’s warranty

Our pick for best twin loft bed, the Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed features a simple design that accommodates a twin-size mattress. The frame is constructed from powder-coated steel in a choice of black, white, or silver. The frame includes full-length guardrails on every edge in addition to built-in ladders on both sides. The bed comes with full slats and does not require a box spring.

The basic edition of the Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed includes an open space, ideal for storage, living area, or reading nooks. For an additional fee, the bed can come with a built-in desk with a two-tier shelf and keyboard tray. The Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed includes a 30-day warranty against manufacturer defects and requires initial assembly.

DHP Abode Twin-Size Loft Bed - Best Twin Loft Bed with Desk

  • Steel frame with full-length guardrails, support slats & two ladders
  • Workstation includes desk & shelving system
  • Child & adult-friendly
  • Two colors available
  • Eligible for free replacement parts
  • Free shipping within continental U.S. with one-year warranty

With a versatile design and built-in workstation, the DHP Adobe Twin-Size Loft Bed made our pick for best twin loft bed with desk. Designed in the sleek, industrial loft style, the bed features a metal frame with upper guardrails and two ladders on the side and the front. As with most loft beds we’ve seen, the DHP Adobe features metal slats that do not require a box spring or additional foundation.

Included in the DHP Adobe Twin-Size Loft Bed is a workstation that includes a desk and shelf system. The desk’s compact size allows additional space for extra storage or seating space. The DHP Adobe is backed by a one-year warranty and requires some assembly. It is available in two colors: black and silver.

DHP Full Metal Loft Bed with Ladder - Best Full Loft Bed

  • Steel frame with full-length guardrails, support slats & ladder
  • 59″ of under-bed clearance
  • Three colors available
  • Child- & adult-friendly
  • Free shipping within continental U.S. with one-year warranty

From the creators of the DHP Abode Twin-Size Loft Bed, the DHP Loft Bed is a full-size loft bed with a space-saving design. The loft bed features the same modern industrial design and includes a metal frame with slats and full-length guardrails on both sides. Built into the frame is a sturdy metal ladder.

Below the loft is 59 inches of storage space that can be used for storage, a desk, or other furniture. The DHP Adobe comes with a one-year warranty and requires some assembly. The bed frame is available in a choice of white, silver, and black.

Maurice Full Loft Bed -Best Full Loft Bed with Desk

  • Steel tubing with full-length, detachable guardrails & two ladders
  • Workspace below includes desktop, two shelves, and pull-out keyboard tray with bookcase
  • 30-day warranty
  • Free shipping within contiguous U.S.

Our editors chose the Maurice Full Loft Bed as our pick for best full-size loft bed with a desk because of its thoughtful, functional workstation design. The frame is constructed from sturdy steel tubing with a powder-coated metal finish and full-length guardrails and two ladders on either side. Like most loft beds, the Maurice Full Loft Bed includes metal slats that eliminate the need for a foundation.

Below the loft bed is a spacious work station complete with a desk and shelves made from high-grade MDF. In addition to a shelving system, the desk includes a pull-out keyboard tray. The Maurice Full Loft Bed comes with a 30-day warranty and requires initial assembly. Available colors include black, white, and silver.

Evan Twin Low Loft Bed - Best Storage

  • Solid wood frame with guardrails & ladder in  antique gray stain
  • Includes bookcase, cabinets & shelves
  • Free shipping within continental U.S. with 30-day warranty

Equipped with a bookcase, cabinets, and shelves, the Evan Twin Low Loft Bed earned our pick for best storage. The loft bed is constructed from a 100% solid pine wood, including the frame, bookcase, shelves and cabinets. The bed also comes with slats that can support a twin mattress without a foundation.

The Birch Lane comes with a 30-day warranty and requires initial assembly.

Francis Loft & Bunks Queen Size Loft Bed - Best Queen Loft Bed

  • Aluminum frame with one ladder and one side rail
  • Accommodates queen-size mattresses & holds up to 2,000 pounds
  • Four colors available
  • Optional colors available for additional fee
  • 30-day warranty

Among the only loft beds we’ve reviewed designed specifically for adults, the Francis Loft & Bunks Queen Size Loft Bed accommodates queen-size beds mattresses up to 2,000 pounds, the loft bed include a stylish aluminum frame along with a single guardrail and detachable ladder that can be securely attached to the frame.

Francis Loft & Bunks products are manufactured in Ohio with materials from Georgia. Beds meet the latest consumer product safety standards, and come with a 30-day warranty. Initial assembly is required.

Best Loft Beds Buyer’s Guide

Much like a bunk bed, a loft bed features raised bed frame elevated by posts. Unlike a bunk bed, however, a loft bed only features a top bunk, freeing up space below for additional furniture or storage space. Many models include built-in desks, shelves, and cupboards.

Why Buy a Loft Bed?

For smaller spaces, a loft bed is a superior space saver. For adult sleepers, the extra space below the bed frees up room for storage, a work area, dressers, or even an additional bed or futon. For youngsters, the space below a loft bed can provide extra play space. Lofts are also ideal for dorms, carving out additional space in small dorm rooms and providing a place to set up a desk and shelving.

Loft Bed Designs

Loft beds come in a wide variety of styles and features. The following will take a look at some of the most common loft bed designs.

Classic Loft Bed

The classic loft bed typically features only a top bunk with an open space below.

Loft Bed with Built-in Desk

Many loft beds come with built-in workstations that include a desk, slide-out keyboard trays, and shelving.

Loft Bed with Built-In Storage

Equipped with features like cabinets, shelving, and drawers, loft beds with built-in storage are ideal for saving space.

Twin over Full Loft Bed

Unlike a bunk bed, this kind of loft bed features a full-size bed that faces forward and is often removable.

Loft Beds for Young Kids

Designed with young ones in mind, some loft bed come with playful features like slides, reading nooks, and playhouses.

Loft Beds: Common Materials and Characteristics

Below, we’ll take a look at common loft bed materials, safety features, and more.


The vast majority of loft beds are made from wood, metal, or a combination of both. Wood materials may include maple, oak, cherry, walnut, rubberwood, pine, or composite wood – a material manufactured by bonding wood fiber to produce a steadier product. Metal loft beds, on the other hand, may be built from steel tubes, metal rods, or wrought iron. Steel tubes are among the most popular materials in bunk beds because of their light weight and sturdy construction. Metal materials are often coated with a powder-coat finish that is tougher than traditional paint and thus better able to resist scratching, chipping, and rust.

Safety Features

Guardrails are among the most important safety feature for loft beds. While adult beds are not required to have guardrails, loft bed for children should feature guardrails on both sides. For adults and children, ladders should be firmly attached to the upper bunk. Consider adding a nightlight to illuminate the ladder and make it easy to locate in the dark when attempting to exit the bed.

Style and Size

Loft beds are available in a huge variety of styles, from sleek, contemporary metal to rustic wood. There are also novelty bunk beds complete with treehouses, playhouses, and swings, in addition to creative l-shaped frames that allow for even more storage beneath.

Price and Warranty

Depending on the size, material, and special features, loft beds may come in a vast variety of price ranges. Here are some average prices you can expect while shopping for loft beds:

Children’s metal bed: $150 – $200

Children’s wood bed: $300 – $500

Twin adult metal bed: $170 – $250

Twin adult wood bed: $300 – $600

Full adult wood bed: $400 – $800

Loft beds typically come in twin sizes for children and full sizes for adults. However, both queen-size and custom-size beds may be available. Many loft beds are backed by a wide range of warranties, from 30-days to a year.

Other Space-Saving Bed Types

Loft beds aren’t the only way a bed can save living space. We’ve listed some common types of space-saving beds below.

Bunk Beds: Popular among children’s and guest rooms as well as dorm rooms and hostels, bunk beds feature two beds — typically twin-size —  stacked on top of each other to accommodate two sleepers.

Trundle Beds: Trundle beds also feature two beds in one unit, stacked on top of each other. These beds are typically twin-size or full-size. The top bed is typically standard bed height with the additional frame located directly underneath. The lower bed often features a thinner mattress and can be rolled out from underneath the upper bed with ropes or handles.

Murphy Beds: A creative way to use wall space, murphy beds — sometimes called a “pull-down bed” — are hinged at the top so they may be folded up and stored vertically inside a wall or cabinet.

Sleeper Sofa: Also called “sofa beds”, sleeper sofas are couches with seating cushions that conceal a pull-out bed underneath. The mattress is typically thin and sits on a metal frame that unfolds to create a bed.

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