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Best Baby Blankets – Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Written by Laura Rubin

Quick Overview

All parents want their baby to have the best of everything: the softest, cutest, the safest, and the coziest. This is particularly true for baby blankets, given how much time babies spend warm and wrapped up in them.

Whether you’re looking for something ultra-soft, an adorable security blanket, or even an organic option, there are excellent choices available. With so many blankets on the market, there’s no question of being able to find one which will suit you and your baby’s needs. Of course, that plethora of options can also make it difficult to decide between them.

Below, you’ll find our choices for the best baby blankets on the market. We’ve decided on these based on product research, verified customer experiences, and careful analysis. No matter which appeals to you, you can make a decision knowing that you’ll be choosing something soft, cute, safe, and comfortable for your baby.

Best Baby Blankets

The Best Baby Blankets – Reviewed

Editor's PickHudson Baby 3D Animal Blanket

Editor's Pick – Hudson Baby 3D Animal Blanket


  • Affordable, extra-soft 100% polyester blanket
  • 30 inches by 40 inches
  • 3D animal friend with dangling legs in a choice of moose (blue) or horse (pink)
  • Machine washable and long-lasting for the price
  • Cozy but lightweight, making it useful for all seasons
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Editor's PickHudson Baby 3D Animal Blanket


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Proving that parents don’t have to pay a premium for cute and cuddly blankets, our editor’s pick is the Hudson Baby 3D Animal Blanket.

Made from 100 percent polyester fleece, this blanket is available in blue (with a white tree design) or pink (with white horseshoes). Each is decorated with an appealing animal friend — a moose for the blue blanket, and a horse for the pink — with dangling legs for your baby to play with.

Despite its fluffy texture, the blanket is light enough to be used in all seasons. Parents appreciate that it is easy to wash and dry, and report that many of their babies have grown attached. However, the low price means that buying an extra or two won’t strain your wallet.

Good for:

  • Parents looking for a cute yet affordable option
  • People who want to buy multiples of the same blanket
  • Babies who react well to cuddly fleece textures

Best Luxury Baby BlanketLittle Giraffe Chenille Baby Blanket

Best Luxury Baby Blanket – Little Giraffe Chenille Baby Blanket


  • Buttery soft 100% polymicrofiber plush chenille fabric with satin trim
  • 29 inches by 35 inches
  • Available in 10 colors, from pastels to rich jewel tones
  • Careful construction and high-quality materials ensure a long lifespan
  • Easy to wash and air-dry
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Best Luxury Baby BlanketLittle Giraffe Chenille Baby Blanket


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Our choice for the best luxury baby blanket is the well-loved Little Giraffe Chenille Baby Blanket. Founded over twenty years ago, Little Giraffe makes blankets which are soft, cuddly, and long-lasting to stay with your child as they grow.

All of Little Giraffe’s products are made in the USA. The chenille blanket is the company’s lighter option, providing cozy comfort throughout the seasons. With attractive satin trim and a wide variety of colors to choose from, it also adds a stylish pop to nursery decor.

Reviewers praise this blanket’s texture and durability, as well as the ease of keeping it clean. However, Little Giraffe suggests washing with cold water and air-drying rather than machine drying, as hot water or air can cause clumping in the material.

Good for:

  • Parents who want a blanket made in the USA
  • Those happy to spend more on an extremely durable blanket
  • Customers interested in a wide range of stylish colors

Best Security BlanketJellycat Baby Security Blanket

Best Security Blanket – Jellycat Baby Security Blanket


  • Plush blanket with adorable attached animal friend
  • 18" by 13"
  • Animal friend has stitched eyes and nose for safety
  • Available in eighteen colors and animal types
  • Baby-safe materials and can easily be machine-washed
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Best Security BlanketJellycat Baby Security Blanket


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Jellycat specializes in charming plush toys, and their Baby Security Blanket is our pick for the best security blanket on the market. With eighteen colors and animals to choose from, you’re sure to find the right friend for your little one.

Security blankets are what are known as “transitional objects” — these help babies and toddlers comfort themselves in distressing or unfamiliar situations. Losing a security blanket can be upsetting, but Jellycat’s affordable price allows parents to have a spare on hand. The blanket is also easy to wash and air-dry.

With four and a half stars on Amazon, this security blanket is a favorite among parents and babies. Reviewers particularly enjoy the ultra-soft textiles used for both the animal friend and the blanket itself.

Good for:

  • Parents looking for a cute and soft security blanket
  • Babies and toddlers who like having a transitional object
  • Anyone looking for an affordable blanket with a luxury feel

Best Organic Baby BlanketAmerican Baby Company Sweater Knit Blanket

Best Organic Baby Blanket – American Baby Company Sweater Knit Blanket


  • Beautiful knit blanket made from 100% organically grown cotton
  • 30" by 40"
  • Ideal size for swaddling but can also be used as an ordinary blanket
  • Neutral cream color works with any style of nursery decor
  • Tight knit is warm, breathable, and safe from little fingers
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Best Organic Baby BlanketAmerican Baby Company Sweater Knit Blanket


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Warm, beautiful, and made from 100 percent organic cotton, this sweater knit swaddle blanket from American Baby Company earns our pick for best organic baby blanket. Although it is the ideal size for swaddling, it can also be used as an ordinary blanket for babies and toddlers alike.

The practical, stylish sweater knit provides little fingers with plenty of interesting textures to explore, while still being tight enough to stand up to years of use. Because the blanket is made from soft, breathable cotton it can be machine washed and dried, and will become softer over time.

This lovely blanket offers an heirloom look at an affordable price. Reviewers also appreciate that no chemicals are used in growing the cotton or added during the manufacturing process.

Good for:

  • Parents who want a blanket made from organic, natural materials
  • Those looking for a stylish blanket in a neutral shade
  • Babies who like blankets with interesting textures

Buying Guide – How to Shop for a Baby Blanket

There are few things cuter than a baby curled up snug beneath a blanket, and baby blankets have been a favorite gift for hundreds of years.

Given the soothing nature of a comfortable blanket, there’s no reason for the subject to cause stress. We’ve put together a guide to choosing and caring for baby blankets to walk you through the process and help you make a decision you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Do Babies Need a Blanket?

Given that current guidelines for babies under the age of six months are to keep their crib or bassinet free from soft items like blankets, it’s worth asking if your baby needs a blanket.

Most parents do purchase baby blankets for a number of reasons. Given their small size, they’re easy to carry and keep your infant warm outside of the bed — while cuddling, for instance, or while in their stroller. Older babies and toddlers are safe with blankets while they sleep, and easing that transition with a familiar blanket can make sleep easier.

Blankets, particularly security blankets with an attached animal friend, can also function as a transitional object. These items allow children to comfort themselves with a familiar sensory object, allowing them to better cope with distressing situations or separation from their caregiver. Having a “back up” for these will reduce the risk of damage or loss.

Pros & Cons of Baby Blankets

  • Warm and comforting
  • Ideal to sleep with as a baby ages
  • Can be a transitional object to make separation easier
  • Some can be used for swaddling


  • Babies under 6 months should not sleep with a blanket
  • Loss of a comfort object can be upsetting
  • Require regular washing

Different Types of Baby Blankets

There are three primary types of baby blanket on the market:

  • Baby blankets or stroller blankets are usually rectangular and two to three feet in length. They are available in a wide range of fabrics, weights, and styles, and are ideal for older babies and toddlers to sleep beneath.
  • Security blankets are intended as transitional objects and are usually much smaller than other styles. Many have an attached plush animal for cuddling and are made of teething-safe material.
  • Swaddling blankets can be anything from an ordinary baby blanket which is the right size for swaddling, or a specialized swaddling blanket with velcro or ties. Most are made from thinner, cooler materials than other baby blankets.

Depending on your needs, you may want one or more of these styles. While there is some overlap (particularly between baby and swaddling blankets), each offers different features and serves a different purpose.

Materials and Construction

As with blankets for adults, there are two types of material used in baby blankets.

  • Synthetic materials include fleece, microfiber, and plush
  • Natural materials include cotton, hemp, bamboo, and wool

Only natural materials can be organic. If you’re interested in an organic blanket, look for one with GOTS certification. Not all organic products have this certification, but it does allow for peace of mind.

Regardless of the material, an ideal baby blanket will always be well-constructed. Babies are notorious for picking at loose weaving or threads, and regular washing ensures that a poorly constructed blanket may fall apart quickly.

Baby Blanket Care and Maintenance

Like all other baby textiles, baby blankets are always in danger of needing a wash. Most manufacturers are well aware of this and offer blankets that can be machine-washed as required. However, some higher-end blankets, particularly plush or ultra-soft varieties, must be washed separately and only with cool water in order to preserve their texture.

While some blankets can be machine-dried, most will last longer in good condition by being air-dried. As baby blankets are smaller and lighter than those used by adults, this rarely takes long. A second copy of the blanket can keep your baby company during this process.

What Else Should You Consider When Buying Baby Blankets?

Most baby blankets can be used for years after purchase, and many children still love their blanket long after it covers their entire body at night. However, some baby blankets — particularly specialized swaddling blankets — are designed for specific age ranges and cannot age up with a child.

Babies and toddlers can also have strong fabric preferences. If they dislike the feel of a textile in other contexts, they are unlikely to enjoy it in the form of a blanket. Weight can also be a concern, with some preferring lighter or heavier fabrics.

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